Nanotech, like Artificial Intelligence is already getting away from us. We need to gain control again. Stuff gets rolled out before WE can pick up the reigns to guide it properly. Of course that is by design by the globalists. In the right hands this stuff can be quite dangerous but in the wrong hands it's nightmarish!

Lets look at some of the various technological dangers we and our children are facing.

Artificial Intelligence

Genetic manipulation per the crispr technology.

Sensors of various sorts.

More to come

F I V E  G  Cellular

Who Benefits from this technology? Who stands to make the most money? Who stands to gain the most Power? Whose Agendas would be fulfilled by it's installation?

Literally meaning "who benefits?," cui bono? is a rhetorical Latin legal phrase used to imply that whoever appears to have the most to gain from a crime is probably the culprit.  

Towers of Death - Will We Wake Up In Time To Stop This?

The public is so mezmerized by their smart phones that many have become dumb idiots. Aside from the obvious stuff of them walking off cliffs or into pools, they are trading a dangerous modern convenience (and surveillance device) for their freedom, privacy, security and good health!

How is it this can be done right in front of people. Well, as I said, they are mezmerized. People are in a light trance. They are being led around like a cow by it's nose ring via their emotions.

PUSHING HARD for the in home spy devices

Big Brother (the globalists) in gov.t and major corporations are desperate to get us to bring in their electronic 'Trojan' horses, into our homes. They only have so much time right now so...they are pushing hard. They need all the back doors into what your thinking and feeling and doing that they can get so that they divert your attention to anything else besides the truth of their 'takeover'. The New World Order. Those words seem so innocent, as if it could be a 'good' thing. Far from it, ad Luciferian to the beginning and then you are much closer to whats really behind this whole panoptigon surveillance state.

And you thought 4G might be concerning?

Let me tell you something. Here is how bad 5G really is in comparison to 4G
Add the info here Joe

DEMAND A ROLLBACK OF 5G - DEATH by Radiation is not an option.

ACTUAL OPTIONS ARE TO start a movement! Start a Petition! Pass out Flyers! Create a 'Town Hall' on the subject! Hold up an informative sign at a major street corner! Spread the hashtag #RollBack5G do it now! Make it the topic of your 'Toast Masters' speech! Have a vinyl sticker made for your vehicle that says: I Decline Your 5G Death! Grab some of these graphics and put them on your website with a referral to a anti-5G website! Be Active! The physical lives of your loved ones is at stake!

M I N D   C O N T R O L

Via Virtual Reality
Via MK Ultra
Via the Mainstream Media - Cheney's quote that "We control the narrative" or something like that. China buying out the studios in Hollywood.
Via GateKeepers in Media, Sciences and more
Via Religion - Pray or Pay Penance, Dogma, Precepts, Others here and not you are the authority in regards to your spiritual development. You follow OUR lead.
Via Music - Globalists agendas to promote Gangster Rap, Misogeny, Death Metal,
Via Fashion -
Via Pop Culture -


A doctor/Scientist in China has just recently done this with humans.
It's been said that not only can you now get designer dogs n cloned cats, you can purchase a cloned China.

When are we going to have a public national conversation about this subject?

Activist types need to jump on this. We can't go back to humans owning humans...or this altered humanish creature. You know the left will want to give them all kinds of rights and...most importantly indoctrination. Welcome back to the age of Slavery. This is all about our having to CHOOSE again. What is right, what is wrong. Do we base our choice on Money? or base pleasure possibilities? Moral questions. This isn't a problem so much as an opportunity to grow as Beings ourselves.


SURROUNDED on all sides by others...listening and watching your every move. Smelling you intimately, Analyzing your poop, Judging your writing and telling you to lose weight. How can you stand it anymore. Maybe you can't and so you commit suicide as you can see no escape from the constant prying into what your doing, why and with whom. Monitoring all your actions. Sending back details of your life to others, you not whom.

I could be talking about human hackers or intruders but I'm not obviously. I'm talking about the the devices we have around us that are or will be hooked up to the internet. Taking in and giving back information about you and I that most of us would be taken aback by. Should we stop this? Can we?
Is this the Technocracy forcing itself upon us? Are we being rushed right into this. Is it...a trap that once caught we grow accustomed our detriment? WHO is steering us into this. What are my actioable options?


