By Joe LaValley


Why don’t we have A NATIONAL CAMPAIGN to strengthen the Immune System of All Americans?

Mr. Trump, let’s get on it!

Demand more vitamin D and ZINC production, Hydroxychloroquine, anti-viral herbs and more! How about getting serious and bringing MMS 1 and 2 into the picture also! They are phenomenol!

Check this news article out folks! By Ethan Huff at - from March 17th

Joe LaValley - March 26th 2020

What's working right now:

For the Immune System

SUNSHINE/Vitamin D3 - No one with adequate levels of vitamin D3 has died of the coronavirus.

ZINC - If you have enough of it in your system, the corona virus can't replicate.

Also Vitamins A, C, K & Magnesium
Magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin K are all natural calcium antagonists and block the adverse health effects of excessive calcium. Here is a ditty on the efficacy of Vitamin C just in itself:

Beyond that look into this product - Ivermectin, it's very fast acting.
It recently had 2 big wins in proving itself;
and another here: Here is yet another article touting ivermectin. Ivermectin is becoming quite well known and respected of late, May 2021. 

Beyond that Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and Azithromiacin is also fast acting. It was Donald Trumps personal choice works great. NOT an over the counter medicine, it does require a physicians referral.[Move over HCQ, here is the latest version. No physician required.]


Aside from that, MMS (one) kills nearly all pathogens also. See or  MMS works! Check out this recent bit of news on it:  The globalists really don't want you to find out about this one!! It's the antidote to so many of the diseases they have given us.

Quercetin is Natural and comes from plants and the foods we eat. It's also available as a suppliment in your nutrition store.

A recent entry (July 10, 2020)

A West Texas doctor says an inhaled steroid, Budesonide, a drug commonly used to treat asthma, is the “silver bullet” for COVID-19. Dr. Richard Bartlett said “It’s an inhaled steroid that doesn’t have the side effects of total body steroids but it has the benefits. It’s like putting out a fire at the base of the fire. I’m having patients recover so quick.” Bartlett, an emergency room doctor for 28 years, said he has been treating high-risk COVID-19 patients such as the elderly or those with conditions such as heart disease and cancer, with the inhaled steroid. Bartlett claims the steroid stops (lung) inflammation.

Inhaled corticosteroids like budesonide are considered the most effective medication for long-term management of persistent asthma. Also known as maintenance inhalers or controller inhalers, inhaled corticosteroids reduce inflammation and swelling in the airways and keep asthma attacks at a minimum.

Whether or not you’re enrolled in Medicare, asthma inhalers can be pricey. Such is the case for budesonide, an inhaled corticosteroid drug that can run higher than $500 retail for a month’s supply. Unless you use a doctor and or hospital, it won’t cost you $500 to get rid of the coronavirus.

500 divided by 30 days is 16.6 dollars per day. From what the doctor has said or intimated you need only take this for two days for it to get us back up and healthy so...two days times 16 dollars is 32 dollars. I’d call that a powerful economic option for covid healings.

While it’s still not as cheap as MMS (one) and Ivermectin, it’s still a great alternative. Budesonide costs between $100 and $250 for a month’s asthma supply through most Medicare plans. Its average monthly

cash price is around $288.

Our Newest entry (July 22 2020)

Suramin inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infection in cell culture
by interfering with early steps of the replication cycle

Clarisse Salgado Benvindo da Silva, Melissa Thaler, Ali Tas, Natacha S. Ogando, Peter J. Bredenbeek, Dennis K. Ninaber, Ying Wang, Pieter S. Hiemstra, View ORCID Profile Eric J. Snijder, Martijn J. van Hemert


Now published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy doi: 10.1128/AAC.00900-20


The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic that originated from Wuhan, China, in December 2019 has impacted public health, society and economy and the daily lives of billions of people in an unprecedented manner. There are currently no specific registered antiviral drugs to treat or prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections. Therefore, drug repurposing would be the fastest route to provide at least a temporary solution while better, more specific drugs are being developed. Here we demonstrate that the antiparasitic drug suramin inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication, protecting Vero E6 cells with an EC50 of ∼20 µM, which is well below the maximum attainable level in human serum. Suramin also decreased the viral load by 2-3 logs when Vero E6 cells or cells of a human lung epithelial cell line (Calu-3) were treated. Time of addition and plaque reduction assays showed that suramin acts on early steps of the replication cycle, possibly preventing entry of the virus. In a primary human airway epithelial cell culture model, suramin also inhibited the progression of infection. The results of our preclinical study warrant further investigation and suggest it is worth evaluating whether suramin provides any benefit for COVID-19 patients, which obviously requires well-designed, properly controlled randomized clinical trials.

Paper in collection 'COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2' preprints from medRxiv and bioRxiv

All of these are cheap and effective in keeping you healthy so...

there is nothing for Big Pharma to gain financially (or even eugenics wise) by them letting you and I know about them. It's up to us to do our research and find such answers as these.

You may find this helpful for you or a loved one. It's a great idea I originally came across from Dr. Rima Laibow. This is my first attempt at creating a current functional one for us all. Having and using this is definately better than NOT having it. That said, I'm no lawyer or doctor. Consider designing and printing your own version. Feel free to use the content on these cards.

Notice, Jan. 20, 2022

I am no longer adding to this page. Turns out that the corona virus is not the enemy but the faux vaccines and the Luciferian globalists behind them. People are waking up to this... slowly on one hand but quickly on another. Quickly in that the criminals are going near full tilt speed. Slowly in that there are so many people that are asleep and brainwashed sheeple.

We are being 'culled'. On the hand I'm happy to see stupid people dying off but on the other I know there are innocents that are dying off too and that, due to stupid parents so I'm not happy about that. I'm not happy about people being preyed upon and lied to... even from the white house and the president.

We are in deep do do and God's plan is that we rise up and step out of it and so there IS a war on for our minds. Alex Jones is right! Thank you Alex for your leadership and vulnerablitly and strength and commitment to freedom... for all of us.

With this site, for now on I'm going to be focusing more on the Planetary Governor project as I feel like somehow I can make more of a difference there with that. I plan to be more outspoken and more out in the public eye even though that is not what I am personally after. I have to make better use of my talents and so I will focus more on communicating but to a larger audience. I don't want to do social media but I'm going to have to arrive at some kind of answer that makes my conscience feel better about Being and Doing something more to aid my fellow humans in freeing themselves.

Best wishes everyone! I'm moving to Texas where I believe people there have more of a fighting spirit. If I'm going to go 'down' and lose my physical life here during this chaos, then I want it to be with me being around other courageous people. No offense intended Mr. Desantis. While you have done good with your state I don't get the same feeling of gutsy fight to your death for freedom kind of thing from the people of Florida. I think they are a bit too soft.

MAY 17th 2021

The CDC keeps mask mandate for students. They have no credibility. They are a ‘laughable’ organization were it not for the fact that they are in support of the genocide of the human race as we know it.

Fauci declares pandemic has highlighted how ‘racist’ America is. Such remarks are SUPPOSED to wake you up to the stupidity of their arguments and reasoning faculties.

Rock star legend Eric Clapton blasts the vaccine safety propaganda. He says he had a disastrous reaction to astrazeneca’s covid shot.

CNN doctor says she doesn’t feel safe around unmasked people in stores. Tacitly demands vaccine passports. Fear Pornographers.

Starbucks, Target and other retailers will STILL require masks after the CDC guidance changes. They are anti-human.

ALL new employees will be required to have a covid 19 vaccine shot says Delta Airlines.

There is ZERO evidence! Scientists question the need for ‘booster shots’.

Racheal Maddow says she will have to rewire her bain to NOT view maskless people as a threat. Fear propagandist.

Mass vaccination sites sit empty throughout America. Well that is some good news isn’t it?

Biden says we need to get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.
Is he the ‘boss’ of you let alone EVERY American?

Rand Paul continues the Fauci feud. He says that Fauci COULD be culpable for the entire pandemic. We should support Paul in his actions on this.

Oregon Gov. threatens that she won’t lift the oppressive lockdown until 70% of the residents are vaccinated. THAT is authoritarianism for you.

BRIBERY - Ohio Gov. launches a multi-million dollar vax lotto to coerce the desperate poor into getting the shots. COERCION is illegal under the geneva convention and Nuremberg code.

Covid 19 faux vaccines may lead to prion linked brain degeneration similar to mad-cow disease. Yeah, brain eating faux vaccines.

Over 30,000 vaccine side effects reported in Sweden. Yikes! Sounds like there may be actual accurate reporting there.

Ontario province HALTS the use of AstraZeneca vaccine after blood clots are reported. Yea!


Government doctors warn brits against hugging even after restrictions are lifted. This is a test, to see how under their spell you are. Will you in fact do ANYTHING they tell you?

The chinese military discussed weaponinzing covid in 2015 to cause an enemys medical system to collapse. More evidence showing this SCAMdemic was a weapon used against us by China.

Pharmacist reports that the J&J covid vaccine insert is completely blank THEY aren’t going to tell us exactly how they are poisoning us.

Swedish doctors pen an open letter against mass jabs for the young and heathy. Some still have some amount of conscience left.

Canada APPROVES the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 12 to 15. They are now officially TAKING your children from you. Can you recognize this?

CNN tells it’s few viewers to shun family and friends who aren’t vaccinated.

Patients stricken by vaccine blood clots seek payout from the government fund.

A 15 year old boy dies of a heart attack two days after taking the Pfizer vaccine. He had no history of allergic reactions. Sad.

Moderna CEO says we’ll need booster vaccine shots against covid-19 variants starting this fall. They can smell the money they’ll make… in killing and maiming people. That’s what it’s like in the death cult.

A Private School won’t employ people who took the covid vaccine.
This actually makes sense once you study viral shedding.

Bill Gates doubles down on his opposition to the ‘open vaccine’ movement. He wants to keep his deathly secrets to himself. The better to NOT be hanged by.

BRIBERY – A canadian city is offering vocid shots to black ad other ‘racialized’ populations. Wow, any propaganda line they want to use. Talk about using ‘trigger’ words. This isn’t about loving and caring for black people. The ‘left’ hat
es them MOST of all! They aren’t above USING them though.

FULLY HALF of the NIH and CDC employees have REFUSED to take the vaccines they want US to take. Do as we say not as we do eh?

Real Life Bond villain Klaus Schwab wrote the script for covid-19 lockdown takeover. One of many of our ‘targets’ of the elitist Anti-Humans leading the genocide against us.

As covid concerns ease, the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity reminds Americans that terrorists lurk around every corner. Be afraid, be VERY afraid is their message.

Government scientific advisors ADMIT they used totalitarian fear tactics to control people during the pandemic. Now if your a seeker of truth you will go ‘around’ the msm and FIND the truth. THIS truth. We are being led around by our emotional nose ring, like cattle. We must rise above this fear.

SMOKING GUN VIDEO: Fauci Project Manager CONFESSES to Creating Covid-19
Once I heard this news I felt like… well, it’s over for their grand deception. If it wasn’t for the msm’s influence it WOULD be over. Why aren’t we going after the leg the globalists stand on more?

FDA inspectors documents horrific conditions at the J&J covid-19 vaccine plant. Some of you may call this a reach but it’s Satanist types who would do manufacturing like this. They are part of a death cult and so could care less about cleanliness or the health of their customers but then they’ve proven that over and over again.

A Cardiologis warns us about vaccine fraud and the hyper inflammatory immune responses. Well, he will just have to be censored won’t he?

A Phillipine doctor defends Ivermectin for coronavirus prevention. It’s products like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that were in the way of their ‘emergency’ experimental gene editing program program they wanted to run on the human race so… they ‘knocked’ them and otherwise ignored them and with media complicity won out so far on keeping the publics eyes on the vaccines rather than actual treatments that work.

Multiple countries see spikes in covid deaths AFTER the vaccinations! It’s about the genocide of the human race.

May 1 2021

Eyebrows raise as pregnant people are greenlighted by the U.S. gov.t to get covid vaccine.

Pfizer ADMITS the covid vaccines SHED infectious particles.

Arizona governor bans state and local vaccine passports.

Kefir can halt cytokine storm observed during sars cov-2 infection.

A teen undergoes surgeries for blood clots due to J&J vaccine.

A chinese company is offering covid labs in 6 U.S. states.

30 Passengers test positive for coronavirus despite being negative when preboarding.

Editor of BMJ says to END masks in schools as there is ZERO evidence for the need.

Expert warns AGAINST covid hysteria.

UK church leaders OPPOSE vaccine passports

The Medical Mafia Center for Public integrity's reporter Liz Essley Whyte is targeting family members of anti-vaxxers.

Biden dumps covid19 vaccines by AstraZeneca on India.

MSM exaggerates MMS risks and downplays covid19 vaccine dangers.

Israel is probing heart inflammation cases related to the Pfizer vaccine.

Leigh Dundas warns about the covid19 TYRANNY and the 2nd Holocaust.

BOOSTER shots create vaccine resistant coronavirus variants.

Michigan is forcing two year olds to wear a mask.

A Young pastor has died after receiving the Moderna vaccine.

WHY are certain 5G components labeled cov19?

The covid19 vaccine that Pfizer puts out has been shown to produce brain damage and neurodegenerative disease.

The Covid19 vaccine refusers CRUSHED the Wapo's journalist Jennifer Rubin.

An Alaskan village has banned unvaccinated people from shopping.

Doctors attorney slam coronavirus vaccine-blitz.

Canadian Leader ADMITS he got it wrong about the covid lockdows.

A coronavirus variant bypasses the Pfizer vaccine protections.

French drug assessment center says that covid19 vaccines are dangerous.

SIXTY percent of covid19 cases are coming from the ALREADY vaccinated.

April 15 2021 Human experimentation is now a public phenomenon.

Orange County California to pursue a pilot program for digital vaccine passports. Bringing it onto my home State of California. Not good. It Never Ends… until you STAND UP against it. That is the purpose.

I’m listening to the man who makes the vaccine and NOT take it. Listen to the man.

The CDC has been working with the CCP since the PLANdemics beginning. If your informed, your not surprised.

Big Tech, in it’s censoring of natural covid treatments IS responsible for many deaths. Who knew that Big Pharma might not care about you and me?

Ex-Pfizer VP says we need to STOP vaccinating healthy people.  Listen to the man.

Ireland HALTS AstraZeneca jabs over blood clot risks. Some humans that care about life ARE still here!

The U.S. has finally begun to study allergic reactions relative to cv vaccines. Better late than never? Probably not.

SHOCK VIDEO - Cops force vaccinate special needs girls statewise operation homebound program. This is a very impactful video IF you care about humans.

Dr. Fauci says it’s STILL not ok to eat or drink indoors, even if you’re vaccinated. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid… forever!!

The mainstream MEDIA censored our treatment options. The Mainstream media is your enemy. We have… a new CHAMPION of humans!

Vaccine passports were the plan all along. Does that surprise you? Control of ALL human life. No more independence.

The ARMY is controlled by Bill Gates agenda. THEY don’t care about our military either!

The WHO rejects vaccine passports over effectiveness concerns. You CAN’T believe a word they say. Tomorrow it will be the opposite.

Candace Owens calls childrens vaccinations, child abuse. Nice to have normal human sentiments represented.

FaceBook’s Mark Zuckerberg is out to SHAME you into going along with tyranny. This is sure to make FaceBook more popular… NOT!

Colorado coronavirus mass vaccination site has been shut down for good reason. Some folks are paying attention and have some humaity left.

States with the highest vaccination mask compliance have the most hospitalizations. Go along with them at your own risk.

The ‘third wave’ could mean ‘mass death’ among the vaccinated. Rest assured, they don’t want us around.

The ‘Well Health Safety Seal’ has ties to Communist China. China, china, china. Puppets that you are. Thanks for waking us up.

The European court of hunan rights just showed they could case less about them. And there you go; their version of ‘human rights’ are total BS!

Texas covid cases drop to record lows after they scrap the mask mandate. Because it’s a SCAMdemic!

The FBI is looking for excuses to hunt dissenters down. This is them signaling to us that the passport is coming into being WITHOUT them obviously admitting it.

Should you have FREEDOM if your not vaccinated? Coercion and duress are not LEGAL, as a way to force a vaccine on us.

Vaccine passports are the end of human liberty in the west! Talk about DISCRIMINATION!

SPAIN passes a law MANDATING face masks, even while swimming in the sea. Why this sounds like the next thing Dr. Fauci will roll out here. Bizarro world… its the new ‘normal’.

A top health adviser ADMITS that lockdowns won’t make covid disappear. It’s the NEW Normal of a continual lockdown… prior to them killing us.

CHINA has asked the WHO to let it run the global vaccine passport system. Thats exactly what we need! A country that does not respect human life to be in charge of such intimate closeness to us as vaccines give them. No Way!!

A U.K. gov.t campaign will tell Britains NOT to hug one another. Anti-human, anti-human, anti-human!

Only those with a vaccine passport will be able to return to their normal daily lives. They LIE to your face! They show how they are ANTI-human.

Fauci says that kids need to wear face masks to play together. Fauci obviously hates children. He wants them dead.

The Biden regime is developing the domestic vaccine passport And they will tell you that they won’t be mandatig vaccines until… they do.


March 30, 2021

Biden is importing covid via illegal immigrants and the open border. Committed to killing America. That is Bidens moniker, not MAGA.

Teachers Union rep nealy passes out due to her mask while promoting it’s use. Do you think she will come to her senses? For me, it’s a toss-up. I don’t know.

Bombshell! Zuks Gone Nuts! He has officially taken over our mouths! #LeaveNow
New Facebook TOS bans users who disagree with the gov.ts covid views. FaceBook IS your enemy. They want you ‘unaware’.

Florida steals a child from it’s mother over a ‘picture’ of her without a mask. Not a slave? Pay the price of freedom. Fight for your right, to your children.

The Coronavirus ‘rapid test kits’ MISS asymptomatic cases. All the tests used are used BECAUSE they can be manipulated by the globalists agendas.

British scientists slam a U.S. vaccine watchdog for promoting TRUTH! This is Bizarro World. We will not tolerate Truth!

Miscarriages skyrocket six weeks out from women getting the covid vaccines This is quite sad, that some women are so uninformed that they take the cv vaccines. Secondly, and additionally worrying is that some people have come out that they were ‘double tapped’ when they went in for a ‘flu’ shot. That is to say that they were, without their being told also given a cv vaccine a the same time. THAT Is a crime! This is all experimentation!

mRNA vaccines don’t provide immunity against the coronavirus. Aren’t we supposed to get the shots so we can be immune? Then what does that mean when we are told that it does not provide immuity? There is some OTHER agenda going on. Hint: Eugenics.

A Welsh boy has hanged himself due to having no life because of the lockdowns. Canary in coal mine: Take note, this phenomenon is more serious than we know.

China is now saying that a THIRD vaccine booster shot is what’s needed. It will always be more and more until we are all physically dead.

Pfizer plans profit ANNUALLY from experimental vaccines. Dumb animals will take anything brought to them.

GOOD NEWS: A Canadian court strikes down an order banning protests. The BOOT lifts up on the pressure. Now quick! Get out from under it!

Governments make vaccine condition of entry into their country. You MUST allow us to poison you! That or you won’t travel this way.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise despite vaccination. The purpose of the vaccines is NOT to make you ‘immune’. It’s to alter your genome and ultimately to kill you.

This Doctor proves why MASKS are ineffective. It does not take a ‘doctor’ to know that masks are BS. Just do your research.

India discovers first ‘double mutant’ covid strain. There will be endless so-called ‘new strains’ and biological threats.

Pfizer vaccines halted in Hong Kong by King Kong.
Are you paying attention? These vaccines are harmful.

British authorities say adults should take a coronavirurs to test TWICE weekly. Twice, four times, twice a day, etcetera. They will forever ratchet it up until we die.

State abducts girl because her mother did not wear a mask at school. Support that mother please. It could be your daughter next.

Cuomo’s aides are being accused of rewriting a DOH report. Corruption was widespread, especially with the left.

