After studying them here and there over the years, The defining lines between them have blurred. Not being cause I am so ancient (62 linearly), rather that they are so intertwined. They are related aspects somehow. Vibration provides the on/off: the 'pulse' found in Marco Rodin's Vortex Math. That's important for the continual renewal/degradation. Geometry provides 'form', multi-dimensionaly I'd guess. Math provides the Formula for the forms and thus the creation/destruction.

Math, Geometry and frequency are each, enormous topics in and of themselves so...though it seems impossible, I will endeavor to keep it somewhat brief here in each of the 3 categories. The items I'm most drawn to share with you. I'm going to provide you with links and more.

Important Mathematical Concepts

Marco Rodin and Vortex Math
It's math but it's got geometry and frequency to it also.

A Man open to possibilities. A man willing to delve into possibilities. A man who sought meaning. A man who endeavored to understand...the ways of God. Marco's story of how vortex math and came about is awesome. I will provide a video of that and of his explanation of vortex math itself.

While I could not grasp what he was talking about at first, being a non-mathematics person, I did not want to give up. I KNEW he had something there and I WANTED/Desired to understand it myself so how could I grasp it? Well, I chose to not fret about 'getting it'. I said to mysSelf, I'm going to let my sub-conscious get it, which it would naturally do and I instructed my ego to be open to what my sub-conscious could provide it. So...I'm watching and listening to the video, not fretting over how come I don't get this or that thing he's saying. I keep at it..Being present for leads and understanding to come about. Cool thing was that it did. I invested enough attention to it that I finally got how vortex math worked. So...this was a case of 'where there's a will, there's a way.

Marko Rodin shares his journey of how his discovery came about
No Accidents


O M - The Sound of the Universe

Om, 7.98 khz basically 8 khz the sound of the universe?
The sound of OM (AUM) is the original sound of the first echo when the universe was created and the light came on and it is present everywhere now - the most powerful MANTRA ever.

V I B R A T I O N 

1 1 0   H E R T Z

Paul Devereaux and the 110 hertz frequency. It is built into megalithic structures and the effect it has upon us humans is that it produces an out of body a good way. To me this is a way that the ancients made it easier for them to communicate with Beings on other dimensional levels.

Show where the locations where this frequency has been found: Malta, England, Ankor Wat, India. This frequency actually lifts your vibrational level.

People regularly exposed to resonant sound in the frequency of 110 or 111 hz would have been "turning on" an area of the brain that bio-behavioral scientists believe relates to mood, empathy and social behavior.

Pythagoras created his musical scale starting with a note A (just next to the middle C) that resonates at the frequency of 111 Hz. Perhaps this one note contains many overtones like white light that contains all the colours.  Perhaps it is a Cosmic ‘I love you’ that is within all of us. 111Hz is a frequency of a low male voice.

Paul Devereux is a professor from Cambridge and an archaeo-acoustician who researches the area of archaeology and acoustics and who has visited ancient sites and temples analysing the ritual use of sound.  He’s discovered that burial mounds in Ireland called Cairns, even though they are made of different materials, and are different sizes, all resonate at one particular frequency, of: 111 Hz. He has decided to take it a step further and explore what happens to the brain when it is exposed to the frequency of 111 Hz. Findings of MRI scans suggest that at exactly 111hz, the brain switches off the prefrontal cortex, deactivating the language center, and temporary switches from left to right-sided dominance, that is responsible for intuition, creativity, holistic processing, inducing a state of meditation or a trance.

110, 111, for the purposes of this section we will call them the same.

The Maltese Hypogeum is a temple hewn out of the rock during 3600-2500BC that covers some 500m2 with the lowest room being around 11 metres under the ground, mirroring Temples above the ground that are the oldest free standing structures on Earth.  Testing that analysed the sound within the Oracle Chamber in the Hypogeum found to match the same pattern of resonance at the frequency of 111 Hz.

Seven thousand years ago, a thousand years before the Egyptian pyramids, in the Mediterranean, in Malta, an amazing culture seemed to be flourishing in peace and harmony for 2,500 years.  Within the remains of their times, no evidence of weapons, or defensive architecture was found. The bones analysis suggests a healthy population. Their cult seems to have rituals that are life affirming, earth and nature oriented, Worshipping Great Goddess, experiencing the divine as both feminine and male, attuning to the natural rhythms and cycles of Sun, Moon and Earth, and the change of the seasons. These neolithic people were certainly not savage cavemen.

R.G. Jahn et al have taken sound generators and meters into the chambers of six ancient structures and measured their acoustical properties. The sites selected were: Wayland's Smithy, Chun Quoit, and Cairn Euny, all in the U.K.; Newgrange, and Cairns L and I, Carbane West, all in Ireland.

All of these sites date back to about 3,500 BC. The chambers were all bounded by roughly hewn stones, but they had very different configurations. Newgrange was cruciform (see sketch); others were rectangular, beehive, and petalshaped. Quoting the abstract from the Princeton report, here is what the acoustical surveys found:
"Rudimentary acoustical measurements performed inside six diverse Neolithic and Iron Age structures revealed that each sustained a strong resonance at a frequency between 95 and 120 Hz (wavelength about 3m).

Despite major differences in chamber shapes and sizes, the resonant modal patterns all featured strong antinodes at the outer walls, with appropriately configured nodes and antinodes interspersed toward the central source. In some cases, internal and exterior rock drawings resembled these acoustical patterns.

