The Planetary Governor of Earth

Joseph LaValley, is a Visionary man and the self appointed Governor.

The Governor is an answer to the lack of spirituality in our political leaders.

My Welcome Message

It was while noticing that my local, state and national politicians were more about serving their own self interests (for wealth and power) and those of ‘special interests’ (groups and corp.s), more than being about serving the people as they’d promised in their sworn oath of office. The Governor of the planet in contrast is only about serving the people, primarily spiritually.

The Governor is a position of spiritual leadership for the people of this planet. The position is primarily about the unification and enlightenment of the humans. The time is ripe for this idea to come forth.

Name me a religion that supports people in realizing that they are the divine in physical form. Name me one whose tenet is that we are the creators of our reality. Name me one whose teachings are that there are no accidents or victims. Name me one that tells us that the only messiah we need is the messiah aspect within our own self. These are all ideas/realities that would support self realization and personal power in the people. All liberating and enlightening points of view. These are all absent from conventional religion and government. Another reason why the position of Planetary Governor is needed.

I believe that it’s both KEY and critical that we reclaim and remake our main stream media. Their ‘programming’ is anti-human. It needs to be taken out of the hands of those six huge corporate conglomerates. They should not be considered 'individuals' with the 'rights' of humans. Perhaps most importantly they have criminally colluded with the Luciferian Globalists in the faux vaccine genocide of the human race. They ARE responsible just as Fauci, Gates, Rockefellers et al. We have to revoke their licenses to operate till we have taken them back then open a bunch of smaller media org.s (todays alternative media) to take their place. We don't need nor want such large media conglomerates. They become evil when they get that big and the top people behind them DON'T have morals and ethics.

Much information has been suppressed and it is time to free it up and make the knowledge and wisdom of this world available to all. It should not be limited to just those who can afford to pay for it. A new world has been emerging and proper use of the media will make for a rapid manifesting of Enlightenment within the people. Gone will be the days of wisdom horded. Today is the day of co-operation, of love and of generosity of the spirit.

I believe we are to give the gifts we have and are, even if our gifts are not fully matured or refined yet. We are to give of ourself, our hearts, mind and imagination even if we are not a "pro" in some field,..yet. We are to give and use our gifts...for good. We aren't to give them some time...later, when we're finally credentialed, married, or ‘financially secure’. Now is the time when any one of us can make a positive difference in the quality of our or anothers life, Now is the time in which we exist. Now is where our point of power is. Now is the time to Be all we can be. Our challenge is to own the great unique possibility that we each are. We're all on a journey of sSelf discovery.

My aim is for this Planetary Governor concept to continue running long after I’m gone. This position is one that both America and the world will eventually be proud of. It will rise in prominence, and influence. Its a concept growing in actuality. It will be continually refined. That's part of my job. Refinement is one of my specialties. I am about initiating this idea, forming it and setting it on it's course, allowing others to continue the work there-in-after.

Joe LaValley — First Governor of Planet Earth

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Governor, Planet Earth

Thoughts & Questions Answered

What IS this your doing?

Most simply I've created a global symbol for self empowerment. I've done this by declaring myself the Governor of Planet Earth. This concept developed out of an inner vision. One I've cultivated for some 30 years now and is one of many avenues I currently use to explore and express my greater..Being. Through my Being, and my Doings, I encourage others to discover and express too, their greater Sself. I believe that at some level we're all seeking to deliver on the promise of magnificence that we at least unconsciously, know that we really are. Through my Being the Governor I am supporting others in looking inward to recognize, own and express more of their own particular inherent greatness. I symbolize the human quest for ownership of ones ideal self.

There are many perfections as to why I chose this particular..challenge. It promotes my personal growth in many ways and on many levels. For instance I expect to become a clearer, more articulate and confident communicator. I also expect to grow in loving acceptance of myself and others thus bringing about A greater expression for both. My Being the Governor supports well my intention of making a positive difference in peoples lives,..all over the planet. I seek to move us out of our fear and "surface" mode of life into one of more Joy, love, awareness, depth and freedom.

Another facet to this governorship is that its also a sort of grand demonstration of self determinism. Daily I continue to realize how I am the creator and former of my life's quality and content. As I learn, I more and more come to utilize consciously my moment points of power to create myself as magnificent. I emphasize my humanness; showing both my magnificence and my lowliness while I strive to own all the aspects of my being that I uncover. I accentuate my and our greatness for it is that loving focus which enables our every action and our very growth as human beings.

Now, from the beginning, this Governor concept arose from and was inspired and driven by it seems, two main points of focus on my part. The first I see as representing the "challenge" aspect. It is that to my seeing, our societal focus and political leadership aren't getting the job done. Selfishness, violence, greed and unconsciousness remain strongly present. We have lacked the real "will" to act from our own inner wisdom to change this. The second primary focus (the opportunity) that occurred for me was the concept and question of just what could raise the level of consciousness, so that we would act more upon the impulses of our own inner wisdom? Next, I thought well What would the spiritual counterpart to politicians and big brother Be?

