That...Is No Accident!

The Lesson I've learned in life the most is that there are no accidents, only purposes and perfections we have yet to realize. We can learn to see them and count them, as blessings in a way for when you live as a creator, you know things don't happen to you. You have them happen, for purposes of growth, likely in many areas. On this page I will show you how there are in fact, no accidents in God's great creation.

Let's walk through some scenarios where someone could believe that something is just an accident, a fluke that happened to me.

Some examples. What I call a car wreck, others call an accident!

What some would call a botched robbery with hostages, I call it public and police interpersonal relations practice.

What someone calls a doctor killing off patients to sell their body parts a tragedy, I call it an opportunity to learn the seedy side of Medicine and fix a broken system.

Steve Irwin died from a sting from a Sting Ray while in the water with them. Not an accident. Steve championed Crocodiles. There was no way HE was going to go out because of them. No one leaves until they are done here says I, no matter how it looks and so subconsciously he chose to leave via another animal and since he loved all animals he chose one that would not be maligned over him dying from it. The last thing he would want is to have his passing have anything to do with people persecuting an animal over his physical death.

His passing was perfect as it made it so that his wife would be able to grow in ways as a woman and mother that she would not have done were he to of stayed around. His kids had to face creating life anew after the passing of their father. I would hope that one or more of them is psychic and has had communications with him in dreams or otherwise since he passed. The kids had to grow up a good bit faster towards adulthood in some ways because of his passing.

The staff at Australia Zoo lost their leader. Perfect for them as they needed to see that they could carry on without him. That he had trained them well and instilled the necessary qualities to carry on the work. It made people think, Hey, that could of been me. We are mortal. Don't take life for granted. Carpe Diem! and so they live life more full and just and vitally and joyfully as Steve did. Steve gave his gifts. He did not keep them to himself. He shared them with everyone.

Because of Steves zest for life and animals and the years he'd been at it, many people around the world had been inspired by him and his family. When he passed, Many remember that moment when they heard of his death. It touched their heart and we felt for him and his loved ones. Thank you Steve for showing us what having a Zest for Life can be! He inspired us and then he left. Job done. The kids will be fine.

Listen to Marco Rodin's story of how his 'Vortex Math' discovery came about.

You will hear the purposes and perfections in each part and how what he sought came to manifest. These weren't accidental insights. He is following his natural human impulses and they led him to fulfillment.

If you want to see a video of the real possibilities of this Vortex Math, His student Randy Powell did a Ted-x talk that is incredible! He built a model of Marco's vortex math 3D can see the...'Abha Torus' doing it's thing. It's way cool jr.

Elizabeth Smart - Not a Victim

So inspiring! She now has a foundation or org. that helps others with the challenges they face, similar to her. She ended up taking action and making something great out of what could have been completely debilitating for many others. Something about her upbringing and her parents, she did not absorb and become a 'victim'. She kept that stuff to a minimum, apparently without much trouble. She seems to of been fortified somehow. likely with Beliefs that worked for her but also spiritually somethow be it guardian angels, Higher Self, or what have you.

She's a woman with a mission now but she could not have gotten here if you'd of asked her ego at age whatever it was this happened at, if she was willing to go through such experiences in order to serve others down the line in precisely this way. No, the ego would of said no so, she had to enter into the kidnapping event 'unconsciously', that is, not knowing herself as the creator of it. Actually she was just one of the many. So, there are purposes and perfections for our unconsciousness. It makes it so we can grow in the ways we've set for ourselves at an other than 'conscious' level. The greater Self does not have the time constraints we do as a incarnated being. It sees our actions here from a whole other view than we do. IT is willing for us to take decades to learn a particular lesson if need be. IT is willing for us to go through traumas and anxieties that we would not choose at an ego level. Were it up to the ego alone we would play the game of life all to safely.

Here is a bit about her foundation:

What if we could prevent future crimes against children?

Born out of the nightmare that was our story,
our foundation rests on the single question.

