It's got to be done! It's got to be done, by you and I. They are here and...they are coming for us. We have to take them down now, on many fronts before they get stronger and more numerable. We are fighting them in our halls of government. We are fighting them with memes. We are fighting them because the fate of humanity is in question. The 'Technocrats' and Luciferians have uncloaked. It's time we got serious about this, even if we joke here and there.

To that end then I am encouraging the formation of groups around the world to form up and train to combat the robots and AI that is presently under the auspices of the Rothchilds and other so-called 'elite' families. We are still in the relatively early stages of said rollout and we need to bring order and regulation and much more to the table. We NEED as people, to begin to have the conversations about these robots in the hands of the elite sadists.

THIS PAGE is about facilitating the creation of citizen training centers. I want to see people globally, start their own. Do it overtly and invite the community to participate. Others of you should go about this covertly as both types are needed. Extreme creativity is required. Think of the 'genius' of this fictional character based upon the real deal found in secretive military teams.

MacGyver_Master impromptu makerjpg

No time like the present to start putting together our manuals on how to subvert and destroy or repurpose said elites mechanical tools including neural and communication nets.

We can't rely on the governments. The Luciferians are in them.
We have to rely on ourselves. We MUST Be proactive. Nothing I'm presenting is anti-government. It is opposed to the anti-human agendas of the Luciferian global so-called elites. The Primary agenda of said globalists is Depopulation, Another is Surveillance. Another is promoting fear. Another is Division. You get the idea. They are pushing even now the idea that humans are 'non-essential'. You may even be one of those so labeled. Maybe your small business has been so labeled.

They have self driving cars and diesel trucks. They have robots they have not unveiled publicly. It's far beyond what we have thus fars seen but let's start with what we do know they have. Let's prepare our own welcome for the AI robots. Be The Boy Scout. Prepare!


Israeli gov.t drone that was used to gas Palistinians I believe it was.