Various views of mine on related subject matter
of sex offenders and pedophilia

The Establishment points at individuals as those to watch. They say "Here! These are your perps!" They say the problem is with individuals when really, the 'problem' is much, much bigger and where we should be looking, to really rid ourselves of this curse besides ethics, morals and spirituality is the clergy, the politicians and the super rich globalists in corporate culture who are members, sponsors of or the operators of the large highly secret and protected pedophile rings.

For those who aren't aware: There are various categories of sex offenses and labels for them. I will concern myself here with two designations. A 'Sex Offender" is not necessarily a 'Pedophile'. A 'pedophile' is someone who regularly seeks out and prefers sex with children. YOU however can get a 'sex offender' designation through actions as simple as 'streaking' (running naked) across the football field at a game. “Sexting” your honey (sending pornography, obscene SMS messages, and other illicit media with your smart phone), urinating in public, molestation or performing sexual acts in public places (exhibitionists or thrill seekers). If your an edgy character at all, it is not that difficult to get 'caught up' in having this label 'sex offender', many do. A small percentage of offenders are female.

Returning to the point I wish to make, people whose world view is made up for them by Big Media (with it's agendas) THINK that the pedophile problem is one of 'individuals' as that is what they are presented with and programmed to believe through that television. The 'establishment' wants you to focus on that it's individuals! It takes your attention away from the Massive Organized 'Rings' of Pedophiles and more so...the Luciferians maintaining them. The 'evil' NWO globalists don't want you and I to know that this evil is extremely prevalent in societies around the world by the ultra rich as well as the famous. I will use this page however to show you the depth of the real problem that is hidden in the main, from you. Also, at the bottom of this page I am presenting the Solutions I see.

Listen, because we have been dumbed down purposefully, we are less likely to discover that our baser desires (sex, jealousy, greed and more) are a pathway used by evil to tempt and corrupt us. Society has few formal process's or practices anymore to prepare us for such forces. Morals and ethics have been purposefully eroded away to where less and less people have them. Evil lures those susceptible in thru this 'base desires' pathway. Christians are a threat to the NWO because they have morals and ethics and won't go along with the evil but instead will fight against it. This is why Christians are being targeted all round the globe. Now they aren't the only ones with morals and ethics that are targeted. They are just a great example. Any nation or peoples that don't go along with the globalists will be targeted. Remember, this is a takeover!

    Now 'Evil' has a place and a purpose in life and that is to drive us in the opposite direction. You go in that opposite direction being cause, you honor life #1, It feels good to Be about love #2, and you get that the purpose in life #3 is LOVE. You can't know the one without the other contrasting pole, it's opposite. You use the range between them to learn about yourself and who your committed to Being. You choose what side your on eventually. Ultimately we all end up on the side of love being cause, Love it turns out, is the point...of and reason for life...for humans. 

    I think it's important that we teach how evil works to bring people into it's fold and so I am including an example immediately below of someone who made it out from a life of evil to redeem themselves. This video will enlighten you as to some of the ways used to corrupt your soul and dis-empower your loving abilities and heritage. Below the video I will list some of their and the globalists methods in case you wish to peruse them rather than watch a video at this time. If you know how they work you will recognize them and their methods and because you kept your integrity up to now, you can and do continue to decline their overtures.
Paul told first-century Christians:
“Be not deceived. Evil companionships corrupt good morals”
(1 Corinthians 15:33, ASV).

The Luciferian Globalists methods of corrupting us

THEY, have

No Morals or Ethics

No Conscience - caring

No Heart – compassion or empathy

Torture and murder are rewarding activities...for them. It’s how they ‘get off’.

Lying is good. They will lie till the crows come home to roost on them.

Cheating and stealing is fine, It’s our bread and butter. Prohibited items? We deal’em.

Framing others for crimes is allright. Whatever we have to do.

Corrupted to insure loyalty 

The blame always lies with your opponent, competitor or victim. Examples: Hillary says Trump has colluded with Russia when it was her to did that and more. It’s a deflection mechanism and puts your foe on the defense. Accuse the other of what you’ve done then no one’s asking you those embarrassing questions and your not having to be running defense. You can go on offense. You can push for justice! And appear as offended by the others actions while actually being the offender.