Too many families experience the nightmare of having a child go missing. I know what it is like to be that child. I know what it is like to think that one false move may lead to not only your own death but the death of family members as well. Nobody can ever blame a child for their actions when they are being threatened, bullied, forced, or coerced into doing something unthinkable. That is why the “Elizabeth Smart Foundation” was created, because what if we could prevent future crimes against children? Wouldn’t it be worth it to do everything to bring home that one child?

Yes it would.

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation is an organization that convenes the proven efforts of partner organizations to not only prevent future crimes against children, but to address victims, survivors and families with the resources and community they need to encourage hope and empower their future.

Painting the Impossible - Akiane Kramarik

People come here with gifts chosen before birth. That is not an accident. Such talent may also be associated with talents from another incarnation. In fact, my personal belief is that it is most often due to talents from another lifetime.

I'm a researcher. I study many, many subjects and I can tell you that one more reason why this may have shown up is due to alien visitation, and I'm not talking about someone from Somalia. I have read many reports from experiencers that AFTER the visitation they began to develop various psychic abilities the most common of which is telepathy. BTW, many people also experience having 'downloads' of information that will at the right time come to the fore to help us.

As far as 'implants' go, I can easily imagine that THEY could be used to 'enhance' a human also.

BTW, Akiane does not claim to be have been visited by ET's. She does say that she speaks with God. I will leave this at that!

The Investigation into the collision of Two Trains in Hinton Missouri

There are NO accidents so let's consider the purposes and perfections. How does it affect the locomotive engineers who direct the trains. Will their conscience or other bring him nightmares? The passengers; each of them have their own reasons (consciously unknown) for being on THIS train. Some to get injured and cared for. Some will use this to exit. Some will simply be traumatized and need counseling or therapy. Others may swear off trains for the rest of their lives. None of this is accidental. It all serves our greater purposes.

What about the perfections for on-lookers be? They could not stop it either. They will be meeting with friends and family later and of course will discuss all they felt and thought during the event. Maybe they have had close calls at this crossing before. Maybe they will badger the city council now to make this crossing safer. That's good for the community!

There are purposes and perfections for the Railroad too. Safety precautions and protocols will be examined and perhaps improved. They certainly don't benefit from another of these happening. Someone is going to be making payouts to those injured. This brings insurance companies into it and you know how they can be in regards to paying out on the policies. Some of the injured will be injured again by how these insurance companies play the game. Can you see how all this is perfect so that progress is made for the communit's safety. People grow often by adversity as a life lived comfortably on the couch is sorely lacking in variety of experience.

Man Purchases Home on Former Plantation Only
To Discover That His Ancestors Were Slaves There.

On May 15, 2022 An Air Force veteran wanted a new house for large family gatherings. He bought a plantation house then finds out that his ancestors had been slaves there before. An incredible link to his family’s past.

Imagine the amount of 'completions' this will give the family about their questions about their past. They say that life is a circle. Well, it's come fully around and now the ancestors of the slaves OWN the plantation. How oddly perfect is that? There are no accidents so let's look inside at what the purposes and perfections for this now are.

ESCAPE From A House of Horrors

On Youtube this one can be seen in shorter segments (in 5 parts). It's fascinating and so hard not to watch the whole thing. Here are the first two segments and also a link to the full 1 hr. 20 min. documentary if you want to watch it all.

pt. 1:

pt. 2:

I will remind you to look for the purposes and perfections that CAN be found here for by those who... inquire.

Jordan, over time acquires enough personal power, courage and humanity frankly such that she pressed herself out beyond what was comfortable to save her siblings. Now the siblings have a model to emulate in claiming their own personal power in life. There is much healing to go through for all but that was their choice. I did not say consciously.

The kids have to understand that they don't have to fear adults and follow them unquestioningly. They all got a first hand experience of particular types of mental illness. Don't be surprised if a couple of them don't become therapists of some sort as they try to learn and understand/comprehend what happened... (not to them).

Eventually, in their healing and aiming for empowerment they may even come across the concept that they are creators small c and that they at an other than conscious level chose exactly these parents who would test their metal so to speak. Some would say torture but those folk believe in and advocate for victimhood. Because of those particular parents these kids grew, psychologically in ways that most of us will not. They were warriors to took on a big challenge. Again this is on a spiritual level.

