LIFE...most of us know is...a beating heart, Without blood pumping through it, the human, ceases to function and normally, we bury them. Today we have technologies and one of them shows us activity in the brain which...prior to technology we had no knowledge of and thus no association of that with 'Life'. So, today the heart could stop but we can keep the blood flowing and the brain activity can continue.

DEATH...most of us know, is a stopped heart. It's the absence of animation in the body; i.e. normally it's disconnected from the soul.

The AFTERLIFE...Some of us believe in it, Some of us don't, Fortunately their not believing in it does not affect the fact of the afterlifes existence. Believing in it is what most of us do. Knowing of it's existence is something only a rare few have. Those are usually folk who have had near death experiences. Many of them have also had the realization that they have lived more than one life and thus are now people who 'know' that there IS such a thing as reincarnation.

Myself personally: I'm 62 at this writing (linearly speaking), I've been exposed to many, many ideas on the subject of consciousness, religion and spirituality in that time. My take on them is that We are eternal beings. We are as alive now as we will ever be and as dead now as we will ever be. Each of our incarnations is held close to Gods breast so to speak. It is and we are...precious. We incarnate for purposes of personal growth. There are things that we can learn at this level of reality that we can't learn about in our non-material state. On this page I will go into the differences between them as well as what the purposes and perfections of them may be.

Next a look at the subject of NDE's (Near Death Experiences)


The Case of James Linegar, a 6 yr. old former Airforce pilot


Boy, in detail describes the scene of his death (as a Civil War soldier) in a past life.


Documentary on Childrens Past Lives

W E   D O N 'T   D I E

While I believe that to be true I also want to say that for many of us, it's perfect that we believe that we will die being cause, that promotes our being more aggressive towards our living in this life. There is purpose for everything. Life it's said is for living and that is for good measure as many a soul would be too lazy here and not progress as quick on their lessons as the greater Self intends.

Now some have gone far enough in their growth that they don't need the thought of that 'Death is right over my shoulder' in order for them to grow and so, they may encounter and adopt the notion that we actually don't die but rather that there you transition back the the dimension you came from. Heaven or the dreamrealm, however you want to call it. and that the consciousness once created remains, just without the physical body until such time as the spirit wishes to incarnate again, usually to work on their own personal growth in ways that you can only when you are here in 3D land.


S U P E R N A T U R A L   D E A T H S

WE KNOW that Death left to it's own means rot and decay and a stench but...
WHAT DOES IT MEAN when those things don't happen? What might that say about death? or the Afterlife?
What's it like on the otherside? On Spirit side? Some call it heaven.

On Spirit side they watch tv a lot. Their version of it is watching us actually. There you don't have the physical body. You have the etheric body far as physical stuff goes they live through us...vicariously. Like we do for our teams on tv. 'they' cheer us on when they are happy for us.

They whisper in our ears many a time. On occasion they may yell. When they see a loved one here in danger they can exert themselves and make a difference and act in various ways to save them. Cover them up to avoid an even worse case scenario like a fire or make sure their loved ones body is in just the right position to not be speared through the heart by the pipe that fell off the truck ahead of you that came through your cars window. Now instead of dying, you will live to have another child say.

On the other side you can locate the right 'medium' who will agree to meet your loved one at a donut shop where coincidentally they get to talking with your loved one and are able to pass on the message to them that your healthy now on spirit side and that they should not worry about your tragic passing. So...not hindered by space and time on Spirit side, you make use of them as tools to locate others who might work with you in making such a meeting 1, 10 or 20 years after your passing to bring a healing to those you left behind so to speak.

On the other side, you can bring yourself to others minds by making them smell your perfume or cologne. The cigar you used to smoke or to notice a letter you left behind for them.

On the other side what you don't have is the sense of immediacy or danger that you have here. You can't be bullied there in the same way as here. Physical reality is supposed to keep our minds pre-occupied with the now for the most part. It is supposed to keep you interacting with the physical world. On the other side, 'things' don't matter to you being cause you can create anything there that you can think of. Things such as they are there, etheric and dynamic, are a dime a dozen there whereas here you have to work or steal to get them.

On the other side, people can't hide anything from you. Here they can and do and that is purposeful so that you and I can learn things here that we could not when beings couldn't hide anything from us on Spirit side.

3D reality is warm and dense. The other side, compared to us is colder and lighter. They aren't feeling cold on their side though. The temperature is whatever they want it to be there.

In 3D reality we have video games. On spirit side those are just another idea among millions and not any more important than any other idea. Spirits have other things to Be about than to play imaginary video games. Our priorities are different there. On spirit side we know that relationship is what's really important. Here we may think that things or seeming power or money are important. I can assure you that on Spirit side no one is chasing after money. They don't use it there.