My Message to Single Women Seeking 'Relationship' in the times of Covid

In response to a ladies profile on a singles site I was on this morning.

"Good morning!

I see where your apparently coming from: Relationship.

I understand that THAT is all thats really real in this life. Our relationships.

With this whole Coronavirus thing, this presents many challenges. The globalists don't want us to be physically close to each other. They want social distancing. They want us to stay and home and not commiserate with each other. Well, what are we to do? Better yet what are we to Be? Subservient to authorities who want to destroy our small businesses over a death rate of less than the common flu? Over supposedly protecting us?

What does a serious commitment to RELATIONSHIP...with the common folk (not the globalists) really entail? Do we go along with the stricter regulation of our lives and RELATIONSHIPS when the next manmade biological weapon is rolled out by Bill Gates et al? For those of us who know that love is the answer but cowardice is not, what are we to BE? in this situation that we created...unconsciously for our growth.

At what point do we see their so called protection to of gone over OUR personal line and become suppression and tyranny. Which of loves qualites can we adopt to free humankind?

That is the question I leave with you. What would be your leadership in this?