Since the resonant frequencies are well within the adult male voice range, one may speculate that some forms of human chanting, enhanced by the cavity resonance, were invoked for ritual purpose."

110 khz and Dolphins

Unlike terrestrial mammals, dolphin brains contain a paralimbic lobe, which may possibly be used for sensory processing. Dolphin brain stem transmission time is faster than that normally found in humans, and is approximately equivalent to the speed in rats. As echo-location is the dolphin's primary sense – analogous to vision in primates – and since sound travels four and a half times faster in water than in air, scientists speculate that the faster brain stem transmission time, and perhaps the paralimbic lobe as well, assist quicker processing of sound

The environment where dolphins live makes experiments much more expensive and complicated than for many other species; additionally, the fact that cetaceans can emit and hear sounds (which are believed to be their main means of communication) in a range of frequencies much wider than humans can means that sophisticated equipment, which was scarcely available in the past, is needed to record and analyze them. For example, clicks can contain significant energy in frequencies greater than 110 kHz (for comparison, it is unusual for a human to be able to hear sounds above 20 kHz), requiring that equipment have a sampling rates of at least 220 kHz; MHz-capable hardware is often used.

Echo-location - significant differences do exist in peak frequency, spectral composition, source level, duration, and envelope shape. Some species emit signals having relatively fixed characteristics, making stereotypical descriptions seem appropriate. However, other species appear capable of varying their signal characteristics, and individual animals have been observed to exercise considerable control over their emitted signals. Hence, some flexibility is called for in attempts to categorize species by signal type (or vice versa). It should also be kept in mind that most of the available data on odontocete echolocation signals has been obtained from only a small handful of species.

The Solfeggio Frequencies

R Important 4 Humans

Humankind is the largely unwitting victim of a frequency war on our consciousness that has been waged for decades, if not millennia. The goal has clearly been to keep us as gullible and subservient as possible, through multifarious means.

In modern history in particular, there has been what Dr. Len Horowitz has referred to as the strategic “militarization” of music. This happened in 1939 when the tuning of the note ‘A above Middle C’ to 440 Hz was adopted in the world of music. In 1910 an earlier push to effect the same change was met with limited success. Three decades later, the British Standards Institute (BSI) adopted the A=440Hz standard following staunch promotion by the Rockefeller-Nazi consortium—“at the precise time WWII preparations were being finalized by the petrochemical-pharmaceutical war financiers.”[i] This was the year that A=440 became the international standard.

The American Federation of Musicians had already accepted the A440 as standard pitch in 1917, and the U.S. government followed suit in 1920. One must surely ask why Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, argued for this odd intrusion into musical creativity, persuading Hitler’s supposed enemies in Britain to adopt this “superior” standard tuning for the “Aryan/Master Race.” What did the Nazis (and their secretive by well-documented US financiers) have to gain from this?

According to preliminary research, analysis, and professional discussions by Walton, Koehler, Reid, et al., on the web, A=440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centers (i.e., chakras) from the heart to the base of the spine [the lower four]. Alternatively, chakras above the heart are stimulated. Theoretically, the vibration stimulates ego and left-brain function, suppressing the “heart-mind,” intuition and creative inspiration.[v]

For maximum suppression of human consciousness, the frequencies we naturally resonate with, and which are the most biologically and psycho-spiritually enhancing, must be maximally suppressed. Ancient Egyptian and Greek instruments have reportedly been found to be tuned to 432 Hz. As far as many guitarists are concerned, A=432 Hz seems to be the most practical, optimal, and most bio-friendly resonant tuning we have, although many musicians have also favored A=444. (A=444 Hz belongs to a different scale, where C=528 Hz.)

The Significance of the Solfeggio Frequencies


The Tibetan 'Singing' Bowls

Singing Bowls date back to pre-Buddha (2000 BC) period in Himalayas. They are often called Tibetan Singing Bowls. From musical instrument point of view, they are categorized as bells, though they are standing bells. Their sound is believed to be in harmony with soul's rhythm and they are used for meditation. From acoustic point of view, the mallet resonates the bowl and create a high-amplitude sound. If water is added, bowl's dynamic changes and frequency decreases accordingly. The new system is a vibration container of water that admits the well-known Faraday wave pattern on its surface above a certain threshold.
Wow! you really get a strong sense of what it must feel like to get one of these treatments. For me, it's like, of course your body as an vibrational construct will react to these introduced tones and a good way. This is very impactful.

Vocal Overtones ~ Alter your Consciousness


In Music, the change from Harmonic to Dis-harmonic

You can FEEL the difference in your body as well as hear it in your ears. Your body feels good with the your being comfortable under sunlight whereas 440 builds anxiety and confusion, rather like being in the dark.

Another view on this changeover talked about below is that this, like the Trivium in Education is yet another means of dumbing us down. Removing anything that may serve to 'enlighten' us.

Here are some vibrations you can use to 'bliss out'.


Hans Jenny and Cymatics - Structure through Sound

The Creations of All That Is, are all manifested via sonic frequencies.

Royal Rife - The Suppression of his Vibrational Technologies

Royal Rife and one of his smaller microscopes
What I call Rife's Super-Microscope
Rife's technical abilities scared the so-called elites. His machines revealed too much. They were too good. He knew that 'frequency' was key in health and healing and the globalists knew it too but they could not have him going about prolonging peoples lives when they were all about Eugenics so...they ruined him and did their best to remove all trace of him from the public's eye.

His work is making a comeback now thanks to modern researchers. Here are a few of them for you to peruse and learn from.

Ad more content here about the frequencies and how he found them.