AstraZenega vaccine antibodies CAUSE blood clots. Yet another danger but this time, from the vaccines.

Oregon administrators want to make the restrictions permanent.
They also want to track vaccine refusers. Recognize the authoritarians!


March 9, 2021 

Fauci admits that mandatory Wuhan cv quarantines were justified. Arch Criminal Fauci. When will we see him in prison?

Draconian Twitter – If you criticize vaccines 5 times you WILL be banned. By now this should not surprise you, just don’t let yourself accept it. Fight censorship.

The CV masks are killing people, dentists warn.

IDIOT UK gov.t scientis advises the people to wear THREE masks!

It’s really getting laughable.

Bill Gates and Communist China are harvesting the DNA of Americans.

Japan asks China to stop ‘Anal Swabbing’ it’s citizens.
Their distain for all human life is so obvious.

Whitmer conspired to inflate cv numbers via cash bribes. Another Cuomo.

Mask mouth gum disease as a cv death risk. Every way possible to weaken our bodies.

More rediculousness – Vaccinating Gorilla’s.

KARMA – Doctor who mocked cv vaccine refusers dies after being jabbed himself! The price of ignorance and denial.

Canadian medical group – Imprison children who have been exposed to the CV. Any excuse to get their hands on our children.

Toronto CV quaranting cap runs out of food! No real caring for people.

Vaccines are creating miscarriages and stillbirth.

There is a new lawsuit over the proposed CV vaccine mandate in New Mexico.

Melbourne suburbs are now under CV ALERT.

A WHO insider exposes GAVI/Gates perpetuating the plandemic. Someday we will have Bill Gates in Jail, or physically no more.

Why is the suicide rate continuing to rise among young americans? This is what happens when you take away peoples LIVES.

Nuns vaccinated still testing positive for CV. it’s the vaccines that are the problem.

American diplomats and Chinese cv anal swab tests.

The WHO And NIH caved to China. No Surprise.

Americans – Get out of democrat run cities.

Covid Passports ‘go live’ in March!

The Bill of Rights and the Constitution protect health freedom from Vaccines.

Yea! - Lawyers are preparing Nuremburg trials to prosecute the CV scam. I’d like a million more percent of that please.

Psychiatrist – The world is suffering from a mass delusional psychosis.

Fauci – Hug family only if they’ve been vaccinated.
Yes listen to this lunatic.


Feb. 28 2021

CRIMISON CONTAGEON – Yet another ‘preparedness’ event tied into our cv sitch. It’s not accidental that this and event 201 and the Rockefellers Lockstep occurred. It’s been a PLANdemic. An anti-human agenda all along that is still going on.

No Coronavirus outbreaks are linked to crowded beaches. Hint: Vitamin D largely prevents the cv. It is SAFE to go outside… unless your in certain parts of the world that have been largely taken over by the globalists.

Project Veritas footage of facebook’s Zuckerberg being concerned about vaccines. The guilty trying to cover their asses but we should put it to them anyways as they are the criminal conspirators. All Big Tech’s major players.

Google’s Covid-19 Database Welcome to Google World where each of us IS a number. A number to be zeroed out so far as these eugenicists are concerned!

Washington school opens but teaches hypochondria. Is this what you want for the children you care about? No. Ok, so let’s campaign to stop it!

Covid-19 vaccines caused paralyzing facial condition. They are hiding the current nursing home deaths due to the VACCINE and they are hiding the less harmful side affects. Less harmful only if you live after receiving the so-called vaccine.

Lockdowns have turned us into a totalitarian police state. Recognize that the so-called cures are worse every time than the so-called cause.

CBS declares vaccine passports as travel must haves. The Mainstream Media is NOT your friend. Behind the scenes (for the most part) they are working to tie your hands and cover your mouth so you can’t speak up. They are anti-first amendment.

The Pentagon says that almost 75% of it’s people reject the cv vaccine. The Left takes the admitted numbers and then purposefully obscures their true nature in an attempt to keep their SHAM shored up.

The WHO report on the cv origins mimicks the CCP narrative. the CCP didn’t even give them access to their most closely guarded data on it but the WHO is OWNED by the CCP so they put out what it wants.

RELATED: China refuses to give the WHO data on the cv cases.

Have you heard? Microsoft, Intel and adobe are about eliminating knowledge and halting 'disinformation'. Look! your enemies are revealing themselves.


Montana governor Gianforte lifts statewide mask mandate. Thank God he is not the only one doing so but the question is: Will they be so bold when Gates et al rolls out a real, more lethal bioweapon.

Biden says masks are now needed until next year. It’s called incrementalism. Just keep placating the public that freedom is just around the corner if they will just be mature and Be patient. This when instead they are following a plan of enslavement and extermination before our very eyes.

Children are being recruited for a cv vaccine trial. Children, babies, it’s all good so far as they are concerned. They are in a death cult so, nothing is sacred. Not mothers and not babies. Inject them all!

The Hague court says that Dutch cv lockdowns are illegitimate violations. There are many countries who are turning their backs on the GLOBALIST vaccine and eugenic agendas but of course we want more!

Pfizer Moderna cv vacines produce neurodegenerative disorders and alzheimers. Well, don’t forget the testing positive for HIV or the sterilization of women and men. It causes cancerous changes in your DNA! It makes you no longer the ‘natural human’.

People with learning disabilities covid not resusitated in england. R U NEXT?

France slows down covid vaccinations as it’s healthcare workers fall ill. Nice to see. How far will the gov.t go though in standing up for the humans and against Big Pharma and the globalists? My thought is not very far as they are part of the problem/challenge.

Biden reinstates funding the WHO who lied about the cv. China Biden is just doing what he’s told. He is not FOR America. Not even close.

The CDC double mask study politicized junk science. Near everything is politicized these days. Even Lefty Dr. Seuss!

Feb 17, 2021

Bid Covid trillion dollar industry profits.
  For the love of money...Not a good look.

Dr. Fauci demands we use children as guinea pigs relative to the covid vaccine.
  Fauci the mad hatter hopes to get to the point where he can tell you to shoot yourself and you will.

Canadian Man tells of his experience in their coronavirus internment camps.
People just don't want to look at this topic and it wil be too late once your in there. Your not going to get any visitors who DON'T want you dead.

Magazine admits that Fauci 'hot wired' the coronavirus.
  He's dead in the middle of it all and one day soon, with any justice he will be strung up by a rope.

Big Pharma wants to vaccinate you annually for the coronavirus...forever!
  They will never stop because they are under a directive from God to never stop. The point is to force us materialized spirits to face the choice: good or evil.

According to the CDC, the coronavirus vaccine has caused 500 deaths so far.
  I'm sure it's much more than that. They fudge numbers all the time. They are fudgemakers!

One million covid 19 vaccines in S. Africa will NOT be used.
  They have been screwed befor and they are saying: Not again Bill Gates!

An ICU nurse whistleblower says that hospitals are running below capacity and performing pandemic theatre.  Yep! the Scamdemic!

Turns out the Americans DON'T want the covid vaccine.
  It's the meia that makes up that we ARE up to it.

Supermarkets in Long Beach Ca. are closing after being forced to give employees a hazard pay hike.  Less food for you and I available. That is not accidental. It's about getting us to beg for help (from those that are oppressing us).

A young nurse has suffered a hemorrhage due to the covid vaccine.
  Yes it's a come to God moment when you THOUGHT it was benign but then your body starts collapsing. Then your thinking "Oh God what have I done, to myself'!

The Elderly population is sudeenly dying off for seemingly unexplained reasons.
  STOP Trusting and START questioning authorities!

Corporations are pushing for mandatory coronavirus vaccines 4 CUSOMERS!

Feb 9, 2020

Cops arrest man for handing out soup

That should get your backbone up! Denying humans the right to receive food of their choice and denying humans the right to assemble and CONTRIBUTE to anothers LIFE!

Merck drops out of coronavirus vaccine development race.  Strategic act for them.

The CCD violated federal law by inflating death counts!

counts.html  Haven't I been saying they are criminals and should not be respected?


In the new flu season, covid is the flu reclassified.  They have to bump up the covid numbers some how. It's not a serious threat (any more than the common flu) but they have to keep the hype up that it is to reinforce their narrative and

Covid 19 vaccine sites stop checking peoples Id's
  They don't care who you are. They are soft killing people. Any and all people.

Oregon stops reporting detailed covid-19 info. 

Oregon is a taken over state. Taken over by the globalists leftist minions.

The CCD violated federal law by inflating death counts!

Biden orders the TSA to enforce mask mandate
  Biden and kamala want you under their thumb. Have you figured that out yet? Nex they will tell you to stuff a sock down your throat and you WILL do it.

WHY are they keeping the covid vaccine site locations secret?  They don't want activists to show up and protest and pass out contra-indicating information about the vaccines.

Sighience says that if you survice the coronavirus that you're mentally ill.
  First they will claim that and then they will come for your guns based upon that assertion. After that they come for your life.

The Medical deep state says to vaccinate your pets over the coronavirus.
  Yes, you idiots should mask up your pets and then your cattle and goats and then the Eagles that fly above your head and then lets have a great social movement to mask up all the underground creatures too. God, I'm living in an idiocracy!

Mainstream media and big tech have finally admitted that HCQ works but that's only because Trump is out of office. They did not want to give HIM or you the win.
  Both giants are ready now for us to cut the legs out from under them. Let's do it and shun them!

Youtube has censored over a half million videos over suppposed covid misinformation.
  It's really the Luciferian globalists directing this. The closing down of our viewpoints.

Fatory workers in france are now wearing dog collars for social distancing (supposedly) over the corona virus.

The NY under-reported covid nursing home death scandal grows
  Cuomo is going down. He's be sacrificed so as to scare other governors etc to adhering to the globalist policy or this will happen to you to.

Wisconsin state senate overturns statewide mask mandate.
  Some of our leaders have balls. Good God!

Gov. Newsom is hiding coronavirus data while keeping strict lockdowns.
  Newsom is going to prison. Not today but eventually as it WILL all come out.

Why people test positive even after being vaccinated.
  Because it's a fricking scam. You get paid according to how many positive cases you produce!

The DTP vaccine - Bill Gates killed african girls!
  He's into murder. Soft kill or quick. It's all GOOD to him!

The death toll from drug overdoses has soared during the scamdemic
  It's all a part of their plan. Yes, make people depressed. Take away the light of day from them. Take their free air, their association, their exercise, their productivity, their relationships and yes they will go to drugs and otherwise direct suicide.

California's mask contract unveils revolving door with the chinese communist party.
  Biden is aiding the merging of China and the USA. Just look at his actions.

Israel - Scientists cure 100%$ of covid patients with a new therapy that mitigates the cytokine storm that so many die from on ventilators.  Yes, there are answers other than vaccines but you won't hear much about them in America thanks to the controlled main stream media.

January 12, 2020

The U.K. Gov.t MAY only let people out once a week. Because your slaves; chattle, cattle and fodder for the elites whose names shall not be blemished in the MSM news. Surrender and die or, Rise Up!

U.K. Police BOAST about fining someone eating a kebab alone in a car. The COMMUNITY is supposed to see, hear, read about, discuss and CHOOSE to Resist the tyranny. THAT is the purpose for this. It’s to force you to surrender or GROW A BACKBONE!

It’s CONFIRMED – The U.K. WILL issue vaccine passports. Soon you will be completely monitored. You will have a life regimented by Luciferian globalists entirely. Recognize the signs around you. They aren’t happenstance.

There has been a MYSTERIOUS disappearance of the flu in San Diego. This has prompted a call for the audit of covid records. Like the most recent election. It’s all been a global fraud scheme to take over the planet which means every human life upon it. Your time to choose what side your on is here. Fraud or Truth.

Why lockdowns don’t work and how they hurt the most vulnerable. It was intended that way. It was detailed in globalist publications few read. It’s just that people (most of them) weren’t paying attention. They were busy being Self-absorbed. Lost in distraCtions and superficialities like football etcetera. They were not hunters of Truth. They did not Question or Care enough about the events of the day. They followed the given narrative. Stay calm, there is nothing going on here.

Big Tech and Big Pharma Merger – Oracle takes over Vaccine Data for the WORLD. YIKES! Just bring them into bed with you already! Put your tongue deep down their throat why don’t you. Of course this won’t be told to us nightly by the MSM. Most won’t hear of this ORACLE DEAL at all, to their and our detriment.

Masks HARM kids – 68% of parents report alarming psychological and physical problems in a first of it’s kind study. Seems like a ‘no-brainer’ to me. NOW, it is for 68% of the parents too! People need to pay attention to their gut instincts; their intuition and NOT the authorities. They have to STOP cooperating with the anti-human mandates, orders masquerading as laws.

Mainstream MEDIA – Freeze your sperm to protect them from the coronavirus VACCINE’S tendency to make you INFERTILE. Nice of them to mention this… once. Most people won’t DIG IN to discover the truth a little research would reveal.

CHINA blocks the W.H.O. team that is investigating the coronavirus origins. About a week later they relented. Likely used the time to plant misdirection and clean up the crime scenes. They have NO integrity.

The CDC says that there are people having severe allergic reactions to the coronavirus (faux) vaccines. Predicted and fulfilled. It’s both funny and sad to see the doctors and such who take the vaccine’s reaction on their face and eyes when they realize they the severe adverse reactions THEY are having is due to the shot. Precious. Shock, confusion, dismay, fear, and eventually growth as they admit during this life or afterwords that it was WRONG to of taken the shot and to of so BLINDLY trusted it and those who made it and endorsed it.

SINGAPORE – Police are accessing peoples covid TRACING app data for criminal investigations. Your phone will betray you. It’s better to find ways to not have it around.

U.K. Police harass and arrest women for drinking coffee on a bench at the beach. Coming to America if we don’t STOP the NWO with it’s minions. Biden and Harris and many in the GOP. The Dem’s will attempt to lock us down as soon as they think they are in power. Hell, they aren’t yet but are sure acting like they are here this last week. Jan. 12

Patients Identified with the PCR test NEVER had Covid. For anyone that has studied that test. This is not new info. Many however don’t know that.

A University has rolled out Covid test vending machines. Now you can get your test for covid in one machine and a pill to abort your
pregnancy in the next, right there at school. How convenient!

Now the COVID Police have quizzed a couple with a baby stroller because they had the audacity to be OUT in the town center! Blimy! don’t those people know that there is an invisible make believe virus out there that’s killing MILLIONS, maybe billions of people? My God!! You Bad, bad humans, thinking you can just do as you please. My name is BANKcorp and I am your new God. You don’t take a SHIT unless I tell you to squat!!

U.K. - Women are fined by the COVID Police for going on a walk. This stuff is supposed to wake these and others up to the tyranny. They are supposed to wake up and stand up. Use their backbone and throw out the tyrants. This stuff is not accidental! It has purpose, wake up!

U.K. - Police have entered a home and arrested an entire FAMILY after a neighbor SNITCHED on them for violating the covid rules. Turn neighbor upon neighbor. Just like E. Germany with the Stasi. Oh, they weren’t the only ones to do this. Divide and conquer.

U.K. - The Labour party has lunched a campaign to tackle ANTI-VACCINE disinformation. In globalist speak they mean to keep the truth about their vaccines from spreading.

Bill Gates AND his DTP vaccine in Africa. More disasters.

Let’s talk about the covid-19 vaccines OPERATING SYSTEM. It’s diabolical!

People are having adverse reactions to the new CV vaccines at a rate 50 times greater than for the flu shot. It’s yet another ‘soft kill’ weapon.

The BBC tells people to wear a face mask DURING sex. Next they will tell us to stop having sex. Stop talking with people. Just stay home and watch tv.

These Global Vaccine Passports are Scary, What’s next? Total enslavement.

The AMA has reversed it’s earlier statement against HCQ in regards to CV. TRUST your own instincts/intuitions!

Watch this video of a supermarket employee assaulting anti-mask protesters. They were elderly people at that. Denying them FOOD over a mask IS NAZIish!

The FDA admits that the PCR tests gives false results AS THEY lay the groundworkd for Biden to ‘crush’ the CASEdemic. The Truth is out there. One only has to DESIRE to find it.

Here is a video of a Canadian police punching and arresting a man for being out past curfew and swearing at officers. Your NOT allowed to do as humans have done forever, Be outside...unless we let you. YOU are NOT free.

South Carolina legislation looks to BAN mandatory vaccines. So few folks NOT going alone with the globalists. Glad they aren’t here.

Watch the CDC DEATH NUMBERS EXPOSE THE COVID HOAX. The TRUTH in front of our face.

U.K. - Police demand power to force entry into homes of suspected lockdown violators Another step close to being able to just come in and take you away. They already have you disarmed of guns.

IVERMECTIN As a treatment for covid-19. The BEST treatment in the world so far as I can tell.

The Pennsylvania governor is still pushing for new restrictions. Know your tyrants!

Oxford says Astrazeneca’s covid-19 vaccine is tied to EUGENICS institutions. Plain as writing on a wall. You just have to look up to see it.

New Hampshire’s Sununu won’t mandate cv vaccine. Well lookie there. Another state making a STAND. God bless’em!

Big Pharma has threatened Robert Kiyosaki over his remarks about the cv faux vaccine. DON’T stop speaking Truth!

Moderna is testing their cv vaccine on KIDS! Big Pharma has NO shame nor conscience.

Google has a financial interst in PUSHING the pandemic vaccine experiments. In WW2 it was MIT and watson, Today it’s Google and their AI.

Health Care workers in California are REFUSING the vaccinations. That is because they arean’t all sheeple!

Fauci says mandatory vaccines ARE on the table. Fauci IS Dr. Evil.

Maskless crowds shout covid is a hoax outside a london hospital on New years eve. Some PUSH back. Great! Keep it up!

A cop has been charged with assaulting a shopper during mask enforcement. Make them pay for their illegal and unconstitutional acts!

An good sized Anti-Mask protest at CVS Do it in every franchise business that tells us that the masks have to be worn.

January 1, 2020

The Covid Vaccine could make the virus FAR more deadly. A TWO part weapon? First get you infected, second make you allergic to such infection from the most common of virus’s: the Coronavirus family.

Was it Precognition or their secret ‘evil plan all along? – This 2019 Bill was pushing draconian detention measures long before covd was known to be around. Personally, I believe it was their plan all along. Remember, there ARE some people who belong to the Death Cult but have not publicly outright announced themselves yet, as Luciferians… Mr. Cuomo.

The Texas Governor smacks down Austin’s mayor for trying to extend the lockdown. On occasion now, Gov. Abbott still strikes a semi-mighty blow in aid to us patriots.

A U.K. woman has been arrested for FILMING inside an empty hospital. Coming to America under Biden. Hail Joe Biden, I mean Kamel-toe Harris!

George Carlin warned us about he covid panic YEARS ago.

SPAIN is set to create a a secret database of people who REFUSE to take the covid vaccine. The Stasi in East Germany had their secret database too. Spain’s government and elites are acting the same way as the German gov.t in Nazi Germany did. Mark my word, this does not bode well for the people who dissent from the luciferian NWO.

Australian authorities ban New Years eve kissing and hugging to stop covid-19. They are testing to see what you will go along with. How dumbed down are you. Your assenting to the treatment, means they can go further now. There is no stopping till they either have you as a slave or, you break away if not strike back.

A Nurse calls in an let’s us knows why we should NOT wear masks. Maybe you
will listen to a nurse with a ‘different’ (from mainstream media) narrative.

AMC kicks family out of theater and calls the cops because their disabled child can’t wear a mask. THEY don’t care about us or your disabled child. They are going along with mandates that are not LAWS. They are condoning the use of ‘color of law’ to suppress the freedoms of Americans.

Watch the W.H.O.’s chief scientist says that there is NO evidence that the covid vaccines work. It’s wonderful when you hear some truth out of them but it’s really the MEDIA that’s promoting that they DO WORK. The MSM is the enemy. THEY Need to be taken down.

