Do you believe in 'accidents'?

If you do then you are dis-empowering yourself.
Sometimes it may take you awhile, for many of us, years to 'see' the purpose and perfections for events that happen in our lives. We have been taught by our societies let alone our parents for the time being, to believe that we are at the mercy of outside forces; our bully brother, our mental patient mother or our boss at work let alone nature here.

WHO is invested in keeping our level of consciousness and awareness 'down'?
The New World Order globalists. The Luciferians, the control freaks, and the damaged brains thereof. Look up 'The dumbing down of America' by Charlotte Iserbyt. Think about it, if your smart enough to start seeing behind the curtain  to who is really pulling the strings in society, then your too smart for your own good so far as the globalists are concerned.

Our job then is to resist the corraling and conforming they try to induce. Our job is to free ourselves through application of our Will and Intent in this world. We have to apply ourselves. We have to learn to think critically (see the Trivium) and not be led around like cattle by the nose-ring of EMOTIONALITY. how you drive a herd of cattle which is how those same elites see us. Dumb cattle they steer around this way and that through their propaganda.

Rather than emotionally subjective, we have to become rationally objective so that we can 'see' clearly and thus then act rightly to achieve our desired results. Being emotionally butt hurt infants; so-called precious snowflake social justice warriors is obviously (by the results) not empowering to these individuals. They are broke and of course need fixing but they have to realize their brokenness before they can heal and recreate themselves as creators of their personal reality and co-creators of the mass one.

If your one of these people, it's ok. Your on the road to recovery,...of your own REAL power. To get to know yourself as a creator you will necessarily have to know yourself as a victim of a reality doing it to you. That's the Yin and Yang of life. Once you've become acquainted well enough with both then you can choose where your commitment lies. Victimhood or Creatorhood.

Imagine a life wherein there are no accidents, only purposes and perfections to be realized.