Making America Great Again

AliensjpgIt's TIME to take out the trash! We've got a lot of cleaning up to do. Let's make use of this opportunity of rebuilding America to reorganize and reaffirm our belief in this country and the principles behind it. What happened was no accident. It was purposeful (the great reset), even perfect to teach us what we've needed to learn. To Be mature and responsible among other qualities. The saying: The price of liberty is eternal vigilance ought needs to be the creed we live by! This is exactly where we went wrong. We stopped cultivating the attention of our people upon it. Liberty and our eternal vigilance. Sooo Important!

I'm sure the Luciferians were the ones directing things so that we would get 'distracted' with other things so that we did not watch what their hidden hand was doing. We got lazy and these challenges we're living with is what comes of it. Learn the lesson! We MUST always BE on guard about our freedoms being taken away. Now one way the so-called elites use to take those rights away is INCREMENTALISM. So slow are the changes brought about that you hardly notice the trends of where their agendas lead to.

Few people seem to be realizing that as this America crumbles and we go into a REAL struggle to wake up and over throw the Luciferians. We both have to rebuild our America afterwords and when we do, we SHOULD be ready to REPAIR those faults in America that allowed this shit to go down. Be sure to write to me at [email protected] with your suggestions for what needs fixing.


Monopolized Corporate Media gave us FAKE NEWS, Cancel Culture, Propagandizing Americans, Brainwashing, Censorship, Lying to our faces and more! See corporations as individuals.

We should have NOT allowed corporations to have RIGHTS like humans. Big Mistake!

Humans and the global corpsjpeg

Altering Our World QUICKLY

Another challenge we had but never rose to was our creating a more responsive way to make changes in government. When we return our gov.t to the people, the people are going to need a great way to participate in the creation of their government. I have some ideas on that. Our societies have to be more easily changeable as we grow in consciousness and intents but, as the founders did we need to make it also so that we are not changing it on mere whims. Whims that can be stirred up by say, globalists with a lot of money and influence. Trends don't always come to fruition. They aren't meant to.

The CIA, FBI, ATF, and NSA are NOT our friends

We should have gotten rid of the CIA. These 3 letter agencies, like the FBI should have been disbanded. They have both been known by those who study such org.s that they at the top these org's were corrupt. These four org.s have done more to harm America and Americans than any other possibly except Darpa, Biolabs and Big Pharma.

The FBI is the TOP TERRORIST org. working supposedly solely INSIDE America. They don't prevent terrorist acts so much as set them up and or pull the trigger on them. Most recently the Kidnapping plot by the FBI in Michigan with Gov. Whitmer. I could also mention Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma city and plenty more, Boston marathon for instance.

IF WE DON'T MAKE THESE KINDS OF CHANGES WHEN WE BUILD BACK AMERICA AGAIN, then we aren't learning from experience; from history and we will get what took us DOWN back again. Let's mot be stupid. Let's recognized NOW what our mistakes were and not make them again.

Spectre and the Eye of Sorospng


This surveillance state. Not good. Evil because there is no human or AI that can use this technology in neutral fashion thus. it must be dismantled and not recreated. There IS such a thing as privacy and the day you give that up is the day you become a slave!


Millions died because we put our trust in 'health authorities' and people who did not deserve our trust. The CDC, the FDA, the NIH were all KNOWN to be corrupt yet we allowed them to continue to exist and do Evil. We have to be alert and take ACTION quicker. Our laxness enabled our present position. We allowed ourselves to become too soft,, too comfortable and too self centered.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Our FDA has failed the American people for decades now. Most recently by allowing nano-tech in our foods. Of course there are many, many other sins of the FDA. Eventually I hope to list them all here but suffice it to say that they are anti-human and run by the Luciferians.


We allowed the government to hide the knowledge of Extraterrestrials existence. WE OURSELVES KNEW they existed and STILL, we allowed the gov.t to propagandize and misinform for 80 years. WE have to be the creators of our own narrative instead of following the governments. We are missing out on a lot of growth because this information is withheld from us. We have been too comfortable, distracted and self centered to force this information into the open.

Intra because the Hollow Earth is a real thing. There have been aliens living within it for eons and eons! Admiral Byrd and Operation High Jump, Look it up. Also, Miners have found tunnels deep underground for instance that weren't made with human technology number one and number two they are ancient tunnels. We make Deep Underground Bases. Why wouldn't an advanced alien to us civilization do the same but long, long ago? Under the ice in Antarctica there is said to be an ancient civilization that elites up top have been visiting in recent years. Also, supposedly there is an upside down pyramid in the ice in the Arctic. Aside from Hollow Earth aspects aliens have also built bases under our oceans and inside mountain ranges. UFO's have been seen ducking into Mexican volcano's on their way to their alien bases.



We allowed THEM to entrain our minds into thinking we are victims rather than creators of our reality. We 'took on' the lifestyle of 'victimhood' rather than taking the responsible position which actually has power in it.


We allowed them (the Luciferian Globalists) to run our money system... for over the last 100 years (1913). 100 years and we never got our spines up enough to jump up and take that travesty down. Shame on us!

Meet Your Globalists_2jpg

We let these same people's minions take unfair advantage of our monetary system by their 'FIXING' the comex, the dow and other exchanges such that the common man and woman could not compete on equal ground with an honest system. Some specifics: Derivatives, Rehipothication, Direct connections to exchanges make for them having advanctage over the common man and there is more.

more coming