Many things are said about Dimensions. Some say there are merely 144 of them. Some say less, some say more. I say God is the only one who knows. In the meantime we will have to make a starting point. What say you? 12 or 144? 18? 64? There are many numbers that are peculiar or sacred in their characteristics. I think in the moment I will never mind how many there are and instead concentrate on what types there may be. What their meaning may be. What their function may be, etcetera.

Now I am no math wiz nor sacred geometry wiz for that matter but, I will come up with information that will make you think...and hopefully feel about dimensions. I will bring in some ideas and an intuitive aspect and you can come up with your own thoughts and feelings of what these dimensions are all about.

I can say one obvious thing and that is that they are about keeping different things SEPARATE. So...having different dimensions provides for a separation between different...I don't want to say levels. It's complexities of reality.

Insert a video or few of on dimensions...below the placeholder.