URGENT – Dr.Heinrich Fiechtner warns “It’s a Killer Vaccination!” For every person in denial of the facts, there is a person out there that can reach them and have them wake up.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! Not!! A supposed ‘super spreading’ mutation of covid-19 is spreading in the U.S. The answer in short is NO, don't be afraid

What’s the point of getting the new vaccine if your still going to test ‘positive’ a week later? The Chaotic world of the covid scam!

A PRIEST called the police on a mother PRAYING without a mask on. WTF! Blows my mind! This is what we get for ‘going along’ with the madness!

The Manipulation of coronavirus vaccine TESTS to make them look effective., This GAME is ‘rigged’ seven ways to Sunday! Stop playing it! Your gambling with your life here!

Wearing a mask will NOT protect you against covid-19. In case anyone reading this is still wondering.

A MANDATORY coronavirus vaccination bill has been introduced in the NY Assembly. They are testing you. How much can they push you? Are you so mentally indentured as a slave already that you will go along with anything? Including snitching on your neighbors or the forced poisoning of your body via the mRNA?

Washington state’s INFLATED covid death toll analysis. How MUCH evidence do you need? This is a PSYCHOLOGICAL Operation on us humans. It’s pressing us into submission with confusion, fear and anxiety.

Vitamin D Can PREVENT 90% of the coronavirus deaths. LOW INFORMATION people don’t find out that simple things like a Zinc suppliment, a vitamin D3 suppliment and things like Ivermectin are easy cheap means to prevent ill health due to covid.

Emergency hospitals are being dismantled despite the claim that hostipalizations now are worse than the first wave. This is because this is all a huge globalist scheme to take over the planet and exterminate most if not all of the human population.

A FORMER CDC chief has called for ‘Immunity passports' to prove you’ve had your covid vaccination before you travel. Your a SLAVE. Now put on your collar you piece of shit!

POLICE in Body Armor have raided a California couples hair salon who refused to close under ‘unconstitutional’ covid-19 lockdown. People with a back bone. That’s what we need! Do you have one? Are you putting it to good use?

Brazil’s Supreme Court has ruled AGAINST human rights and is supporting MANDATORY coronavirus vaccines. Time to pack that Supreme court right? Get some people in who champion Liberty for the people!

AMERICA Is Prioritizing BLACKS for the covid-19 vaccinations. This is because the ‘elites’ LOVE the black people. Can’t you tell by how the Africans run away from the doctors in white now?

France has been FORCED to postpone it’s health dictatorship vaccine legislation. France is a mixed bag. I feel that the people ARE waking up though there finally so they may yet take back their country before it’s completely demolished by the globalists.

3,150 of the first 112,800 recipients of the new Pfizer vaccine were left unable to perform daily activities. Being left UNABLE to go about your day would be more than just inconvenient, it would be downright ‘scary’.

CEO of Biotech Firm Confirms that the mRNA Vaccine is a Dangerous Bioweapon. You just will NOT hear about this on main stream media. Ughh!

Singapore airlines launches covid-19 passport describing digital health ID as part of the ‘new normal’. It only becomes the new normal if you condone or endorse it by your actions and words.

The WHO has deleted ‘naturally acquired immunity’ from it’s website. The WHO is sooo discredited in so many of the people’s eyes these days. Their own actions serve to wake us up. What a blessing!

The NYC Mayor will send police to the home or hotel of every traveler from the U.K. DeBlasio the communist! Showing his colors. You slaves just keep following his orders to your own destruction. That or… grow a pair and TAKE HIM DOWN.

The Pope has called for ‘Vaccine Globalism’. At this rate the Pope will be coming out as Lucifer himself in the next year or two. He’s so in our face about Being evil and yet those the Catholics allow him to continue on instead of OVER-RUNNING the Vatican and TAKING DOWN this devil and cleaning out the whole crumbling morass of lowlifes there. Shameful!

A Boston Doctor says he almost had to be intubated after suffering a severe allergic reaction from Moderna’s mRNA covid vaccine. It’s great to see the quickening in their eyes as they realize how close them came to checking out because of their STUPID TRUST in the vaccines.

The vicious criminal: Neil Ferguson is playing a key role in the new lockdowns. How many times will you believe a ‘known’ liar before you start coming around to that they are NOT telling you the truth. Are you so out of it that you will fol
low the conman to your own demise? Evidently SOME ARE.

The Pharmaceutical factory that makes Hydroxycholoroquine has mysteriously exploded. I DON’T BELIEVE IN ACCIDENTS. Qui Bono: Who benefits?

David warns us to learn about the Great Reset

Dec. 23, 2020

Southern Baptist Al Mohler – Christians and the covid-19 vaccine. Fear NOT!

Andrew Yang suggests Nazi style barcodes and concentration camps for the unvaccinated. Andrew Yang shows his Nazi colors. Can you see them or are you color blind?

Police kick mom and her son out of a library for NOT obeying mask rules. Police take an oath to defend the constitution and protect the people. This is not that.

Gov. Whitmer and the Impeachments efforts against her. It can’t happen quick enough!

IVERMECTIN is highlighted at a senate hearing for early prevention and treatment of covid-19. My FAVORITE answer to covid.

Colorado Coroner says that 40 of the counties covid deaths were actually gunshot wounds. Nice to read some reality instead of Bizarro world all the time.

Irish man sentence to two months in prison for failing to wear a face mask. In left leaning states here in America, we are letting people OUT of jail or prison yet if the populace was a little bit more left leaning they could put anyone who resists at any level in prison. Join the Luciferians or go to prison, that’s basically what it comes down to.

The REAL Pandemic is an outbreak of the PCR testing.

Local news aired a health care worker receiving an empty, FAKE vaccine shot. There are no accidents. Pay attention. It’s a do as we say not as we do rigime that is trying to break in.

Twitter says it will remove all posts claiming vaccines can harm people.

harm-people/ There shall ONLY be 1 narrative. The narrative of the Luciferian globalists.

Fauci wants Christmas canceled. It’s just one of the things your going to have to accept. Fauci is your Prison Guard, IF your listening to him.

The UK Home Secretary encourages neighbors to SNITCH on each other for breaking the covid rules. Those who teach ‘treachery’ ought NOT to be listened to. That IS common sense!

Prisoners are the FIRST to receive covid-19 jabs. Prisoners have always been guinea pigs. That society allow this tells you much about the morals of said society.

John Delaney talks about struggling Americans and stimulus for the vaccinated. The only stimulus that matters is removing ‘The Cult of Covid’.

Pennsylvania health official announces new coronavirus rules. More signs of tyranny. Understand your signs.

Mexico’s president slams lockdowns as a form of dictatorship. He’s probably just playing to his audience given that he is a socialist.

Is the Globalist Reset failing? The elites may have overplayed their hand. It fails if we inform others about it existing.

NIH director begs Americans to swallow their vaccine skepticism as Bill Gates eyes an ‘unofficial’ role. The NIH is NOT your friend. Ask yourself this: Who might be BEHIND Bill Gates… pulling his strings? What elites in this world are have it set up for us to never hear about let alone associate their names with our conditions?

The number of Americans that are depressed or considering suicide has soared because of the covid lockdowns. When you take away peoples ability to live their lives as they will, then your going to get such results. You think that wasn’t known beforehand? There are no accidents.

Bill Gate says lockdown should carry on into 2022. Surprised? Bill Gates, he wears sweaters. He’s a kindly old man. He CARES about people. NOT!!

Katie Hopkins says that COERCION is illegal in the UK. Katie Hopkins has figurative BALLS. She’s got guts. She recognized tyranny and ins’t afraid to speak up about it.

The Red Cross President demands that gov.t media SILENCE those who question the safety of the covid vaccines. Again, recognize those tyrants around us trying to look like they CARE about us. These are humanity’s enemies.

Lockdowns are based on fraud – An open letter to people who want freedom. We were cultivated into being prone to fraud. We’ve been dumbed down. See Charlotte T. Iserbyt’s work.

The CDC announces they will be rolling back the collection of flu data during the 2020-2021 season. All the Flu and Pneumonia deaths will be dropped into the covid column.

What no one is saying about the lockdowns. They are not about what you would think they are about, give the propaganda.

Data shows fears of an overwhelmed medical system are overblown, there is ample hospital capacity nationwide. WHEN are we going to realize that the main stream media is not telling us the truth. They are not our friends!

There’s HIV In the vaccine.

The Great Reset – 61 nations have decimated liberty with covid restrictions. Shows you which countries have been taken over by the globalists don’t it?

Here is a Patriotic Washington town that is defying covid mandates. Taking your lives back. All right!! There is your example. The rest of you, let’s get with it.

Top Pharma prof. Thrown in psych ward after questioning the official covid narrative. If it can be done with him, it can be done with you and I. Stand up against this in whatever way you feel drawn too.

Dec. 12, 2020

Joe Biden promises a federal mask mandate immediately after his inauguration. He is going to make sure you can NEVER rise up again.

An Oregon doctor loses his license for refusing masks.
Good for him! He knows what’s going on and he’s not going to go along with the Luciferian plan. Bravo!

The UK allows executives to enter on business without restriction.
Another example like California and exemptions for Hollywood where there are two tiers. The ‘elite’ tier gets to do as they wish without restriction and the average citizens don’t.

A Judge has ordered Los Angeles to prove that outdoor dining ban is legit.
Great! Someone using their common sense… some.

Scientists show that the covid tests are useless!
Yes! There ARE some people with Integrity left! Thank you for your courage and commitment to the human race and not the globalists.

Dutch Curacao emergency coronavirus law threatens tourism for the island. The Dutch Government once again shows us their colors. Now citizens… ACT On your intelligence and take that government down and recreate an appropriate one that supports Freedom and I don’t mean, the freedom to marry your donkey. So what if he’s a stud.

It’s a Planetary Genetic Overwrite! - The Big Picture behind the covid mRNA vaccines. It’s the BIG PICTURE that helps people realize the context within which the myriad of confusing events and agendas are occurring.

In an official gov.t report, Australian covid vaccines are SPREADING HIV!

hiv-watch/ All right, Now your getting the picture. Giving you HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). With all the Big Pharma medicines ALSO decreasing if not anniahlating your immunes system too, you might think there is an agenda on someone behalf to our not having a functioning immune system. I wonder why that would be? Could it be that they want us to die… from most any infection that comes along? THAT seems plausible to me for Luciferians.

Introducing the covid vax verification app. Don’t leave home without it! If Biden et al have their way, we won’t! Will the Patriots psychic energy and will win out over the Luciferians? I believe so but that does not mean there will be little struggle.

An Austrian MP tests cola for covid-19 and gets a positive result. Thank you sir for pointing such things out! That the tests are so error prone as to be nearly completely useless. I say nearly being cause THEY do use it to instill fear in as many as they can even so.

The Inventor of the PCR test has attacked Dr. Fauci over his lies, and ignorance before he died. Was he killed off by the Deep State? Quite possibly given his unique position in the whole CV story and especially in regards to the testing that the globalists so count upon to make up their Scamdemic.

FDA – Six people died during pfizer covid vaccine trial.
Good to know so we can avoid the vaccine but keep in mind that the FDA in general is not our friend.

Canadian health ministry has been exploring immunity passports and vaccine tracking and surveillance. O’Canada is in chest high in Globalist SHIT! The people are either going to rise up in great waves in the near future or… they will become slaves. So far as I can tell from here it’s leaning towards the latter for them. Interestingly, they will have to free themselves without the aid of guns and thus other tactics will be used. The great Powers of Communication is one.

you have significant history of allergic reactions warns a UK regulator. Itiots and low information voters though SHOULD take it as we could use less of those around. Make the world a better place today.

Dr Francis Boyle – The mRNA vaccine violates the Nuremberg ruling against Nazi cruelty. Telling it like it is man! Awesome!

CNN says not to be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine. CNN … IS the Bill Gates Network. They may as well be with how they protect him and the globlist agendas.

A Tory MP admits to locking up her parents since March so as to not burden the NHS. I’ll be they really ‘feel the love’ don’t they? No kissing and hugging of family members. Isolated so that they become depressed for lack of human companionship. No taking a walk at the park. No, No freedom for you mom and dad. Your days are numbered. Now you just sit back, take these pills and quiet down. I don’t want to hear another thing out of you!

The Restaurant industry warns of economic free fal as 110,000 eateries are closed. The writing is on the wall people. First it was the restaurants, then it was the bars, then they came for the gyms and by the time they got to your small business type, there was no one left to defend and stand up for you and yours. Off to the Lefty’s Gulag for you!

Effective treatment and prevention is available for covid-19 And don’t let anyone tell you that there isn’t! Do your own simple research ad you will see that there are many easy things you can do and or suppliments etc. you can take to keep yourself health in this CV crisis.

Coronavirus vaccines contain aborted human fetal tissue - right on the label Exactly what does it take for you to get creeped out about vaccines? Chances are they’ve got it in them! Here is just cloned human cells from an aborted fetus from decades ago.

Walking dog outside punishable south australia lockdown Listen, your our prisoners now so get that through your head! We tell you what you can do and what you can’t. Don’t listen to your friends and family, listen to us. We know what’s best for you. Now, stick your head in this basin of water and breath in deeply. We will keep our hand on top of your head until your breathing great under water.

Coronavirus fears causing delusional psychosis in americans Easy for people with Trump derangement syndrome to get into, wouldn’t you think? Snowflakes, social justice warriors. Lefties who don’t live in reality. Antifa and BLM higher ups.

Research CDC - data shows that covid-19 has no effect death counts
That’s because all the numbers are ‘cooked up’. Remember, it’s less deadly than the common flu. You have a 99.6 percent chance of surviving it just fine. The Scamdemic… it’s a lotta hype and mostly by the mainstream media!

Governor forced to back down as citizens stand up to threats of arrest over mask order. Bravo! You go good citizens. Don’t buy into the intimidation.

CommonPass, new covid-19 security measures will make health a prerequisite for travel. Not if Trump et al and We The People press back greatly.

Microchip is here – A Darpa biochip to ‘save us’ from covid can control human DNA. A Luciferian tool if ever I read of one.

The Welsh government says people will get ID cards to prove they’ve been vaccinated. The Welsh people may actually go along with this...for awhile. We will see if they wake up soon enough to save themselves.

LA County Mayor refusing to wear mask is an ‘act of domestic terrorism’. MY VOTE 4 most ludicrous thing said by the globalist minions to date on the Cv.

LA residents are ordered to stay in their homes.
Do as we tell you, not as WE do.

Staten Island Resistance is a new Sam Adams. Yes! Yes! Yes! Americans with a backbone standing up against tyranny!

UK government medical officer says masks should be worn for years! I love it when the minons announce themselves to us like this. We need to know who those are who are destroying our lives and livelihoods. The mark their own selves for death soon.

Americans to get vaccination card to prove they’ve taken the covid shot. Lambs led to the slaughter house.

UK Police R using license plate cameras to track down people visiting pubs in neighboring areas. Glad you allowed the gov.t to put those cameras into use now are you? Somtimes technology should not be rolled out. Sometimes it makes us less secure. Sometimes it nullifies our rights and oftentimes it’s used against us, not to mention that sometimes it makes us less ‘able’ ourselves at things, like finding your way around the countryside.

Chief medical officer says Canadians who refuse vaccine won’t have the freedom to move around. Well, maybe people just don’t need to move around at all. Maybe we should just pour concrete over them and make statues of them. Keep them in one place like museum pieces. The elites have robots now so...they REALLY don’t need many of us around anymore.

The Norwegian military is patroling their border to enforce covid rules. MUST NOT LET COVID ESCAPE!

Top Microbiologist says the covid vaccine is downright dangerous, and will send you to your doom. Some experts are worth listening to. This is one. Few are as courageous.

Top EU Scientist warns that the covid-19 vaccine is linked to the STERILIZATION of women. attention. Spread the word. This stuff is ANTI-HUMAN!

For the first time, a US state will require disclosure of the PCR cycle threshold data in covid tests. Again, finally, someone with a little common sense taking action.

Another Airline announces that covid passportrs will be essential for travel.
/ Travel, it’s just a mess isn’t it?

Yet another California sheriff refuses to enforce lockdown measures.
Good man! Thank you for standing up for our freedoms! Thank you for standing up for humanity. Now, go arrest the chief medical officers keeping this scam going.

Are Covid Camps coming?
The camps are here. They are just waiting for Biden and Kamala to come in and make full use of them.

Dec. 1, 2020

Hospital Executive says that the 2nd Wave is a hoax and that 90% of the covid beds are empty! Yep! A fake pandemic...made possible by the main stream media we have been trusting way too much!

The UK has deployed the military infowar unit against covid vaccine sceptics! Englishment and women, RECOGNIZE your enemy. WHO is responsible for sending all this at you? Hint: It’s not Boris Johnson. Follow the money.

Governor of Hawaii threatens jail time for not wearing a mask!  He’s revealing himself to you. He’s a tyrant and he wants you to be a slave.

Governor of Maryland says we have NO constitutional right to refuse the mask! He HOPES you believe him. The Supreme court knows better.

Detroit Michigan – The Mayor says to ‘wear a mask’ or we will shut down the economy!  AS IF...he hasn’t already done that and will continue to do so since that’s the globalist agenda this minion is carrying out.

The UK’s Vaccine Minister says that bars, restaurants and cinemas will soon demand proof of vaccination before entry. EnglishMEN! Make sure this guy is on your list of TRAITORS TO HANG… soon!

Canada – CBC journalist brags about ratting out worshippers at a church! Snitch culture in action only, it’s on the part of the media. You thought they were on the peoples side? Think again.

Los Angeles county officials announce a three week stay at home order. They are still trying to get you to lock yourselves down. If you but do the opposite you will run him and similar globalist minions out of office and their jobs through which they are trying to enslave you and yours!

Roger Stone says that Bill Gates Microsoft designed the election fraud software used by dominion. Why of course! Leave no option off the table when your endeavoring to take over the world and exterminate all the humans!

Commiefornia exempts hollywood movie studios from the covid lockdown restrictions. We NEED that propaganda out stat!! Is China’s agenda driving Calif. Restrictions?

Quantas airways ceo says covid vaccination will be mandatory for travel. Let’s get crowds of people to… well basically do the same harassment techniques that Scientology uses. Extreme. We don’t have to go over the line though and make up stuff like the scientologists do. This guy is supporting the globalists Luciferian NWO agenda and he and his need to be shunned at a minimum! Deny him his comfy cozy life though, that’s also good. He is anti-human as are all who condone this covid bs and NWO great reset.

Interview whistleblower nurse at NYC epicenter exposes covid fraud. It’s murder for money! It’s Eugenics! It’s corruption and outright ‘evil’.

New Mexico governor has shut down grocery stores for two weeks. Recognize your enemies. He knows better but he is corrupted too and on the side of the anti-humans. We have to take him down and anyone that’s supporting such actions.

Belgians have been told that police will knock on their doors at Christmas to enforce covid rules! Wake up Beligans! Thats what this type of shit is about! Forcing you to choose and... waking up in order to make that choice or not and go along with the evil growing beside and in you.

A doctor who demanded MANDATORY mask law is pictured partying maskless on a boat surrounded by bikini clad women. It’s good for thee but not for me he says!.. with his actions. That’s what you watch, not the rhetoric. THAT is how they beguile you. It’s the old ‘watch this hand!’ while I do something else with the other con.

Crazy Video – An Elvis Impersonators ‘solo party’ house crashed by cops. You just can’t make this shit up! Again, this is all spiritually waking people up to tyranny and the choice ahead of them. Endorse or reject it.

Democrats announce permanent martial law and the end of the United States! What? You did not know that is what they stood for? How short is your attention span? Have you not been watching their actions? They are dismantling the Bill of Rights and Constitution at every turn.

Bombshell! - Top Pfizer whistleblower trashes companys vaccine breakthrough spin. You won’t hear it from a higher source than this. Don’t take the vaccines!

Nov. 26, 2020 Dr Judy Wilyman PhD
Warning for Humanity: the COVID-19 Vaccine

Virginia sheriffs office warns residents of holiday gatherings & encourages neighbors to snitch on eachother. You HAVE heard of Divide and Conquer yes? This is yet another attempt to strain and break the bonds of relationship and unity in your communities.