My particular answer to that showed itself when I had the idea of our having a governor for planet earth. Stepping into that concept I imagined myself in that position and pondered about various facets of it like: What kind of repore would I as governor be about creating with the people, government types and businesses? Where would I travel to and why? What would I say, do and Be about? What would my stands be? Now as I answered these and others I found myself inspired by this "vision" I was growing and I saw that I, being a fairly clear, visionary man had a lot of great qualities, and energy to bring to the position,..myself. So...I've taken it on and have tailored it such that its a workable addition to my life's present preferences and priorities, not an intrusion or burden upon it.

Through my Being the governor I inspire others in knowing and owning previously unknown & or unowned aspects of themselves, thus I contribute expanded possibilities for them in this existence. That is empowerment.

If one agrees with the idea that we have free will and are self determining human beings then it should also follow that we create our reality. That being so, we can create ourselves as leaders, or whatever else we desire. While who we really are in essence is beyond labels we do at times make the mistake of over identifying with our labels in a so called negative sense and become at affect of them rather than the cause of them. I believe we are the label creators. We are, who we stand for Being. Seemingly contradictory characteristics within a person, or events in their life do not invalidate that persons basic ground of Being or their stands.

As governor I bring a spiritual perspective to both the political and social worlds. My main priority is in communicating with the masses the real possibility of their magnificence. As they "get it" and transform themselves so too will the political, financial, religious and other systems for its with the individual consciousnesses of this planet that true power resides to create, or uncreate systems. New realities are ever emerging. Everything has a psychic origin. The works I produce are not solely of me but rather have also been called up by the mass psyche of all of us, for our growth.

I am a catalyst for change, I trigger it naturally. Its not something I do. Its an affect of my being. I serve to point out probable actions & solutions to challenges often common to people all over the world.

Who made you the Governor?

I did. Frankly its a personal Act of Power. My living my vision for myself is an encouragement to others that they can develop & live a greater vision for themselves. Olympic athletes for example via their personal struggles, challenges and triumphs encourage aspirants in their journeys. I intend to BE inspiring to people in their physical and spiritual journey. My governorship is my declaring another aspect of mySelf. This is my pressing against and strecthing out the boundaries and limitations I've set about myself as to who I am and who I can BE. I've found that freedom doesn't lie in ones asking others permission to Be...oneself. A personal declaration is self generated and so does not involve getting an ok or vote of approval from others for one to Be valid, worthwhile or successful. Those psychological qualities are natural aspects of the context from which declarations come. The labels that matter the most are the ones we place upon ourselves. There are ever new areas of Sself to explore, develop and express, and as we do we reflect a most fundamental principle expressed by God or All That Is,..Life is to grow and expand by. Staticness is not our or God's nature.

Why do you want to do this?

I want to Be this to introduce and make manifest the concept. This concept can be tremendously contributive to the people. Besides that it’s likely to be a position that comes about one way or another some day so I may as well start it off right and set the direction. Better myself than some anti-human globalist! I have long seen how perfect it's been for me to Be the initiator of the concept and it's materialization. It's a long list. Among the various reasons: It presents challenges in self esteem, ego, communication, fear, system structure, engagement, commitment, service and more.

Why Planetary Governor?

Why not running for a political office at some level of
government or conversely why not
just make yourself..Lord of the Universe?

A political office would be to limiting for me and its confines would not support my making the kind of differences I want to make in our planetary cultures, systems of government and individual life experiences. Not being so subjectively wrapped up and narrowly focused as one can easily be in political office I have a broader, less attached and more clear picture of whats so and whats needed.

The thought of Being the Lord of the Universe did occur for me but I gave it little attention as it did not fit as being me and what I am up to. From that thought though I did see how actually workable it would be for me to Be, Governor Of Planet Earth. That job filled my requirements of being just big enough while providing me with a great forum for the development and expression of my talents and abilities. Personal growth wise it is a tremendously valuable and fulfilling experience.

What are you Qualifications for this position?

True qualifications emanate from ones own inner being. They aren't earned, bought or given to. They already are and can be seen, heard and otherwise experienced If you have the intent to identify with. To do that, one has to Be open, and needs to "set aside" previously made judgements and beliefs. I learned about 20 years ago that exterior things such as Phd's A.A.s, B.A.s etc. (the usual qualifications) did not automatically equate to a person "having their life together", or their being nice, or loving, honest or even terribly smart let alone enlightened. I have been learning to trust and believe in myself and so seek answers within mysSelf..

