Inter-species Communications

Koko the Gorilla and Robin Williams Koko speaks in 'sign' language to Robin.

People nowadays get into inter-species communications from all sorts of angles. They may not have believed in 'psychic' communication between humans and animals but over the years they meet circumstances themselves or they meet people with stories of psychic instances that 'open' their mind to that 'telepathy' does exist and some of us can indeed have that kind of communication with an animal.

The actual horse whisperer behind Robert Redfords film The Horse Whisperer is named Buck Branaman. His story of how his relationship with horses developed will make you cry. It's interesting how, in a world of 'no accidents', some people become animal communicators.

Many who work with animals don't consider themselves 'animal psychics'. They obviously don't get that telepathy is always operating between animals and humans.

Oh you can be reading their body language and other 'tells' too and have your beliefs about what's all going on but still, you and that animal ARE in psychic communication.

Either way though, inter-species
communication IS occurring!

Monty, to my knowledge does not speak the word 'telepathy' in his work. I believe he is a believer however. He seems to concentrate and be about the exterior means of reading the equine language. For most people Monty's process is for sighted people though I don't doubt that a blind person could also do this hell, they can echo-locate like dolphins if they want to so...Monty used his eyes and heart and mind to decipher the exterior cues of the horses communication. Bravo! that is a great accomplishment. Being able to 'break' the horse now no longer has to equate to 'breaking' a Being.
I personally am sure that there has been much more progress in the area of dolphin human communication than has come out thus far. The gov.ts of the world know this Being is tremendously intelligent. There are many 'black' projects whose work does not come out to the public for years, decades or ever. I wasn't born yesterday. In the 4 and a half decades I've been keeping tabs on this subject and I've come to think that we've been lead down a mis-directed road. With the myriad of experiments we have done with humans and the brain, consciousness and research done in all manner of subjects. You can bet we know much more than is being let on. The gov't hides it's most cutting edge technologies so as to try to maintain an edge over other countries. We don't advertise for instance that we have invisibility capabilities for our special black ops soldiers. The SR-71 Blackbird wasn't publicly admitted for decades after it started it's operations.
Those who haven't realized their own telepathic abilities will forever try to create artificial means to communicate with the animal life. My hope is that someday we will promote the growth of the psychic senses while children are young. You only seek the artificial means because of where your at consciousness wise. You have incredible abilities as a Being made of the divine. Realize that, own that and you will see it in animals too for there is an intelligence to everything. This is in part why I say there are no accidents. Inter-species communication is naturally present all the time.
A Human Emissary to the Feline World (the mass lion and feline psyche)
Presenting The Gorilla Animal Emissary to Humanity; Koko (whom we keep in a cage).

I’m sharing this because for me it stands for Telepathic Communication. She is putting her intent into these animals. Specifically she is programming the water within them. Water receives and transmits intents and frequencies. I’ll bet she is saying, “Your safe. your relaxed. Your sleepy, sleep now, your going to sleep now. Sleep precious one, sleeeeep”. The animals pick up telepathically that they are indeed safe and that she means no harm. Just a temporary rest...on stage.

Whether the Dolphin is making audible noises or not, they are psychically active and are telepathically communicating with the child who also is telepathically active. The sub-conscience of the adults will also be very aware of what all is going on. A new Being making it's formal, familial and social entrance into the world. It happens at a specific time, and place and this is not unimportant for there is real science behind the concept of Astrology. We don't have the full picture of that yet.
Inspiring, empathic, compassionate loving people move us. We are driven to support them being cause, we have a heart ourselves and so recognize them. Warm blooded, we seek out the company of others. When you see an elephant you should see a large, vulnerable heart for they are all heart. We have a lot in common with the elephants.
It's admitted that most communication is non-vocal. A psychic bond however promotes telepathy. Telepathy makes for inter-species communication. The bond of course if more than just 'psychic'. It's got an electrical reality within you and where electricity is so it magnetism. There is also the 'emotional bond' part of the psychic bond. There is also the aspect of the psychic bond and relationship that occurs during sleep. There is also Reincarnation that may well be at play here in the psychic bond. Beliefs and intents in personal growth also come into play. My point overall though is that there are many factors at play in 'inter-species' communication.
As a person that loves animals, what bothers me about some humans attitudes towards animals is that they hold them as no. 1, not sacred beings, #2. not intelligent, #3. having no or little emotional life or validity in that vein. Making animals or man into 'lesser' things than you is not a noble trait. It's not empowering for us or the animal/Being. See? We need to remind ourselves that we are dealing with Beings! Beings who are precious. Life is precious. beef with those individuals is that Life is not precious to them. They are anti-life and this is backed up by their actions.
Hugging is a communication. It says I care for you. I can also mean I love you. A hug represents a valid form of inter-species communication. Pet owners will get all kinds of warm fuzzies while watching this. It's heart warming to see. Enjoy.
I included this video being cause that cat is telling this dog "You aren’t going to hurt my boy!”. It's Inter-species communication, just not with humans.

No one considers how this must have stoked that cats self esteem afterwords. Now that cat may have a renewed ability to stand up for itself too. Maybe it's saying to itself "Hey, I'm not that old, I've still got 'it'!. Of course the bond between the kid, his family and the cat are even stronger now. The family, if you asked them might say now that they are even firmer believers in cats being appropriate for families with young children. Maybe the cat who was only so-so in one of the parents eyes before is now held as a sacred life, like their childs. There are always more purposes and perfections to any event than we can divine but it's fun trying.
These two have a great connection going on. Two spirits playing together, their forms do not negate or prevent their relationship.

In the area of inter-species communications, the general populace thinks in terms of methods, you know, something ‘exterior’ to use to communicate where the whole time we only needed to tune in psychically. The male ‘keeper’ held it that they were mere magnificent animals who could not talk to humans. By the end he is so humbled by his error that he cries. Animals have a consciousness that it’s time we humans learn to respect.

I feel very good about this animal communicator, I trust her.
I think this lady is great. Really like what she has to say.
Inter-species communication is always going on telepathically, at various levels of consciousness, in different animal Beings. It's not about brain size. Look at how smart crows are. Not all the study we do should be about human and animal communication. How about studying the inter-species communication between species other than humans?