The Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican

Good thing I have so little power to do anything about this corrupt religion being cause, were it up to me I would push for an invasion of the Vatican and a dismantling of the Roman Catholic Church for all the crimes they've committed not to mention the Pedophilia in there.

#InvadeTheVatican -- I am serious! They have hidden away more of our planets history than even the Smithsonian and that is saying something in itself! The Vatican is very aware of their having been aliens on this planet. I would go so far as to say that they are serving the agendas of some of them. Certainly the Roman Catholic Church top structure is Luciferian in nature and thus worships him.

The Paedophilian Agenda behind the Roman Catholic Church -- Uses it to corrupt members and officials. The Jesuit pope used it to gain his current position via black mail. They are about killing off the innocence in humans, in children especially. They perform black magic and satanist rituals inside the church's during 'off peak' hours.

Are the leaders a negative Reptilian race? This could very well be.

I am going to point you to some of the finer points of the Roman Catholic Church's corrupted nature.

The Military Order of the Jesuits

Let's leave the whole Paedophilia thing on the back burner for the moment. Let's look at the history of
the Order of the Jesuits. The military aspect of the Roman Catholic Church. Now, of course the the Jesuits all are individuals and on that level some have been more loving and about the people they supposedly served than other Jesuits who did ruthless very evil things.

The leader of the Jesuits is termed
'The Black Pope'. He would be their...highest general.





The Justice Department needs to do a national investigation aimed at the church.

The Vaticans 3rd highest official Convicted! The Vatican in panic after the condemnation of Cardinal Pell.

Rome, December 12, 2018 – A sudden emergency announcement was made earlier today by Vatican spokesmen Greg Burke, after a Melbourne court convicted the now former Vatican finance chief, Cardinal George Pell, of sexually abusing two choir boys in the 1990s when he was Archbishop of Melbourne. After more than three days of deliberations, the court handed down a guilty verdict Tuesday by a unanimous consent of the jury. If the verdict is confirmed, it will be the highest-ranking condemnation of a Church official for a crime of sexual abuse.

[I’m sorry, this bit of news does not address the larger picture. His works went beyond 2 boys of course. It does point out his position and guilt though.]



If he holds you as sacred in any way it's as a sacrament to Lucifer with your heart if only he could cut it
out of you.
I am.