Armies of Zombies, Robots and Rats. What's Next?

Zombies are the braindead 'left' that can't tell their ass from a whole in the ground.
Robots are being rolled out in unprecidented numbers to replace the semi-locked down populations. Under authoritarian control they will be unaccountable for their 'mistakes' as they take out rebels with a cause that doesn not meet with the pleasure of the Lefts Politburo. If your about freedom and MAGA your the target. Anyone who can critically think for themselves is a threat to them. it's time to stand up and prepare now for the Snitches (Rats) of Social distancing. It's time to prepare for the braindead zombies that run about attacking innocents and tearing down the country they inhabit. It's time to prepare for the Robots that even now being deployed against us. Look to my webpage on it.

Kill the robots3jpg