Some possible purposes and perfections for the folks involved: disappointment, thwarted intentions, being torn in two directions, Discovering that you love them no matter their decision. Walking your own path in life, even if it hurts others. Self assertion. Major information discoveries, Communicating feelings, opening up, Being vulnerable, or not, Angst, challenges in self acceptance and so much more ALL having to do with us GROWING. Growth will not always occur as pleasant or easy.

WHY haven't you been taught by society that there are NO accidents? The obvious answer is that they don't want you to know the truth about this world. It works FOR THEM if you believe you are a victim of things and people doing it to you. Every way they can confuse, dis-empower and sicken you they will. You are the opposite of everything they say you are. You are divine and have a miraculous psychic nature. You create your reality. Your creating THEM and you can disappear them just by becoming aware of their methods of 'playing' you.

Infant Drowns In A Bucket. Brought Back to Life

It saved her kids life that she had already learned CPR. That is not by accident. This child was not supposed to pass on or it would have. You can't stop someone who is finished here from leaving. Their spirit will find a way to bring the personality home. Notice that she became an 'activist parent after this event. Concerned about the danger. Her heart pushed her forward to communicate to others how easy it is for children to get into perilous danger.

Now many thought the bleach in the bucket was really going to do the child some harm but it didn't. This, for me shows that spirit and our spirit can protect us. I aldso want to point out that you can do everything RIGHT and still have PURPOSES you don't desire happen.

Store Owner Departs Via 'Stray' Bullet.

Very generous with the community, this man was much beloved by them.

Purposes and Perfections: One neighbor now fears for her kids safety as they live right next door. Maybe she will move because of this. Maybe she will get a metal screen door installed. Maybe she will take a new job that pays more to where she can move out of this shithole area. Maybe she gets inspired to go to college and improve her station so she can improve where she lives by being better off financially afterwords. And this is just the affects on one person.

There was a whole neighborhood who knew and loved him. The will Mourn or, celebrate his life with others on some special day. They will show much gratitude to his family and those at the business for all he and they have been for them. Someone may start a foundation in his honor.

The store employees: someone is going to have to step up now and take his place, perhaps his lead. This carries new responsibilities. A weight. Another employee was already very fearful of guns and after this has decided to get a job someplace safer. New opportunity for Henry, a 17 year old who is looking to get his first job where he can impress the manager so much that he becomes the assistant manage in just two years. Something that would not have happened had the owner not been shot.

The Killer may not have much of a conscience. Then again maybe it was someone with just enough that after that, and he found out he is responsible for the murder of such a beloved man and community member that his conscience grows and steers him into doing the right thing and turning his life around. Certainly such has happended before.

There will be purposes and perfections for even people just read about his in their living room across town in the paper on their balcony. hey! didn't my brother work for a fellow in a store over that way when he was a kid? Maybe I ought to mention this to my brother. He's in Albania right now but he will be interested to know.

Unconsciousness Accompanies Accidents

This video of mine is from June 2022

On it I show you how there are purposes and perfections for everything that happens.

Basically there are events that you as personality would not choose to go through if you knew in advance what would come of them. No one wants to be rear ended in a car by another vehicle. My daughter had that happen. It did not happen TO HER.

God does not have accidents and we don't either. Sure we do things that we at conscious level did not mean to do, like slap a friend really hard even though we just meant to come close and fake them out. Being CAUSE we would not choose such events as being maimed by a Eritrean invader with a machete we have to enter them UNCONSCIOUSLY. This is a large part of how we grow in the lessons we've set for ourselves on spirit side before we came here.

This IS a theatrical production. People play roles here for us and we play various ones for various people through our this lifetime. You can try as hard as you can for all your life and someone is going to take issue with you and hold you as the bogeyman; the bad guy or gal. The Bitch or Bastard. How would you know one side from the other if you don't get exposed to both and explore them in experience? Mentally healthy people don't and won't choose to experience great or horrendous pain, for example or deep deep deprivation of some sort in order to grow along some particular line. Yogi's though are an example of exception there.

