To me, the is the key, If mainstream media wasn't so controlled (by the -globalists) they wouldn't be able to carry this whole charade as far as they have. By 'charade' I mean the the reality the -globalists have built; the NWO. While I am seeing some perfections for it having gotten this far, I am anxious to remove their grip off of our media. I guess you have to know how bad it can get so you know just what to fix and why that was so important. Learning from our past and creating something different for our future this next moment.

Oh yeah, The KEY to getting out country back and freedom for humanity is the MEDIA. We could just as well say 'alternative media' as that is a saving grace. Mainstream media though, needs to be tamed once and for all and set for the benefit of the people not criminal corporations with the rights of natural humans. We must, must, must take back our media!


W e a p o n i z e d   M e d i a


The  D I N O S A U R   M E D I A

The Dinosaur Media is a double edged sword, one that we have felt nearly only one side of and that side is 'it' as a weapon. You will notice that it promotes almost exclusively FEAR. There is plenty of entertainment, but little to none that would lead you towards actual 'enlightenment'. THAT is a banished subject! THAT is the side of the sword that we HAVE NOT got to experience yet. It's only slipped in sideways to us via the internet but television and radio themselves are not used to 'enlighten the population'. THAT should tell you something. That's why they are going extinct. The people want the real deal. The Truth and the freedom that comes with it.
That it is used to accomplish the opposite, to erode the minds of those who get the 'programming'. Their Zombified now. Instilled with fear, another purpose for it is to create fear and divisiveness so they can take over as we fight amongst ourselves. One of the older tricks in the book!

Cell Phones


There's more to come!!
Social media big tech and the like.