Language ~ It's Various Forms, Varieties and Histories

There is obviously a great diversity of languages here on Earth; about 6000. I imagine it's much more diverse in the cosmos. At any rate let me mention some of the topics relative to language that you will find here on this page.

I start off with what I find to be super fascinating information from Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation at about the origin of the Hebrew, Greek and Arabic languages but it would be deceiving to have you think that this is ALL these 8 videos by him are about. They actually take you into the geometry of language, a look at 'a personal' God and Creation itself. A different view on the seed of life and much more is also revealed. His work is only lightly gone into here but it is deep! Check him out.

After these Stand Tenen videos, I have a bunch of other, different cool videos that bring in different points about Language I wanted to make. Enjoy.

For those of you who want to look more seriously into Hungary, language wise, look here.


Keep in mind that the Anunnaki, when they first came here did a LOT of mining in Southern Africa. Eventually they make homo-sapien-sapien so as to replace their own people with us to work the mines for the gold they sought. So, THEY were here in Southern Africa for along time so sure, languages started out to some degree here and then later moved off in many directions over the millenia.

The video below has a lot of great points it makes however, the speaker can be difficult to follow sometimes so just know that going in.

This one can be challenging sometimes to follow the speaker but I included it because the information is worth getting none-the-less. Many great points are made fits intuitively for me. See what you think.

I am sharing this with you not because I think It’s actually accurate in representing an ancient language, rather I share it for you to consider, as you listen just how many ‘languages’ extra-terrestrial visitors could come to Earth with in their Encyclopedia of Languages in their known Universe. It truly must be astounding.

Alien founders of Maya Civilization Aliens developed the Mayan Calendar and Language

I included this one being cause, this is a great example where we can expand our views of what's possible in a spoken language. Greater appreciation for the variations.

Language, starting nearly from nothing. Alien meets the indigenous people who have never seen a 'white' man before. Will they kill him? You know this is blowing their minds. Could just as well be a visitor from space. Difference there is most of them can telepathically tell you to not fear, It's ok, We mean no harm.

I’m including this one not for the language aspects. Instead I include it because see the natural human and the ancient human in her. Au Naturalle.


I’m sharing this because for me it stands for Telepathic Communication. She is putting her intent into these animals. Specifically she is programming the water within them. Water receives and transmits intents and frequencies. I’ll bet she is saying, “Your safe. your relaxed. Your sleepy, sleep now, your going to sleep now. Sleep precious one, sleeeeep”. The animals pick up telepathically that they are indeed safe and that she means no harm. Just a temporary rest...on stage.

Oh Yes, Horses have a language. Made up of sounds, gestures and movements. This man and those like him; Horse Whisperer's are like human emissaries to the animal kingdom. Now it's like "See, humans can get who you are and treat you with respect and kindness, even compassion." This champion of the equine kingdom soothes and develops the relating abilities of the humans and shows them a path forward whereby the two species can work and play together in Harmony. This whole domination submission thing, We can knock it down by many notches just by this kind of self development.

Watch this with your bodily sensors on and this will feel intuitively right. Bravo!