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I've not taken the easy route in life. Then again it has had it's fulfilling aspects. I'm rich in every way but monitarily or things wise. Things aren't fulfilling. For me, that's not what life is all about. Some would say that 'fun' is but I would beg to differ. Life is about the choices we make or don't. It's about growth and action. Life is about risking. Growth doesn't come without it. Sometimes you win in the risking, and sometimes you don't.
It's the first week of January 2019 as I write this. I'm 62 years old linearly speaking but I don't feel a day over 3o in my mind. I'm endeavoring to move out of house painting and into licensing my inventions to companies. That is not an instant changeover. In the meanwhile my monies ebb and flow. Sometimes I have enough to take you out, sometimes I won't.

If your looking for reasons to NOT go with me, I can give you plenty. I hope to give you many more than that though that will keep you around. I am a passionate one woman man. I am affectionate and attentive. I want to be some of the wind beneath your wings. I want to do things with you and I want us to do things separately. We can both have male and female friends.

I'm a Pirate, but only a one on a 10 scale so...I'm pretty well behaved and safe to be around generally speaking. It's only at this level that we pirates can really Be honest. I'm not even up to plundering the least even! I'm more likely to give people things, even too much. I'm having to learn balance in this.

My Integrity? It's there. I've got it down pretty well now. Being adverse to lying helps. I'm not saying my integrity is perfect but it's pretty good. There are times where tact is necessary in communications for instance and so one may not be as direct as otherwise. Timing can also come into play. You don't want to talk to the widow about how you want to buy her house while your at his funeral. Also...we don't have to exclaim every bit of truth (in our view) we know to anyone. Your mind is your own private territory. Keep it so. should be obvious that I'm a Rebel too. Yeah, Rebels aren't mainstream. My mother married one, a negative one but hey, Que sara sara. Now I get to Be the 'positive' one. A 'Contrarian' I am but it's not like it's an automatic thing, for the most part. (-;  I often DON'T tend to go along with any ol' thing in vogue at the moment. I will study things.

People are herded around by their emotions by the 'social engineers'. To not be driven like cattle you have to be smarter than cattle. You have to use the noggin God gave you. You have to think for yourself and not just be a member of the herd that never questions the status quo. God made us individuals, Be one!

A Rebel in many ways. As an example: I found out about U.S. citizenship, and state Citizenship and went for the one most true to my beliefs and principles in life: Being a Sovereign Citizen of the state of California under the 1849 Constitution. [the 1879 one is for the U.S. citizens (with second class citizens 'civil' rights) and those are Congressionally given, modified or taken away]
This is NOT a picture of me and my family
I'm a Black Sheep in my family as well as in society and that's been so for a long time. In the case of the former, since i grew into my own real sense of sSelf, in the latter, especially after getting the 'sex offender' lable. I have endured Being shunned but that is also an opportunity to generate self worth and esteem isn't it? Self affirmation! So, there are purposes in everything, as I say.

I have broad ranging interests, I've studied lots of subjects and have views on many of them. I'm often on the wrong side of so-called 'political correctness' and I'm quite ok with that as PC culture is devisive and induces cultural decay whereas I'm about unity and social renewal so...I have no cause for regret.
I walk my own path. I won't follow the other sheep over the cliff due to some freaking suicidal 'herd' mentality. I believe in all sorts of things most people wouldn't admit to. Bigfoot, aliens, ufo's, Nessie, dinosaurs still being existent, even Luciferian globalists.
I'm a Patriot. I believe in the notion that America is the greatest country on the planet. We are the promise that 'Freedom' is. Now we just have to get back to delivering that and we are, increment by increment. It's March 8th 2019 and just recently Trump switched over to a new internet surveillance system that does not collect all sorts of information on American citizens as has been occurring now for quite awhile now under former criminal presidents. So, we are moving in the right direction and that is not the only instance. The first and second amendment are tied together in giving us freedom. They are both under constant assault and we need to stay on guard to prevent their loss. We must then,..STAND up for them.
I'm NOT a 'Partier'. They are...almost by definition, 'shallow' events. and I'm not into shallowness and talking about the weather (normally). I smoke pot but have never been much of a drinker like my father. I find that alcohol clouds the mind and that people get more stupid, the more they drink. A lot of bad behavior has gone on behind it and I don't condone that. Contrary to how alcohol works, at least for me, I have used pot to lift my Being up.