Yogi connects with spirit

Victimhood VS Creatorhood

Victimhood is supposed to be a temporary 'space' we sometimes inhabit as we go along on our journey to creatorhood realization. It is NOT to become a 'lifestyle'. THAT is unhealthy. Most people right now are unempowered. To become empowerd you have to leave victimhood behind. What is it's opposite? Creatorhood where you are creating, consciously and otherwise your personal reality. Creatorhood brings empowerment and personal power with which to be an effective creator.

You gain personal power by:

Serving others unselfishly.

Keeping your 'integrity' in.

Not Accepting the cultural -Propaganda.

Bringing excellence to your works.

Feeding your body with affirming thoughs, feelings and food.

I'm sure there's more but this is a good start yes?

Abandoned Cat Learns To Trust Again

Purposes and Perfections:

Show the value of human determination and positive intent. The human got a new best friend after their dedicated kindness. Rewards for your 'good' behavior.

Kitty go to renew a view that indeed humans could be trusted.

Kitty learned that it was safe to let them touch you

It's no accident that you meet anyone or any animal. Of course there are any number or purposes and perfections for meeting them. They may come to touch your heart. You may become their protector. You may take them on as your responsibility.

We play parts for animals just as they do for us. It is never an accident. The blending of these two energies fulfill the needs of each.

Terrified RESCUE dog had never felt the touch of a kind hand.

Purposes and Perfections - No Accidents
It's no accident who you meet or run across whether that be people or animals. It's up to you what you make of the opportunity. People and animals do come to us to be accepted or rejected.

An exchange happened here. Doggie got a loving comfortable home and the man got a great companion in a dog. Doggie tuned into just the right man who could bring him out of his automatic fearful behavior. Someone risked with him. BIG love was given and big love is what he won.
Dedication, commitment, patience and kindness all made this possible and all of those are attributes of the general term: love. Expressing these is positive of course and fulfilling and in service to love so you can't help but win.

I thank God for people like this who can turn fear into love.

Tarzan Swings and Falls

I could not help but include this one… for fun. Comes complete with the Tarzan yell (-: I noticed that in this clip it actually looks like tarzan looses his grip and falls only to reappear near the bottom of the picture swinging near horozontally. WHAT IF.. Tarzan lost his grip and fell. Would that be an accident? No. In the movies his bud the large male elephant woud be there to catch him and with Tarzans cat like reactions he’d land perfectly upon it’s back right? Purpose always shows up if you look diligently for it or otherwise it could come as you patiently await it’s showing itself.

Would Tarzan give into fear as he falls or would he look about him for other branches to grab and save himself? I think you know the answer. Life IS a test of faith it seems to me. Faith that ‘you’ will be ok for one. Turns out you will be even if you depart from your body as your Being is eternal and you are immortal… without the desire for transhumanist crap.

The Hero gives little to none of his attention to fear. His time is better used elsewhere. Letting fear in reduces you. You personal power gets diminished. The hero does follows the route that is empowering and which solves the challenge.

Tarzan uses the world of resources around him to solve the challenges that arise. He is not limited to only using a gun, or bow n arrow or particular weapon. He has everything he needs. This is not by accident. His needs are relatively few. He doesn’t seek ‘things’ in life. His treasures are his relationships with the animals, his environment and some people.

Tarzan was a creator not a victim. He was a problem solver who was action oriented. Tarzan didn’t take no shit. Is it by accident that he is a heroic figure? How could a ‘victim’ become a hero. They can’t as they are opposites. For Tarzan to be a hero he has to have a reason to Be a hero, otherwise he’s just a guy with a fabulous 8 pack, living at peace in the deep jungle. Yin Yang baby. Everyone’s got their part to play in the larger dramas. Tarzan stands for justice and so, those without integrity will be offended by his kicking them out of his or his allies territory.

Christopher Reeve - Any one of us could get hurt at any moment

Christopher Reeve was most famous for his role as the near invulnerable SuperMan but in my opinion he chose (at an other than conscious level) to try out Being a VERY vulnerable semi-normal man. Which man is the real Super man? Study him and see for yourself.

P&P’s (purposes and perfections), no accidents.

