The Christian Religion

Christ by Akiane Kramarik

I myself grew up (part time) in a fundamentalist Christian household. Specifically a Southern Baptist one. So long as we lived at my mothers parents house I was required to attend. In my youth, I was more interested in the social aspects all us kids at church had together than in the material they were trying to imbue us with. While the adults in church were loving enough, after years of attendance I had to move on. I wasn't going to wear no cross on my back is how I saw it. I don't need this Christ to 'save my soul'. I knew I was all right. I also knew that gays weren't 'bad'. I also knew somehow that there was more to this whole Spritual thing than my church could provide me with so...I went on an informal quest.

I went about learning about all sorts of different faiths and philosophies from all sorts of times in human history. Today it's still one of my favorite areas of casual research. I like knowing what peoples spiritual views are. Of course this all lead me down many other roads. Looking into languages, ancient history and cultures, belief systems, city state systems, ancient technologies and so much more. I became an avid learner. Decades later I'm coming full circle and embracing aspects of Christianity I had distanced myself some from so I could look at all other faiths more clearly.

Today I much more interest in prayer though I still count myself as a novice.

I am much more grateful these days. I have a greater focus on the Attributes of Love.

Listen, I want to share some views I have about this whole Christ thing with you

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Extra-terrestrials have the technologies and agendas to carry this out. Today's alien abduction phenomena tells us that much.

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that led them to Jesus's manger.

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Extra-terrestrials have the both the level of conscious awareness and technologies to make miraculous things happen so far as unsophisticated peoples go. Look at what the modern 'Chi' Masters can accomplish. Here is a video. And...There have been plenty of Yogi's an Guru's and Saints and Shaman who have performed miraculous events. This is documented, thousands of times over. Of course the governments won't talk about what our divine powers as a human really are but...if you research it you can readily find that we are all Super Humans that have forgotten that. Our potential is much more than our current sight. I used to own a large website about the topic of super-human capabilities and related subject matter. I've read a lot of the historical materials and I am sure a crazy amount more has been suppressed by various individuals and organizations both public, private and religious (sic-the Vatican).

Seth, looking thru Jane Roberts eyes

Seth's perspective on
Christ, the Crucifixion, Human Consciousness and Actual History

That is my title for this excerpt from
Session 11 of Seth’s book The Magical Approach

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Now: Christ was not crucified — therefore he did not resurrect, coming out of the tomb, nor did he then ascend into heaven. In the terms of the biblical drama,..

Now, in the facts of history, there was no crucifixion, resurrection, or ascension. In the terms of history there was no biblical Christ, whose life followed the details given. The organization of the church is a historical fact. The Power, devotion and energy, the organizational expertise of Christianity, cannot be disputed. Nor can it be disputed that Christianity was based upon great religious and psychic vision. To some extent it involved the intuitional reorganizational of subjective, and then objective, realities.

I have told you, however, that the world of events springs from the world of ideas. It seems certain that “something” happened “back then”— and that if you could go back there, invisibly studying the century, you would discover the birth of Christianity. But Christianity was not born at that time. You might say that the labor pains were happening then, but the birth itself did not emerge for some time later.

Jewish shepherds represented the placenta that was meant to be discarded, for it was Jewish tradition that nourished the new religion in its early stages before its birth. Christ, as you know, was a common name, so when I say that there was a man named Christ involved in those events, I do not mean to say that he was the biblical Christ. His life was one of those lives that were finally used to compose the composite image of the biblical Christ.

The mass psyche was seeking for a change, an impetus, a flowering, a new organization. The idea of a redeemer was hardly new, but ancient in many traditions. As I stated before, that part of the world was filled with would-be messiahs, self-proclaimed prophets, and so forth, and in those terms it was only a matter of time before man’s great spiritual and psychic desires illuminated and filled up that psychological landscape, filling the prepared psychological patterns with a new urgency and intent. There were many throw-away messiahs — men whose circumstances, characteristics, and abilities were almost the ones needed — who almost filled the psychic bill, but who were unfitted for other reasons: they were of the wrong race, or their timing was off. Their intersection with space and time did not mesh with the requirements.

You must understand the long trail of psychological reality that exists before you have a physical event. You must understand man’s need and capacity for fulfillment, dramatization, and psychic creativity.

There is nothing that happened in those times that is not happening now in your own: You have numberless gurus, people who seemingly perform miracles. So there were in those days some rather disconnected events that served as the focus point for great psychic activity: People wanted to believe, and their belief changed the course of history. It doesn’t matter that the events never happenedthe belief happened. And the belief was man’s response to intuitional knowledge, to inner knowing, and to spiritual comprehension.

These all had to flow into reality, into psychological patterns through man’s own understanding. They had to flow into the events of history as he experienced history. They had to touch the times, and they did so by transforming those times for later generations.

I want it understood that the accomplishment is breathtaking in its grandeur — more so because man formed from his psyche such a multidimensional spiritual drama that its light struck upon this or that person, this or that place, and formed a story more powerful than any physical event could be — hence its power.

Too-literal translations of such material often lead to grief, and the creative thrust becomes lost. The great mystery, of course; and great questions, rest in the nature of that inner reality from which man weans his religions; and in the power of the creative abilities themselves that bring them into birth. Such activities on a large scale are the end result of each natural person’s individual relationship with nature; and with nature’s source.