Renowned infection immunity expert warns of covid not going away so, forget about getting back to ‘normal’. Here’s your globalist minion trying to sell us on their plan for our enslavement. Out of their mouths they issue the ‘narrative’ they want us to believe in. DON’T DRINK THE KOOLAID!

In a LANDMARK RULING it’s been decided that covid tests are NOT fit for the purpose they are being used for. The MSM ignores the report but it’s not as though they have a bias or anything. So, it’s all a sham designed to enslave the human race.

Dark Winter’ was the code name for a scenario in which a biological weapon was used against the american populace.  Joe Biden and others have been tossing around this code word. It’s a signal and it isn’t good.

Alcohol has been banned in Welsh pubs as new social distancing measures are announced. Taking peoples alcohol away. Bad move globalists. Now your gonna make them fighting mad.

Vermont authorizes schools to ask kids to rat on parents who celebrated Thanksgiving with others.

How LOW can they go? They want to normalize such behavior too!
These so-called ‘authorities’ MUST be stopped!

Nov. 21, 2020

Dr. Fauci says vaccine skeptics pose a serious threat to public health.
He knows he’s got to make us out to be the badguys because we are looking at him more and more closely ourselves. We now know that he took the covid-19 type research that had become illegal here OVER to China to be continued at the Wuhan lab where there were less restrictions including in regards to safety.

Scientist fumes: What happened to academic freedom? When facebook flagged his post about a covid-19 study. FACEBOOK is our enemy. Go ahead. You can do it. Name your enemies. It’s Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Bill and Hillary, Biden and Kamala, BIG PHARMA AND BIG TECH, the Rothchilds and other ‘elite’ families. How about Anderson Cooper or Mika Brezenski.

Pennsylvania – New restrictions, MASKS required INDOORS. THEY are just begging you to RISE UP. Do you feel your spine becoming more and more erect? That’s a good sign. Now help your neighbor or family member or stranger you meet to RISE UP TOO! 

Portugal rules that the PCR tests for covid-19 are unreliable and unlawful. Allright Portugal! Some good news there!

A new CDC study shows that people infected with the coronavirus WORE masks! It’s all in your head that these masks, any of them are any good and preventing a virus that can go through them as easily as a marble through a chain link fence. Anyone that says otherwise is trying to suppress you! Your out of line slave!

WHY Pfizer coronavirus vaccine requires storage at 70 degrees celcius. It’s DEADLY and wholy unnatural.

Dr Fauci – Masks and Social distancing will still be rrquired AFTER there is a vaccine. WHEN is the MF going to be brought up on charges and find himself in jail! Geeze, He’s like Bill and Hillary, still looming about when they need to be in chains in front of the nations capitol on display where the people can hear their crimes and spew upon them the derision they deserve for say 30 days before they get executed for being the TRAITORS they are who CONSPIRED and acted SEDITIOUSLY AGAINST AMERICA.

South Australia enters another lockdown after just 36 new CV infections. TYRANNY is high in Australia. I hold it that just means that the chit will hit the fan sooner than later and the rest of the world can watch and learn from that...hopefully they will get their own backbone HIGHLY erect and get down and dirty with the globalists including any chinese infil-TRATORS.

You DON’T have ‘free speech’ in Germany. They will tolerate no ‘truth telling’ by YOU! Germany’s citizens have in large part been swallowed up by the globalists. Their spine I consider to be more erect though against the globalist than the UK which I would like to of though otherwise about but...they’ve been largely ‘pussified’ neutered if you will save Tommy Robinson the real Monarch of England!

Top Canadian Pathologist on Covid -- the Media and Politicians are PUSHING the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. Go on and listen to the man, he’s banned by the big tech overlords so you know it’s got to be good!

The UK is developing a QR code system to only allow vaccinated people into events. Allowable discrimination? This isn’t even backed up by science. It’s pseudo-science! I’m talking about the whole cv thing with the lockdowns and mask mandates. Only the superficial, gullible people believe it.

The Dystopian Fourth Industrial Revolution will be very different from the First one. Hint: it excludes you so… where does that leave you?

Michigan Legislators call for governor whitmers impeachment after a new lockdown was announced. This F’ing Bitch has got to go! Stand up Michiganders! Drag her out of her office! She IS out to get you! How many of you have to lose your lifes dream of your small business! At what point will you draw the line personally? Will you go along with it when they take away your 17 year old daughter, from you because she needs treatment at their fema camp, safely away from infecting you folks. It has nothing to do with that she was handing out leaflets with information on them ‘counter’ to what the ‘official’ narrative about covid is. Really.

The UK takes bids for an AI system to ‘process’ an expected flood of covid-19 vaccine side effects, including direct threat to patient life. What do they know that we don’t know? What are they going to ‘roll out’ next? What should we BE to counter that? I think we need to BE AGRESSIVE and PROACTIVE but… you know how so many humans are these days, slow reacting. Oh they are waking up now, at an accelerating rate but will it be enough without YOUR help? What will you BE about he matters?

Forced vaccination law in Denmark abandoned after public protests. Oh Thank God! Keep up intense pressure folks! There ARE people that want to kill most of you off and they talk a good talk that sounds generally benign but which are about removing YOU from the picture as you can see in the next article.

Horrifying: COVID-19 is Agenda 2030 Depopulation Weapon, World Leaders Admit to it! THEY are ‘uncloaking’, the parasitic vampires that they are.

UN Global Authoritarian Lockdown: Concentration Camps Announced in Canada PAY ATTENTION!! This is a MUST WATCH as there is a parallel plan here too.

Biotech expert covid vaccine announcement was deliberately delayed until after election. THAT would have shone a
good light upon Trump’s efforts and the left can’t have any of that!

Brazil suspends trials of covid vaccine after adverse incident. Well a tip of the hat to Brazil and Bolsanoro for even having any BRAKES for vaccines.

Globalist Klaus Schwab “The world will never return to normal after covid.” Now THIS man would be one that the Patriots of any nation will be going after soon as he is one of the more ‘senior’ level globalist minions out there trying to control and liquidate us all.

Patriot caravan scares swamp. DC Mauor requires covid-19 testing for travelers from 46 of the 50 states. BLOCKING people literally from coming to the nations capitol to protest against the election steal by Media, Big Tech and the globalists. That’s showing you and I their colors isn’t it?

Cuomo vows to block covid-19 vaccine unless it comes from biden administration. Cuomo knows Trumps vaccine will be safe and not kill many if any. Cuomo is into death… you know this by his actions, one of which was directing nursing homes to take covid positive patients into them from hospitals. What is that? First or second degree MURDER?

New York bar association calls for mandatory covid vaccine with no exemptions. The AUDACITY! F’ing lawyers, wouldn’t you know it. Fulfilling and fueling the proverbial view of them as scum of the earth low lifes. This organization is anti-human… by their ACTIONS!

100’s of UK medics and academics tell Boris Johnson that covid data is exaggerated and that ‘second wave’ talk is misleading.
It appears thusfar that as of late, Boris Johnson is now on the side of the globalists. He seems to of served as a Trojan Horse entry for some other power/globalist family. I say this because of his continued lockdown of the people and the going along with this covid BS and the Masks are good and necessary BS. I can’t believe he doesn’t know better. He’s been corrupted somehow. Taken over and you UK humans need to take him and anyone, especially the Royals DOWN if any of them think they own you and can dictate whether you hide your face or take a vaccine etcetera! You are not to Be slaves! Sorry to say that I keep hearing of different poles that say that UK citizens have actually embraced the lockdown and all that comes with it. That does not speak well of the backbone in the people but I know it can be reawakened. That is one of the real purposes here. To push things so hard that everyone has to make or have made the choice of what side to be on, the good or the proverbial bad.

The GREAT RESET trends on twitter after Justin Trudeau says the cv pandemic has ‘provided opportunity’. In a related story: Personally, I agree with many other patriots that the ‘evil ones’ are unveiling their selves. And this is for us to recognize and then take action against. Trudeau’s gotta go! But so do many responsible for him and his ‘agendas’.

The N95 Masks with valves SPREAD the coronavirus. Of course they mandate all the unsafe things like staying out of the sunshine so we don’t get the cv protective D3. They mandate no close gatherings and no mass gatherings. Of course with the former it denies us comraderie and intimacy. With the later they attempt to deny us the freedom of association and gathering that HINDERS our coming together to GO against the globalist minions. They are seeing what they can get away with us...all around the world. The feedback gives them a larger field of view of the status of the situation with us. Meanwhile anything like the oudoors or exercise or love making, they want to control it. They want to control you and I in it. Wear masks when you make love they say! Ludicrous. Wear masks when dining, pull it down to put food in buy get that mask right back up, even between bites! They are testing how much tyranny each subset population will take. They are looking for ‘resistance’ levels and this is prior to their letting out something more deadly!

Nov. 8, 2020

A California Judge has slapped down gov. Newsom’s unconstitutional covid orders.

Corona virus vaccine makers are exempt from liability claims.  That spells danger to me. They have no reason for being honest, and upfront and benign. This is bad, very bad!

Dr. Andrew Wakefield has released a film (1986) about ‘Big Pharmas’ immunity.  This is good. Very good!

Quantumn dot tattoos – Bill Gates invisibly embedded coronavirus vaccines.  Bill MUST be taken down and SOON! Where is our new AG who will go after this piece of shit! (made up of the divine like everyone else)

British cops will break up Christmas dinners if brits violate their covid restrictions.  Obvious tyranny means at deeper levels to wake people up from their slumber.

A ‘firebreak’ lockdown in Wales on ‘non-essential’ items; they get covered. Not only telling you that YOUR non-essential. they are telling you what items you desire are 'non-essential'. It's a test. Will you go along with their invitation to slavery?

Europeans protest lockdown restrictions.
It's only beginning to build against these restrictions against human liberty.

Covid-19 - Cops are now quizing people on their food purchases.  Talk about big brothering! This is (at a spiritual level) about getting a back bone and standing up for yourselves. The fact that it's happening here and not in other places so much means that these people are up for really getting into the issues. We shall see where their breaking point is and how the gov.t responds etc.

A Covid-19 study on mask wearing efficacy is rejected by journals as no is is ‘brave enough to publish the results’ say danish researhers.  We pay a high price for Being committed to truth. Sometimes, for awhile, people will go along with the intimidation, but only for so long.

The CDC plans covid concentration camps.

You never thought you'd be disappeared to a FEMA concentration camp over a fake pandemic did you? Now it's entirely possible.

Michigan governor up to six months in prison if businesses don’t surveil their customers for contact tracing.  Closest thing to Hitler in America is Whitmer. Between Her and Kamala, who knows who is the biggest sellout ato the luciferian globalists.

South Korea reports 83 flu shot deaths amiod safety concerns with gov.t vaccination program  And Gavin Newsom 'mandated' flu vaccination for folk in California so that shows you how careless he is with our lives.

Seven mothers were forcibly removed from school board meeting for refusing to wear masks  More power to you ladies who stand up against tyranny! I'm proud of you standing up for your kids and family too!

Americans of all political stripes R unwilling to get janbbed over the coronavirus.

Big Pharma controls the approval of covid-19 vaccines.  This is why you know it's going to be bad, no matter what they offer us (other than Trumps vaccines). Big Pharma is controlled at least by these same Rothchild et al people with extermination on their minds.

Chinese Communist Party counters news of swine fever outbreak  Like the boy that cried wolf too often, Chinese Communist party cannot be trusted.

Spanish doctors stage first strike in 25 years to protest governments new covid-19 order  Even the Doctors (with integrity) in other countries are now coming out against the obvious tyranny and non-science being perpetrated.

1984 Tyranny in Texas as police show up at El Paso residents doorsteps ordering quarantines  Recognize that they are acting under 'color' of law and that you can hold them civilly responsible for their criminal behavior. Being ordered to do something illegal to a citizen is NOT ok and must be made an example of!

Proof that the Rothchilds patented covid-19 biometric tests  The NAME that shall not be mentioned on MSM. They don't want their name on our minds but it's the name you should most remember for it's these people that are at the pinnacle of the pyramid of globalists out to exterminate the human race. Remember that.

Mask Police are patrolling 4 covid violations in New York.  Your somebody's property, somewhere down the line or they would not be able to do this. You have given up your sovereignity and you had better look into how to get it back. I'd reccomend looking here:

Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic plan, it’s an extermination plan for humanity.  Understand that and your ahead of most other humans. Your not afraid to confront reality, even when it's not pretty.

Brooklyn orthodox jews are upset and the media has blamed the coronavirus.

ox-jews-upset-media-blamed-coronavirus.html  The MEDIA (mainstream) is your enemy. They want you DEAD. Stop listening to them. Look for truth elsewhere. I would refer you to Alex Jones and his InfoWars empire.

Australia family fined over coronavirus supply run.  Your LIFE is not your own... until you stand for that being so and throw off your oppressors, even if they wear the uniform of a supposed 'authority'.

Trump slams Fauci on Campaign call.   Hopefully Fauci will be brought up on charges, along with Bill Gates et al over this criminal enterprise and attempted take over of America.

Banned from youtube – America’s frontline doctors hold a 2nd summit in DC  Yes there are doctors and nurses etc who are standing up against the criminal agenda masquerading as a pandemic. Be sure to get THESE peoples views. You might benefit from them.

Brazils Sao Paulo pushes for mandatory covid vaccinations  It's just like how NY here led the way for the country's shutdown. Take down those leaders of this BS in Sao Paulo.

Australia – Four newborn babies die after being denied heart surgery due to covid travel rules. Society there is already sacrificing their children. Giving them up for the nonsense and non-science of the covid war. People with no good sense 'going along' with the so-called authorities rather than their own inner sense.

Oct. 18, 2020

In a CDC study, 85% of patients reported that they had worn masks always or often. THE MASKS don’t protect you.

World Doctors Alliance announces it’s lawsuit against covid-19 global lockdown.

Former Australian senator claims the ‘Great Reset’ is the real agenda behind the covid panic.

Public huymiliation – Hitachi develops a fish bubble to enforce social distancing.

The WHO’s Europe director says that governments should stop enforcing lockdowns.

Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased risk for covid-19 says an Israeli health body.

Bizartre socialy distance prom shows teens dancing back to back.

Johnson and Johnson pauses late stage covid-19 vaccine trail after a volunteer becomes sick.

Nursing home residents protest lockdown – The say they’d rather die from Covid than lonelyness.

The WHO’s faked coronavirus pandemic.

A french doctor gets death threats from Gilead for promoting HCQ as a covid-19 cure.

Newsom says that Californians should wear mask between bites while dining.

The WHO flip-flops and urges world leaders to stop using lockdowns to fignt the covid contagion. What’s up with the turn around in view?

Over 6000 scientists and doctors sign an anti-lockdown petition.

Airports begin testing covid-passport that will record whether someone has been vaccinated before traveling.

Watch as a man confronts the UK miliatary handing out covid tests door to door.

Covid Marshals armed with body cameras will be sent into pubs weddings and parties.

Covid-19 is unrestricted bioweapon – Whistleblower releases second paper alleging large scale organised scientific FRAUD!

Company offers portable pod for traveliers concerned about catching covid.

More Melbourne Insanity – Mother ius arrested at the beach for traveling outside her permitted 5km radius.

Flaming Lips perform unusual concert Concert goers in covid protective bubble.

Oct. 4, 2020

The Absurdity of covid ‘cases’.

The Covid Police crash a 10 year olds birthday party after neighbors snitch on the family. The division of the population continues. We must resist this and shame publicly those who DO snitch and thus who are working against our country and it's freedoms. This is a 'planned pandemic'. It's a faux pandemic. It's a cleverly designed 'power grab' prior to the extermination of BILLIONS of people per the Eugenics program.

NYC mask patrol to aggressively enforce face covering mandate.

A democratic representative admits to Gov. Tom Wolf that masks are just political theatre.

The U.S. military suicide rate has risen 20% during the CV plandemic.

Ron Paul – Question the Science, go to the Gulag.

Students are being threatened with police action for displaying anti-lockdown signs in their windows.

An open letter from hundreds of doctors and health care professionals states that there is no medical justification for the emergency measures and that the lockdowns should end.

The U.K’s chief scientific advisor owns 600,000 worth of shares in a covid vaccine manufacturer. Just like Dr. Fauci here. Talk about conflicts of interest!

In the U.K. Police have started enforcing the lockdown by visiting peoples homes.  knock knock! Big Brother is here to mind you of your manners.

Singing and Dancing has been banned under the new U.K. Draconian covid rules.  You shall have no freedoms other than what we grant you on a day to day basis. This is the same as in Australia, another member state of the British royal family, like Canada. Both Australia and the U.K. are leading the first world in authoritarianism.

Using HCQ against covid-19 gives us a 73% lower fatality rate than otherwise.  But the globalists don't want you to know about HCQ because they WANT YOU DEAD!

KEEP ON KILLING: UK health officials ordered care homes to place “do not resuscitate” orders on ALL residents. Your life does not matter to the globalists! When are you going to recognize your enemy. Says their names!! Boris Johnson et al.

The U.K. Lockdown itself will kill 75,000 and that’s an ‘official’ projection! That is more than will die from the CV in the UK.

Parishoners arrested while singing hymns without face masks.  This is about shutting down Chrisitanity. This is a luciferian globalist agenda.

Martial Law Officially Declared in Canada (all about covid).

Martial law in London – Police brutally attack anti-lockdown protesters.

Arresting people for not wearing masks is anoher giant step toward total tyranny.

Stasi UK 'rent a mob' patrols streets to check if bars are open.

German minister says the lockdown will kill more than covid-19 does.

Uber demands refusniks take mask selfies before they are allowed to use the service.

Report says that the UK chief scientific advisor owns $600,000 worth of shares in covid vaccine manufacturer.

Austistic boy found dead after Australian police demand search parties stay home and follow the covid rules .

A third of UK covid victims in July and Aug. died from other causes including cancer or being hit by a car Oxford University scientists reveal

Darpa funded implantable biochip to detect covid-19 could hit the markets by 2021

In a stunning reversal,, the CDC says it published new guidance on risks of airborne covid-19 in error  It's all about confusing the public. Stop looking to the CDC!

New UK covid cpr procedure places towel or clothing over nose and mouth.  More testing by authoritarians on how much tyranny we will put up with. Just how stupid are the people?

Sept. 20, 2020

A federal judge has found that Pennsylvanias covid19 shutdown orders are unconstitutional

The U.K. Gov.t will retain fingerprints an d dna profiles of covid19 infectees under national security order.

Study finds that covid realted media consumption is directly linked to depression.

Trump supporters stage an anti-mask parade marching through a Target store.

Headline Australia: New ‘Pre-crime’ law would give authorities the power to arrest covid conspiracy theorists.

Headline England: The U.K. Policing minister receives backlash after encouraging people to spy on their neighbors for covid rule breaking.

The Team Behind the Film Exposing the Vaccine Agenda Arrive In-Studio
Director Mikki Willis & Dr. David Martin break down the top globalists’ roles in this time of crisis

Banned.Video - September 14, 2020

Headline Israel: Netanyahu and the Corona virus lockdown protests.

Headline Australia: Police display force in arrest of 74 aggressive violent protesters in Melbourne.

Commiefornia governor, Gavin Nuisance is witholding pandemic funds to rural areas.

Amendment quietly added to the ‘prep act’ to allow pharmacists to vaccinate chldren.

The FDA is hoarding 60 million doses of hydroxychloroquine. Know your enemies.

Author of a dystopian classic predicted face masks to enforce conformity 70 years ago.

The CDC – cloth face masks used to stop9 covid 19 will not stop wildfire smoke inhalation.

Spanish Cop Kneels on Teen’s Neck for ‘Wearing his Mask the Wrong Way’


Sept. 8, 2020

World Bank records show that covid-19 test kits were exported in 2018
RELATED: World Bank document lists covid-19 program that ends in March of 2025

Woman who died 6 months agao suddenly tests positive for the coronavirus.  More evidence of false numbers.

