Let me put it bluntly...

I believe there is a LOT of misperception relative to this subject so, on this page I will in part, be about clearing up some of that so...let's get right to it.

 l grew up, part time with my maternal grandparents. Grandpa was a lay minister in the Southern Baptist church in town. I was taught that Angels then were God's messengers basically. I was taught that they looked like us but had wings and that they did God's bidding.

While I don't believe in what Grandpa and the fundamentalist church told me about Angels anymore I DO BELIEVE IN ANGELS. My definition of them however has expanded and I see them as being different types of Beings that can fit in the 'Angel' category.

The different events that occur and Beings involved.

Beings who can levitate or fly. If humans can do it, then aliens can.

Beings whose body radiates with light aren’t necessarily angels.

A family relative who sees you in desperate need reaches across the dimension barrier to help you or save your life can appear as an angelic presence you may not recognize as a family member.

Beings with great personal power and impressive deep and loving nature can appear to us as ‘Angels’.

None of us are really alone. Spirits including those with a more ‘angelic’ loving nature are around us wanting to help. Depending upon us, they may be waiting or, in action.

Use the picture above as your visual for the song below

Some people would take this as an Angel but...it was just Grandpa’s Spirit.


Why do people MISS the Angels in real life around them...developing, growing, inspiring?


Angels...can be humans on Earth...serving a higher purpose.


The way I see it, perhaps is deceased grandfather wanted to assure the boy and or steer him towards further belief in Christianity so he appeared like an Angel. Either way, an apparently benevolent spirit.


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