I've tried some other drugs in my life but none of them ever 'stuck' so to speak except Marijuana. I'm into that which expands the mind not that which 'retards' it.

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Describe yourself (personality/attitude/passions/beliefs):

One of my greatest desires is to make a large positive impact upon this world. To wake the greater populace to the value of the qualities of love and to grow even more into those myself. I know we are incredible beings and I aim to continue to help others in realizing their magnificence. I am thoughtfully outgoing. Attentive and loving, I am masculine but not overly so. I am grateful for each day here and while I don't set aside formal meditation time each day, I do see my life as a meditation, one where the focus is on my relationship with Spirit and its manifestations here. I believe honesty is the best policy. I can live with that. Lying and falsehood doesn't feel good, or right. Being real does. I have two grown up daughters who live on their own. One is 28 and the other 26.

Describe the type of person you'd like to meet:

She is about serving humanity in one way or another yet balances that with proper self love. She knows she makes a positive difference in peoples lives. She tends towards the 'natural' side of life in clothing, food, lifestyle etcetera. She is natures biggest fan. She knows magic exists within us all and that we are all essentially divine. She is AWAKE and AWARE of a good part of the bigger picture in life. She would swim in my depths with joy, devotion and curiosity.

Describe your work/business and what it means to you:

The work I've done for over two decades now is a gift in that I'm good at it brings beauty to homes. I get to SERVE people and give them quality and that feels good. Still, it is not the best outlet for my gifts so...I'm working on changing that. There is much more that I can still Be, for us all. 

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Something unusual or extra special about myself:

About 30 years ago I went through, and learned a process about how to serve people in realizing their Purpose In Life. You know...the answer to the 64,000 dollar question...why on Earth am I here?
Ones 'Purpose In Life' is created...together as we have an...often animated discussion over about a 3 hour period. It is VERY rewarding to assist people in realizing basically...their own beauty and yes, magnificence.

What do you like to do for fun/activities?

MY GREAT LOVE is Nature so Being outdoors is always rewarding for me.
I enjoy going to the movies too but more and more I am becoming disenchanted with the drivel that comes out of Hollywood. Can you relate?

I DO love comedy and laughing. I'm pretty funny and playful myself. I don't go to comedy clubs often at all but I do enjoy live comedy or...I go find it on youtube and feed the need, to laugh. Sometimes I swear! I'm darn near a comedian myself.

I got rid of my television. There were a few shows I liked to be sure but...overall it was not worth the negative aspects of television 'programming', commercials etcetera. After work though, there is little better than to Re-invigorate yourself than to laugh for an hour watching some comedy. Seinfeld episodes or some such great comedy ensemble show. Laughter is energizing. I thank God for Laughter for sure! It IS a 'Godsend'.

Other fun activities...EXPLORING roads I have not been down before. SEEKING new natural BEAUTY in my world. I use my digital camera to try to capture the beauty I see in nature. Hiking in the mountains, especially around water is nice.

I enjoy riding bikes and horses. I love animals. I enjoy Art exhibits and galleries, it's just that I don't go on my own. Same thing with dance and theatrical productions too.

What does being *conscious* mean to you? 

It means BEING Awake and Aware for one. Like any impala on the savannah you have to be AWARE of the predators; their habits and behaviors could be a 'victim' even though I don't strictly believe in the concept of 'victimhood'.

I understand that we are creators of our personal reality. We also...all of us in mass create the greater reality. Telepathy is constantly operating. I suppose Being conscious also implies unconsciousness and realizing that we do fall into that from time to time. I hold it that even that has purpose though. There are many 'unpleasant' events (to the ego) that we use (at an other than conscious level) to help us grow. There are NO accidents. None.

Some of them...if we knew what they would be like in advance (on a conscious level) we surely would not accept or take on for ourselves yet!...for instance...a dis-ease is often used by the personality to address very specific issues that they are working on. Maybe one has been stubbornly independent all their life and now...due to the dis-ease they are having to be dependent on others. They learn lessons on Surrendering, Gratitude, Patience, Acceptance and more. THAT provides lots of room for growth for them that consciously the ego (looking at having to get a crippling disease) would not have chosen. That is but one quick example of multiple purposes and perfections for why we might be involved in 'undesirable' event or circumstance.

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How long and what motivated you to be on a conscious path?

Became curious about various religions and then philosophies when I was about 11 or so. My grandfather was a lay minister in a southern baptist church in town. He was my only familial example of anyone spiritual in my family...on either side.