The U.N. has been forced to admit that the Gates funded vaccine is CAUSING the Polio outbreak in Africa right now.


Horrifying video shows a pregnant mother arrested over a facebook post  UPDATE: RELATED: Aussie police satisfied with arrest of pregnant woman over anti-lockdown message. ice-satisfied-with-arrest-of-pregnant-woman-over-anti-lockdown-message/

Australian police pay home visits to 80 people warning
them they wil be arrested if they protest against lockdown

Australian riot police now drag journalists to the ground and arrest them for being at an anti-lockdown protest.

Ohio dept. of health partners with FEMA to create
sheltering facilities for people exposed to covid.  This is a 'cover' for the way to 'disappear' people who don't go along with the Marxists takeover.


Covid hysteriea students excluded for turning their heads in class

NY Times on covid 19 test up to 90 of people testing positive
carried barely any virus many are not likely to be contagious

GoFundMe shuts down campaing for anti-lockdown protest organizer fined 10,000

Bombshell: CDC reveals the truth behind covid19 death numbers

CDC_covid  deaths just 6 percentjpg

NY liquor authority bans dancing, dirty or otherwise.

Undercover video investigation reveals contact tracing privacy violations Ya think! It's all about total surveillance.

Hundreds of parents protes mandatory flu shot order by state health officials.
It’s only one more step till they make the covid vaccine mandated.

Watch David Icke scorches the establishment during anti-lockdown rally in London

David Icke 22jpeg

Are Austin officials playing questionable number games to keep the city shut down?
APH did say separately they tested only 3,600 citizens for the virus in the first week of August (their most recent data available), which would mean that data on only 0.3 percent of the county is currently dictating whether 1.2 million people are allowed to earn money for food and rent.

Jim Hoft is right, Fauci has been mass murdering for decades and needs to go to prison

Hawaii uses the entire freeway as a covid testing site.

Tales from Americas covid colleges

college covidjpg

Bombshell: Texas county drops from 4600 active covid cases to under 100 after audit

The Idaho house has voted to end the coronavirus emergency.

Bill Gates funds many news organizations. That is why he’s never scrutinized by the media.

Oregon opens a coronavirus relief fund only for the black community.

Oregon_cv relief for blacksjpg

Berlin bans protests against pandemic restrictions deploys thousands of police.

Thousands of Swedes receive false positive covid-19 results due to faulty test kits from China.

A U.K. gov.t scientist admit the lockdown was a monumental mistake, on a global scale.

All 77 positive covid tests for the NFL players were ‘false’ positives

WHOs Tedros on Vaccine Nationalismjpeg

The WHO chief warns of ‘Vaccine Nationalism’

Why, if mask mandates are based upon testing ‘positive’ it will NEVER end.

Bolivia’s Senate Legalizes MMS as a treatment for covid-19

U.S. Marshalls Raid a Church to prevent you and I from finding out about Miracle
Mineral Solution that, like Hydroxychloroquine before it cures covid-19 Learn more about MMS here:


August 24, 2020

Here’s one level of our enemies. Northam again.
Virginia plans for mandatory covid-19 vaccinations for all residents

A Soros Bio-Ethicist says that if you refuse a coronavirus vaccine you should lose your job and go to jail.

[There are no limits to the depths of depravity these globalist indoctrinated people will go!]
Another ‘Ethicist’ of all people has recommended drugging people with
‘morality pills’ in the water supply to make them wear masks. Truly this is 'upside down' world!

Australia_No mandated vaccinationsjpg

Medical Fascism – Australia – Everyone to be vaccinated 4 the coronavirus.

Australian Authorities give themselves the power to remove children from their parents to ensure covid compliance. I think that countries like Australia and NZ who are coming down like Big Brother big time are going to be among the first to either completely fall or the people will rise up and Recreate their country ultimately. People must have freedom. We did not come here to Be slaves for long.

Belgium doctors urge families to wear masks at home as Belgians tire of the covid rules.

Passengers revolt as airline removes family who had trouble masking up their 2 year old. and related to that is this followup:

Biden Face mask_idiotjpg

Joe Biden Vows to establish a national mask mandate if elected President.

University threatens to suspend students who leave a 4 mile diameter bubble.
How many items like this does it take for you to realize that Authoritarianism is here?

U.S. Universities are asking students to report anyone not following covid-guidelines. More encouragement of 'snitch' culture. This is East Germany stuff!

Gov. Abbott tells Texans to wear a mask around family even in your backyard, until we have a covid-19 vaccine. This guy knows better but he's going along with the globalists on this. That's a bad 'sign' about him. He's not entirely on our side any longer.

Girl wearing a face maskjpg

Disney world refuses entry to autistic 7 year old girl who can’t wear a mask.

QUESTION: how do we know that they aren’t deploying these new more catchy or deadly versions of this virus let alone others they are cooking up? Look at their actions and history. Check their level of Integrity. They are criminals! They are coming for us NOW! They will keep using virus scares to keep us locked down, in ill health and poor. Perfect for them to take over the world with! They have already turned to robots to aid them. Drones are being used. Robot mask minders are being used. They are testing to see how much tyranny we wil put up with and if we don ‘t resist enough they will unfurl more and increment by increment they will kill us all off. They think they are going to merge with machines. They think they will live forever. They don’t know that as a human, they already do. They don’t hold ‘life’ as sacred. Of course this is all about them placing that infamous 1984 boot upon our head. The time to get a grip and use that spine God gave you is now. You and I MUST organize and take actions to reverse this. Brainstorm how you and yours with your gifts and abilities and resources can Be and Do to ameliorate these threats.

French riot police deployed to enforce mask laws of all things!
yeah, like those not following the your covid guidelines are the big offenders, not the islamicists or Macron et al.

Fed's Kashkari suggests 4-6 week shutdown;
says U.S. Congress can spend big on coronavirus relief.

social-distancing 4 carsjpg

Company demands social distancing for their employees CARS in the parking lot.

Local Media recommends parents lie and trick their children into wearing face masks. Media wants you to sacrifice your integrity for their agenda.

New Zealand says it wil put all new covid infectees; their family members in quarantine facilities. Red Alert! This is a call to Arms! Oh Crap! They already took away your guns! Well then, Be resourceful and get crackin' on remedying your surfdom!

How would you feel about a nationwide mask mandate that forced you to wear to a mask In public at all times.

Be Bravejpg

Lockdown restrictions are a test to see how much tyranny Americans wil accept.

Green tea, zinc and hydroxychloroquine corona virus cure.

A 'Positive' coronavirus 'test' isn't the same as a ‘case’ health experts say.

Australian police go full Nazi smashing car windows.


August 12, 2020

Plandemic movie website hacked. Film deleted and replaced with the WHO narrative.  If the globalists sheme with this covid stuff was on the up and up, this would not be happening but they can't let the truth out because in their case 'truth kills'... their agenda.

U.K. covid deaths counting mishap?

CV_the CDCs death rate for covidpng

LA Mayor threatens to shut off power & water to homes that host parties.  Demonstrations of Authoritarianism are supposed to wake the sleepers up. There are no accidents. Look for the purposes and perfections!

NYC to impose covid checkpoints to enforce quarantine order  At what point do you REALIZE that you are in a large outdoor jail cell? And over no wrong doing at that!

California to pay $1,250 to people who test positive for coronavirus  Bribing people to stay locked down. Stay in the cellar like good kids now. We aren't ready to eat and kill you just yet.

Video shows police putting chokechold on woman for violating lockdown  We got your New World Order for you right here! Have a taste of what we get when we sit idly by listening to the so-called 'authorities'. More like authoritarians!

CV_Ca hospitals_We r held hostage over 1200 patientspng

Those are California numbers in August 2020

No Fly Lists for passengers who refuse to mask up  As O was telling one of my daughters, Next it will be the trains, and the Greyhound bus line. I'm curious about how they are handling the crisis. I have heard and seen nothing so far.

Alex Jones confronts masked 'contact tracers' guarding Austin public parks  The authoritarians have begun rolling out the 'contact tracers' who want to run our lives. Thank you Alex for all you Be for all of us!

Paris imposes mandatory face masks in public
Who could not have predicted that in the Islamic state of France. They are into face masks!

Previously disgraced doctor gets it wrong again  I guess Tucker did not know this guy was an idiot!

CV_Cali death toll as of aug 6 2020png

Reddit leftists celebrate police putting woman in chokehold for not wearing a face mask  This is VERY SCARY stuff! That cop is way to at ease in doing this to a woman who is not really committing any crime. She's just under an authoritarian system. I hope this video ends up inspiring other resisters. The people of Australia need a jolt!

Melbourne coronavirus checkpoint to ensure the citizen prisoners are allowed to leave their homes.  The globalists mean business... I mean to intimidate!

Bill Gates responds to Roger Stones vacine criticism


Putin’s covid-19 vaccine first!
Unlike America, he is more free to get direct results from his orders and proclamations than Trump is. Putin has been in power a long time. Trump only 4 years and barely at that!

CV_Deaths of Despair 1png

If your not concerned about that just vote for the DemoRats again. You will get more of the same. Shit and drug user needles in the streets. Homeless Fentanyl addicts and no police force. Surrender to the criminals! It's happening already!

Colleges are attempting to impose ‘no parties’ and a ‘no trips’ rules for the fall.  Recognize your enemies. Hint: It's not the partiers.

The University of Georgia tell it’s students to consider wearing a face mask during sex!

Celeste Solum talks exotic weaponry and possible alien tech behind COVID-19

Aug. 5, 2020

The Netherlands refuses to mandat face masks. Sweden says they are ‘pointless’.

Melbourne Australia – Lockdown Police can now enter your homes without a warrant to carry out spot checks. Talk about an open door policy for authoritarian dictators!

The Europeans are waking up to government covid tyranny. Why are WE still asleep? This is what it takes to Be Free.

If covid fatalities were 90.2% lower how would you feel about schools reopening?

Border-patrol_turning them backjpg

Customs and Border Patrol's Morgan, The CDC virus directive results in immediate removal of 90% of illegal border crossers.

LSU Linebacker identifies the flaw in the new anti-corona virus helmets.  We have strayed so far from common sense.

Covid-19 doctor says that in 30 days hydroxycholorquine could stop covid in it’s tracks 'if' it were allowed.

Frontline doctors speak out on covid cures and misinformation

Bill Gates plan to kill ujpg

Citizens have launched ‘Expose Bill Gates International Day of Action, every month.


Woman tells toddlers: I hope you all die for not wearing facemasks.

With all this coronavirus 'crap' going round, will Travel be ‘safer’ by 2022?

The Covid House of cards is collapsing. Fauci is being called out over vaccine royalties.

Dr Anthony Fauci_Criminaljpg

The White House List of Dr. Fauci’s Mistakes

The NIH and the coronavirus link via our DNA

A man has been cited by mask police outside a supermarket for wearing his mask incorrectly.

Houston Tx. Mayor orders 250 dollar fines for people who refuse to wear masks that don’t protect you.

Massachusetts, Contact Tracing, Partners in Health and the Clintons.

Covid protective football helmet Football players can't breathe in this thing!

July 2020

COVID TESTING SCANDAL - Numerous labs report 100% of the people tested coming up 'positive'

Bill Gates funded digital identity based on your vaccination

Georgia governor bans mask mandates.

Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine induced adverse reation in more than half of the trial participants.

Stethoscope and calcjpg

UK health minister calls for urgent review after scientists expose exaggerated covid-19 death toll.

Ben Swann’s report on why face masks don’t work, according to science.

Gov Cuomo launches mask up america campaign with morgan freeman and robert de niro.

S. Dakota Gov. Noem says no new outbreak after she gave people their freedom.

Emergency alertjpg

Democrat gov. of Michigan uses emergency alert system to dictate mask wearing

SOON you will need to wear a mask to enter virutally every major retail store in America

Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine induced adverse reactions in more than half of the trial participants.

National Guard Service member confirms Covid-19 is a Hoax

Corona Stasijpg

Covid testing scandal – Numerous labs report 100% of people testing positive for coronavirus.

Chinese virologist flees Hong Kong and accuses Beijing of covid-19 cover-up.

Young white mother is executed by black lives matter mob for alegedly saying ‘All Lives Matter’.

Young white mother killed by blmjpg

BLM supporters CELEBRATE the death of a mother shot dead for saying ‘all lives matter’.

the WHO will not visit the Wuhan lab where coronavirus was kept during it’s investigation.

Mask or 100 pound fine – Boris Johnsons government orders Britons to cover-up for covid-19 after saying it wouldn’t.


Ohio County implements hotline to report people not wearing masks.

Study shows that coronavirus antibodies fade quickly

Broward county emergency order mandates people wear facial coverings INSIDE their own homes It’s called authoritarianism. Reject it!

Screeching woman with a tape measure lectures others for not social distancing The Manic Left!


July 10 2020

CV_Dr Richard Bartlettpng

A Texas health task force doctor claims he found the cure for covi-19
A West Texas doctor says an inhaled steroid, budesonide, a drug commonly used to treat asthma, is the “silver bullet” for COVID-19. Dr. Richard Bartlett said “It’s an inhaled steroid that doesn’t have the side effects of total body steroids but it has the benefits. It’s like putting out a fire at the base of the fire. I’m having patients recover so quick.” Bartlett, an emergency room doctor for 28 years, said he has been treating high-risk COVID-19 patients such as the elderly or those with conditions such as heart disease and cancer, with the inhaled steroid. Bartlett claims the steroid stops that inflammation from happening

De Blasio says the BLM protests can continue while he cancels ALL other large events. There are purposes for everything. We are supposed to be realizing from such actions #1, what a tyrant is, and that his actions are against you. #2, your supposed to RISE UP against said tyrant, hold him accountable. #3 your supposed to LEARN from this and set things up better. It’s called GROWTH.

CDC changes guidelines on CASE and DEATH definitionspng

A Texas County will arrest covid positive patients if they don’t self quarantine!

The United States has officially withdrawn from the World Health Organization.
Thank God and Trump and all of you who supported that happening.

CV_head of emergency mgmt_wear masks insidepng

Head of Emergency Mgmt. In TX says we should wear masks INSIDE our own homes! We are supposed to resist such tyranny. Stand up to the social and peer pressures!

The Long documented link between the MMR vacine and Autism.
QUESTION the safety of vaccines.

New documents show that the NIH owns half of a key patent for a controversial covid vaccine.
Obvious conflict of interest. Makes them untrustworthy.

pulling guns on people not wearing maskpng

A man has been arrested for pulling a gun on a customer for not wearing a mask.

Australian housing tenants caught off guard by forced covid lockdown.

How the Left uses public health crisis to get what it wants.

Spain’s Catalonia region imposes mandatory masks in public at all times!

Masks are a symbol of subjugationpng

The masks are a symbol of subjugation.

On the Coronavirus, contact tracing, pro-abortion and the globalists.

A chinese company mandates it's employees participate in vaccine experiments – Nuremberg code.

SCAM – the WHO now says that there is no evidence of asymptomatic cv transmission.

CV_cdc says no longer an epidemicpng

CDC - Covid-19 will soon no longer be an epidemic at current rate of decline of deaths.

Informed Consent under assault as truthful info on vaccines is labeled ‘misinformation’.

An Australian politician says that NO restaurants, businesses, or childcare for you without your taking a coronavirus vaccine.  You would think that Tyranny would appear obvious to the inhabitants. When will they revolt?


July 7 2020

Awesome! Be sure to watch!
Worldwide population being tortured in deep state psyop

Residents of Melbourne Australia ordered back into coronavirus lockdown

Calif seal graphic_maskjpg

Researchers say 26 million black lives matter protesters did not increase spread of covid-19

Coronavirus numbers purposefully inflated by the CDC

Dont let them vaccinate you – Farrakhan warn aftrricans that Dr. fauci and Bill Gates are trying to kill them.

MSM propping up bidenjpg

The Health Ranger declares independentce from medical tyranny – We all have the right of self defnse against forced vaccines.

Deep State Hijacks Cell Phones Nationwide To Push COVID-19 Hoax

The WHO quietly admits the chinese communist party never reported coronavirus outbreak.

BLM_mob rule and the thinkerjpg

Bill Gates. We are not your lab rats! Africans portest cocid-19 vaccine testing.

Governor Abbott is confronted with evidence that covid-19 is a giant hoax.

China found coronavirus strain seven years ago.

Coronavirus lockdowns have made the rich vastly richer and the poor vastly poorer.


June 30, 2020

The Feds have launched a censorship campaign to gag doctors free speech

cps removing childrenjpg

The LA County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) successfully convinced a judge to remove a child from a home because his parent tested positive for covid-19.

It is illegal for employers to force employees to take an antribody test so how can they force them to take a vaccination?

Contact Tracing whistleblower warns of door to door forced vaccinations via FEMA.

Bill Gates Nightmare ‘Covi-Pass’ Immunity Passports

Bill Gates plan to kill ujpg

Surprised? Bill and Melinda Gates FIRST vaccine targes will be black people.

STATES have been ‘ordered’ to fraudulently inflate covid-19 cases up to 15 times the actual rate.

HUGE covid ‘case’ counting deception at the CDC!

BUSTED! - NIH owns a financial stake in the Gates funded coronavirus vaccine!

covid-19 causes cells to grow tentaclesjpg

PICTURED – Covid-19 hijacks human cells and causes them to sprout tantacles!

Texas Gov. Abbott cvapitulates to California and pushes masks of the beast to buy or sell!

Oregon county makes face masks mandatory….for whites ONLY!

HIGHLIGHTS of Patriots standing up to governor Abbotts mandatory mask tyranny!

Covid defiancejpg

America, Punished for covid Defiance!

Food mand lines reemerge as ocid paralyzes households.

Cover up of the century, the truth the CCP concealed from the world

The Media is pushing a ‘pig’ virus as the next potential pandemic.


June 22, 2020
Your top corona virus news stories

CV_lockdown 20jpg

LOCKDOWN 2.0 is here – Please watch and Share

Major Cruse Lines voluntarily suspend gtrips out of US ports until Sept. 15th 2020

SPANISH ACTIVISTS R Organizing Grassroots An Uprisng Against the False Pandemic Coronavirus Tyranny.

 PHYSICAL ACTIVITY prevents almost 4 million early deaths worldwide each year

That Dr. Fauci is steering the pandemic narrative toward vaccine solutions is nothing new.

NY Gov Andrew Cuomojpg

An Investigation reveals how Cuomo and DeBlasio made the coronacirus pandemic worse.

Allen West Blasts Twitter & Facebook over their supporting terrorists censoring.

Covid vaccine talk should be banned from Social Media because it’s ‘medically unsubstantiated’.


Zinc IS an effective treatment for the coronacvirus. It blocks viral replication.

A Colorado Bill reguires ‘Re-education’ for parents who refuse a coronavirus vaccination.

New York State Bar Association proposeS a 'mandatory' covid-19 vaccine.

The WHO obliterated every argument for mandatory vaccines, contact tracing and asymptomatic carriers now DON’T spread covid-19.
When are we going to stop paying attention to this criminal operation at the WHO?

In the UK, coronavirus tests have been rendered ‘invalid’. Why is that?

A Military Nurse at the covid epicenter hospital says “it’s murder”.

You can also see the video: Covid-19 Patients Being Purposefully Murdered, Says Whistleblower Nurse

Trump take seattle backjpeg

Trump to the dems: Take Seattle back from the domestic terrorists or I will.

ANTIFA releases a list of demands after capturing 6 blocks of downtown Seattle.

The First widespread US covid-19 vaccine tests are set for July.

Chinese cultural revolution graphicjpg

Tucker carlson is right, the cultural revolution has come to America!

HYPOCRACY – Gov. Whitmer Keeps Business in Lockdown but joins leftists to protest in the streets

This is a sham!” Tucker Carlson rips healthcare workers who signed a letter exempting George Floyd protesters from covid lockdowns.

Nano Nanojpg

DANGEROUS nano-particles R contaminating many vaccines says a ground breaking study.

The Party of Science chooses ‘feelings’ over ‘facts’ in flip-flop over large gatherings.

