The Jewish Religion

The Old Testament God

This person was an alien named Enlil or, El. He was one of Two Brothers who basically ruled Earth for eons...pre Egypt and the flood. Anyways, this alien, compared to us is immortal and so he has different names depending upon what epoch you are talking about here. His Brothers name was Enki also known as Ea but he had other names just as his brother did and so on with the other famous gods in the Sumerian Pantheon.

El was the Anunnaki who at least tired of the incessant human din and challenges associated. Bibles speak of God as being so disappointed in the humans and angry with them that he decided to flood them off the face of the Earth. Well, that is NOT why the Earth flooded. He already knew that Nibiru's approach was going to cause said flood so he used that knowledge, to set the humans up for the fall, pun intended. Either way, it was his brother Enki who saved humanity and directed Noah to build the boat.

BTW, Noah did not bring in 2 of every kind of animal. All he would need (other than for sustenance where you need live animals) is genetic material (saveable) from the various animal types. Now, for that matter I don't see any need for Noah to do the genetic material collection since the aliens probably have on hand every sort and or the ability to make it in their data banks. far as I'm concerned the Jewish people are worshiping an alien, not God. The alien named Enlil is from the planet Nibiru which is the 12th planet (per Sitchin) in our Solar System that comes around once in every 3,600 years. I do not condone any human worshiping false Gods. There is only one God and that is the one from which all derives and that Primary Pyramid Gestalt (also called All That Is) is not and cannot be embodied by any physicalized individual that can incarnate on this planet. The energy difference is way to vast.

God can however use individual Beings as it's emissaries to steer Beings in the necessary directions. God can certainly use aliens from inside or outside our system or dimension to accomplish this. Don't confuse the ideallic messengers for the actual God though. Quan Yin, sure pray to her but don't mistake her for a God. Your a God to an Ant...if it could think in those terms. Point is that your not God. You are a divine aspect and spark of God though and you live eternally within it.
Bust of Sumerian Anunnaki
Apparently these Anunnaki are Reptilian in nature, much more than us. They mixed their DNA and one of the early hominids to make homo-sapien-sapien. That is what the Sumerian tablets say and that is way before the Christian religion came along.
The Jewish people need to discover the truth about their religions founders and stop worshipping aliens. The real God of Gods awaits your prayers and loving attention. Thank the aliens for their guidance and acknowledge those positive aspects but recognize their failings too. They are another of Gods creatures endeavoring in Being just like you and I. They haven't been perfect. It's time for the humans to have conversations about their place in the cosmos, among all these different ET's and factions thereof.

Now I know this has already been going on secretly but then I have to mention that the top 1 tenth of one percent of the globalists are Luciferian let alone their minions and so their infiltration into this scene has surely colored things and mired up the truth. Unfurling and untangling the truth from the CIA will be a challenge...we need to eventually take on as we dismantle it since it's been under globalist control and working against Americans and the freedom of all humans on the planet for decades and decades now.