Activism may be political in nature or...it may organically come about.
For instance, a mother may start out just Being a 'champion' for her daughter who was damaged by a vaccine shot. Incensed by the tragedy of her daughters downturn, the mother does her research and eventually becomes an 'authority' on vaccines. Now, She won't just be her daughters champion. Others will benefit and still more become inspired by her as she becomes an anti-vaccine activist.

CDC Whistleblower Activism

Dr. William Thompson is an author of two of the three epidemiological studies…touted by the CDC to “prove”the safety of Thimerosal. He is also coauthor of the the CDC’s…2004 [DeStefano] study…which dismissed the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. That study has been cited in 91 subsequent published studies, and is one of the principal cornerstones for claims by the CDC and the vaccine industry that vaccines do not cause autism. Thompson now confesses that he and his fellow CDC researchers found a strong autism signal in children who received the MMR vaccine before their third birthday…Under orders from their bosses…the scientists eliminated this data from the final published study.” (Vaccine Whistleblower – Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC, by Kevin Barry, Esq., with a Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., JD, LLM, xiv)


ANTIFA (supposedly anti-fascist) ACTIVISM

They hide their faces so as not to be identified
Activism such as Antifa is near completely negative in nature but hey! someone's got to represent! It may as well be the communist idiots of society. People forget that we have been living in Bizarro world where everything is upside down to normal...for a good while now and so yes, we have people calling themselves 'anti-fascists' who actually are working for 'fascists' and their agendas. Case in point, George Soros.

Were Antifa for REAL they would not be working for the globalists. Getting paid by Soros and others of that ilk to commit violence against innocent people.

Personally, I'm glad they are there, helping so many others to pick the side of love rather than the hate and lunacy Antifa represents. They are helping a lot of people to wake up, just not to the Antifa cause. Rather to the Tyranny of the Left.

Antifa purports to be about fighting Racism, Sexism and Anti-semitism but that's just words. Their Actions are the opposite.
They aren't fighting innocent people to give women equal rights. They aren't fighting to stop racism. They aren't fighting for Israels' rights. They are about creating fear and division. They seek to achieve that through intimidation and violence.

PROOF that liberal protesters are paid

Antifa Vows “Bullets” For Political Enemies; Media Ignores Threat
Far left group’s open incitement to violence gets zero press coverage

Whistleblower Activism


Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy

Activism such as what WikiLeaks has been, I also view as a positive. They have greatly served us citizens by pulling back the curtain of corruption at the highest levels. I personally appreciate anyone who helps We The People get more control over rogue government employees, departments and political officials. I just say NO to corruption in my government!

WikiLeaks’ stunning revelations of how top Democratic National Committee officials conspired to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, in collusion with the media, shattered the illusion of a fair electoral process and confirmed what millions Americans already knew in their gut: we live under a rigged political system.

What WikiLeaks actually does — to political parties, the military, and other powerful entities — is pull back the curtain of censorship, spin, and deception to show the public what’s really going on. Unlike pundits in the mainstream media, WikiLeaks doesn’t tell us what to think. They invite us to read the emails, watch the footage, and decide for ourselves.

The economic and political elite have targeted Assange not because his hands are dirty, but because he’s given us a glimpse of how dirty their own hands are. WikiLeaks’ revelations are inspiring countless people to mobilize against corruption and wrongdoing at the highest levels, and for that, Julian Assange is a hero

'Anonymous' Activism

Activism in the case of 'Anonymous' can be something positive or negative as both sides of the political spectrum can be found there. Overall, so far, I think they have been a positive thing.

  • They're small groups of hackers who stole the limelight experimenting with new ways of being in the world.
  • They oppose internet censorship and control, which I personally think is necessary to a degree (control).
  • The group's few rules include not disclosing one's identity, not talking about the group, and not attacking media. They commonly use the tagline, "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."
  • Because Anonymous has no leadership, no action can be attributed to the membership as a whole. Some have criticized media coverage that presents the group as well-organized or homogenous, and some have written that there was no single leader pulling the levers, but a few organizational minds that sometimes pooled together to start planning a stunt, basically.
  • I personally characterize it as a movement. Anyone can be a part of it. It's a crowd of people, a nebulous crowd of people, working together and doing things together for various purposes.
  • Anonymous has no strictly defined philosophy, and internal dissent is a regular feature of the group.

  • It is human nature to investigate that which is hidden so in that vain, by whatever name you will always have hackers bringing information about corruption say, forward to the public. It's a good thing but as has been shown, People calling themselves 'anonymous' can also cause harm. There's a 'range'.

    Dr. Kerri Rivera, MMS and AUTISM ACTIVISM

    Check out her website

    Veterans for Child Rescue

    Craig Sawyer shares with kids how to stay safe

    Craig Sawyer's training is in, basically special operations for the military. His skills it turns out, are very helpful in the field of child rescue. He got into this because his high school age daughter was traumatically sexually assaulted. That turned his attention in this direction. If you think it’s an accident that this happened with his daughter (not TO her), your wrong. This is how Spirit and his and her spirit works. She would not have gone through this by choice. Neither would he but together they, at a higher than ego level chose to go through this so that it would take them where they needed to go...for their growth and development.

    With her fathers invitation to participate in his child rescue operations, she accepted and helped take down other criminals seeking to take advantage of children. This lifted her out of the ‘victim mode’ and empowered her. This is healing. This is the father and daughter bonding in ways that would not have happened otherwise.