U.K. Police plan their own contact tracing system due to concerns that the government one (NHS) will put officers in danger.

Hasidic jews hang up a ‘Justice for George Floyd’ sign to stop police from busting up their religious gathering.


Public Health Experts sign a leter advocating mass gatherings because ‘white supremacy’ is a bigger threat than covid-19. Are you seeing the pivot yet? From the failing covid scam to race baiting, division and rioting having nothing to do with george floyd?

FREEDOM and Covid-19


June 4, 2020

Vitamin D levels play a role in COVID-19 mortality rates.

MASKS Don’t Help You.

The EYES are apossible entry point for the coronavirus.

Facebook fact checkers are MISinforming users about Vaccine Safety.

Trump Announces the U.S. Withdrawl from the World Health Organization and rightly so!

Murderous Chinese intentjpg

The Chinese Leadership Cannot Hide Their True Intent to Commit Genocide.

Coronavirus Changes In The Brain and LOSS Of Sense of Smell.

R U Ready To Live In A Medical Police State?

The Criticism of Hydroxychloroquine is about protecting Big Pharma profits.

mRNA Vaccine Technology Billiantly Explained by the Health Ranger

Andreas Kalcker interviewed by the Health Ranger about chlorine dioxide (MMS), Science and Truth.


The Universal Vaccination Passport and the Absolute Compliance Agenda.

Scientists are increasingly saying that the coronavirus was created in a lab.

New England Journal of Medicine publishes Hydroxychloroquine ‘fraud’.

The Most Dangerous Virus Is The Media

Former head of MI6 says corona virus is ‘man made’ and released from a lab.

CV_NYC health official_RACISM will be to blame for covid spikepng

It’s all about DIVISION. A top NYC health official says ‘racism’ will be to blame for spike in covid cases.

Amazon is CENSORING a former NYT reporters book that exposes covid-19 Plandemic and the Lockdowns.

Army Researcher says that the U.S. expects to have a covid-19 vaccine by years end.

Enraged Italians Abandon Masks and Denounce the Pandemic as a Scam!

nurses applauding the unmasked protestersjpg

Nurses who accused stay at home protesters of killing granny now applaud thousands of left wing demonstrators in New York.

Covid-19 and HIV use the same tactics to evade our immune system.

Microsoft Bans A Health Care Worker From Skype, 24 hrs After Their Alex Jones Interview.

Youtube is Deleting Comments Critical of Communist China.


Retribution Against the Chinese Communist Party – Operation Nemesis 5.0

The FDA has Identified DOZENS of Inaccurate Coronavirus Antibody Tests.

The Flu Vaccine Is Deadlier than Covid-19

Researchers Strike Gold with Nanotech Vaccine


May 26 2020

The Covid-19 Vaccine will contain gmo’s and aborted human fetal cells.

Corona virus nurse tests positive 8 times in 50 days! Somethings wrong here!

Researchers claim a 100% Cure Rate against Covid-19 in Ecuador with Intravenous Chlorine Dioxide.
Chlorine Dioxide is Incredible! I know that from personal experience though not with covid-19.

Vaccines_mRna constitue an alien nanotech takeoverpng

Moderna – mRNA Corona Virus Vaccine Caused Serious Injury.

A MUST SEE VIDEO with Judy Mikovits, Andreas Kalcker and the Health Ranger Mike Adams.

Astra-Zeneca Aims to Vaccinate half of Great Britain Against the Coronavirus by September.

French Intelligence Warned of a Possible Catastrophic Leak from the Wuhan Lab.

Corona Virus 56jpg

mRNA Vaccines – How They Work Relative to the Corona Virus

Artificial Habitats and the Fear of Discomfort are Driving Virus Insanity.

CV_The UKs Digital Health Passpng

Wow! Big Brother rears it’s ugly head. A must watch!
Covi-Pass in the U.K. A Digital health passport to Monitor the Health of a Traveling Population.

The Covid Vaccines – What Else Can They Put Into The Shot?
nano-tech, adjuvants, aborted fetus cells and more!

gunshot victim dies of cvjpg

Gunshot Victims are Being Counted as Corona Virus Deaths in Washington State.

With 5G expanding in its rollout, continuing to spread awareness about this is key. We interview Cal Washington to explore more about 5G and how we can rise up to stop it. Be sure to keep an eye out as we are working with another organization to finalize what action steps can be taken in your area to stop 5G. This action step is imminent.

Why Didn’t the 1958 and 1918 Pandemics Destroy the Economy? Hint, it’s the Lockdowns.

Sammy Hagar rejects lockdown over cvjpg

Sammy Hagar the Red Rocker says I’m Not Locking Down Anymore!

I think that the writer of this next article is writing propaganda for China.

Use one of my pics here 2 go with whats below
It’s not JUST me who recognized the threat to freedom we face.

Facemask shamingjpg

Public Shaming over NOT wearing a mask. Deserved?

The Lefts Latest Election Fraud Scheme.

Suicide surgeriesjpg

A California Hospital Records More Suicides Than Corona Virus Deaths During the Lockdown.
“I have never seen so much intentional injury.”

It LOOKS like China OWNS the Health protective services of Italy.
Can you say Asian Authoritarian TakeOver?

Andreas Ludwig Kalcker (biophysicist) is guest on the G2Voice on 5-25-2020. He talks about the 100% Cure rate of MMS in the form of Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

CV_MMS_Kalker_CV curepng

CASH 4 MURDER – Michigan Governor Purposefully Planted Covid-19 Into the Nursing Homes.
Where’s the Lawsuits!

Nice way to keep your Tourists from coming back!

The Latest Worthwhile Corona Virus News

May 21 2020

the Fools Hatpng

Your Clown Related Covid 19 Story of the Day

Test Positive for the Corona Virus and you can end up on a Police Database!

This Bill Seeks to Block Corona Virus Aid to States and Cities that are giving money to illegals..

Blockbuster! Gates Backed Covid-19 Vaccine Reprograms Cells with Synthetic Nanotech Viruses

Smart-Dust with gpsjpg

CV_Apiject rfid trackingjpg

Ready For Your Vaccines with Rfid and GPS in them?

Whats Going On Here? Locking the population down but allowing ANYONE in.
The Jeckyll and Hyde of England. They don’t know which way to go.

A Connecticut RN Speaks out about Tyranny and the Covid Hoax.

PAST Pandemics show the lockdowns, NOT the Virus Caused our Economic Chaos.

Cloward and Piven 20_coronavirusjpg

The Bigger Picture Piece, Covid 19 is Cloward and Piven 2.0

Nurse Exposes the Corona Virus Face Masks Using Common Sense!

San Antonio Resolution says that References to China and the Corona Virus are ‘Hate speech’!

CV_death and despairjpg

Listening to the Corona Virus Experts has only led to Death and Despair.

The FDA has shut down a Bill Gates Backed Corona virus Testing Program

A Landmark Study shows that the virus DIDN’T come from Animals in the Wuhan Market!

Donald J Trumpjpeg

Trump Never Pushed a Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine

Sign the petition for ‘No Mandatory’ Vaccines!

A Married Couple have been Snatched from their home by Canadian Thought Police!

Ok now, These Corona Virus Precautions are Getting Ridiculous! This kind of thing ends up being a barometer of how much intrustion of your space and freedoms you will take. We are accepting WAY too much!

A Top Scientific Advisor to the U.K. Gov.t says that the 2 Meter Social Distancing Rule is Based Upon Very Fragile Evidence.

Scientology_Crackpot cultjpg

A Psychotherapist says that the ‘Lockdown Zealots’ are Behaving Like Cult Members.

Covid-19 – Police host a Public Manhunt for a Woman who was Violating the Rules and Orders for Failure to Quarantine. How Dare You Resist!

Dr. Judy Mikovits is Interviewed about the Corona virus Pandemic, Dr. Fauci and NIH Corruption.

Bill Gates_Italian MP wants him arrestedpng

Sock it to him baby! This Italian Politician Demands Bill Gates Arrest for Crimes Against Humanity!

Youtube is Censoring Epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski for Opp[osing the Lockdown.

The White Racists in the CDC who Practice Eugenics. Think you can trust these eugenicists to create a SAFE vaccine? Yea Right!

Cv_Sorrento Therapeutics_CV CURE_STI-1499png

A California Bio-tech co. says that athey have Discovered an Antibody that Blocks 100% the Corona Virus.

Has Covid Conquered Our Country?

It Wasn’t the virus that Crashed the Economy, it was the Poeple who Obeyed.

These Shutdown Orders Are Causing the Starvation of Millions of People.

Neurosurgeon says that Face Masks pose a Serious Risk to Healthy People.

FaceMask robber2_Cajpeg

In Santa Ana, Police say that Robberies have Soared 50% as Suspects have Exploited the Mask Reccomendations.

The NYPD Assaults a Mother in front of her Child for Wearing her mask Improperly.
Your Tax Dollars at Work huh?

CV_Broward county to come into your homespng

Caught on Tape, A Broward County Administratoar Discuss's Going into Families Homes to Separate People. No. That is NOT a joke.

Contact Tracing and Police State Incompetence.

Law Makers are Grilling the Feds Over Their Spying Upon Americans via Chinese Drones.

May 12 2020

Why does the mainstream media seem so desperate to keep the corona virus lockdowns going?

A Chinese Gates Foundation partner visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2018.

China has asked the WHO to delay the pandemi announcement and so, deny human to human transmisson says German Intelligence.

Australian police rip terrified child from the mother for her protesting lockdown.

What country is thisjpeg

CBS news stages fake covid-19 testing line in Michigan.

Economic impact of lockdown will cause more deaths than corona virus.

Watch More Proof that Bill Gates is EVIL.
He ‘gets off’ upon hearing how many people will be suffer over this Global collapse and Starvation.


Gates Quantum Dot uses Luciferasepng

‘Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System’, Numerologically speaking, the numerical value of that phrase adds up to 666 Related but something different: ALSO…

Belgian Intelligence accuses China of Bio-Weapon Espionage.

Celebrities are calling for the world to not return to normal.
They are ok with the radical transformation of ecnommies.
I only include this because I want to show that it’s the LEFT leaning folk that DON’T want the economy to start back up and it’s the LEFT that wants you to stay hunkered down in your home afraid, very AFRAID! The easier it is for us to take over your world silly! Fucking traitors to humanity is what they are!

Celebrity opinionsjpeg

California sheriff refuses to make criminals out of business owners.

The States implement police drones contact tracing apps to combat vocid-19.

An Ex-Fauci employee who was jailed speaks about against him in a viral interview.

Technocracy book coverjpeg


George Soros organization commits 130 million to virus relief. What kind of world will emerge from that? Soros Related: Sauron Evil.

After reading the following...I’m thinking, what’s next? A vaccine from fecal matter? RELATED: RELATED: If the Anti-Human globalist corporation like Google/Youtube does not want you to hear about a cure for your ailments, they just label the info as bad for you and ban it. You should probably listen to the Luciferians...don’t you think?

Vaccines in foodsjpeg

Eat Up Your Vaccines!

Bill Gates plans to help fund factories for no less than 7 covid-19 vaccines.

Bill Gates says that 14 Billion doses of the corona virus vaccine may be needed between 2020 and 2025

Lockdown the planetjpeg

When did governents switch their story from 'flatten the curve' to 'Lockdown until there is a vaccine'?

Twitter will now warn you if you are about to post any 'Wrong think'. Your ability to communicate is disappearing. Your right of Free Speech is GONE if your on Twitter or Facebook so...get off them and find a version that respects free speech and our Country.

Given Grethcen Whitmers stances. She is aligned with these folk.

May 5, 2020

Covid_Organicsjpg Related: Related: This is here because #1, IBM was a big part of the success (if you can call it that) of the Jewish purge and the killing of millions in Germany Mr. Watson! #2 Bill Gates is a Eugenicist also and out to kill most of the people on this planet...especially through vaccines but also nanotech. The Vatican is Luciferian at the top and their aim also is the killing off of humans in mass so my point here is that THEY MEAN the opposite of what they say so...that means that they are using AI to get the extermination job done! DON’T WAIT for Bill Gates or any others vaccines to arrive. Help stop them NOW.

CV_Newsoms Health Corpspng I HAVE A PIC 4 THIS 2

CV_Newsoms Health Corps in Sac_May 2 2020png


Dr Anthony Fauci_Criminaljpg I’m starting to think...having researched Hillary a good bit that this Covid-19 crisis is something she would be supportive of. It sure benefits her and others aims.

U Hillary-shrugjpg

Note of the Day – Rights Come From God not Governments.

Ignorance begets fear, knowledge removes ignorance and fear.

April 28, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

A California Man is Put on a Psychiatric ‘hold’ for Expressing Concern about Bill Gates Vaccines.


MicroBiologists say that Testing Shows that Lockdowns Are Actually Harmful.

Watch the Residents Trhow a Parade for the Governor who Refused to Lockdown the State.

The U.N. Chief says that the Pandemic Must be used to Deindustrialize the West and Transition to Green Energy. Translation: Death To America. I say MAGA!


The FDA, could Approve Remdesivir for Emergency Use as Soon as Tomorrow. Suspicious, for me in that Remdesivir appears to be an ‘expensive’ remedy number one and number 2, Fauci likes it and if Mikey likes it then...I’m already suspicious. It is a big pharma solution. There will be a bigger story to this, you just watch. In a statement, Gilead Sciences said it was “aware of positive data emerging from” the study by Dr. Fauci’s institute, known as NIAID.

American Revolution 2.0 – Citizens Organize Lockdown Protests Nation Wide.

Police Harass a Mom for Allowing her Daughter to Play at Neighbors House. Related:

CV_Police mother about kid playing with neighbor kidpng

The Media is Now Hyping Estrogen After Trashing Chloroquine. Maybe this will help but mostly it feels like more of the emasculating men agenda.

Why New York has 50 times more deaths from Covid-19 than Texas.

The WHO does a flip-flop on it’s lockdown policy and now endorses Swedens no lockdown policy.

U.S. Senators Target Americas Meat Monopolies as Virus Threatens Shortages.

Meat shortagesJPG

Famines Coming of Biblical Proportions due to Covid-19 on top of other Stressors.

YOUTUBE it turns out CAN do a worse job in ‘fact checking’, here’s how.

A Note for the day: A survey conducted by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies, found that “60 per cent of respondents believe people should be required to get the vaccine once it is ready.” [Joe: Yikes! People have no personal sense of sanctity of the human body or even personal health security. Clueless but hey there are 40% who are questioning the concept so that is pretty decent. Wake up!]

Vaccine immunity from lawsuitsjpg

The Unseen Costs of Government Forced Lockdowns.

FACT CHECK – Medicare DOES pay Hospitals more for Each Covid-19 Patient, (on a Ventilator). Now we know another reason why so many people have been dying while on Ventilators. It’s not just that those put too much pressure on the lungs when they can’t absorb oxygen due to the Cytokine storms it’s also that some hospital administrators are filled with GREED and so people die unnecessarily due to this..frankly, malpractice aspect.

April 28, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

Bill Gates defends communitt Chines Government and says it did a lot of things right while the U.S. acted poorly.

Texas Gov. Abbott overrides unconstitutional mandarory mask laws.

WHO Mysteriously deletes tweet about reinfection as immunity and passports are being debated.

WHO orgjpeg


Does a victory in Illinois spell hope for lawsuits against the stay at home orders.

CV Dystopia – the future if we let the Globalists win.

CV phase two arbitrarily expand the definition of the disease. Now why might they do that?

AMERICAN FARMERS are being ordered to depopulate livestock and destroy crops. Hmmm.

YOUTUBE Censors viral video of Doctors criticizing stay at home orders.

Bill Gates Digital Certificatespng

Belgium is lifting their CV restrictions even though they ghave the highest death rate. What?

The CDC adds 6 new symptoms to the Corona virus.

Study Claims Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work but they left out Zinc! (on Purpose of course)

First Amendment - The Atlantic pines over how the Chinese Censored Information about the Corona Virus.

Chicago is already in the ‘deep planning’ stage of prepping for mass CV vaccinations.

Bill Gates_Cryptocurrency 666 patentpng

060606 is 666 to this Devil Worshipper. Digital Angel? More like Death Angel. Remember...'they' name things the opposite of what they are. There are no accidents. Do you recall that it was just last week that Microsoft (Gates) was caught promoting another devil worshipper Marina Abramovich. These are not mere coincidences. It's an intent.

Vitamin D HELPS combat the Corona Virus.

INEPT! CDC is perplexed over the homeless at a shelter testing positive but showing no symptoms.

Want to avoid the Corona Virus? Create a balanced but optimal immune system.

Canada’s chief public health officer appeared in a 2010 documentary advocating for’ tracking barcelets’ for those who refuse vaccines.

Canadian Man has his ‘Quarantine fine’ INCREASED to 1255 for walking his dog.

April 25, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

TOGETHER AT HOME Is An Infomercial For The Global Elite and it's Agenda.

CV_CISAs Essential Workerspng

A Renowned Microbiologist Claims Whhan Lab Did Absolutely Crazy Things With the Corona Virus.


YOUTUBE Censors Video About UV Light Treatment Used Against the Corona Virus.  The crappy thing about this is that it ACTUALLY works so they are suppressing us from knowing about any worthwhile options other than vaccines which IS the Gates Eugenicists agenda.

Quit youtubejpg

Covid-19 Provides the Media and Politicians Ground Cover for Destroying Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

Ohio Police bust an Amish Barn Party Packed with 100 People for Violating the States Stay at Home order. This is just blatant authoritarianism!

The Whole 'Shelter In Place' Action is Weakening The Immune Systems of Everyone Who Complies.

Bombshell! The CDC has Confirmed that the 'test kits' are Contaminated with Covid-19.

Quercetin as well as Zinc Are both Natural Corona Virus Cures.




The Corona Virus Appears To Disable Immune Cells.

A Study says that the Corona Virus Vaccine Will Never Work. Let's look At Why They Say That.

The Corona Virus Can Kill Patients Before They Show Symptoms.

A U.K. Mother has been 'Named and Shamed' on Facebook for not clapping for the NHS.

CV_NHS Clappers soon to sacrifice first bornpng

Imagine the Opposite of the WHO. The Natural World Health Organization on Covid-19

Christian campus ministry rejects vocid relief. Say they don't want to recieve gov.t funds with strings attached.

Officials have Backed Down From Enforcing Corona Virus Orders Against Defiant Texas Restaurant Owner.

Todays texansjpg

DeBlasos 'Snitch hotline' shuts down due to America Being Awesome

SEE THIS DOCUMENTARY ON THE WHO STOP using the services of business’s that support the Globalist agendas. In this case I’m talking about Vimeo. There are other platforms we can use. Please do.

The FBI just issued this edict! ‘There shall be NO treatment other than vaccines’.
This is about the Vaccine Mafia...Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, etc.


This MINION wants you and I to be uninformed. That is the same kind of thing that the elites used in the movie 'Soylent Green'. Don't let them know that Soylent Green is PEOPLE! Whether we are talking the movies or real life the intent is the same. Hide the Truth. Humans aren't valued other than as 'stock'.


April 22, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

TECH CO’s are rushing to develop AI social distancing enforcement tools. ‘Social Distancing’ is another sort of political correctness we NEED to refute!

THIS is a killer to the Covid Hysteria. Los Angeles confirms the death rate is 0.16

Joy Behar of the View calls anti-lockdown protesers 'terrorists' inspired by Alex Jones.

David Icke Emergency Broadcast: We are at the crossroads.

Red Cross-hairsjpeg

STUDIES SHOW 800,000 Americans could die from due to shutdown related suicides alone!

Microsoft owns patent on a crypto curency system that uses body activity data.

MSNBC panel - Overwhelmingly White Reopen Rrotesters are Nazi’s and Racists Who Want More Black and Brown People to Die.

Two men in the U.K. are arrested for posting stickers that say "Pubs closed but borders are open. That kind of stuff should raise the hackles on your back!

TROLLS flood Bill DeBlasio’s corona virus 'snitch line' with dick pics and hitler memes.

