The Robots are coming for you, slowly but they are coming...faster and faster.

No time to waste any more. The Robots are coming. Prepare for war. The Globalists are rolling them out, now especially with the whole 'lockdown' for the rest of your life thing. It's all incrementalism. Speeded up lately though right?
You have been deemed 'non-essential' and more and more the robots will be rolled out to prove that humans are not  necessary. And what kind of world occurs when people stop standing up for themselves? A world of death. We have entered the anti-human era and we need to make sure it does not succeed. Get together now and form groups both public and private and TRAIN on how to take these robots down and then make good use of them.
We are all going to have to learn to Be MacGyvers.

BattleBot Trainings webpagejpg