    With your phone, you can donate by texting V4CR1 to 44321



    There are NO accidents

    Candace Lightner of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.)

    On why she left the organization she founded.
    Mothers Against Drunk Driving story

    Every non-profit has a story to tell and a purpose to serve. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, commonly referred to as M.A.D.D., is no exception. Founded in 1980 by Candace Lightner after her daughter was killed by a drunk driver who had an existing DUI hit and run on his record, M.A.D.D. aims to prevent such tragedies by educating the public on the dangers of drunk driving as well as influencing law making with regards to drunk driving and driving under the influence.

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving started out focusing solely on reducing the number of incidents of drunk driving in the U.S. Over time the focus of the group changed to curbing the use of alcohol—so much so that founder Candace Lightner left the group, telling USA Today, “has become far more neo-prohibitionist than I had ever wanted or envisioned … I didn’t start MADD to deal with alcohol. I started MADD to deal with the issue of drunk driving”.

    Over the course of the organization’s history they have been extremely influential in the enactment of a number of state and federal laws. M.A.D.D. also plays an influential role in driving anti-drunk driving enforcement campaigns and has created a National Traffic Safety Fund which financially supports state and local traffic safety campaigns and programs. M.A.D.D. has also been a key player in convincing states to make seatbelt use laws a primary enforcement target which has helped to drive up seatbelt use in the U.S. from 12% in 1981 to roughly 85% in 2010 (according to the CDC). The group was also instrumental in convincing the federal government to lower the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit from .10 to .08.
    Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Other Key Successes

    The aim of M.A.D.D. is to improve public safety through their pursuit of stricter enforcement and better regulation of alcohol. Over the course of nearly 35 years, the organization has succeeded in getting a number of initiatives and laws put into action. Some of the more notable successes in which M.A.D.D. has played a part are:

    Lowering of legal BAC.

    Increasing the frequency of sobriety checkpoints.

    Requiring the use of Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock devices for first-time DUI offenders.

    There are NO accidents. HER daughter being struck and killed by a drunk driver. Purposeful. Candace does not know that we choose (at an other than conscious level) when and how we will leave. Now it may not look like it, surely THAT was an accident! Nope. The girl was ready to leave and had accomplished what it needed to by that time and part of the exit strategy was to give her mother more reasons to continue living...with purpose now that she was physically gone. Her mother Candace then got to grow as an individual in ways she would not have had her daughter not left.

    You have to go into some things and events in life UNCONSCIOUSLY otherwise you would not enter into them. Thing is though that to grow in the ways your greater Self knows you need to and have chosen to, you have to get into them unconsciously. Afterall, who is going to consciously choose to get Cancer say as a way to learn certain lessons on vulnerability, humility, and support for just three? No one.

    As spiritual beings having created physical incarnations though, yes we do such things.

    16th Amendment Activists
    Red Beckman and Bill Benson

    Red Beckman - Email: [email protected] Red Beckman on the Alex Jones show in 2011
    Red Beckman and Bill Benson are, to most people, unknown. They ought to be known by the general public though as they 'proved' the the 16th Amendment is not 'Law'. They proved it in court no less. That's right, like our dollar bill that's worthless and backed by nothing of real value, our 'Income Tax' is illegal as Hell! and has no legal substance to it at all. Like the dollar bill, it's only useful while the people buy into that it is even while it isn't. If you knew what it took for them to get the documentation and put it together and out in the world, you would be amazed and horrified at the criminals who tried to take them down. Literally, Bill Benson was nearly made into a 'vegetable' (or murdered) while in custody of so called authorities at one point. It was only due to those that loved him and kept at trying to free him that he is alive and free again. Their work should not become...in vain. It needs to be shouted out from the rooftops! Recognize your hero's!  [email protected]

    In the following video skip ahead to the 5 minute mark where he tells the story of how they proved the 16th Amendment was never ratified and thus is null and void. 17,000 certified documents. Years of research and later governmental imprisonment and attempted murder of Bill Benson. These are American Heroes.

    Bill Benson, Co-Author of The Law That Never Was
    Bill Benson is the one who personally went to each state and gathered the 'certified copies' of what each state submitted to Congress as their ratification. Thing is, nearly all the states altered what the Congress has sent them and that disqualifies whatever they want to send back...off the top! The certified copies proved that the 16th amendment was never 'ratified'. Turned out that given the requisites it takes for a state to 'ratify'....maybe only one did it correctly and that does not make for an amendment to become law. Not even close! Of course the fact that only two may have done it correctly IS NO ACCIDENT. You can listen to his part of the story of The Law That Never Was here.

    They could not legally get the faux law through as it was illegal in it's propositions also. So, you say you ratified it though you know you didn't legally do so. You and your cohorts though, in cahoots with the globalists will just SAY it's law now and proceed as though it is with whatever chicanery you have to pull in courts so that yourselves and the globalists can financially rape Americans. That's putting it plainly.

    So...thanks to Bill and the torture he went through, we can be informed that this is a Faux law that only survives being cause we are being kept from finding out about it. Something that could actually enlighten us is yet again being kept from us and made 'occult' as 'hidden knowledge'.

    Lastly, and for good measure I will include for you here a bit about an IRS Whistleblower

    FreedomAboveFortune.com was founded by Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, a former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent who learned of serious constitutional questions relating to the federal income tax and the federal banking and monetary systems. Mr. Banister’s expertise in the fields of accounting, finance, taxation, and law enforcement enabled him to not only understand these issues but realize that he could play a role in bringing the issues into the public arena for analysis and debate.