I will focus here on the lesser known life saving and healing knowledge and technologies I've come across so as to broaden the base of knowledge for the average citizen. I will share information on illegitimately suppressed treatments also. Scams? Yes there are some and I will tell you about a few.

A Selection of the Topics presented on this page:

Miracle Mineral Suppliment also known as MMS and Miracle Mineral Solution.

Cancer Cures  Water to treat dis-ease 

I have a page just for Big Pharma. Be sure to visit it.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Stehanie Seneff on

B R U N O  G R O E N I N G   The Miracle Healer of Germany

Bruno Groening Austria 1949ish

Bruno Groening is about SERVING humanity. He served us here...selflessly. I wasn't interested in and did not take peoples money in order to help them. He was around, serving the public in large ways, for 10 years, from 1049 to 1959. He spoke about ...

Here is a helpful website for those of you interested in him or even getting together with others in your local area. The Bruno Groening Healing Circle of Friends is in way over 80 countries now. Check here at their website: https://www.bruno-groening.org/en to see if there are any groups in your area.

I'm including this one being cause, I like that you can hear his voice and watch his mannerisms as he's interviewed. Also, most importantly you can get a 'feel' for him; your intuitional take.

Doctors Thomas Cowan and Andrew Kaufman with Mike Adams on the whole VIRUS Theory

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On the Subject of Vaccines

M M S also known at Miracle Mineral Solution/Suppliment

Andreas kalker is tremendously respected. He is out for the TRUTH. I've kept loosely abreast of his work over the years and it is consistently of a very high level. I guess he is best known for his work on MMS in it's CDS form. He is super informative. If you want to learn more about MMS and CDS check him out.


Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism - Kerri Revera and MMS

Kerry gained credibility early on. While she went up also against the MMS critics, she won out due to the results/proofs she produced. If your not up on MMS but are curious about possible cures for autism, this video is for you.

There are MANY Cancer Cures. They have been suppressed.

Tick Borne Disease

Karl Grossman - U.S. Bioweapon Lab Suspected of Being the Source of Lyme Disease says the preminent expert.

Waters Role In Health

Ever heard of the term: Fountain of Youth?
Well, this machine produces the healthiest water in the world. I'm not trying to sell it. He CAN back up all his claims. Listen to him explain the value of the change in the 'bond angle' of hydrogen in water molecules. If you have diabetes and want a wholesome treatment,, here it is. It doesn't get any simpler. If you have Cancer, this water makes it impossible for cancer to exist in your body. It's the closest thing I've found to the 'Fountain of Youth' type quality of water. https://johnellis.com

Mental Health
The Hidden Common Thread that Connects America's Mass Shootings

Depending upon who you look to, we are between 75 and 90% water. If you adulterate that water with SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) you get a certain percentage of crazies who then get primed by this stuff to go out and commit mass murder. Stop poisoning your water. BTW, you might want to visit my page: valiantcitizen.org/water for more on the significance of water... beyond hydration.

Opioid Addictions
American Epidemic: the Nation's Struggle With Opioid Addiction.


Howard Lotsof Speaks About Ibogaine


The Case for Ibogaine - Thomas Kingsley Brown


Ibogaine: Cure For A Crisis


IBOGAINE - The Most Significant Drug Use Recovery Medication in the History of Addiction.