SORRY, I've been so consumed by other elements of life that I forgot that I had this page. I will endeavor to post here more. 1- 23-2022

I guess I could report on what's going on as of this date that I'm aware of and that's of consequence.

Crypto -- Bitcoin and most if not all others are going down. Bitcoin is in the 30 to 40k dollar range right now. Bitcoin is a project of the Luciferians, George Soros, Jeffrey Epstein, human traffickers etcetera. Turns out that Tether the top so-called 'stablecoin' is a criminal enterprise. Tether is serving as a crypto version of the Fed and FIAT. Tether MAKES UP as many coins as they want. sell them and those are used to buy bitcoin. two thirds of all bitcoain sold are through tether. But it's a ponzi scheme I believe by the Largest bank owners themselves. Think about it. What a great scheme.You want to change everuyone over to your surveillance coin but to do so you have to ruin greenbacks and get people familiar even 'close' to crypto.

VIDEO – Antifa attacks anti-pedophilia demonstration.

Austin Police warn that Antifa and BLM are planning terror attacks and mass shootings downtown.

BLM activist calls for abolition of united states as we know it.

VIDEO – Marxist BLM protest leader calls for Black Militia revolution.

militia hold up white drivers for reparationspng

BLM mob invades Dallas restaurant tries to start a riot.

Bil Gates funded digital identity based on your vaccinations.

Mother shot dead after saying all lives matter.

Young white mother killed by BLM mob for allegedly saying All Lives Mater – the national media ignores it.

Spectre and the Eye of Sorospng

Soros foundation announces it is doubling down on funding black led justice organizations.

Professors demand University police chief resign over blue lives matter flag in his home.


Idiot state rep calls for abolition of history classes in Illinois schools because they lead to 'white Privilege' and a racist society.

Karl Marx racism quotes

VIDEO – UK ‘thought police’ pay a man a a home visit over his ‘offensive’ facebook comments.

With this covid environment the way it is, will Travel be safer by 2022?

July 12 2020

I’m sick of Black Privilege!

BLM miliatants storm DC and target store and threaten to shut down business if demands not met.

BLM racists burning down the hoodjpg

University says that BLM values are non-negotiable condition of enrollment.

Chicago Independence Day fireworks are cancelled but gay pride protest for black trans-lives goes ahead.

militia hold up white drivers for reparationspng

VIDEO – Black armed militia holds up white drivers for reparations.

BLM harasses church worshipperspng

SHOCK VIDEO – BLM harasses Christians attending church.

Autism expert explains mechanism behind chlorine dioxide.

OB-GYN doctors in the US want covid-19 vaccines tested on pregnant women! Can you recognize an upside down world?

June 22, 2020

Reddit Starts Banning Users For Their Upvotes now.

NPR is busted framing a self defense getaway from gun toting protesters as a right wing extremist attack.

Los Angeles to strip over 100 million from it’s Police Budget and redirect it to communities of color. Not good for the security of the people in the city.

White blackjpg

VIDEO of hundreds of whites reouncing their ‘white privilege’ in a white guilt prayer

ONE in every 16 Irish boys has autism. Why is that?

INSTAGRAM censors out even FBI crime stats graph as ‘hate speech’.

Apple and Google’s virutal assistancts to ‘educate’ users on Black Lives Matter.
Now they are telling you how to think. Is that their job? Who gave it to them?

Mayor Khan sets up a commission to review all London Landmarks to ensure they comply with diversity.

FBI crime statspng

YOUTUBE deletes a video exposing FBI crime stats on black crime.

NPR gushes over massive protests while claiming Trump rallies are Dangerous due to covid-19

Gone with the Wind, Have we lost America?

MONEY LAUNDERING – Global donations to Black Lives are being funneled to the DNC.

trojan horsejpg

Black Lives Mater is a globalist Trojan Horse

Black Lives Matter only when they need your vote!

The Polish President vows to ban LGBT indoctrination in schools. Says it’s a foreign idealogy.

FALSE FLAG – The Obama Foundation DID tweet about George Floyd’s death a week in advance.

June 4, 2020

Mosaic Crisis in the Corpsjpg

The GLOBALISTS are currently workin on their Mosaic of Crisis. One BIG thing after another. Turning our attention from the coronavirus towards Race War hoping we buy into it, in mass. Their CV scam upon us was becoming less and less effective in keeping us down. Now they have a ready made society full of anxiety and pent up energies, perfect for steering immoral crowds into the streets for rioting. Looks like Trump will jump in as needed even taking power away from Governors who get in the way of returning our freedom to us. I say you go boy!

Youtube is DELETING Comments Critical of Communist China

A Citizen Journalist BUSTS Democrat Mail In Voting at Nursing Homes.

Jackie Chan_Mind Blownjpg

Lockdowns destroying the minds as well as the businesses.

Project Veritas Infiltrates Anarchist Terror Group Posing as Protesters.

CAUGHT on Tape! Democratic Socialists of America Train Protesters to be Pro-Looting and Rioting.

Democrat socialism bsjpg

Senator Cotton DEMANDS the White House Send in the Troops to Crush Lawlessness.

May 3, 2020 - I'm sorry. I have been consumed with other things of late. The promotion of my discoveries on the sun and now the Covid-19 crisis and so, I completely forgot that I even had this page. I've only been working on Corona virus news. Ok, so now that I have reminded myself that I have this page. I expect I will input into it again...we shall see.