What is more threatening to the global elites way of life?

An Army with greater techological know how or a single man who liberates the minds of the common man? One person who ushers in the greater concepts that free humankind from all forms of fear? Someone who shows others that they are Sovereign entities and 'creators' of their own personal experience as well as the mass one? Someone who lifts people out of their culturally taught 'victim' perspective. Can Armies really fight against (and win) the enlightenment of the communities? We are talking not just about a human here. It's more about concepts, ideas and most importantly 'memes'. We want ideas that live beyond our own personal time. Not for the hell of it mind you but, well, so far as I'm concerned, ideas; memes that improve and lift up the societies and cultures.

I say a person who shows people their own power and supports them in owning that power is very dangerous to those whose agenda is suppress the human consciousness. A person who is about lifting others out of their fear and self imposed limitations IS the greatest threat! You cannot 'control' as in lord over and DOMINATE a population of enlightened Beings. You can earn their respect and become their guiding light but that is a topic for another journal entry.

Listen, we need not fear our own creations. We DO need to realize that all of the content of our lives is our creation. It's for us and our growth. That does not mean that we must endure something negative forever either. We as personal reality creators are not static. Things are always changing and so are we. We can let go of and create something other than our present circumstances. We have to realize that our reality is up to us and not some so-called 'authority' in the states capitol.

When you walk the Earth knowing that YOU are responsible for what you bring your way, it's a different world than the one where everything is outside you and thus affecting you without you being at conscious choice about it. A world done to you. My friend, your either the clay or the hands molding it.

As I have alluded then, just because we have a pandemic does not mean we have to live with it. We can dismantle it and we are. This is what it looks like, when the people are rising up and protesting the lockdown and reopening in spite of local authorities. The Alternative and independent media is coming through with the truth even while mainstream media, especially social media is goig out of it's way to squelch dissent. Dissent about the lockdowns. Dissent about the value of vaccines. Dissent about trusting Bill Gates, the WHO, the CDC, Dr. evil, I mean Fauci etcetera!

The people are waking up and many are getting the rude awakening at that. This is the price of Being asleep at the 'Potters wheel'. People have to make up their mind. Which are they committed to: Being the hands that are creating reality or Being the Clay whose life is molded really, entirely by the agendas of others. Which will it be? 1984 or 1776?