To your left, Mr. Electric, Ma Xiangang is immune to electrical shock. Why? No one yet knows. Is this guy completely human? Part Alien perhaps? What's his blood type? You see, we seek explanations for the incredible, the unbelievable.

Through history there have been many anomalous, really weird powers humankind has expressed. While we have not way of finding out if those in the past were in fact actual humans or human alien hybrids that certainly could provide one explanation but I doubt it can explain all of them.

I have found, in my research on the subject that many people with extroardinary powers came into them during puberty, a time of extraordinary changes in the human body. Much but not all of that could be do to hormonal changes which we don't understand fully.

Some of the super powers I've come across in my research are people with unexplainable magnetism in their bodies. Metal sticks to them. Weird right? I mean it just boggles my mind how unexplainable some of these gifts are.

Others have been able to send electricity out through their hands and pick people or things up off the ground.

Others have heat or burn resistant sking.

In India, Guru's have demonstrated many super powers through the millenia.
They call them Siddhis. It takes many years to develop such powers as they have demonstrated.

Here is your list:
People who dont' have to eat.
People who can teleport their bodies.
People who can bi-locate or be in two places at once.
People who can levitate and or fly.
People who could drink poison and not be affected.