First off he went (in many peoples eyes) from Superman to Invalid. A study in contrasts no? This IS a world of duality for most of us and purposefully so I say. Issues have a range or let’s say responses from us. On each end of that ‘range’ are the so-called polar opposite positions. If your committed to truth and knowledge you will examine the whole range, from positive to negative. You will get familiar with both sides so that you reach an ‘understanding’ of the totality. This is what he’s doing but it’s specific. Like if he was exploring the issues of ‘self discovery and acceptance’ through having both sides of this… notariety? I don’t know what to call it.

“However, Dana could not help falling for those mesmerizing eyes of his. The charming star had managed to creep into the heart of the young woman. Soon the couple who were dating fell in love and decided to get married. On a rainy day in April 1992, the two tied the knot in an intimate and romantic ceremony. They vowed to be there for each other in sickness and in health. Years later, Dana proved they were not mere words but an everlasting promise.”

Everything was great until, the accident that occurred three years after their marriage. In 1995, Christopher was thrown off a horse. This resulted in his first and second vertebrae were shattered, leaving him a quadriplegic. According to the website, TV over Mind, the extent of his injury meant his skull and spine were no longer connected. This resulted in fluid buildup in his lungs, constant pain, and an inability to breathe on his own as well as complete paralysis from the neck down. Again, quite the contrast. He mentions in the interview here that he had prior to his accident become rather complacent in life and implying that he certainly wasn’t now.

Christopher was heartbroken. He could not believe what had happened to him. [notice the victim speak language there] The road to recovery was extremely difficult. He actually considered giving up his life. [Yeah, these non-accidents can be quite serious] In an interview on television program 20/20, Christopher Reeve said, "When I first was coming out of, you know, unconsciousness and you have the thought 'Maybe it's not worth everybody's trouble," And in a particularly difficult moment, he told his wife, "Maybe we should let me go." This is not accidental! These people are going through psychic heavy lifting. Their Being shudders with anxiety. This is purposeful and leads us to seek and find answers! To come to terms with our condition yet strive also to improve them.

Here is a big ‘tell’ about this being purposeful. He says in this video that the last movie he made was Above Suspicion where he played a paraplegic. He said that every day he’d leave the shoot saying “I’m so glad that is not me”. 7 months later he fell from his horse. They called it an accident but you know it wasn’t really. At an other than conscious level he had chosen to change up his life in a major way and literally ‘off’ he went from his horse. Accidental? I think not!!

This served not just him but also his wife of 3 years at the time. She had to address others concerns about whether she would stay with him now that he was paraplegic. She had to adjust her ideas about her ‘dream marriage’. These are no small changes. They are not accidental. They both chose these changes at BOTH the conscious and unconscious levels. She is likely to have to take on more responsibilities in the marriage now. Life may well take more effort on her part. She may feel like she has to hold the both of them up now. That could weigh on a person. Your thoughts and feelings are not accidental.

He got a lot of fan mail prior to his purpose but afterwords… so much more. His wife would spend long hours reading them to him and it made such a difference in his outlook. His sense of gratitude and so much more like the ‘grace’ of life he was experiencing now. He embraced the contrast and made the most out of his life such as it was or could be. He might well say that in many ways he lived more fully after the fall than prior.

Think about it. All these glorious relations and events that showed up for him after the fall. So much GOOD that he would not of experienced any other way. He had to become helpless to become even more inspiring for us all.

In the video I’ve included here Christopher is acknowledged by another paralized individual who became so about 30 days after Christopher. He penned and read aloud this beautiful acknowledgment to the man who had inspired him and so many others for so many years. It was very touching. Something that would not have come about otherwise but is nectar for the spirit.

“She asked him to hold on for two years and then decide if he still wanted to consider saying goodbye to life forever. "We've now transcended into something where our moments together are even more valuable than they ever were. Dana has not missed one day in the 12 weeks, driving often three hours a day just to come to be with me. And I would not be where I am today with the positive outlook that I have and the sense of real hope and purpose if it were not for Dana," said Christopher quoted ABC News.

In 2004, Dana was shattered. Her superman had left her in a sudden cardiac arrest. After 12 years of knowing each other and supporting each other through all the tough times, she was left alone. But she could not stop loving him.