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V I R T U A L   R E A L I T Y

Come dear one into our virtual world. Leave the ugly one behind. Here you can be whoever you want to be. Rules? Here you have so many its oppressive, there...inside there are hardly any. Take up residence in VR and eventually, once you have transferred your consciousness over, you can live forever in the cloud! Next thing you know, your nirvana switch is turned off and you more. Sucker! You fell for it! You gave up the real reality for a scam artists who ended up taking your life. You were ignorant and gullable. You were one of the 'stupid' humans that did not make it.


One Danger is that a country with sophisticated abilities in this area can use these projections to start a war, make people believe in a faux divine being could usher in the globalists agenda of an AI God, whose sees everything, knows everything and controls...everything about our life, finally to the extent that we no longer have one.


Getting it in your body and never being able to get them all out, possibly to our ill effects.
Getting it in the environment such that it becomes a catastrophe somehow.
Loss of Privacy. Loss of the natural world being fully natural anymore.


They don't stay put.
They can be proprietary property and thus you may not get access to ALL the info.
You can be monitored 24/7 and aint' that a globalist wet dream.
You could be killed off remotely it your installed with a particular implant someone designs.
You could be given a disease that incapacitates, cripples you or gives you a disease. Who is guaranteeing the safety here? Has the company received legal release of liability? If so that could be suspicious, like Big Pharma getting legal freedom from liability for their vaccines.
The 'left' mostly pushes for implants in people. Again, for control and eventual extermination purposes.

DEEP FAKE Video Technology


If we don't get a hold of this's going to explode on us in a lot of ways we aren't going to like.

Invasive and Offensive Computer Software

The CIA AND NSA program that can enter your computer and ad, delete, modify and insert stuff into it. Sheryl Atkinson had some to this happen. Others too.

Napster Technology can use and create artificial speech with your voice

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Hackers could turn your smart meter into a bomb and blow your family to smithereens

"An attacker who controls the meter also controls its software, allowing them to literally blow the meter up," he told the Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg, Germany, earlier this month.

Rubin found smart meters that hand over critical network keys when communicating with home devices without checking if the gadgets should be trusted. This opens an avenue for criminals to set up equipment that masquerades as home devices, steals the keys, and impersonates meters.

'Dirty' Electricity is a National Problem Affecting Everyone's Health

Sam Milham MD. MPH.
High Frequency Voltage Transients in the Power Grid may be
Causing Life Threatening Health Problems for You and Your Family.

Ground Current Dangers Are a Recent Problem in the U.S. – Not Present in Europe

Dave Setzer explained that ground current has become a major problem in North America since 1992 when the electric utility companies started using the physical earth as if it was an electric wire. The single neutral wire that utility companies have been using to return unused electricity to their substations for redistribution to the electrical grid is now too small to carry the flow of electricity.

Thus, instead of taking down the small wires and replacing them with larger wires or just adding an additional neutral wire to the power poles, they decided to just run wires down the side of electrical poles into the ground. Electrical current then can flow through the earth back to the electric substation. Electricity that is put into the earth spreads out for miles in all directions as it meanders back to the electrical substation.

Dr. Sam Milham, MD, MPH, estimates that 80% of the current that is returned to electrical substations actually travels through the ground.
RF radiation kills and damages trees Trees are being killed and damaged across the U.S. and world-wide even without full-scale implementation of 5G. RF radiation is being implicated as the cause. Several studies show the very serious effects that RF radiation has on the health of trees. Trees are essential to the welfare of the global environment and the continuation of the human race. Decimation of the Amazon rainforest by direct human actions has been oft-cited as endangering the global environment, the FCC should not be moving forward with implementing a technology, 5G wireless technology, that will hasten the RF caused death of our urban and rural forests. We cannot afford additional forest die-off. Large mature trees are being seriously damaged and killed, this damage will take 50 years or more to repair.
Based on current available literature, it is justified to conclude that RF-EMF radiation expo-
sure can change neurotransmitter functions, blood-brain barrier, morphology, electrophysiology, cellular metabolism,
calcium efflux, and gene and protein expression in certain types of cells even at lower intensities.
Impacts of radio-frequency electromagnetic
field (RF-EMF) from cell phone towers
and wireless devices on biosystem
and ecosystem – a review

High Frequency Voltage Transients are Created in Our Home

HFVTs are actually produced from electrical equipment that we have in our homes. HFVTs are sometimes called “dirty electricity.” They are found in ground current and in the wiring of our homes and businesses. They are also created by certain types of electronic devices that are in our homes and in the homes of our neighbors.


