Classes I have had on my mind to produce.

Heroic love comes in many forms. Basically we are talking about Altruistic love. Putting another before oneself. We won't limit ourselves to it having to be so very high a commitment to fit the label 'heroic love' but the commitment would none-the-less be high.

In this class we don't require you to Be altruistic in your love for another. We are looking at the strength of love and specifically yes, heroic love examples through history as well as today. We look at what is possible ourselves relative to heroic love.

Your ability to love another may be great or you may be lacking. Either way, you can benefit by the examination of the strength of love generally and heroic love specifically.

Lassie and Timmie

Mysterious Water -- In this class I run down the Amazing, even miraculous aspects of Water. It's purposes, It's value, it's history with humans, Its memory, It's place in the universe and so much more. A complete synopsis of the miraculous substance we take completely for granted. I will point you to areas to research, to products that are out there, technologies new and old and so much more! Contact me today to express your interest or ask your questions.

Water, inside and out!

You HAVE heard of Victimhood. Well, Creatorhood is the opposite of that. Whereas folk in victimhood hold everyone but themselves as responsible for events, Creators know that they are creating their life's contents. I show you the many tools I've found that help us to stay out of victimhood and into Creatorhood. Here we can generate personal power with which to be effective in the world with our creations.

Many today have been lured into the lifestyle of Victimhood. As a lifestyle it is limiting in it's benefits. Victimhood is supposed to be a temporary mental state but it has instead become affixed to our being.
America cannot survive with a populace of victims. Sign up for this class today!

Your Purpose in Life is about knowing why your here on this Earth. Everyone asks this question some time or other in their life. Why am I here? Is it to suffer? No, just the opposite.

Your here to recognize and give out the gifts you came here with. It's those God given talents and abilities; that particular...'blend' of special qualities that only you have.

You have a magnificence within you and I can show that to you. I won't tell you what your purpose in life is but we can discover it together in a process that is on average 3 hours long. Yes, you can discover why you are here and what you are bringing to life's table, in just ONE day.

I have not made a 'class' of this before but I believe it can be done. I have done the PIL process with many individuals. Here is my 'gallery' page of many of them.