DeBlasio Furherjpeg

Costco manager refuses to let a single mom with 2 kids shop for groceries.

The Historic moment Fox news admits that Covid-19 is a giant hoax.

NY-Times defends Satanic high pirestess in shocking report. This is here because I showed a few days ago how Microsoft (Bill Gates) was promoting this same womans artwork and artistry. We have to face and admit what we are up against, even if it isn't pretty.


State Governors say that facebook contacted them about the Reopen America Events.

An Illinois judge has Ordered cv Patient Names to be Reported to the Police. A Medical Police state?

SUMMER will NOT Slow Down The Corona Virus Outbreak.

Chicken Bigjpeg

TWITER SUSPENDS Steve Bannons War Room Pandemic Account. We shall have no other view than the WHO OR CDC's!

YOUTUBE’s CEO says that ANYTHING that goes against the WORLD Health Organization is a violation of youtube policies. YOU are not allowed to have another viewpoint than ‘Big Brother Tech’! You can smell the authoritarianism can’t you?

Harvard Idiot Law Professor gets Roasted After Pushing a Ban on Home Schooling During the Corona Crisis.

Reopen America protest compilation.

666 Mark of the Beast has arrived! EXCELLENT SHORT

Bill gates eviljpeg

Californians protest Commiefornia Gov. Newsom’s Stay at Home Order with a call to OPEN CALI.

HIV Discoverer says that Covid-19 IS MAN MADE and could only have been made in a lab.

Spain authorizes the military to spray disinfectants over it’s cities with aircraft. This can be so bad in so many ways. Spain has already been proven to be run by globalists with the exception of those in the Catalan region. Given the globalists penchant for using biological weapons against populations I would not be surprised if they spray the Catalan people with something...unhealthy besides the antiviral stuff.

April 19, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

The Main Stream Media Hypes unproven and EXPENSIVE Gilead drug Remdesivir after trashing Chloroquine. It appears that MSM is in bed with the Pharmaceutical industry. No surprise there! RELATED:

Texas Patriots Rally to Open Texas Back Up!

2nd Report on the event:

Below is a pic from the 4-20-2020 Lockdown protest. I was there. Decent rally. We need many, many more. Let the people speak!

Sac state capitol april 2020 protestsjpeg

A non-peer reviewed study suggest Covid-19 takes sanctuary in mens testacles.

FAKE NEWS ABC AND CBS only show small crowds before and after a MASSIVE anti-lockdown protest.

WHO Advisory Committee member retweets and then deletes a Michael Moore clip endorsing anti-Trump violence.

WHO weaponizes cvjpeg

This guy is Awesome! He and Alex Jones are the Dynamic Duo as far as I’m concerned. Super Attorney Robert Barnes threatens lawsuits against tyrannial democrat governors.

Separately, I ran across this on the internet. I use DMSO daily myself and this rang as true for me so, I feel I should share it with you.

Kelly Mordaunts public letter about Covid-19 and DMSOpng


Kelly wants you to check with a doctor to verify what he’s saying. He’s even given the doctor his number to call him with. Thank You Kelly. On behalf of humanity for extending yourself.

Israeli Covid-19 treatment with 100% survival rate has now been tested on the first U.S. patient. I read about this and am left still with Ivermectin still being at the top of my personal list for personal treatment. It’s over the counter, has been proven effective in eliminating THIS strain of the corona virus (Sars2) and is DIRT CHEAP! Works VERY fast, just like Hydroxychloroquine and Zpac n zinc but you don’t need to involve a doctor or a hospital. Common sense says this is the way to go...normally. That’s my educated perspecive as a researcher. I’m not a doctor and don’t claim to be.

YET ANOTHER likely Cure – This Arthritis Drug is very promising.

Ridaura_CV helpfuljpeg

Compliance Checks Begin in Nevada as police visit over 100 business and the city suspends violators licenses.

Reporters banned off Twitter just prior to their planned Texas ‘Stay at Home’ Protest.

Auburn California Mayor likens Trump supporters to kkk and Nazi’s is now out of a job. This story is here because he is a physician and he’s blaming Trump for our medical disaster. Thinks Trumps a racist. I think this man has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Quick! Get a doctor! A Psychologist! Update:4/23/2020 I just recalled hearing that the doctor has since past away...of natural causes if memory serves.

Today’s STAND OUT Governor – Kristi Noem WANTS you to live.

SD Governor Kristi Noem_Patriotjpeg

Should you trust a government to medically surveil you when that same government has experimented on you over 238 times? I THINK NOT! 

Governor Murphy does not care about the Bill of Rights when it comes to the corona virus measures he’s instituted. Don’t let this bastard lie to you! He knew very well that he has no legal right to do what he did but...because he’s a democrat and criminal in league with the New World Order (says I) he felt he had! A duty to do it!

April 17, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

George Soros Org Commits $130M to Virus Relief.  Soros, like Gates, you will have to remember is NOT ‘human friendly’. They are both anti-human and when they say something that sounds positive, you need only look to their actions to tell that they actually meant the opposite. So...if Soros is giving 130 million to virus relief, you can bet it will really be for Virus Continuation and the continual lockdown of Americans. It will be about the opposite of ‘relief’.

FACEBOOK ‘Fact Checker’ worked at the Wuhan biolab and then goes about debunking that the virus leaked from the lab. She is the chief science officer at Facebook and gets to tell what gets posted on facebook and what does not. She censors us! She also works for Bill Gates!

Facebook scientist and fact checker is a Wuhan scientistpng


Commiefornia will pay ANYONE to stay home!

Lindsey Graham says he would support the WHO if Bill Gates ran it. If you werent’ already aware of what a piece of shit Graham is, now you know!!

UK Police Accuse Journalist of “Killing People” (over gov.t corona virus fears) For Filming Them in a Park. All the while, the officer is unconsciously getting spittle on the man's face.

AUSTRALIA - The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached Australia by January 25th 2020 in Victoria, when a man returning from Wuhan, China, was tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. The total number of new cases initially grew exponentially, levelled out at about 350 per day around 22 March, and started falling at the beginning of April.


As of 17 April 2020, 65 people linked to COVID-19 have died in Australia. At least 22 of those deaths across the country had been passengers or crew on cruise ships. The population of Australia is estimated to be 25.5 MILLION as of April 17, 2020. Your head of state (Prime Minister Scott Morrison) has closed down the whole country of 25 MILLION! Over 65 Australians dying. Now, if you can’t see that this is a POWER GRAB by the global criminal elite, no matter what FACE they prop up before you, then baby, your as good as dead already. This man is a traitor! and he is about taking you out. He is a negative globalilst and you had better wake up and TAKE HIM OUT. New Zealan? Same challenge.

Scott Morrison_prime minister of australia in 2020jpeg

AUSTRALIA shows us that the Corona virus will not be declining in American when ‘summer’ comes about. It’s already been proven, in Australia that it flourishes just fine in the summer so STOP acting as if it will vanish during the summer here!

CV_Australia Covid-19 is fine with the summer heatpng

Immunity Certificates: A Load of Nonsense and a Covert Op. ‘Your papers, please. You have none? You must go back into the dark’.

CBC Instructs Kids on How to Shut Down Their Parents’ Corona virus “Conspiracy Theories”.
Despite the “conspiracy theory” in question literally being true.
This is a repeat of history. East Germany, Cambodia, Russia, you name it. Communist and authoritarians always go there.

Reopen America Protests Hit Texas.

Alex Jones Issues Emergency Message to President Trump.

It’s now official: Communist China is directing Big Tech censorship of the American people, Congress & the Pentagon.

CNN heavily revises it’s article that others have called out for reading like a chinese news service article.

SHOCK VIDEO: Bill Gates Admits Covid-19 Vaccine Will Kill And Maim 700,000

Bill Gates_who caresjpg

See The Graph Showing The Scale of Pandemics Through History
Covid-19 is a tiny dot!

Pentagon Confirmed: Wuhan Research Facility is Biowarfare Weapon Factory

April 15, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about in the MSM as a treatment option.
That's a shame upon them.

MMS 1 and 2 descriptionspng

The National Institues of Health FUNDED the Wuhan level 4 virus lab to work on the Corona Virus. Your tax dollars at work. The work is to kill and maim you.

German lawyer who criticized the lockdown is arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward.

MI Residents Call For Gov Whitmer’s Impeachment After Reports Of Police Helicopters Hovering Over Private Golf Clubs, Citizens Prohibited From Purchasing Baby Car Seats, Garden Seeds, U.S. flags and Home Improvement Items. 



Several Senators have penned a letter announcing an investigation of the WHO over the Corona virus coverup.

The WHO blocked doctors from urging border controls to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

Over 100 patriots protest the stay at home order.

April 14, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

5G cell towerspng

WiGig (wifi-5G) in the hospitals could be making people be short of breath and have to be on the crippling ‘ventilators’ says Joe.

Yeast Shortage? Use This Prepper Hack To Still Make Bread.

BOMBSHELL: MN Senator Reveals HHS “Coaching Document” On How To OVERCOUNT Coronavirus Cases.

Bill Gates Admits Covid-19 Vaccine Will Kill And Maim as many as 700,000.

World Shocked By Microsoft Ad [Bill Gates] Praising Satanism. No this is not a joke!


related: Microsoft Pulls Ad Featuring ‘Spirit Cooker’ Marina Abramovic After Backlash

GOP Rep. Massie Warns USA Weeks Away From Food Shortages.

Communist China Says They Were Secretly Funded By Obama’s NIH To Develop Covid-19 Bioweapon.

CV_Daily-Deaths_April 14th 2020jpg

Australian Police Use Surveillance Helicopter to Track Down Remote Campers

Video: Journalist Gets Home Visit From UK Police After He Reported Mosques Flouting Lockdown Law

April 11, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about in the MSM as a treatment option.
That's a shame upon this country.

5G cell towerspng

Can 5G exposure alter the structure and function of hemoglobin, causing coronavirus patients to die from oxygen deprivation?

RELATED: Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health.

Corona virus SWAB TESTS can provide ‘false negatives’.

CV_Swab tests can provide a false negativepng

Trump condemns coronavirus impact on black Americans, but STILL does not mention vitamin D deficiencies that are common among those with dark skin.

Los Angeles Doctor touts Hydroxychloroquine and zinc combo. Says patients are basically symptom free in a matter of hours. While the Dems do all they can to keep people uninformed and sick, some people actually care about the ill and are Being something about it!

This pandemic will bankrupt and kill more people from suicide than the virus will.
When you sacrifice people’s livelihoods, you create a situation of desperation for many who will see no other way out. We are about to have a mental health crisis during an economic depression that will be tough to live through. The virus is no longer the problem. The government’s reaction is the problem.

Big tech authoritariansjpeg

Twitter CEO Dorsey Donates $1 Billion to “Covid-19 Relief,” Abortion & UBI.
Using coronavirus as his cover, Jack is pumping millions into population control.
Again, a reminder. Negative globalists such as Dorsey; people who have sold their soul, ALWAYS name their works as the opposite of what they really are so that they can disquise their true INTENTS. They aren’t going to call their program the ‘Decimating Amerians through Biological Warfare program!’. They have to ‘frame’ their evil works with innocuous or humane sounding names like Covid Relief!

The myth of herd immunityjpeg

Epidemiologist says we CAN lift the lockdowns. The answer is called ‘herd immunity’.
Yes he has a point but...he is not accounting for it being a manufactured biological weapon made up of 4 different inserts (diseases) and so...this is not a ‘natural’ organism and will not necessarily act in ways we expect. This thing, returns and returns again. It’s also active in summer, see Australia so it won’t be going away as we again, would expect from this ‘cold virus’.

The Media attacks Trump for touting zinc as part of Covid treatment.
The Media is hoping that you won't look up the value of zinc. In fact they are betting your won't. They don't want you alive and well. That isn't a part of the narrative they are about creating. You and I are disposable.

Tucker Carlson highlights the media outlets panicking over the dangers of chloroquine but not on the potential danger of ventilators killing people.

FIRE FAUCI! says Ron Paul “He wants to have total control over the people.

Bill Gates’ Vaccine Agenda A Win-Win for Big Pharma, Mandatory Vaccination.
World elite striving for dictatorial control of global health policy.

The Covid-19 Lockdowns are based upon flawed models says former NYT’s reporter.

U.K. police oficer tells family they can’t be out in their own front yards garden. Downing street has since clarified that such activities are not forbidden.

cv_issuing tickets to drive in church attendeesjpeg

Police fine church members 500 each for attending a drive-in parking lot sermon.

Police to verify Canadians complying with quarantine order, RCMP says.

Apple and Google debut Bluetooth-based contact-tracing platform to combat Covid-19...and very possibly end privacy?

Whistleblower: How CDC Is Manipulating The COVID-19 Death-Toll

Medical Tyranny in 2020 - The White House Covid-19 response team is made up of Big Pharma and Bill Gates operatives.

Bill Gates unveils global plan to issue vaccine certificates for covid patients.

Barr concerned about Gates graphicjpeg

AG Barr ‘Very Concerned’ Over Bill Gates’ ‘Digital Vaccine Certificates,’ He Calls Lockdown Measures ‘Draconian,’ and Wants Them Gone by May.

Indian officials PUT LOCKS on homes of quarantine violators to prevent them from sneaking out.

Demonstrators Swarm State Capitol To Protest Forced Business Closures.
Protesters interrupted the governor’s coronavirus press briefing.

Ammon Bundyjpeg

Ammon Bundy: Organize Locally NOW or Lose Your Freedom Forever.
Learn how to properly exercise your rights amid the COVID-19 crackdown.

UK Police Force Threatens to Search Shopping Baskets to Catch ‘Lockdown’ Violators.
Forced to backtrack after public backlash.

Social Distancing: Man Arrested For Playing T-Ball With Daughter, Wife in Empty Park. Another arrest of someone who’s ‘socially distant’ in public until apprehended by police. What qualities could you Be about this and what might you Do about it? I say the people who are upset about it all go tot he park and play T ball with your kids! If that were to happen – say as in a movement, this BS would not stand because this is a government for the people not for the s0-called elites! You only have the level of tyranny your willing to allow.

Ivermectin in a boxjpg

Update: Stores Pull Ivermectin Dewormer After Study Showed It Eliminates COVID-19 Damn! Glad I chased it down early and got it before it was completely gone around here! Fricking Commiefornia!! Like I’ve said.They want you and I sick and without hope so they can force poisonous vaccines upon us and kill us off or at minimum make us too sick to fight back.

I hear evil - The World Health Organization suggests removing your children from their home, in the name of fighting the Corona virus.  Dr. Ryan stated, “Now, we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.” Shit! That sounds errily like Gov. Northam in Virginia talking about how he keeps the little babies he’s about to abort ‘comfortable’ prior to cutting them up. Wow! The WHO is going down for this shit!

Italian Health Minister Says No “Hugs and Kisses” Until There’s a Coronavirus Vaccine.
Love is under quarantine.  Exactly, deny you the health benefits of the hugs from your loved ones. Deprive you of being out in the sun to get your D3. Deny you your normal activity level that keeps your biological system in decent shape. THEY WANT US SICK AND WEAK!

LA Mayor: “Snitches Get Rewards” & “Thank You For Turning Folks In”. Is this America or Nazi Germany? OMG! People. Get out of your house and surround the Mayors office, city hall and the Mayors home until this shit is recinded to a level of ‘sanity’!


COVID: Here Come the Antibody Tests—Quick, Easy, and Insane.
What is actually going on behind propaganda parading as medical research?

40,000 Landed in U.S. From China After Trump’s Travel Ban.
4,000 landed in America from Wuhan in the first half of January

Germany Developing Coronavirus Tracking App and is Calling For EU-Wide System.
Globalists are working to rapidly expand surveillance control amid the virus crisis.

April 5, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about in the MSM as a treatment option.
That's a shame upon this country.

BREAKTHROUGH! Single dose of common agricultural drug Ivermectin found to “essentially eliminate all viral material” of COVID-19 coronavirus within 48 hours.

BOMBSHELL! Plea from NYC ICU doctor: COVID-19 is a condition of oxygen deprivation, not pneumonia… VENTILATORS may be causing the lung damage, not the virus.
I have a pic of most of this article: CV_treating the wrong..’

CV_Treating the WRONG diseasepng

Zombie apocalypse: The coronavirus is now known to alter brain function and make some victims AGGRESSIVE and disoriented (NOT satire).

Yes, they WANT you to STARVE: Walmart blocks customers from buying garden seeds, claiming seeds aren’t “essential” supplies.
You should be able to see a pattern in these CV stories. That pattern is that there are organizations, groups and individuals who don’t want you to have HOPE or HEALTH. Make note of these and speak out against them. Use social media and more. Get creative.

CV_Bill Gates Digital Certificatespng

Staged? Video Shows Hospital Using Dummies In ER For Coronavirus Footage.
Media pushing bizarre footage to claim hospitals overwhelmed with critical coronavirus patients

CV_UK police shut down pond after people congregatedpng

Coronavirus: Peak District’s toxic ‘Blue Lagoon’ dyed black to deter gatherings during Covid-19 lockdown.  Hello! How much Tyranny are you going to take! Borrow a spine already! I hear the Muslim invaders have extra!. Oh, that's right, the Muslims are the only ones with any power in the U.K. anymore. they get away with everything including 'Rape Gangs' that bang all your innocent little white girls. You sops!

Thankfully there are some Brits with a backbone: Tommy Robinson, the true Monarch of England so far as I'm concerned. At least he still has his balls!

Soros-Funded Progressive Globalists Using Covid-19 to Push Own ‘Technocratic Solutions’.
Globalists see crisis as opportunity to get rid of families and cash.

April 3, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about in the MSM as a treatment option.
That's a shame upon this country.

BOTH HITLER AND STALIN began with a Medical Tyranny.

The Democratic Idiocy we see is meant to wake their folks up to their own leaderships tyranny and this is happening. The more crazy they get the more people wake up.

They don’t want us to have ‘Hope’.

The negative globalists had to shoot down the economy so that the common man who lives paychcek to paycheck won’t have the FINANCIAL resources to fight back with.

If they are going to force us to stay home then we will take the time to train and organize for the day soon when we will erupt up to take back our country.

How much Tyranny will we end up having? As much at we are willing to put up with. Have you found your line in the sand yet? Have you felt ‘the calling’ yet?

Medical Choice or tryannyjpeg

WHO INDICTMENT: Who Killed Africa, The creation of the AIDS virus by the World Health Organization. The man-made origin of AIDS.

Particle Physicist says 5G is a directed energy weapon designed for control

FIND the 5G Towers near you.

5G cell towerspng

Vodafone will hide Ericsson 4G/5G cell antennas under manhole covers.

Just because you wouldn’t think of doing such a thing to people does not mean that others would not be willing to do it to you. The Purposeful spread of disease in a population. A few cases in point: Many great encounters in world history, including Cortés’s clash with the Aztec empire, had less to do with weaponry, tactics and strategy than with the ravages of disease. Nations that suppose they can secure themselves strictly through investments in military spending should study history – time and time again the course of events has been definitively altered by disease outbreaks. Microbes too small to be seen by the naked eye can render ineffectual even the mightiest machinery of war.

Vaccine From 1920s Being Tested To Fight Coronavirus

Outrageous: Authorities are Hiding Fact That 74-78% of American COVID-19 Patients have Health Problems Other than the Virus

Nursing home folkjpeg

Connection Between the Rockefeller Foundation, Johns Hopkins, and Gates Foundations.

Australian Prime Minister declares 6 month Lockdown for the entire country but wait, there’s more!

Are 5G / Biometric Systems Being Covertly Installed at Schools During the Lockdown, where You Live?

Bio-metrics in schoolsjpeg

Dud Parts - Coronavirus testing delayed after kits found to be contaminated by Covid-19

CDC Coronavirus Test Lab May Have Been Contaminated: Report.

WHO Director Was Top Member of Violent Ethiopian Communist Party.
Now we know why he loves China so much.

