C R O P  C I R C L E S

Crop Circles are communications to us from extraterrestrials or extra-dimensional Beings.

There is the case of the Grasdorf plates were left for us to find and learn from.

Here are some of the weird things we know about these crop circles patterns:

It's all about Geometry for one and since geometry is the basis of the universe's constructions that only seems fitting. The stalks of the plants are burnt and bent, from the inside and laid down very precisely to make the patterns. Also, the plants don't die.

I get that this is from more than one, let's say extra-terrestrial race but...they are in league in the communications. A few to several races I'd say. This is a way for them to enlighten us PUBLICLY. That is to say the governments can't fully obfuscate or block our getting the messages. They can take away a lot of the media coverage. They can employ hoaxers to muddy the waters and they can use inside operatives to steer the discussions or science. You however are curious and you pursue this interest till your curiosity is quenched, for the moment.

They are teaching us another form of communication. They are awakening many just to the fact that some other type of intelligence IS operating out there and here. Many of their messages have been decoded. Here are a few below.

You can tell the difference between those that are alien made and those few that are man made. It's obvious to the eye and it's obvious at intuitional the level too.