The Hindu Religion

The Origins of Civilization

I will get into the wide ranging subject matters of the Vedic culture and Hindu Religion, it's timelines and epochs but what I will say right here is that this is yet another occasion, like the Jewish and Christian cultures n Religions of people worshiping aliens. Now, I doubt that these gods are the same as the Sumerian ones though I suspect that both, in our terms are immortals. No, there is plenty of room for more than one alien culture at a time on this planet. Now this one lasted for quite awhile and was even here pre-flood is my understanding so they too would of known that the flood was going to happen (Nibiru coming thru) and went off planet while it was going on. The aliens that is. Oh sure they may have taken some humans with them.

The Nuclear Wars

Now the Sumerians talk in their tablets about the Nuclear war that area was involved in. I will provide a video about it. Also there are numberous mentions of a Nuclear war in India. I will provide a video on that. Were these two, the Anunnaki and the AryansQ of Hinduism at war at some point or was it the Aryans and someone else. Perhaps those who allegedly chased them off of Mars.

In India the places we deem as having been struck by Nukes are:
Mohenjodaro, _______________- and ________________. Evidence of these hits are the blackened ground, the vitrified rock and otherwise glass around there and the radioactive bodies and earth found there.

The Flying Machines - Vimanas

Stop with the calling of extra-terrestrials Gods. I don't know how many Hindus understand that there is a larger God than these perhaps...enlightened Beings. God does not need a transport vehicle to move him around. Of course God is not Male or Female either. May as well clarify that.

All right let's look at the technology these aliens used to move their bodies about with.

Other Extra-terrestrial Technologies in Ancient India

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The Caste System in India

Where did this separation into casts come from? It is fundamental or something added later as Hinduism got corrupted? Did it get corrupted? This cast stuff always rang as disharmonic within me. It didn't 'fit' with my view of the Hindu culture from way back. Let's look at this subject.

Upper Caste, Lower Caste? Untouchables?
This caste system has come to have a lot to do with skin color and that is unfortunate and yet, obviously many are working out their issues on race and separation/unity.

India's Tamil Civilization

What's with the Sacred Cows

Hindu's are big on holding life, human and otherwise as sacred and that to me is a big deal. A good bid deal. I believe that The Aryans or ET's associated with them brought the notion of 'enlightenment' to us humans. I don't know that the Anunnaki even did that one though they brought us dozens of things we still use today.

But what's with the making of Cows, a very beneficial to man animal. What's with making that so sacred that you can't eat it or mistreat it? Were the Aryans or their ET race vegetarians? Were they just using the cow to symbolize the sacredness of life and say to the people, by your actions I shall know you and poof made a law saying you will not murder (with the cow symbolizing life)? Was this all a way to civilize us. Lift us up from more barbaric ways and primitive unenlightened views?

The Hindu Religion of Today. The Challenges Ahead

1. People are going to have to evolve and become enlightened so that the Caste system will be banished.
Every individual has a mind that can grasp higher concepts and become enlightened, whatever that is for them. Your skin color and your lineage etcetera, none of that excludes you from Being a contributive member of society or from reaching great heights.

2. Stop with the killing of female children. This may take reorganizing society with regards to dowry's.

3. Get rid of all GMO seeds. The one use seeds and the 'round up' herbicide are two of the biggest detriments to the Indian farmers and the indian people that must be stopped.

4. Stop with the Cashless Society trend government in debt to the globalists are pushing.

5. Employment for the people so they don't have to beg.
People who can't take care of their own needs have little self esteem.

6. Bring modern technology to the poor. Preferably bring in healthy ones. Not 5G, not mandatory vaccines, not monotheistic media, not 'Dirty electricity".