That...Is No Accident!

The Lesson I've learned in life the most is that there are no accidents, only purposes and perfections we have yet to realize. We can learn to see them and count them, as blessings in a way for when you live as a creator, you know things don't happen to you. You have them happen, for purposes of growth, likely in many areas. On this page I will show you how there are in fact, no accidents in God's great creation.

Let's walk through some scenarios where someone could believe that something is just an accident, a fluke that happened to me.

Some examples. What I call a car wreck, others call an accident!

What some would call a botched robbery with hostages, I call it public and police interpersonal relations practice.

What someone calls a doctor killing off patients to sell their body parts a tragedy, I call it an opportunity to learn the seedy side of Medicine and fix an broken system.

Steve at Australia Zoo
Steve Irwin died from a sting from a Sting Ray while in the water with them. Not an accident. Steve championed Crocodiles. There was no way HE was going to go out because of them. No one leaves until they are done here says I, no matter how it looks and so subconsciously he chose to leave via another animal and since he loved all animals he chose one that would not be maligned over him dying from it. The last thing he would want is to have his passing have anything to do with people persecuting an animal over his physical death.

His passing was perfect as it made it so that his wife would be able to grow in ways as a woman and mother that she would not have done were he to of stayed around. His kids had to face creating life anew after the passing of their father. I would hope that one or more of them is psychic and has had communications with him in dreams or otherwise since he passed. The kids had to grow up a good bit faster towards adulthood in some ways because of his passing.

The staff at Australia Zoo lost their leader. Perfect for them as they needed to see that they could carry on without him. That he had trained them well and instilled the necessary qualities to carry on the work. It made people think, Hey, that could of been me. We are mortal. Don't take life for granted. Carpe Diem! and so they live life more full and just and vitally and joyfully as Steve did. Steve gave his gifts. He did not keep them to himself. He shared them with everyone.

Because of Steves zest for life and animals and the years he'd been at it, many people around the world had been inspired by him and his family. When he passed, Many remember that moment when they heard of his death. It touched their heart and we felt for him and his loved ones. Thank you Steve for showing us what having a Zest for Life can be! He inspired us and then he left. Job done. The kids will be fine.

Listen to Marco Rodin's story of how his 'Vortex Math' discovery came about.

You will hear the purposes and perfections in each part and how what he sought came to manifest. These weren't accidental insights. He is following his natural human impulses and they led him to fulfillment.

If you want to see a video of the real possibilities of this Vortex Math, His student Randy Powell did a Ted-x talk that is incredible! He built a model of Marco's vortex math 3D can see the...'Abha Torus' doing it's thing. It's way cool jr.


Elizabeth Smart - Not a Victim

So inspiring! She now has a foundation or org. that helps others with the challenges they face, similar to her. She ended up taking action and making something great out of what could have been completely debilitating for many others. Something about her upbringing and her parents, she did not absorb and become a 'victim'. She kept that stuff to a minimum, apparently without much trouble. She seems to of been fortified somehow. likely with Beliefs that worked for her but also spiritually somethow be it guardian angels, Higher Self, or what have you.

She's a woman with a mission now but she could not have gotten here if you'd of asked her ego at age whatever it was this happened at, if she was willing to go through such experiences in order to serve others down the line in precisely this way. No, the ego would of said no so, she had to enter into the kidnapping event 'unconsciously', that is, not knowing herself as the creator of it. Actually she was just one of the many. So, there are purposes and perfections for our unconsciousness. It makes it so we can grow in the ways we've set for ourselves at an other than 'conscious' level. The greater Self does not have the time constraints we do as a incarnated being. It sees our actions here from a whole other view than we do. IT is willing for us to take decades to learn a particular lesson if need be. IT is willing for us to go through traumas and anxieties that we would not choose at an ego level. Were it up to the ego alone we would play the game of life all to safely.

Here is a bit about her foundation:

What if we could prevent future crimes against children?

Born out of the nightmare that was our story,
our foundation rests on the single question.

Too many families experience the nightmare of having a child go missing. I know what it is like to be that child. I know what it is like to think that one false move may lead to not only your own death but the death of family members as well. Nobody can ever blame a child for their actions when they are being threatened, bullied, forced, or coerced into doing something unthinkable. That is why the “Elizabeth Smart Foundation” was created, because what if we could prevent future crimes against children? Wouldn’t it be worth it to do everything to bring home that one child?

Yes it would.

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation is an organization that convenes the proven efforts of partner organizations to not only prevent future crimes against children, but to address victims, survivors and families with the resources and community they need to encourage hope and empower their future.