From The Great Gathering of 2012 Comes the Annual
Remembrance of the Return, every March 13th

I have not reserved the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. The above pic is a 'draft' of my flyer for this event. To actually put such an event on takes money and resources I don't have. If you would like to see us have an actual space to celebrate this then let me know at

The PUBLIC, globally should have their own Annual ET Disclosure Day and quit looking to the so-called 'authorities' for validation. Disclosure, it's in our hands now!

Established in March of 2020: I have designated March 13th to be our first Annual International Public's Disclosure of the ET Presence Day. We The People, where ever we are located on the Earth, are not waiting any longer for the goverment to own up to what they know and what they are doing with the ET's. We are bringing forth Disclosure on our own! We are informing our fellow humans! We are having the conversations you never had with us! We aren't living in denial any longer! The Triangle and the Great Gathering it represents is OUR sign of the ET presence!

Cosmic relationpng

What might our event look like?

I think we ought to have a Conference on Peaceful Cosmic Relations where We The People can hold conversations on the topics of Disclosure and associated subjects. The conference should also be a celebration of the Space Brothers return. Of course we would have special speakers too. Sharing a catered meal together would also be nice.

I think we ought to have Outreach during this day of celebration. Teams of volunteers will go out and share about this 2012 event with the greater public.

Remember, to lend a hand, in any manner to the manifesting of this event,
just write to me at

Conversations we need to have at our
annual disclosure event/conference

What kinds of technologies might or do they have and what would that enable them to do?
Perhaps things like accessing the fundamental geometries that reality is made of. Perhaps planetary placement and solar system construction. Is anything really beyond them?

What agendas might or do they have?
More than one likely sees the Earth as their home. They’ve been here so
long and have played such often deep roles in our history/future.

Aliens and Time travel – How would/could they use it in regards to Earth and us? They may be going down probable lines of reality and changing things...for the better or worse for us. They certainly can we watching, examining and studying us and the various important events in our history just as we would when we get going on Time Travel.

The minority of aliens that may look at us as food whether literal flesh eaters or psychic vampires like Archons? The Succubus or the Incubus. We need to have answers on what to do and Be about them.

What other Beings exist beyond our senses, especially our sight in the visible light spectrum? How might these Beings be affecting us? How so and who are they? Archons? Giant Amoebas in the sky?

Identifying and discerning the motives and agendas of the political left and right needs to happen and be known by the public. This is very important as their agendas are likely very different.

The public’s establishment of a The Public Council for Exopolitics. Remember we are not letting the establishment (deep state or other) run this subject anymore. Their dishonesty and hidden works and betrayal of the people disqualify them. They need to follow us and the human heart centered way. There are other exopolitics institutes and such. Look for what they are missing and bring that into ours. What are their shortcomings, biases, prejudices?

If...a cataclysmic event is coming and it will kill off life as we know it on the planet then what do we want to do and Be about it and secondly, what options do the various alien groups have to offer us? Take us off planet? Interfere in the event? Help us transcend our current reality?

Since Disclosure is now in our hands (as we declare it so), we need to bring forth our disclosure evidence to the public around us and so...thusly the when where and ‘how-to’s of bringing forth that Disclosure material. Develop a local activities list and descriptions thereof.