Joe's Animal Related Material

I have a list of mostly California based (Psychic)
Animal Communicators near the bottom of the page for you.

Human and Animal Races Affecting Each Others Psyche's

We give animals experiences they couldn't otherwise have.


We are helping the 'mass consciousness' of Canines evolve

With all of the humans killing Elephants that has and is going on it right and proper that they get at another level that it's not always that way and that some of us will save you.
We introduce them to other species in different contexts that they would meet IF they could meet at all living as they do in opposite parts of the world. This meeting of the other consciousness's is important in the larger view of inter-species communication.
Animals of ALL types SERVE as 'Emissaries' of their race. This again is important to inter-species communication and understanding. Even of holding the other in a more sacred context in life.
We're teaching them, they are teaching us. It's a two way street. Again, an emissary. Many have quite long term relationships with their humans. Deep and meaningful relationships. You can't see the great 'psychic' work going on between the species but I tell you, it exists.

Consider all the THINGS that we humans created that animals will experience and make use of that would not be a part of their psyche without us. We are shaping them some. We are helping them minds to expand via the environment we create for ourselves.

Will a cat still land on it's feet, even in zero gravity?

Animal Psychic Communicators


 As a Public Service here are some of the 20 or so Animal

Communicators in the Greater Sacramento and California area.

Adam Lee 916-989-8491


Amy Quintana ~ 916 737-1878


Belinda Bentley ~ 408-417-2218   [email protected]


Barbara Mariano ~ 530-277-4904   [email protected]

20 yrs. Experience as an Animal Intuitive, Reiki Teacher
Can help you with your animals: Behavior Challenges,
Pain Management, and End-of-Life Transitions.


Cali Jansen ESMT. BTP. RMT. ~ 530-885-6835

Healing Animals and Teaching People. Equine Specialist.  
Provides private sessions, clinics and seminars.
Seven Arrows Ranch in Cool Ca.


Carla Simmons ~ 916-631-7535   [email protected]

Uses telepathy and intuition to access your animal companion. Offers energy
work for animals and their people. Intuitive Diagnostics for humans and their
animals. To help restore balance and stimulate healing, using Reconnective Healing,
Chinese Energetic Medicine, and Flower Essences.


Cathy Malkin-Currea ~ 925-671-9208   [email protected]

She's a ' Humane Educator' Has been trained by noted animal communicator
Penelope Smith. Teaches a couple of classes of Penelope's. She has a masters degree
in Counseling. Works with farm animals and wildlife too. Works with Dolphins.


Debbie Boucher ~ 916-543-0242  [email protected]

Been doing animal communication for many years informally but is now
moving towards a more formal practice. She also does mobile and
distance healing for animals and their people.


Elizabeth Anglin ~ 505-314-4181   [email protected]

Elizabeth is a gifted Psychic, Scientific Remote Viewer, Evidential Spirit Medium,
and Reiki Master healer. Animals love Elizabeth's joyful gentle personality.
Spirit mediumship and animal communication classes are available.


Faith Rothlisberger ~
[email protected] [email protected]

Faith is a Blue Print Energetics Practitioner III and works with
flower essences also to help facilitate behavior change.


Gail Naramore' Whispers ~ 682-0948   [email protected]

She also does Pet Massage, TTouch, Reiki and more.


Isabelle Hannich ~ 530-477-5759 or
[email protected]

Likely does healing with them also as her card mentions various types of healing.


Kazuko Tao ~ 707-431-2213  [email protected]

She is also is a registered veterinary Nurse. She is Based
out of the East Bay she, like many others can do the work psychically and so
doesn't have to have your animal in front of her physically.
She has written a book.


Kim English ~ 916-204-3506 or 209-748-2801  [email protected]

She provides intuitive diagnostics, counseling, coaching, and services
to people and animals. She is a medical intuitive, medium, and channel.
Her modalities include three styles of Reiki and Reconnection (another style
of energy healing). She utilizes flower essences and essential oils in her practice. Kim also

teaches animal communication and other intuitive and healing classes.
She provides transition services too.


Kim Reu ~ 209-247-6748   [email protected]

She is based in Ione and serves the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay areas.
She does Animal Communication and Energetic Healing for animals and owners.
Modalities such as Reiki, shamanic healing, acupressure, massage, and
flower essences. Also does workshops and ceremonial work.


Linda Schooler ~ 916-725-9463 [email protected]


Mary Argo ~ 916-498-9844 [email protected]

She has studied with Raphaela Pope and Penelope Smith.


Marueen L. Belle ~ 916-990-8694

[email protected] Animal psychic, teacher and author.
Whale and wild dolphin adventures. Lives in Washington but
is in this area available fairly often.


Nancy Garcia ~ 916-871-4906 [email protected]

Nancy describe herself as a 'Spiritual Communicator'.
She has been communicating with animals for 10 years.


Paulina Lawrence RVT ~ 916-761-6213 [email protected]

She describes herself as an animal intuitive and Behaviorist.
She IS a caring compassionate communicator for pets and the people who love them.