2021 Version of FIRST THEY CAME FOR...

When it occurs to a fellow citizen, it SEEMS to not happen to you but... extend your sense of self to your loved one, your family, your friends, your aquaintences, and strangers in this world who are ALL your relatives again, in an extended sense.
It's the thinking it's ok for tyranny to happen with your neighbor so long as it isn't yourself that has gotten us to this point of tyranny unbridled. We haven't been on our 'game'. We haven't been on top of what our government has been doing in our name. The 'War on Terror' as but one example. We abdicated our responsibility COMPLETELY over to others who did not hold our best interests at heart.

Now we are being abused being cause we have not STOOD UP yet. To do that one must awaken to the real and not imagined greater picture of what's going on. To do that you have to think beyond your own selfish interests. Consider the concept that He or She, over there is Me if I had their history and eartly intents. If they are hurting my brother, they are hurting me. It's not just words. We ALL ARE CONNECTED, intimately. We've just been taught otherwise. What we are experiencing is our own creation. We aren't the only creators though so we also inhabit and create together our co-created 'mass' reality. We play roles for each other in this great theatrical play of life.

We have these luciferian globalists here serving us in getting a fucking SPINE and standing up against them and making use of the various tools that are the characteristics of the general term Love, that will be most effective in turning their works around for THAT is one of the purposes here. We are to reclaim our 'creatorhood'. We've been taught that we are victims. That is exactly what the Luciferians want us to believe. That we are powerless rather than more powerful than most of us have really considered. We are miraculous divine Beings who are here learning life lessons until they ultimately lead us to the realization that we are creators wherein the time will have arrived that we can then live in Heaven on Earth. Boom! That's it baby!