Planetary Governor

This is where I'm putting my energy most as of Jan. 2022

I am no saint or great sinner.

I'm a human endeavoring
in Being, like you.

Sometimes I achieve great things and sometimes I fail to be my greater self. I have chosen though, what side I'm on in life and that side is Love. I've already done 'selfish' in life, now I'm into serving more selflessly.

Still, I have causes I particularly champion: freedom, truth, consciousness and spirituality.

My work is to free humankind from any forms of tyranny I find they or I may be living under.

On this page (and others on this site) you will find my many projects and interests. Many of which should pique your interest.

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Click on the pic above for my news articles on Covid-19 and the faux vaccines. I call it 'Covid Wars'. I also have a related page. This one on the topic of Biologicals period. It goes more in depth on Gates, Fauci, the CDC and other major players. 


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While I no longer maintain my own 'online news and information' website (I had one for nearly 2 years), I am still a newshound and like to stay up on both the real and the fake news. Mostly the real.
I also have an online Journal. You can read my entries by
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My MUSIC Pages

I have a bit of the story on this sword and cross on my page about Islam. Please, share this graphic (and the next one down) with other 'Patriots'!

Downloadable FILES about the New World Order's Agenda

Fantastic Resource for us all.
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My Purpose In Life Work
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I help people discover what their Purpose In Life is.

Classes I Teach

Actually these are classes
I will teach. Right now Time, Money and Priorities aren't quite 'there' yet.

Your spiritual education customized and accelerated, that's what I have to offer you. No 'title' such as mentor, sage, coach, counselor, shaman, elder or other completely addresses all that I can Be for you so, I don't want to claim any particular one when it's all of them and none of them at the same time.

I can walk with you, run with you or lead you into your spiritual goals.

Write to me and tell me of where you are in your growth and where you want to be.

Your Prince Valiant

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I've been waiting for you.
So glad you've come,

Please, enter my online castle.
Wander through or...ask for a tour. Either way, it's nice to have you finally here. Let's become better acquainted.
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I have a page devoted just to the people I see as our 'National Treasures'. On that same page are also 'My Hero's. Click here or on the pic above to see
who I look up to.

 Joe's Writings

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Joe's original artwork: The Sheik

Joe on Social Media

I have not been very active in social media. I find mainstream social media to be a turnoff.

The following however, are not mainstream nor social censors so...with more people tuning in, I am likely to post more often in 2020.

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Joe's Various Projects

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Others Videos
I have for you 2 view

A Worthwhile Spiritual Mentor
Click here or on the picture to watch any of the Seth videos I've made for you, for me.

Click here to READ passages from Seth on different topics.

Artificial Ascension

My first EPIC video
a.k.a. Ankh Revelations has new information regarding the Egyptians and some alien devices that make 'AA' happen. You will find it very thought provoking!

Joe's Ground Breaking Astronomical Videos

My first work on the mid March 2012 Solar event was basically my taking a bunch of other peoples pieces of the puzzle and putting together a composite of the greater picture of what went on.

Does a Jupiter sized UFO literally siphoning energy directly off the face of the sun and then
blasting off intrigue you at all? Click here.

My second volume of NEW research on this SUT (SunUfoTriangle) event is now available for viewing HERE. 

Turns out that the two main objects we observed in Mid March of 2012 were only 2 of many phenomena that occurred.

I have uncovered MUCH more than I could have imagined.
Signs of intelligent life upon a star. That's a big one!

It has become evident to me that this heretofore unknown and unrecognized event which I've now labeled the 'Great Gathering of 2012' should be classed as a national historic document (in video form). This production is for the people of this planet. It's not something I'm trying to sell and make money from.

I consider myself an artist and so those sensibilities have definitely entered in. This work is not for commercial distribution or use.

I'm a researcher with a thing for mysteries and so...I made this for my own clarity but I can see now that this video IS a historic video document and so feel that I should bequeath this video as it is, to humanity.

In it I have used publicly available information from the space agencies et al themselves that show, undeniably that intelligent life is at work upon the face of our Star. A Daring claim yes but, it's backed up by publicly available 'evidence'. You don't have to believe my views of what the phenomena are. Study what I've found and am pointing out and tell me what you think they are?

The public version on this site and youtube has no musical soundtrack however if you enjoy music then you might really enjoy my personal version of the SUT 2 video. It can be found here:
I have made a video about
Water, Memory and Self Esteem. It's fairly short but It will really make you think.
Let me warn you, I made this one in nature, by myself as an experiment. I'm not always fully within 'the shot'.

The Planetary Governor

This concept came to me about 3 decades or so ago as I was pondering the following question: What was the answer to our state and local politicians Being so self and special interest serving rather than their serving the populace at large, that put them in office?

It took a few days but eventually the answer came. I have actually gone pretty far in the development of the concept. What the actual position would Be and what it could accomplish.

Check it out here.