Dave Stetzer and other scientists have determined that these high frequency voltages come from our computers, televisions, game boxes, printers, copiers, tube fluorescent lights, compact florescent light bulbs, dimmer light switches, variable speed motors, treadmills, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, solar energy inverters, wind turbines, smart meters, and other electronic devices. All of these modern electronic devices add high frequency transients to the electrical wiring in our homes.

High frequency voltage transients pose a great risk to our health, because they are in our homes. These high frequency voltages behave differently than regular 60 Hz current that we use for our electrical devices. HFVT does not like to travel through electrical wiring along with the 60 Hz current. It exhibits the skin effect. It prefers to travel on the outer skin of electrical wiring. It travels on the surface of the wire and easily radiates through the walls into our living spaces.

BTW, there ARE solutions...for your home and business.

Technically speaking, human exposure to high frequency voltage transients harms health by capacitive coupling. These high frequency electrical fields pass into our bodies and the bodies of our animals, and are a source of exogenous electrical currents that exist outside of cells.

Such currents were never intended to be in the human body. Researchers are able to measure the high frequency voltage transients that are in electrical wiring. They can measure these same frequencies in the electrical fields that pass out of our walls into our living spaces, and the same frequencies can be measured in our bodies when we spend time in our homes.

High frequency voltage transients easily pass through walls and enter our bodies, and then couple with the human energy system and alter its normal functioning. The result is weakness, depression, and numerous illnesses.

Move away from the sources of the Dirty electricity.
Use Graham Stetzer (Stetzer electric) HFVT filters

Stetzerizer Microsurge Meterjpg

The Boeing Uninterruptable Auto Pilot (BUAP)

Boeing 777 Cockpit The Uninterruptable Auto-Pilot IS Onboard
Commercial aircraft can now be taken over, remotely and flown anywhere it has fuel to reach. It can be flown by a person or...I would ad that can likely also be flown by AI and what that means is that it could be flown more accurately and intricately than a human. Perform maneuvers that humans could not emulate.

For full Details of what we KNOW it can do, Go Here

Surveillance Blimps

NSA Blimps Used to Spy on Americans
Double edged sword. On the one hand I have seen how you can track bad guys in real time as well as go back in time and see where they came from. Still, I get a very negative vibe about having this kind of surveillance on ALL the people and you can be if there were say a civil war and the gov.t wanted to use these cameras and aircraft they certainly would and IF the gov.t were say under Democrat rule then this would certainly be used against the people for suppression. Trump is in office for now and could remove such aircraft more than likely if he knew how close to abuse they were. It would not matter to Hillary et al though so...if Patriots are not in the oval office we are really up shit creek.

N U C L E A R   R A D I A T I O N

Fukushima not only polluted our the land and the oceans. It also polluted the air and caused the globalist criminals to heighten the permitted dosage levels for various kinds of radiation. Now we drink milk with high radiation in it and the public is hardly aware. Now the lands we grow crops upon have higher levels of radiation on them and this affects the food we grow and how healthful it is to consume.

In America, we have _____ nuclear power plants producing electricity for citizens. Of these, ___% were built before ____ and so are overdue for decommissioning. All of these plants are very dangerous and prone to 'accidents' or outright meltdown.

We don't need nuclear power. We have dozens of free energy machines that are being suppressed right now by the globalists. Go here to read of them.

It's an unnecessary energy source that keeps the literal power in the hands of the few, It can't be made 'safe'. It's harmful to humans. There are no truly satisfactory locations for the so called 'spent' uranium and Nuclear materials.

A R T I F I C I A L   I N T E L L I G E N C E

You have to keep in mind that the globalists have been in power for decades and we have only just begun under Trump to take our country back so...the Luciferians have been in control of the designing and implementing of artificial intelligence into cultures around the world. Need I say that they don't have our best interests or well being in mind? Little restriction has come into being as yet (Jan 1019) but, let's look at some of our challenges, now and later.

I remember as a kid some 48 years ago, reading science fiction books and learning about the fundamentoal rules it was said all robots would have to follow. From Ray Bradbury's book _________ we have: 1. Robots must do no harm to humans. #2. Robots ___________. #3. Robots ___________
How are we doing with that half a century later?

Artificial intelligence - Who can we trust? That is the big question. This leads us to WHO is behind the archectiture? Google? Very bad. Untrustworthy. Apple? Also untrustworthy. They gave the keys to all our iphones to the communist Chinese. They moved there and are now in cahoots with the government to track down dissenters and put them away or kill them off. Facebook? Also untrustworthy. Here is what they've been doing relative to AI.
The major players in AI are:

LED lighting and Mind Control

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