The Great Gathering of 2012

My Sept. 10 2019 Interview on Paranormal Now with Alan B. Smith

This is totally NEW Disclosure material.
Discovered in 2018 and brought out to the public in 2019/2020

Keep in mind that... I'm not an astronomer, a scientist, a mathematician, or an academic. I am an however, an avid learner and researcher though who loves mysteries and trying to solve them so...while others do crossword puzzles, I solve mysteries. You don't have to be any of the above in order to see most of the phenomena I will be describing and showing you. There are though, at least 2 spots in the overall video that will be particularly challenging to 'get' if you haven't spent as much time as I have in studying the Sun so...don't expect to 'see' or realize everything I share.

Chapter 1. Introduces you to the initial 2 main objects of this video. The Jupiter sized UFO siphoning energy off the Sun and a Giant Isosceles Triangle that blocked the Solar Wind. These are what got my and others curiosity going. It's only in 2018 (6 years after it happened) that I came along and began to discover all the other phenomena that existed beyond these original two. They are still important but now they represent only one fifth of the coincidental phenomena and events now known.

NASA, I'm sorry to say, is 'out to lunch'! Either their blinded by science, are incompetent or what's most likely, they are hiding the truth about space, alien life and our Sun from us. Scientists have a certain set of blinders on and can only admit to what ideas their God of Science says they can consider. I say "Bah! Humbug! Stop the worship of your false god!"

STILLS from the videos can be found below the final video (chapter 9).

The Ship and the Circle; The RelationShip

The Venus Transit on June 6th 2012

Venus Exactly Transits the upper lg. black circle

TWO lg. Planet Sized and Olive Shaped Ships
Move Counter to the Suns' Rotation!