You get your person on the inside. The corrupter, saboteur and spy. Someone who will open the door to the target for you. Someone completely corrupted and controllable. You put the child sex offender in charge of the Foster Family agency or Child Protective Services or Child day care centers. You install your mafia trained accountant to handle your embezzlement from the bank you work for.

Promote your fall guys – Bush did it with his FEMA director with the big fail. It’s the ‘pay off’ for a sabotage job well done. You made an agreement and sometimes you keep them.

The StrawMan - They will accuse you of something you haven’t done but have it reported in the media and then later, someoen will cite that media report as if it were true when it isn’t but it’s used against you to deplatform you off social media or a program your computer uses or from your ISP. All this and more they did with Alex Jones.

Parallel Construction - In government, especially law enforcement, they will use ‘parallel construction’ to illegally gather information or evidence against you (via 'Stingrays' etcetera) then they plot how to viable criminal evidence upon you in a ‘legal’ way.

Astroturfing - is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by grassroots participants. It is a practice intended to give the statements or organizations credibility by withholding information about the source's financial connection. The term astroturfing is derived from AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to resemble natural grass, as a play on the word "grassroots." The implication behind the use of the term is that instead of a "true" or "natural" grassroots effort behind the activity in question, there is a "fake" or "artificial" appearance of support.

Gaslightingis a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim's belief.

Instances may range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim. The term owes its origin to the 1938 Patrick Hamilton play Gaslight and its 1940 and 1944 film adaptations, in which a man dims the gas lights in his home and then persuades his wife that she is imagining the change.
Telling you that your not seeing, hearing and experiencing what you know you are. They are about denying your reality.

Plying you with THINGS – Fast beautiful women and cars. They try to pull you in with money, Here is a bunch if you will do this but not that. They tempt you with drugs or a criminal enterprize. Trying to find one you will lose yourself in, perhaps gambling? They are looking for your weak points and then they will use them against you for that is the game. Get things on you that if you cross them or try to get out...they can put this against you.

They will defame, disbar and depose you. They will create a straw man vodoo agenda on you and work it. They will find a way to take away your sponsors, your employer, your bank account, your customers, and more. They will work to sour your relationships with family and neighbors and coworkers. They will go so far as to frame you for crimes too.

They will use your morals and ethics to their evil advantage for they don’t have them. You have to be on guard for those who would support your having less integrity for that brings you closer to being controlled via your crimes. You have to be 'on guard' for they will slip in an opportunity for you to lose your integrity that will be so slick that their maneuvers may not catch your attention till it's too late.

Vices lead us down 'The Dark Garden Path'

Things that nudge or move us closer to having a corrupted self.
They are called 'vices'. Pornography (lust) being just one of them.
Drug and Alcohol abuse too. They will seek to
destroy your integrity, heart and innocence.

Towards balance, See my Attributes of Love page
You can't build up any real power thru Being the vices.
Real power only resides in truth and the other attributes of love.

The Tyrant has faux power. A disintegrating power; a temporary power that burns itself out. Dominance and violence, even hatred are not empowering. Having them wield a weapon does not change that fact. Violence, and it's ilk basically cannot grow a flower or a civilization for to be that it would have to be civilized and by definition it is not civil.

When 'pretense' overshadows reality


That's right, Satanism and the Royal Family. Beyond your imagination? We'll see!

I hand picked each video for you so that they fill in more and more of the greater picture
Cardinal Pell, No. 3 at the Vatican and you think that is as far up as it goes there? Ha!!!
The Catholic Church is is so rife with Luciferian corruption that you could justifiably call the Vatican the epicenter of Luciferianism on the Planet. Catholics, get a grip on your own religion. Wasn't it the Protestants who went through the reformation'? Well, it's your time. Get on with it already. You've got to clean house and not leave it to the Bishops etcetera. You have to circumvent them and reCREATE your religion. Self and Organization analysis is in order.
Thankfully, more and more states (as well as countries) are joining in to 'agressively' go after the Catholic Church Pedophile Priests as well as the coverups. It's long been time for a fine accounting.

The Justice Department needs to do a national investigation aimed at the church.


TRUMP has been cleaning house on the Pedophile Networks but you won't hear about it in the highly biased globalist controlled main stream media.




