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Geometry on Saturn   NEW! Geometry on the Sun  
19.5 and the Planets   STS- 75 The Tether Incident
Planetary Placement   The Secret Space Program 
The Alien Hunter   Pandora's Box   Ships in Space

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You will see ALL NEW PHENOMENA never before captured upon the surface of the Sun. It's revelatory!

New! Geometry found on the Sun

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Planetary Placement

Thanks to Hubble Space Telescope, we can see a small amount of the near infinite amount of galaxies there are in the Universe. With so many habitable (by humans) planets out there in these galaxies, surely the number of alien (to us) races is astronomical. With all the time for technological let alone consciousness development, some of these races have had before we were on the scene, of course they have learned how to literally move planetary bodies around and set whole solar systems up. So...now should it be a surprise that our moon is in the exact position it's in? No.

What are the chances the moon would just happen to be smaller than the Sun in the exact inverse ratio that it is closer to the Earth? Allowing a perfect solar eclipse? It would not happen just by 'chance'.

The Ringing Denotes A Hollow Interior

Apollo 13 Booster crater. Moon rang for 2nd. time

Why is all the Iron basically all on one side?

In an Artificial Planetoid, this would have purpose

It certainly means, at minimum that there is more of a magnetic attraction to this side between The Earth and the Moon. Enough to keep the two sides facing one another most of the time. Like two magnets pulling themselves closer to each other.
Lunar Magnetic Anomalies on the near side
The moon - the side that faces us
Again, thinking in terms of it's artificial rather than natural. What would these indicate in an artificial craft or construct? What creates large magnetic anomalies? Huge Alien energy devices? Electromagnetic in nature? Actual Iron ore?
Our Moon is unusually large for a planet our size

19.5 and the Planets

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STS-75 The Tether Incident

Momma? Are their really 'aliens' in space? No baby, we live in MIssouri, the 'show me' state! She will believe it when she see's it! All right, Here's your sign that you might be a yokel. If you can watch the following 2 videos and not admit that yes, there are indeed aliens in space. Watch this and you should no longer be able to deny their existence.

Pandora's Box

The Alien Hunter

Ships in Space


This organization has ACTUALLY functioned as a scientific 'gatekeeper' and propagandist and distractor! Either they've been sitting on any real revelations or they are distracting us for all these years for zero, zilch! Nada!. They are directing peoples attention in certain directions that are not fruitful by the evidence so far. The aliens don't have to broadcast to others out there, "hello were here!" Life is all around us out here in space! Other Beings are GOING to the places they are interested in including Earth! They're here! Millions of Earthlings know that and these idiots (social engineers) are acting like they are 50 billion light years away with our rocket ships, as IF we did not have the secret space program and back engineered ET ships already! THEY think we're dumb! Many of us are but are you? Rockets are the technology that THEY use to fool the public. Here! believe in this while we do that! I really don't think people, especially journalists and media generally should be giving this SETI group any attention being cause, they are professional distractors.

There is also the likely hood that their covert mission besides propagandist, gatekeeper and distractor  is making use of the radio telescopes and tech for other purposes. Maybe it's true focus is NOT to find life but instead ....well, certainly cover it up but what else could they be doing with all this tech and it's applications?

Here is what Wikipedia (which you can only believe...so far because they are corrupt) has to say about SETI if your not aware of it.

The SETI Institute is a not-for-profit research organization whose mission is to explore, understand, and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe, and to apply the knowledge gained to inspire and guide present and future generations. It aims for discovery and for sharing knowledge as scientific ambassadors to the public, the press, and the government. SETI stands for the "search for extraterrestrial intelligence". The Institute consists of three primary centers: The Carl Sagan Center, devoted to the study of life in the universe, the Center for Education, focused on astronomy, astrobiology and space science for students and educators, and the Center for Public Outreach, producing "Big Picture Science," the Institute's general science radio show and podcast, and "SETI Talks" weekly colloquium series.

Instruments used by SETI Institute scientists include the ground-based Allen Telescope Array, several ground-based optical telescopes such as the Shane telescope at Lick Observatory, the W.M. Keck telescopes and IRTF in Hawaii, the Very Large Telescopes in Chile. SETI researchers also use space telescope facilities, including the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitzer Space Telescope, Kepler, TESS, and the Herschel Space Telescope. SETI scientists are also involved in space missions, the New Horizons mission toward Pluto, the Cassini mission, previously in orbit around Saturn, the Mars Rovers Opportunity and Curiosity, the Kepler mission, and the TESS mission.

According to Wikipedia, Funding for SETI Institute programs comes from a variety of sources. Contrary to popular belief, and their Form 990, no government funds are allocated for its SETI searches[citation needed] – these are financed entirely by private contributions. Other astrobiology research at the SETI Institute may be funded by NASA, the National Science Foundation, or other grants and donations.[8] TeamSETI is the SETI Institute’s worldwide membership and support organization.

The SETI Institute was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit organization in 1984 by Thomas Pierson (former CEO), and Dr. Jill Tarter. Financial and leadership support over the life of the SETI Institute has included Carl Sagan, Bernard Oliver, David Packard, William Hewlett, Gordon Moore, Paul Allen, Nathan Myhrvold, Lewis Platt, and Greg Papadopoulos. Two Nobel Laureates have been associated with the SETI Institute: Charles Townes, key inventor of the laser, and the late Baruch Blumberg, who developed the Hepatitis B vaccine. Within the SETI Institute, Andrew Siemion heads the SETI effort.[1] Seth Shostak is the host of Big Picture Science. Dr. David Morrison was the Director of the Carl Sagan Center, until August 2015, when Nathalie Cabrol was appointed as Director.[2] Edna DeVore is the Director of Education and Public Outreach. The SETI Institute is headquartered in Mountain View, California. In 2015, Silicon Valley businessman Bill Diamond was appointed as CEO.