Joe's Photographic Art Gallery
Wood Art

I go out into nature fairly often. Sometimes (it varies) I find curious twists in wood or other things about them as I walk about and I will pick them up and consider how a piece looks when out of the ground or when turned at this or that angle. If I think it holds enough 'promise' I will clean it up some and take it home for further consideration and cleaning. From there I may just apply a clear coat of Varathane say. I call what I'm working with as 'Natures Art'. I'm just discovering it and bringing it into more prominence for us humans. Sometimes I leave what I find in nature, there.

It will often come down to what I'm willing to carry on my walk and for how long which equates to how much I like it of course. If I've just begun my walk and find something I am likely to place it at the side of the trail and intend to come back to it on my way back. Generally I like to walk hands free but since I make my own paths oftentimes a walking stick to move the brush ahead of me out of the way is nice to have and employ. There is definitely ART in nature. I naturally LOOK for beauty amongst nature so I find it pretty often.