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My first EPIC video has it's own page.

Artificial Ascension in Ancient Egypt

Alien technologies at work in Ancient Egypt. Specifically devices that can change your level of conscious awareness. Change your DNA and Vibratory rate. They used 3 devices mainly to make it possible for you to artificially ascend to a higher level. I go over these devices and what each ones purpose was and how they most likely worked. I show that they may have been operated either electrically or through ones own personal power and consciousness much as the master healers here do by gathering in the 'Chi' energy and running it through their bodies. I also talk about the development of new lobes in the brain and a whole lot more. It's fascinating! Check it out!

My Second EPIC video has it's own page

The Great Gathering of 2012

A previously unknown and unrecognized historical Solar event.

A mystery became an enigma and I did my best to solve it. We already knew of geometry on the South pole of Saturn but even that is new to the general populace. What I found is geometry on our star. Not just geometry mind you but signs of intelligent life, at work upon our Sun. That much most can see but some of my ideas are less easily seen. Don't sweat it. Since you haven't spent hundreds of hours going through Solar activity like myself, just use your imagination or move up ahead a little in the video.

I consider this a public work. A historical video document. The first recognition of intelligent life in our solar system, comes from a guy who isn't even an astronomer, scientist or academic; just a non-average Joe. Check it out. I used their own instruments and date to prove ET's existence and NASA missed out on it totally! How about that. Time to fire their administrator et al.

You can see and listen to my own personal copy of this epic video on the I made a soundtrack for my work of art so that I could enjoy it that much more.

Joe's video - Waters Role in Self Esteem


Joe's video - Astronomy_March 12th 2012_Sun, Ufo, Triangle (SUT)

This is the first of now 2 videos I've made on this subject (this general date and events therein). My newest one is expected to be done by the end of April 2019 and has many new Sun phenomena never before seen. Absolutely astounding!! Be sure to check back here about then to see it.