Even the United Nations has bloody hands in this

Pedophilia and why it should not be participated in: Ultimately involving oneself in actions of this sort result in the removal of 'innocence' both yours and theirs. It's total objectification of course, making the children sex objects rather than sacred beings. Your in a position of dominance over innocence or over an individual whose already lost it, likely by no conscious intent of their own. You were trespassed upon and now you do the same with others. You can break the cycle. Your broken and you go on to break others but you can mend. Recognize the pattern, forgive yourself, create your life anew despite what societies views are.

If a person goes down the path of 'dominance' and the harming of themselves and others then whatever the exact descriptive word you use, the opposite of that is what they eventually will be learning about. They will eventually learn about kindness, letting go of fear, mending hearts and souls and encouragement as but a few examples. There is not just the one side only. There is always the Yin and the Yang.

When I consider the pedophile, I basically think of the Luciferian globalists who are responsible for the abduction and murder of millions of kids and literally feeding off of the energy of these innocents. Now, I'm not going to go into gory detail here but if you research well enough you will discover that the depths of abuse are, of course beyond sexuality. I will leave it at that but you can know that it is 'horrific'.

This stuff bothers me as it should you, being cause #1 I have a conscience. and #2 I recognize those acts as being the opposite of love and holding LIFE as sacred. I'm on the side that holds life as sacred and these Beings attitude towards not just us but the most vulnerable of us is not something I will stand for. I am the determined enemy of such forces. All evil requires to win is for good men to do nothing in the face of tyranny. It can't win if you and I take a stand. It's easier to take a stand when you recognize that their attacking the children is their attacking you or your loved ones. Make it personal, cause it is.
I advocate for all of us 'consciously' owning, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful within us, Hate for life and innocence is not a vibration I resonate with. It is my duty to 'rub out' such forces. No, I'm not saying for me to kill someone. I'm saying 'rub out' their works and ability to Do evil. Dis-empower them. I wanted the 'finality' feeling tone so I said it the way I did to convey THAT nuance.

Solutions to the Pedophilia Scourge

1. Raise the consciousness of the people, especially the youth
above those base desires. The reverse got us in this mess.
Enlightenment is the answer!

2. Create a new context that Pedophilia CAN be cured. There is no hope without that new context.

3. Stop housing these people in Prisons, Build up their ability to live from the attributes of love. Help them learn what honoring another is really about. Help them to have healthy self esteem. Help them to reclaim their own love for themselves. They need healing. Help them! Treat them as family you actually cared about. Be inventive. Be creative in your approaches. Isolate them from children but help them to redeem themselves. Make sure they have work they can take pride in. Show them they make a positive difference, are worthwhile and valuable to the community. Give them the sense of having a real family, Build up that normal human within them that got beat n abused out of them. Help them build that conscience. Use technology if you have to but, beware technology. There are all sorts of natural ways to bring people back from the brink. Experiment. Hell, the gov.t already has and knows what psychoactives (Ibogaine) for instance would help but they keep this illegal so no help exists here in America which we are trying to destroy!

4. Bring them Inspiration

You want to broaden their minds, many pedo's have narrowed their own life views. They don't have other things of real interest to put their mind to so... help them to discover what in this world REALLY moves them. Get them in touch with that which would fulfill them and really capture their interest besides kids n sex. Give them options for a life beyond their sex, labels, their history, and their limitations.

5. Help them GROW a Conscience
Teach them morals, ethics and the attributes of Love.
You want to deepen their minds and being. We want to lift them up. We want to create a safe space for their own heart to open up again for as that does they will be able to treat others from their heart too rather than from their own little selfish head.

6. Teach them self control
via biofeedback and other methods of which there are many.

7. Prioritize Healing
These people too are broken and are in desperate need of healing. Work on when they were trespassed against. Heal those breaks in the psyche. Hypnosis, Regression healing therapy, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine can be used and goes a long way towards helping people be heal of addictions and addiction behavior. Go on your mental trip and work the issues out like a natural human.

8. Teach them how to think critically.
If they were good at it already they would not likely be where they are, in trouble and with the label 'pedophile'.

9. Teach them how to have adult relationships
That starts with teaching them how to detail. The finer points too. Support them in having real relations. Go over what are not Being real in relationship.

As I've said, This Pedophilia goes to the highest levels of leadership in many countries. It got into the White House before. Learn how evil works so you can know it when you see it.