S e c r e t   S p a c e   P r o g r a m s

Originally, I thought this page was going to be about the American Secret Space Program however, It's now occurred to me that there are others too that are secret. For instance, all sorts of extraterrestrial races have visited and or lived here and that is kept secret by nearly all Nations. This tells me that the 'globalists' don't want it to be talked about which also means it needs to be. So...I am going to have to make mention here of these other secret space programs.

The secret space programs of the Extraterrestrials.
The secret space programs of nation states here on Earth.
The secret space programs of the globalists.
The publicly known 'space programs'. The false fronts.

The United States

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Bob Dean - The Anunnaki met with our leaders in 1954

Transcript of above video: Among the group that greeted the Annunaki in 1954 at Rurak, which is now Edwards air force base. There was an Arch Bishop from Los Angeles by the name of Mike McIntyre, he had been invited to be present when they landed to meet them, because they thought somebody ought to be representing the church here, you know; and they brought McIntyre over from LA, to Rurak. They were there for two days, and these guys scared the shit out of everybody with their technology, and they talked openly. The two hovered over the runway for two days, never landed, no legs or nothing they just hovered over the damn runway. Its all on film, but the other guys come out, landed right inferno of the hanger got out and went over shoot hands or whatever I don't know what the hell they did. McIntyre was present because Ike had invited him. After it was all over with after the second day and these guys get back in their ship and off they go; our intelligence people got a hold of McIntyre and says Arch Bishop you gotta understand something, you can't talk about anything you've seen, this is beyond top secret, you can't say a word about what we have just experienced here

Luis Elizondo explaining the mission of the AATIP Program

AATIP spent a number of years investigating reports of UFOs, led by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, who recently resigned (in October) and became an employee of Tom DeLonge’s TTSA UFO research group. However, according to the reports, “most of the money went to an aerospace research company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Reid’s, Robert Bigelow” (my emphasis). So most of the actual leg-work seems to have not been done by AATIP, but by Robert Bigelow’s organization. Interestingly, during the time that Bigelow’s group was conducting this research for AATIP, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies also began funding the previously ‘amateur’ research efforts of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

SSP Whistleblower Andrew Basiago - Living on Mars

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SSP Whistleblower William Tompkins - Selected by Extraterrestrials

William Tompkins is one of the most incredible whistleblowers to step forward. The depth and implications of his testimony are nothing short of astounding. Of course, there will always be those who refuse to believe his story, since he is an ET (Extraterrestrial) whistleblower. Tompkins claims he was part of an operation involving US Navy spies who stole UFO plans and antigravity technological secrets from the Nazis during the height of World War 2. He asserts he personally distributed some of these stolen secrets as information packages to the CEOs of leading American corporations involved in the military and space industries. Furthermore, William Tompkins says he actually worked alongside ETs – Nordic alien women who looked indistinguishable from humans and who were working as his secretaries. Additionally, he reveals that the Nazis already had operational UFOs during the war, and because of the information that the US spies were able to obtain, the US later developed its own fleet of UFOs – which then got siphoned off into the black military sphere under the control of MJ 12 (aka MJ-12 or Majestic 12), the ultra secretive group that came into existence in the 1940s to “manage” the UFO/alien issue.

SSP Whistleblower Corey Goode

Michael Salla of Exopolitics.org says: In the three years that I have been researching and writing about Goode’s incredible assertions, I have found no evidence of deception. Instead, I have found multiple sources corroborating his information from many different perspectives, e.g., whistleblowers/insiders, documents, and contemporary events.

My research has been documented in three books so far, which detail, compare, and analyze his amazing claims. Comprising over 1200 written pages and 1500 references, the clear conclusion reached in the Secret Space Program Series is that Goode is very credible, honest and truthful about the events he has witnessed, and taken part in.

In addition, I have met and communicated with senior military intelligence officials who have likewise accepted Goode’s information as accurate, and have quietly assisted him with some very high level national security information. If Goode was perpetuating a hoax, as some of his critics contend, I doubt such high level officials would be helping him.

For those drawn to the Corey Goode information, keeping an open and discerning mind is required to fully understand what he is telling us, and how it is relevant to our lives. Goode’s revelations not only inform us about key historical events and political processes that have not been publicly disclosed, but also what the future holds for us.

Corey goode and david wilcock update Dec 14th 2018

SSP Whistleblower Captain Mark Richards of Space Command

This is my 2nd interview with CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS. This contains my recall backed by handwritten notes from on site in Vacaville Prison with the help of his wife, Jo Ann Richards. I spent nearly 4 hours this time talking with him and have carefully chronicled his testimony to the best of my ability as closely to his own words as possible under the circumstances. The subject matter covers the Secret Space Program and our relations with various ET races both on and off planet. Our current level of technology and the ET connection between governments around the world and the military. I will be posting a copy of his recent letter detailing the location of the current INTERSTELLAR SPACE CENTERS on Planet Earth and also the lists of questions along with a copy of our notes taken during the interview. Kerry Lynn Cassidy Project Camelot  http://projectcamelot.tv

Other Nation States

SECRET Space Programs


For my NOTES about their PUBLIC space programs of other nation states CLICK HERE


The first emperor.

that one place in china I came across some weird alien pottery.

All the freaking Pyramids!!


That famous lady cosmonaut, mention her.
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The so called Gods: Shiva etc were all extraterrestrials who flew around in their Vimana's. The Naga are said to be reptilians, symbolized as snakes in art, that are from Venus and are known as the Kumara.

The Aryan race is associated with the Hindus and Mars. Blue eyed. Could be why Aryan lineage is so surveiled here on this planet.

Indian Science Congress – The vice chancellor of another university claimed a demon king from a famous religious text had 24 types of aircraft and a network of landing strips in modern day Sri Lanka.




Nazca sometimes spelled Nasca) is a city and system of valleys on the southern coast of Peru. It is also the name of the largest existing town in the Nazca Province. The name is derived from the Nazca culture that flourished in the area between 100 BC and 800 AD. This culture was responsible for the Nazca Lines and the ceremonial city of Cahuachi; they also constructed an impressive system of underground aqueducts, named Puquios, that still function today.

Nazca is the capital of the Nazca Province located in the Ica District of the Ica region of Peru.

- Ancient Astronauts -
The 'Extraterrestrials' Space Programs

The Mayan civilization's Extraterrestrials Space Program

I don't know the name of these ET's but, they do have a particular look. They are cone headed. Large eyed and....quite 'crafty',

A large cache of artifacts have been coming out of the Jalisco area of Mexico for many years now though only known to the greater public since about 2008. They prove that the Mayan Calendar originates with this alien race and it's...well, I will call it a 'cultural development' space program.

NATION STATES: The 'False Front' space programs provided to the public