Here are some items about me that I feel make for my Being an excellent Governor:

I am an organizer. I am about beautifying. I have a keen sense of fairness and justice, I want the best for people. I continually work to improve existing circumstances for us all. A visionary, I am open and daring. I readily get to the root of matters, treading easily where others fear to go, an explorer of sorts. I actively use my intuitional abilities. I'm extremely creative and am an avid learner and inventor. Spiritually driven I am not money or thing oriented though I like and appreciate both. Inner space not outer space is what we ought to be investing our time and resources on. I am big on communication, I "get" the point of things/ideas quickly and comprehend the big picture readily. Schmooze and superficial talk don't interest me. I am very much into nature, simplicity and informality. Pretentiousness, commercialism and formal events are turnoffs. I believe answers to our challenges are to be found through relationship, spirituality and the examination of our beliefs. I believe in human rights and know the value of freedom of speech, expression, religion and assembly etc. I believe in the sovereignty of each individuals consciousness. I believe that peoples passions should not override another persons human rights. I am both selfish and altruistic in my expressions. I am the father of two awesome kids, I consider them my greatest accomplishment and duty next to loving myself. I love physical existence! I accept my creature-hood yet I know that who I am is found both within and beyond this present existence, this personality, body and gender. I perceive the unity behind those things which seem to have no connection or relationship. I am practiced in the art of forgiveness. For me, everyone's reality is individual and valid. Everyone has a magnificence within them and my aim is to bring that to the fore. I don't believe in the archaic notion of punishment, it does not work. Nor do I believe in victims or accidents, there are none in my reality. There are though people who aren't consciously aware that they are creating their reality. I am willing to be vulnerable and expose both my exaltant selves as well as my lower aspects. I aim to own all that I find myself to be, and I endeavor to express outwardly that which is most beautiful within. 

The concept of governorship itself, whats the future your intending for it?

I see this position among other ways as being one of a collective creation. Not only those who choose to take on the label of governor themselves (participating actively) but everyone else (in a manner that we could label passive and unconscious) as a co-creator of the position. I see it as a sort of gestalt or group consciousness kind of thing in which the "active" participants each are bringing their particular talents and abilities to the position of Governor. I not going to be everyone's everything and so others can partner with or without me in the handling of the expression of this `position.'

Does Being a co-governor require a major

adjustment in the life of that person?

Not necessarily. These people are usually already serving as powerful symbols of knowledge or ability in their fields for others so they are already giving what I want from them basically, leadership in that area. once they are recognized and accepted as co-governor nominees we negotiate with them as to just what they can, and in a committed fashion would bring to this position of Co-Governor.

Describe the various levels of participation

available relative to Co-governors

There are three levels or rings of Co-Governorship. The first ring and one that works closest with me and the masses are the official Co-Governors themselves that you and I have picked during the nomination/acceptance process. These people could be likened to cabinet members of the President of the United States. Specifically they are the Governor’s advisors & activists; active participants with him or her in accomplishing the goals we both seek, namely usually their particular specialty. With their specialized (or general) knowledge and abilities they serve as public representatives; emissaries if you will, of the Governor in their respective area of expertise. The Governor is a partner of sorts with them in informing the populace of the importance of their work. The governor for instance may attend and speak in support of the co-governor’s area(s) of endeavor.

Now those who don't wish to be so active can instead participate in the second level ring of co-governorship as Co-Governor partners. Their participation is about one third that of the first ring of Co-governors. They share their knowledge with the co-governors and partner with them in projects of their own or others but don't as a rule go out making appearances. The third level or ring of co-governorship are known as Co-Governor public partners. They are members of the public who may have certain talents and skills in particular areas but also just care about the various issues we are working on and who believe in and want to participate in the creation and growth of this new concept known as the governorship of planet Earth. These folks actively participate via sharing what knowledge, information or suggestions they have. Some volunteer to help out physically, aiding me and us in administrative or internet work from their home or they volunteer to assist us (the governor and co-governors) on projects we are working on. All Public Partners volunteers are divided into two categories. Those who are informal occasional contributors who are not registered and listed by the Governors office and those that are formal volunteers who are registered and listed with the Governors office. Being registered and on the list means they are available to be contacted by others on the list or by those on the other two levels of partnership. They can of course communicate with same.


That is me attending the Sacramento Whole
Life Expo MANY years ago now. I did not start this idea yesterday.


There won’t be just the Governor himself.
He would also have Co-Governors to aid him.
They are like the U.S.’s Presidents “Cabinet” members.

You can nominate someone to be a Co-Governor can apply for
a position yourself, either way keep the following items in mind:

These Co-Governors are the lead scouts of our human consciousness. Scouts bring us information to better choose from the probable realities we are generating. Their unique vantage points, abilities and knowledge help us make wiser choices in the realities/probabilities we're creating and stepping into. What types of people might our co-governors be?

* They are often visionaries, serving as guides in their respective fields of interest. That could be fashion, or communicating with animals. These people are often pressing out upon and bursting through the edges of convention/accepted reality. They are often thinking and acting outside the box

* They will often be found on the cutting edge. Example in music: Madonna or Garth Brooks. To the average citizen, someone like Deepak Chopra would fit the bill as a cutting edge "Doctor of medicine".

* They often serve as excellent role models in various ways. Celine Dion - occurs for me as representing unconditional love and excellence with her instrument,..her voice. Reuben (Hurricane) Carter the X-boxer serves as a good role model supporting peoples Sself determination.

*These people may or may not be well known "celebrities". General public or even academics, may not know of them. They can still be nominated. I am interested in the gift people are, not whether or not they are credentialed etc. or not. You don't become a gift and a contribution after you obtain your Masters degree, you already are a gem. You've just been polishing your facets.

* They are people with particular clarity, at least in some particular area or areas.

* They may be Jacks of all trades to one degree or another. People with a good bit of knowledge in several to many areas.

* They don't have to be "Credentialed or Titled" professionals in their field. Refined or not I care about the gifts and talents. The form they come in: accredited or not, classy or not, male or not, etc. is not so important.

* They are people who stand out. In some way or manner. A modern day shaman familiar with shamanistic ways around the world who is familiar too with plants and herbs from same could be nominated. Or a persons gift could lie purely in mental/psychological areas as in a psychic or mathematics genius. So,..what is this persons natural talent? It may be someone like Gabrielle Roth or other Choreographer who knows about bodily movement, rhythm, pacing etc. Thinking broadly here, it could be someone like the elephant man (were he still physically alive here) who could guide us in the area of being sensitive and compassionate with folks with physical deformities. Helping us know what it is like for those folks we then can create a more loving world for all of us.

So...we have ‘Co-Governors (ring #1),
CG partners/advisors (
ring #2),
and CG Public Partners. (
ring #3).





You know what people tend to do? They can ten to not learn from their experiences and so REPEAT the past lessons till they do. I have a great idea! Let's learn our lessons from all this Covid faux vaccine drama. Let's make sure we INGRAIN these lessons within us and each succeeding generation so that we ARE eternally vigilant with regards to our freedoms.

How do we go about learning these lessons and how do we make sure this knowledge stays with us in perpetuity? I investigate what FAULTS America has and how to repair them. Where did America go 'wrong' in your opinion? What should have been stopped sooner? What should never be tolerated? What might we of had in place that could have prevented this tragedy. Think of issues such as 'critical race theory, Black Lives Matter riots and violence, Antifa, Open Borders, Afghanistan withdrawl, The courts refusing to take up the challenge to the 2020 election. Help me ad to this List of America's Faults to Fix. Look over my page. dedicated to it. I think it highly important that we stop screwing around with this unconsciousness business don't you?

Emperor Norton of San Francisco Ca. U.S.A.

While his was an inventive and creative endeavor and while he did propose some 'good' he was, mostly a funny San Francisco character who was not taken very seriously, especially since he held no elected office.

My office, in my case is not an elected office either but contrary to how he was taken by the community my works and words are not superficial nor is the 'position' unrealistic as we are about to acknowledge the presence of and interactions with ET's. We need a representative that's not a globalist or otherwise evil guy. Someone who stands with mankind and not against it as so many politicians do. I am he.
It's no surprise that Emperor Norton appears in literature from Robert Louis Stevenson to Mark Twain (there as a delusional king in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn). After all, the self-proclaimed ruler had a life and personality best suited to fiction. Born in England and raised in South Africa, Joshua Norton arrived in San Francisco with a chunk of his father's fortune in 1849. Though he invested successfully in real estate and commodities, a lousy bet on rice and a protracted legal battle left him poor and disillusioned with the American government. Norton skipped town for a few years before returning with a decree, reprinted for laughs in The San Francisco Bulletin.

"At the peremptory request and desire of a large majority of the citizens of these United States, I, Joshua Norton... declare and proclaim myself Emperor of these U. S." But "Norton, I, Emperor of the United States" had selected a perfect capital. As Robert Louis Stevenson phrased it, he had "fortunately found himself in the friendliest and most sentimental city in the world, the idea being 'let him be emperor if he wants to.' San Francisco played the game with him." In his signature uniform (gold-plated epaulettes, a beaver hat, and a peacock feather) Norton spent his days inspecting cable cars and spouting philosophy and, though he was thoroughly broke, his nights found him dining at the finest restaurants. In order to pay his debts, the emperor even issued currency and his bank notes came to be locally accepted and are now valuable collector's items. Though Norton's many attempts to dissolve the US government proved ineffectual, his genuine foresight is perhaps his greatest legacy. In 1872, he called for the immediate construction of a bridge and a tunnel between San Francisco and Oakland, and several contemporary movements to rename the Bay Bridge in his honor just go to show that we're still playing along.