Mohammad and Islam

Be Clear, Islam is not a Race. I dare say that it's not even a religion.

People say it is a religion. I call it a false religion with much in common with Scientology. Islam's so called 'Prophet' was no great 'seer' nor did he personally espouse wisdom or enlightenment. In fact, he was a tyrant and taught the ways of tyrants. He was about suppressing half the population (women) and keeping them dis-empowered. You may as well be worshiping Hitler or any other authoritarian genocidal leader. This guy did not 'deserve' what he was made up to be. Most Islamists are spiritual primitives.

I don't believe in accidents though so I look for and find the purposes and perfections for things, including this 'loser'. He and his so-called religion that isn't (It's another control system masked as religion) provide the rest of us with all the reasons we need to be about it's opposite, that Being love.

That reminds me, Mainstream media will tell us that Islam is the religion of peace. What B.S.! Like the Devil vs Christ though it provides the antithesis of Love and Christs teachings. How can you know love or it's various qualities if you don't acquaint yourself with their opposites? You can't and so, the perfection of Islam is that it demonstrates and expresses so many of the qualities that are the 'opposite' of love thus, it shows the rest of us the VALUE in love and it's qualities and thus, why we've committed to that.


The Sword of St. James

The Sword of Saint James Matamoros Represents his and Christianity's fight against Islam
If you or others you know understand the threat that Islam has been and still is in this world, pass this emblem along to them. The Sword of St. James is a powerful symbol of resistance to that threat. With it you proclaim your position that you won't go down without a fight. In are committed to winning out!!
Saint James the Greater was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. Also called James the Elder, he was the first apostle to become a martyr and the only one whose martyrdom was recorded in the New Testament.

During the Battle of Clavijo, it is said that Saint James the Great miraculously appeared to provide assistance to an outnumbered Spanish Christian army, helping them gain victory against the Moors who had started their conquest of Hispania in AD 711. The battle is placed between AD 834 and 844, about 800 years after the death of James. According to legend, Saint James, appeared as a warrior on a white horse amidst the Spanish army, wielding a white banner. Upon seeing him, the Christian army cried out “¡Dios ayuda a Santiago!” which translates to “God save St. James!” It is believed that more than 5,000 Moors were killed during the battle, earning James the title Matamoros or “Moor-slayer”.

A pilgrimage route was established in the 9th century known as Camino de Santiago or “The Way of Saint James”. It consists of several routes spread throughout Western Europe and culminating at Santiago de Compostela where a shrine dedicated to the saint is located. The popularity of the pilgrimage site, along with his legendary appearance in the Battle of Clavijo, prompted James to be officially recognized as the Patron Saint of Spain.

Here is what I want to see in America

In the run up to the 2016 election there was a lot of talk like the following. Mr. Trump, would you disavow....this and that. Well, I want the Muslims who want to stay here in America to formally and publicly disavow this or that. These people need to integrate into American societal values or leave. Yes you could visit here and there but you don't get to live here,not to integrate but to be an abiding invading force out to take over yet another country. It's not going to happen here! You integrate like the rest of those from other countries have or your gone; deported. We don't need you joining up with the 'left' and becoming a voting block to dismantle American and her values.

The only reason I don't include others in this 'Disavowing' (in this case, of Islam's imperialism Sharia law and Jihadi aspects) is that the Mexican's for instance, some of whom DO support the notion of 'Reconquista' is that they aren't a threat relative to taking over America, Many legal immigrants and children thereof HAVE integrated and value America and it's values. The same thing can be said about the Socialists and Communists in our country. As yet they aren't enough of a threat. The Globalist Rothchilds, Rockefellers and others ARE the threat. Now, the globalists aren't themselves a physical invading force so we can't go after them in the same way but...they ARE using the masses from other countries, most especially from the middle east to flood other nation states and make then non-nation states.

They and the UN are sending these populations to America and it's borders, pushing hard to knock them down and flood the U.S. with non-citizens that will then vote with the left who wants to buy them off with FREE stuff. Patriots understand the seriousness of this challenge the border comprises. Not only must we build a wall, we must remove the threats from our lands and to that end I reccommend that we make the American Muslim population declare what their allegiance is to. Is it to America first or to radical Islam. BTW, there is no moderate Muslims. Your either a 'new age' Muslim who does not go along with the fundamentalism or you do. Those that aren't temporary visitors and cannot honestly pledge allegiance to the United States must leave, period. We don't want idiots who can't play nice with others.

Those Muslims who want or strive for a modernized Muslim religion without the aforesaid undesirable qualities,..keep your religion. I and others don't care about who or what you worship so long as it isn't being used to take over other countries. [the Muslims invasion plans only become most active when their population in a region becomes about 15%. Then they get politically active, infiltrate government and bring in Sharia law with it's dreadful downward cultural spiral of death.
I want the Muslims in America to DISAVOW...
Maybe we can get make something like this into a 'ballot measure' for Californians to vote on whether it should be a part of the next general election. Something like that.

Former Muslims and Muslim Critics Speak Out

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Resistance to the Hijab - Free to show themselves....for the day.
On 8 March 1979, more than 100,000 women gathered on the streets of the Iranian capital to protest against the new Islamic government’s compulsory hijab ruling, which meant that women would henceforth be required to wear a headscarf when away from home. The protest was held on International Women’s Day, and the images show women from all walks of life — nurses, students, mothers — marching, smiling, arms raised in protest, without the hijab.

