Is NOT a religion though it has been recognized by the IRS as such. We will look into that travesty on this page but that won't be all. We will look at his years in the CIA. We will look at their behavior, especially with those who leave the faux religion but also those who criticize it. I will show you how this organization was founded under PARANOIA and is run today from that same fearful stance.

We will look at it's second leader, David Miscavidge also, his behavior and his relations.
This is an organization that provides people (unknowingly) with the opportunity to find their own spiritual nature through falling for a bogus and fake one. People go through a journey of rigorous self discovery but not of the one Scientology professes. Rather like Islam they actually serve to press people into self acceptance, self worth and self love which they find when they leave leaving. Even seeming errors in judgment (like joining Scientology) have their purposes and perfections. Again, how can you tell what a true religion is if you don't encounter a fake one that's actually about all the opposites of what it professes. The Catholic Church is in the same place. It's true character is hidden by the faux religion.
L. Ron's ship: Freewinds
Spent most of his time on this ship so authorities couldn't so easily arrest him, Fraud that he was.

Writing in Skeptic magazine, Michael Shermer contrasted Scientology practices with those of mainstream religions: "Envision converting to Judaism but having to pay for courses in order to hear the story of Abraham and Isaac, Noah and the flood, or Moses and the Ten Commandments. Or imagine joining the Catholic Church but not being told about the crucifixion and the resurrection until you have reached Operating Theological Level III, which can only be attained after many years and tens of thousands of dollars in church-run courses."

The German government takes the view that Scientology is a commercial enterprise, and Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Philippines, Israel and Mexico remain unconvinced that Scientology is a religion.

A Word or Two About the Captain


You know...when you study L. Ron it’s not hard at all to see that his manic hatred of Psychiatry comes from a psychiatrist calling him ‘insane’ as some point. Same thing basically with his isse with pharmaceutical drugs. What he’d been prescribed at some point evidently took away his vitality, joviality and creativeness and he saw how evil that was. [virtually all mass shooters are on SSRI’s) So, He say’s to himself: “I’m not going down like this!” and in response creates his own religion down the line as a validation that he isn’t insane when he really knows he is. Plain enough for you?


Leah Remini's Anti-Scientology Campaign

She has brought a new family together. One of former Scientologists of every rank and position who know Scientology inside out. Together, in many ways this work Leah leads is decimating Scientology. So much so that Scientology has had to go into the next level of self promotion/preservation via starting up their own channel on cable tv where they can counter the negative press in another manner.

Leah is an empathic and compassionate person who has taken a stand on bringing the truth out and waking people up to the reality of Scientology vs what they promote. Leah is a bulldog and she's got Scientology in her jaws, by the throat. Yeah! you go girl! Thank you everyone who has been supportive of Leah and her mission.

Scientology is a perfect school for people who are into learning lessons on self direction, assertion, self esteem and self love. It's perfect in that it shows you the opposite so that you strive then for those positive aims somewhere else. So you endure a little, or a lot of torture for awhile. Nothing new there in humanity. It's all purposeful. We are not victims. We are creators who forget our true place! Thank you Leah for your stand for people, and the truth.