The Great Gathering of 2012

Here is 'my' proof...
that intelligent life is at work upon our Star.

Remember, I'm not an astronomer, a scientist, a mathematician, or an academic. I am a researcher and lover of Mysteries though so...this was right up my alley. You don't have to be any of the above in order to see most of the phenomena I will be describing and showing you. There are at least 2 spots in the overall video that will be particularly challenging to 'get'. Don't sweat them when there is so much more.

Chapter 1. Introduces you to the initial 2 main objects of this video. The Jupiter sized UFO siphoning energy off the Sun and a Giant Isosceles Triangle that blocked the Solar Wind.

These and many more phenomena are gone into, in depth in the various chapters. The Events are centered around Mid March of 2012. Something big happened and you say you didn’t hear about it? Well look here. I will show you but keep your head on straight as this could blow your mind!

NASA is 'out to lunch'! Either their blinded by science, are incompetent or what's most likely, they are hiding the truth about space, alien life and our Sun. Scientists have a certain set of blinders on and can only admit to what ideas the God of Science says they can consider. Bah! Humbug!!

STILLS from the videos can be found below the final video (chapter 9).

The Ship and the Circle; The RelationShip

The Venus Transit on June 6th 2012

Venus Exactly Transits the upper lg. black circle

TWO lg. Planet Sized and Olive Shaped Ships
Move Counter to the Suns' Rotation!

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