The Great Gathering of 2012
Annual Remembrance of the Return

I have not reserved the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. The above pic is a 'draft' of my flyer for this event. To actually put such an event on takes money and resources I don't have. If you would like to see us have an actual space to celebrate this then let me know at [email protected]

March 13th 2012 is the day the Public declares as ET Peaceful Disclosure Day. We The People are not waiting any longer for the goverment to own up to what they know and what they are doing with the ET's. We are bringing forth Disclosure on our ow! We are informing our fellow humans! We are having the conversations you never had with us! We aren't living in denial any longer! The Triangle and the Great Gathering it represents is OUR sign of the ET presence!

Cosmic relationpng

What might our event look like?

I think we ought to have a Conference on Peaceful Cosmic Relations where We The People can hold conversations on the topics of Disclosure and associated subjects. The conference should also be a celebration of the Space Brothers return. Of course we would have special speakers too. We should also share a meal together.

I think we ought to have Outreach during this day of celebration. Teams of volunteers will go out and share about this 2012 event with the greater public.