Thing was...the religion presented to me was not 'attractive'. I was curious about 'religion' though and that led also into philosophy. I could get that God sent Beings here to help and lead us. I've been identifying those Beings and learning from their many teachings ever since. I suppose the information from the channeled spirit Seth (via Jane Roberts 1964 to 1984) has been the most inspiring, rewarding and lasting of a spiritual influence.

What types of healing modalities do you practice or would you like to learn?

I've taken a little Reiki training. Interesting but I am drawn to Dr. Pearl's 'Reconnection' modality.
I promote knowledge of 'The Miracle Healer of Germany': Bruno Groening! Look up the excerpts of the 5 hour documentary on him on youtube. VERY moving! People often experience emotional and psychological healings around me.

Lastly...Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) CURES MANY DISEASES! Go to (not .com) and you have the main website. Look up the MMS testimonials on youtube. Got Autism in your family? There are answers here.

I am NOT selling anything. I AM however about passing the word around about this miraculous, natural, safe and very inexpensive health substance. Please, look into it. It can save the life TODAY of someone you know, love or care about.

What are you most passionate about?

Helping the human race crush the so-called New World Order.
I am committed to OUR realizing OUR magnificence.
I am passionate about liberty and freedom and the founding documents of this country.
I am passionate about love and loves qualities being the answer. Just remember that love isn't and needn't always be all lovey dubby. Different qualities of love are called for depending upon the circumstances and intents involved individually and in some cases, en-masse.

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What is the top priority in your life right now?

Help my fellow humans to wake up.
Right below that is helping them to heal.

What type of travel do you enjoy?

Travel with my gal...anywhere but I especially would like to visit 'sacred' sights. NOT the Vatican though! Egads! Pit of Vipers! I like Megalithic sites, Ancient cities and archeological sites though I can't say that I have been to any of those yet. I've been to Yosemite...several times does that count?

What types of books/authors do you enjoy and why?

I enjoy books that I can learn from. I love delving into mysteries. I seek answers and often come up with them. I have very broad interests and many of them are not 'mainstream'. 'Ripleys Believe It Or Not' series of books were an early influence. Science Fiction books fired my imagination with 'possibilities'. Carlos Castenada took that to a whole other level and in large part blew me wide open to some real possibilities of consciousness.

What/who are some of your favorite movies/films/actors?

Robert Downey Jr. is fantastic!
I admire Charlie Sheen in his independent nature.
Female actor: Jennifer Lopez for her intensity, depth, courage and poise in life.

Movies...Avatar, Close encounters of the 3rd kind. QUALITY superhero movies. Peter Sellers very last movie: Being There. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was also great. Loose Change! (about 911). There are a lot of great movies. I loved John Carter of Mars. On Youtube, look up the documentary trailer for the movie: Farmageddon. Check out the bad actors in 'The Rawesome Food Raid.

Yes, we that need our attention; need fixing. A war on healthy natural food though is...unnatural and NOT human friendly so...It's got to go!!

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What kind of music moves you?

QUALITY music is what it usually takes to move me but even so...I can get into spoon slapping, theramins and the recorder. I collect positive and inspiring songs. I recognize music as a transport device. I basically don't enjoy opera vocals or rap or overly repetitive stuff. Definitely don't care for the death metal groups whose thing is apparently trying to sound as close to what they think a Satan being would sound like if he was in a band. Wow! Revolting. I like the Blues a lot!!, I like mellow so-called new age music, I enjoy celtic music and some country. I like bluegrass and some folk. Music with passion moves me most. Mozart is amazing.

What kind of pets do you have?

I love animals. I don't have any animal companions at this time. I am particularly fond of cats, dogs, and horses. Not so into insects though I respect them and often find them fascinating. Same thing with reptiles.

Do you support any charitable organizations?

If I was richer I would. As it is, I am supportive and encouraging of people. I inspire and laugh with them often.

What makes you smile?

You or my kids taking my hand in theirs.
Nature. Puppies n little animals. Ok big ones too.
Others acts of kindness. Expressions of courage.
and generosity. A great tall tale. Great finds at the thrift store. A root beer float at A&W. The experience of being in a concert venue, in my seat before the show happy to be there and then getting up and turning around to take in ALL the people I'm about to share in this with. Big smiles. 'We are family' by the Pointer Sisters comes to mind.