City in Washington Proposes Ban on Alcohol and Gun Sales in Coronavirus Emergency Plan Power Grab.

Bill Gates_who caresjpg

Bill Gates Tells What to Expect After Covid-19

First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism.

Flashback: Massive 5G Project to Make it Impossible to Escape Radiation Exposure
Last-mile wireless connectivity’ to saturate previously remote regions with high-intensity radiation.

If we don't stop the -Globalists in their full tilt tear with this Corona virus and other biologial weapons we will end up enslaved, and relatively soon at that. The time for action is finally upon us. Their scam; their game plan must now be revealed to the world so that we can move to stop it.

Read this and understand much of what the radical left is doing and how they do it. Understand your enemy.

April 2, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about in the MSM as a treatment option.
That's a shame upon this country.

V FOR VENDETTA: The Corona-virus END GAME  or...

California town to use Chinese drones to monitor or intervene when you step out of your house.

UnNamed 5G Whistleblower Claims That People Are Being Infected With Coronavirus Via The Covid-19 Tests
RELATED 5G: If you listen to Mark Steele and Barrie Trower, you’ll get an idea of the horrifying effects of 5G. In this interview (at the bottom of this paragraph), Trower echoes the above quote by stating how 5G damages the immune system of trees and kills insects. He reveals how in 1977, 5G was tested on animals in hopes of finding a weapon. The results were severe demyelination – stripping the protective sheath of nerve cells. Trower interview:

Orange Triangle_5G Death4jpg
RELATED 5G: This Particle Physicist Believes that 5G is a Directed Energy Weapon Designed for Control.

Makes me feel all warm inside to think that America is not the Phillipines.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has issued a “shoot to kill” order to police for anyone violating the coronavirus quarantine lockdown. “Shoot them dead,”

College Professors try to hide their lectures having to do with the Corona virus.

Calm B 4 The Storm_Urgencyjpeg

The Perfect Storm For A Global Currency Reset

Globalists Wage Biological Warfare To Combat Great Awakening

Video: Americans Ask Why Are Hundreds Of Hospitals Are Empty: #FilmYourHospital Goes Viral

Video: Empty Waiting Rooms, No Lines, Where Is The Pandemic Being Broadcast By MSM

Rockefeller’s “Lock Step” Lockdown

The Elitist Depopulation Agenda Behind Vaccines

How To Beat Coronavirus With Nutrition: Dr. Fatakhov

Using Light to kill Covid-19. No, I’m not talking sunlight.

Natural protection against viruses including the corona virus. The Los Angeles mayor just 'mandated' that people/slaves wear face masks. The problem with that is that China has now been caught purposefully infecting said face masks with Covid 19 so as to spread the pandemic here. Apologists for China and agents thereof in our country want you to think that China is your friend. Don’t believe it! They are the ones shipping all the Fentanyl into our country!

MEDICAL TYRANNY – Wear a mask of face arrest! The globalists plan is that this WON'T be a one time thing.

facemask tyrannyjpeg

To train the slaves to stay home, they are using this and other tactics. Peer pressure to stay away from one another etcetera. Coming to Commiefornia soon I'm sure.
This is over the CV lockdown. It's total BS! This is our future. California already bought drones from China to monitor or otherwise harm us eventually. California police consider new uses for drones during coronavirus pandemic.

Censorship -

Texas third largest county suspends private property rights over the Covid-19 crisis.
OBVIOUS UNNECESSARY POWER GRAB. We are losing control here!

Robert Kennedy Jr. says that the CDC is a priately owned vacine company. Just try to disagree with him.

April 1, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories
TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about (let alone as helpful) in the MSM.

CV_empty streetsjpeg

WHY it’s important to...END the Shutdown.

CV_the very REAL costs of the shutdownpng

Should the WHO be renamed the CHO (Chinese Health Organization)?

Michigan Governor is NOW asking the federal Gov.t for the same medicine she raged over 4 days ago. Nice turnabout!

FINALLY… someones standing up! It’s your life, if you want to risk it, do so. Prohibiting church services and worship is not constitutional.

Shifty Adam-Schiffpng

ADAM SCHIFF, the Boy who cried ‘Wolf’ one too many times.
Now he wants a 9-11 style commission to investigate Trumps Corona Virus response.

Schiff_heard it through the grapevinejpeg

March 31st 2020

Today's Latest Worthwhile Corona Virus News

TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about (let alone as helpful) in the Mainstream media. You an find out more about it here, and here. If only Amerians had the balls these migrants do! Then we would be sending a powerful message to the globalists they could not ignore. We will NOT go quietly into the night! Your going down! Is this a government of the people or a government over the people? Well, which is it? Commiefornians say: We submit.

submit_man on a leashjpg

The Truth About Social Media Distancing

Here in New York...Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid in the Empire State!

Hospital executive fired after social media post where she fantasizes Trump supporters not getting CV treatments. A New York hospital executive has been fired after she posted public comments on social media fantasizing about how supporters of President Trump would get the corona virus and not be allowed to get treatment.”
The executive also happens to be, unsurprisingly,
a former Hillary Clinton advisor. Laura Krolczyk, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s vice president for external affairs. She made the incendiary posts on Facebook.

Chinese biological experiments were about infecting humans with a Corona virus in a 2015 Italian state media video.

20 TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT against China filed for waging a biological war!

CV_20 trillion dollar lawsuitpng

RELATED: Spanish Government Being Sued For Encouraging Mass Gatherings Right as Corona virus Hit Left-wing leaders urged Spaniards to attend huge feminist rallies on March 8th.  They WANT you infected so they can lock you down before killing you.

RELATED:  They WANT to lock you down before killing you.

Zinc Lozenges can help Corona virus infections. They don't want you to know about zinc.

The best forms of zinc to consume as a dietary supplement are zinc gluconate, picolinate and

acetate, by the way. Avoid zinc oxide, as it’s almost impossible to absorb.

Beyond manufacturing medical masks and ventilators, we believe President Trump should order emergency production of zinc supplementation, making it widely available (perhaps at zero cost) to the entire population. This could substantially slow the spread of the virus and potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives in the USA alone.

Indian lab’s accurate analysis of Covid-19 – They were pressured to ‘withdraw’ their paper.
They had to withdraw it because it was such an indictment of this as a bioweapon. THAT, is not to be part of the ‘narrative’ -globalists want even though it is accurate.

Speaking of -Globalist Bioweapons...I think Lady GaGa qualifies with her Being and her 'meat' dress.

March 30th 2020

Today's Latest Worthwhile Corona Virus News

TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about (let alone as helpful) in the MSM.

China Plans Extermination of the US via Bio Weapons. Also Taiwan and Christianity.

Full Transcript of “Smoking Gun” Bombshell Interview: Prof. Frances Boyle Exposes the Bioweapons Origins of the CoVid-19 Coronavirus.

WHO weaponizes cvjpeg
Historic interview reveals groundbreaking research hiding in plain view!

Canada has abolished civil liberties in the name of safety. Fair trade?

Biosecurity Risk’: FBI Report Describes Chinese Scientists Who Smuggled SARS, MERS, H1N1 Viruses In Luggage. One incident occurred as recently as September 2019

Maryland ups the ante on the Corona virus quarantine enforcement with a $5000 fine or one year in prison..   Can you spell authoritarian takeover?

Harvard Researchers Propose “Intermittent” Lockdowns – Through 2022!
Study calls for widespread surveillance of Americans for years

The 10 year old Rockefeller plan for global governance.
Viral pink eye seen in both symptomatic and asymptomatic coronavirus cases, making it a possible sign of infection.

Rockefeller lockstep 2010png

Some Corona virus survivors in China are testing positive again!

The Red Cross is NOT necessarily your friend.
OUTRAGEOUS: American Red Cross accepting coronavirus-infected people as blood donors, claims coronavirus can’t be spread through the blood.

What if the cure for the Corona virus is as simple as taking zinc?

Lindsey Graham rips Pelosi for blaming Ttrump for Corona Virus deaths.

Alex Jones breaks down the latest revelations by scientists about COVID-19, namely that it has been found to destroy the testicles. Covid-19 reinfects. First it comes for our Lungs. Next it comes for our Heart. After that it comes for our Testacles. Lastly it comes for our Brain. It’s a chimera made of 4 different virus’s (Mers, Sars, H1N1 and Corona) with an added HIV delivery system. It creates lacerations in the testes just like it does in the lungs. Convenient for eugenicist Bill Gates isn’t it? [see my main CV page: Biologicals.


March 29, 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

TODAY AGAIN - MMS1 and 2 are not being talked about in the MSM even though MMS can kill Covid-19

The War with the International banking cartel or...Nesara?

The West faces a social bomb as as the pandemic sparks unrest among the poorest citizens.

British Scientific advisors – China is covering up the full extent of the corona virus could be 40 times worse than reported.

Michigan democrat governor threatens the licenses of doctors and pharmacists who prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to treat the corona virus.

Oregon group improves Chloroquine.
Improved but still less effective than MMS which kills the parasites.

The Importance of Zinc to our Immune System.

Ibuprofin makes Covid-19 Worse.
The Lancet. The author of an article This premier medical journal suggested that these drugs increase the number of receptors on cells that the corona virus attaches to. More receptors means the virus that causes COVID-19 could attach more strongly to cells, causing more severe symptoms. Many medical experts came out strongly against this contention.


Thanks to the -globalists and copyright laws, Don Henley's version is not available on Youtube so...this is the best I could do. Enjoy.

March 28th 2020

Today's Latest Worthwhile Corona Virus News

Tucker Carlson does what CNN won’t do. Show NY city officials dismissing the corona virus.
They did this to spread the disease! Same as here in Sacramento California where I live (close to). It’s a leftist controlled city and the CV is about all they have left to stop America from becoming great again. They have not been able to get rid of their primary road block; Donald Trump et al and so...this is their next option after the Russian hoax and the Impeachment scheme failed. They need something that will bring that rosy economic picture down and this is the dems doing so.

Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak BANS Hydroxychloroquine! That looks and sounds and feels like a straight up ‘fuck you Americans who want to live’ signal, to me. How do you take it? He’s not even saying ‘Hey, lets do a trial with it of say 100 people and see how it goes. He’s not contacted the many doctors who have had success with it No! He’s just going to ban it outright without due consideration. Eugenicist? Likely. For those of you who voted for this MF, beware. Your are going to reap what you’ve sewn. YOUR love d one may well be one of the dead from the Corona Virus. How else will you learn if there appears to be no cost for your stupidity. This Governor is yet another one on
The People’s List to hold accountable. In the Covid Wars, THIS is a capitol crime. How many deaths can he get away with. WE will count them so when his day comes, it may be read to him. He’s not ‘stupid’. He’s corrupt, he’s bought and paid for as far as I’m concerned. IF...he is uninformed it’s because he wants to be and no, I don’t think he’s uninformed. I think he and other governors: Newsom, Northam, Whitmer, Cuomo and 16 other Governor traitors to our country and are knowingly helping to break it apart. They don’t really care about us. It’s in their actions. Too many people still though, are only listening to their words and thusly get mislead. Michael Jackson was more than likely murdered. He was too informed and empathetic not to get more and more into speaking truth to power. Those globalist types took yet another black leader out. They could not let him get too out of line so...

March 27th 2020

Today's Latest Worthwhile Corona Virus News

Harvard professor charged with hiding their China ties and payments.
Many people still naively think that China is NOT working against us. Admittedly those are people with their head in the sand news wise but still, I have to bring up here that China has it’s people all over the U.S. working to undermine us at every step and that can and does include them getting access to our labs such at the University of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill. They grab technology, biological or otherwise and take it back to China.

While we regular citizens don’t think like this, the Chinese government who does not hold life as sacred does and they are not unwilling to use a man made biological weapon against their own people whom they themselves think there are too many of. They could initiate it on their own ground and then send their infected out into the world to infiltrate and infect many other populations including ours and this has happened. Yes, I admit that other possibilities also exist, I’m just sayin’ though.

One world government needed to cope with COVID-19, says former ‘Labor’ British PM

Iceland Scientists report found 40 mutations of the corona virus.

Now I’m thinking of our immune systems.
It goes down when we are in fear, or when we feel depressed. Both of those have emotional components. When our outlook is positive and inspired the immune system is as vital as our mind and emotions are. Let us be aware of what we in our consciousness are bringing to the table so to speak.

I remember also that we are mostly water ourselves and that water has memory. We are programming our water with our own vibrations, intents, beliefs, fears and inspirations. Our water takes on the frequencies we are generating. If we have poor mental and emotional inner environments, let alone the also important exterior ones, then we raise or lower our own immune systems and THIS is without taking supplements of any kind into the picture.

Personal Power's Role

Another point I wish to make is that some of us have what’s called ‘Personal Power’.

Personal power is ours when we live life rightly, with integrity and excellence in our personal behavior. Real personal power has nothing to do with money. It is often connected with Charisma but if you have that and no integrity then all you are is a conman or woman. You have enough personal power to create trouble around you but not enough to generate relationships of actual functional trust.

Let’s say that you have earned personal power though through your works and beliefs. That personal power can get you through the CV Challenge. You have the energy for your body to fight it off. You have the right attitude. I say that It’s creators not victims that will make it out of this.

No one physically dies until they, at an other than conscious level, are ready to go. Death is not imposed upon us by ‘outside’ forces such as other people or a weapon, biological or otherwise. Think of the people in war who get all shot up but still the will to live is vitally there and so, where others who were ready to go, did, this person is not ready and so they don’t go. They struggle through towards health again. They have work to do. People to meet and love. Contributions to make to the world yet! They might have been sent back by their relatives during a near death experience. It’s not your time yet. Your not done. You’ve got to go back. This happens all the time on this planet.

Your conscious mind isn’t likely to know whether this is or isn’t the day of your passing so, it can be surprised but, at the level of your greater Self, it’s already worked out to serve the purposes of all involved. You can flirt with disaster and danger consciously and learn to feel for if this is your day or not but it’s normally a mystery and for good reasons. You can trust that God will keep you safe and that can work for you...till your true intent has it not work. While you can play it fast and loose with the CV, it’s best if you don’t because you never know if (at another level) your not heading towards physical death faster by Being that way. not in fear and be not arrogantly blinded either. Be thoughtfully conscious. Your either committed to staying here or to leaving. If you know resolutely that your committed to the former then you can walk around here with much more calm, confidence and personal power, able to effectively make a difference wherever you are.

Consciousness is all powerful. We are divine Beings. We are capable of the Miraculous. We are capable of super-human natural powers and they DO come forth in our hours of greatest need. This we must understand as ‘fact’. Most do not know how very powerful a Beings we already are. This is a subject though that I have studied at great length and for many years. Here are some examples.

I want to point out that it’s not just healing abilities, particular qualities of character or ‘obvious’ gifts that will issue forth when a people or humanity itself is faced with disastrous or dire circumstances. It is also IDEAS and thus possibilities that will open up within the peoples consciousness that are also going on.

Psychically our needs are known and those on the other side of this life (who’ve passed on) as well as the greater self and sub-conscious are working to bring in the answers to such desperate psychic requests as we are sending out. Our prayers are heard. Others listen in and Be what they can to help. We should understand this. Right now is one of their rallying times. This cv stuff stirs them into action. For all we know, aliens too may be offering help to some of their earthly contacts even now. As I’m showing, there are other, very large ideas to consider and be open to.

March 26 2020
Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

Chinese companies have hoarded other nations mediacal supplies during the outbreak and flew them to China. Also see related story immediately below.

Senator Hawley Calls for International Investigation into China’s Corona virus Cover-Up

A Rockefeller think tank laid out a scenario where a virus outbreak prompts authoritarian crackdown such as we have in many areas right now.

EXCERPT: The 2010 report, entitled, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” outlines several possible future global scenarios, including a “Lock Step” vision in which a “new influenza strain… infects nearly 20 percent of the global population… killing 8 million in just seven months…”

“In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit,” the scenario begins. “Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain—originating from wild geese—was extremely virulent and deadly.”

“The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains,” the scenario continues, describing almost the exact events of 2020 in the wake of the corona virus outbreak. “Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.”

Mandatory quarantines were also a key feature in the fictional scenario dreamt up by the globalist think tank: The Chinese government’s quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant and near-hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries and enabling a swifter postpandemic recovery.

FROM JOE: Isn’t this all ringing in your head as just a little too coincidental? Rockefellers are also eugenicists you know. Bill Gates is simply the public face of the Rockefeller evil intents. This report is not ‘coincidental’. This is the kind of topic leftists don’t bother to read about. See, this agenda is out to get them as well as the rest of us but they are too filled up with Leftist Cult Kool-Aid to give their time to such things as this.

Cowering_in your homejpg

Instead of cowering in fear in our homes awaiting the authorities ‘ok’ to go outside again, we should grow a backbone and not go along with the media and political hype here. Get inspired! Stand up and say “I will NOT go quietly into the night!” Allow your own passion for life to rise again. Give it wings! Take Action! Leave your home and live your life1 Just say no to authoritarianism! That is not America!

We have to recognize that this lockdown is part of a new world order globalist agenda. They are leading us around my our emotions; our fears and you and I will not survive by living in the way THEY want and wrongly demanding of us. They want us to go along...timidly, and quietly into the night so they can capture us and slit our figurative or real throats! Wake up! Quit Being a cow led by it’s emotional nose ring!

NETWORK, Sidney Lumet, 1976 - I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore!

80,000 people died of the Flu last season and the World never shut down. WTH!

The FLU is contagious and we never shut down the United States or Commiefornia over that! The 2017-2018 flu season was made worse by two factors: strains that hit the very young and elderly especially hard, and a poor match-up between those strains and those in the flu vaccine. Typical.

It not only needs to be said, it needs to be understood that…FEAR makes it easy for governments to expand their power.

Cortisol weakens ur immune systempng

Corona virus Patients are being treated with vitamin C at new york hospitals

The U.K. Gov.t has DOWNgraded Vovid-19. It’s no longer considered a ‘high consequence’ infectious disease. But we here in Commiefornia have to hunker down and stay in our homes. Hmmm.

THIS Scientist suggested a new drug to treat Covid-19. The fact checkers branded him (wrongly) ‘fake news’.
[The CDC is the enemy]
The main argument put forward by those critical of the drug is that more testing is required before it can be officially approved as treatment for the corona virus. As the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts it, “There are no currently available data from Randomized Clinical Trials…to inform clinical guidance on the use, dosing, or duration of hydroxychloroquine” treatments for Covid-19. [And to that I say Bullshit! You have to watch their wording. It’s probably ‘randomized trials or some other thing like ‘clinical’ that are the key words here. These words can be used as ‘cover’ so that they don’t have to say the other words behind it that would reveal that it’s NOT really as they say. Not everyone is as honest as you and I. Some, especially those in high places are corrupted and so are the puppets of other hidden interests (-globalists). Pay attention more to the actions. Words are a dime a dozen. Just notice how the CDC is saying look away! Look away! For me, that’s a give away. They are caught again, lying to us.

March 25, 2020

Worthwhile Corona Virus News Stories

Dem governors to hold states hostage in Corona virus lockdown

Los Angeles Mayor to cut off the power and water of 'irresponsible, selfish stores that remain open'.

Water meterpng

Covid Alert: Feds abolished the 2nd Amendment by proxy in 2007. Now it's in Action.

Democrats attempt to bring in 'cashless' society via a 'digital dollar' run by the Fed.

The United States is asking social media firms for cellphone user locations for possible enforcement of social distancing.

Confirmed - covid-19 Corona Virus has been found to contain unique 'gain of function' properties for efficient spreading in the human population. [Has exact quote from the science paper]


CV_gain of functionpng

Corona Virus Could Be the Most Contagious BEFORE syptoms occur. The contagion occurs due to ‘Viral Shedding’.

CDC funded study shows the vacciated shed 6 to 3 times more flu virus just by breathing.

A Natural Cure for the Corona Virus - A chinese medicine herb known as Artemisinin (Sweet wormwood)

Amazon removes a book that could help millions navigate the current corona virus pandemic. March 19, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson