This page has to do with Religion overall but the very specific information I have and present on each religion (I've cared to go into here) actually have their own page and so, when your ready to look at the blasphemous information I will present, Click on the ones you wish to peruse.

Roman Catholic Religion
Christian religion  
Jewish Religion
On this page I am going to question the official narratives. MUCH of the Tyanny over humankind perpetuated upon the populace over the ages is due to religions and I have worked diligently to get to the bottom of many of these holocausts.

We will start off with something positive. How about some hidden teaching from the Bible that explain manifestation, consciousness and Oneness? I'm talking about The Gospel of Thomas.


Positive Aspects of Christianity

No Video here. I just wanted to bring these realities into the picture.

Fellowship of men, ethics and morals, bringing the kids up with great values. Serve their fellow men and women [food and medicine programs etc.). It holds both the born and unborn as sacred and it fights to protect them. They teach their children about love. Islam does not for instance.

Oh there's more. Give me time to fill it in.

And Now, The Ugly Side of 'Religion'


One of the problems with Cults is that like Churches...the people/parishioners don’t think for themselves. The Leader dictates...like the Pope and the people must obey or get forced out. Taking out peoples ability think independently means you now have what can be a mob that you can steer via emotions anywhere you want. Religion, most of them produce these kinds of people. Unquestioning and unconscious people. Like the Nazi’s, they will do as their told instead of thinking about the ethics or morals involved in certain actions like killing people for not going along with you.


The ‘elite’ even back then understood to be ahead of the game. Steer it, have insiders etc.




i HAVE a whole page on Scientology so I will only show a couple things about them here.

Visit my Scientology page.

For now let me list some of the nefarious things they Be:

They 'lock' you in. You can't just come and go as you please.

And that's generally. Specifically they have a jail like facility called
the 'hole' that members are sent to for resisting the Borg mentality.

They will make your family members who are in Scientology turn against you.
They will lie about you and more for they are brainwashed.

They desire a slave class. Billion year contract.

They are extreme in their harassment of former members who criticize.

They are Paranoid and are all to quick to attack.
This is because they know they are frauds.

They don't admit they have caused many suicides if not outright murders.

Having a family is discouraged. You won't get quality time with your kids
here and they won't get that from their parents either. They are...unparented.

This is primarily a business that's about getting it's
mitts on as much of your money as they can.

They are not upfront, honest or...'nice'.

They lie to their own parishioners about their accomplishments.

Scientology's Xenu the Bad Alien