Free for a Day - Iranian women protest hijab in 1979
International Womens Day - Iran - 1979 - Hijab protest

Tommy Robinson on the Muslim 'Grooming' Gangs

Tommy Robinson - Germany is fighting back!

Leaked SECRET U.N. Migrant report that will destroy all borders.
Find out how the social engineers plan on imploding societies.

Islam and the Suppression of Women
Female Genital Mutilation.  Dominance   they are property   they can be married off at puberty or earlier and given over for sexual exploitation.   They believe in slavery   They are 'formally' anti-gay be you a woman or a man.   They stone people to death.   Sharia law is bad for women

Fethullah Gulen, Charter Schools and more

His organization represents a terror threat and must be taken down.
Estimates are that there are 300 Gulen schools in Turkey and 1,000 worldwide

Documentary filmmaker Mark Hall is nearing completion of a film, “Killing Ed”, that looks at problems with the charter school movement. The film focuses on the Gulen schools as a worst case example of charter schools. In our interview with Mark Hall, embedded below, he pointed out that the Gulen network is “educating roughly a little over 60,000 students across United States now and they’re bringing in many thousands of teachers, who are followers of Fethullah Gulen, on H1-B visas to teach at the schools.”

Gulen charter schools in the US are completely funded by taxes which Mark Hall estimates “excess of $500 million a year”. “These are funds that you and I are giving to our government and they’re going directly to this organization”, he said. So while in Islamic countries the Gulen schools are Islamic madrassas, Gulen schools in the US have to carefully avoid any overt religious proselytizing to Islam. But as Hall pointed out, “what you see in the schools here in United States and elsewhere is intense national Turkification of their children.” “These are not Turkish kids, these are kids that have a variety of backgrounds — Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans — and you know the question is why are they being so intensely taught a lot about Turkey”.

That is not how the school is portrayed to parents. They are marketed as schools of Science and Math.

They stage large Science Fairs, which whistleblowers allege are merely dog and pony shows for politicians. Whistleblower teachers and students allege in the documentary film that the science projects are largely prepared by staff, not students and that many teachers brought from Turkey are not qualified teachers, certainly not in science or math

Targeting Michael Flynn and shielding the radical cleric Gulen

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller used his position as Director of the FBI to shield and cover up Gulen’s criminal-terrorist network and operations, and take drastic measures to quash a whistleblower’s Gulen-related reports.
Report - Hillary Clinton was funded by islamic terrorists

The CIA relocated the “moderate” Fethullah Gülen to Saylorsburg, Penn., in 1999.

In his 2006 book Toward a Global Civilization of Love & Tolerance whose preface is written by the Jesuit Father Thomas Michel (also a close friend of Pope Francis), in the chapter unequivocally entitled New World Order, Gülen makes the remarkable statement which foresees the possible opposition to this project of world domination: “There are some countries in which it is difficult to tell whether they are comfortable with the New World Order or not. It is quite difficult to understand the situation of these countries just as there are some diseases that are hard to diagnose.”

Bill Clinton made a speech praising Gülen on the Sept. 25, 2008 at the Waldorf Astoria, at the Third Annual Friendship Dinner organized by the Turkish Cultural Center of New York (a Gulenist organization).

A clip from this event was later used as propaganda by the Gülen Movement, as one of their “favorite defense weapons.”

The website Citizens Against Special Interest Lobbying in Public Schools (CASILIPS), later confirm Hillary Clinton’s involvement: “However, the most probable reason for Bill Clinton’s attendance was the Gulenists’ numerous contributions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. A sampling is given in the Table below. All these contributions came from individuals identified as Gulenist based on their affiliations with Gulenist organizations or schools. This list is far from complete, and only represents the contributions that we have identified to date.”

Now that Gülen has been indentified as a terrorist by Turkey, why is the U.S. media silent about this?

For the answer you only need to visit the CASILIPS website and you can  read for yourself how Hillary Clinton has been financed by what is now considered an Islamic terrorist group that wanted to orchestrate a coup in Turkey, a NATO member since 1952.

Miscellaneous Links for your Islam research   it's about an American College enforcing Sharia Law on campus. Oh yeah, it's here!

US Sponsored Islamist Insurgency in Xinjiang? China Jails CIA’s Uighur Imams
Uighur Muslims were present at Osama bin Laden's CIA-ISI Afghan training camps.

According to journalist Eric Margolis, the CIA used third parties in the effort to train the Uighur.

“The CIA was going to use them in the event of a war with China, or just to raise hell there, and they were trained and supported out of Afghanistan, some of them with Osama bin Laden’s collaboration. The Americans were up to their ears with this,” Margolis told Scott Horton in 2008.

Details of the operation to destabilize China came to light during the immigration court case of a Turkish Islamic leader, Fethullah Gülen, in 2008.

During the court case prosecutors uncovered an illegal covert CIA operation to use Islamic radicalism to destabilize Central Asia, a plan that received its broad strokes from the work of arch globalist and former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and his book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives.  According to a secret U.S. government document released by Wikileaks, “Deep and widespread doubts remain, however, about his (Gülen) movement’s ultimate intentions.  We have anecdotal evidence of the pressure that the various circles of his  movement put on people they have drawn in, for instance severe pressure on businessmen to continue to give money to support Gülenist schools or other activities.  We have multiple reliable reports that the Gülenists use their school network (including dozens of schools in the U.S.) to cherry-pick students they think are susceptible to being molded as proselytizers and we have steadily heard reports about how the schools indoctrinate boarding students.”