The Nancy Kerrigan - Tonya Harding Scandal

P&P’s for this event:

There is no more important time for a skater than the Olympics pre-trials than the Olympics itself. They were both at the top of their games. This is what all they had worked so hard for was about to pay off when…

Kerrigan was hit on the leg prior to her performance by a hooligan who it turned out later was the husband of her rival Tonya Harding. So, members of her rivals team took her out of the competition or tried to. Not an accident. Intentional.

Kerrigan is now in a quandry about her career let alone her next move. She goes through some poor pitiful me but comes out of it self determined to win again and does. She overcame adversity. Not an accident. Intentional.

Tonya was make out to be a ‘bad person’ out of this but was not determined to of directed the actions of her husband. Still, even though you did nothing in regards to this your going to pay heavily.

Tonya was found guilty of hindering a prosectuion and got 3 yeaers probation , $100,000 dollar fine and was banned for life from her hearts desire, skating professionally. That’s a big deal for someone like her.

This whole things cost Tonya big time. She lost sponsorships, supporters, friends and her job/income. She had to reassess her life and the kinds of people she had around her. She had to reorder her life, cracked and weakened as it was and put something new and true together for herself.

Both Tonya and Nancy were challenged by this event but Tonya was the one taking on the largest challenges.

Nancy got support and empathy and compassion and prayers. Qualities that Tonya received much less of. Nancy’s career was not ended by the blow. Blessedly, she continued on. Nancy got condolences and encoragement from fans the world over. A marked contrast from Tonya.

Tonya was villianized the world over for just her association with the then husband let alone blaming her as being in on it and how terrible a person she must be. She had to maintian her self worth, she had to create anew, from nearly nothing.

A movie was made about Tonya Harding later. I don’t know how much of her side was in it or accurate. The point I would make is that this was a world wide story not a local one so the whole them of ‘dirty rivals’ was perpetuated. It can be hard to live such an event down. There are no accidents though and so at other than conscious levels though she/they chose to go through all this. Agreed upon prior to birth, You will hit be on the leg just hard enough to debilitate me for awhile and Tonya will take the brunt in world news of the fall.

Remember the husband did some time for his crime so he has to live that down. That dastardly deed against a woman no less! He is going to have to address forgiveness, see where he went wrong and turn over a new leaf. Eventually he will have to come around to self love again.

Gymnast breaks both legs in horrific fall during competition.


Broke both legs. Had she only broken one she would may have continued on this track but having broke two now she’s set to reassess.

She left Gymnastics due to this injury. It takes a lot of commitment to get where she was and thought she was heading.

She went on to get a degree in aerospace engineering and went to work for Boeing. A decent step up I’d say. Now her efforts and contributions can affect so many other people in a whole different area of life.

Notice that this challenge now puts her in a whole new situation. For one she cannot just walk about anymore. She has created a restriction in movement. She has also taken herself out of that which so permeated her life and this opens new doors as to how will she spend her time? How else has this injury changed her life? Well…

She’s not going to be running about with the team. She’s likely to be at home more. She is likely to keep her closest friends close. She will have to create a new team of cheerleaders around her supporting her in her next moves… into a new career at least!

She has to change up how and what she does to exercise and this alone can affect you quite a bit. She is going to have to take a stand that she is going to be ok, that her life is not over. She will have to stand up for herself before she can actually stand up physically again.

Maybe she did not have time for a boyfriend before but now she does so she begins to look to the future down a different path. One that may include marriage if not motherhood earlier than if he’s of not broken her legs and so if she did become a mother then that child would be able to be born earlier in her life than if she’d stayed healthy and continued and completed her gymnastics career before having children later in life. So, this other entity got to come through due to her having bowed out of gymnastics in a rather shocking way. Similarly she may get a husband earlier than otherwise too.

Now this did not just affect her too but also her coach, and her team mates who now how to go through the process of interviewing and obtaining a new team member. There will be P&P’s for everyone.

Rock Climber Rescued From Yosemite's El Capitan


  • So, you climb mountains, your skilled, very skilled and well known. Such an experience as he has can be humbling.

  • He had climbing mates so he was not alone. He got to see how supportive they would be should something go wrong.

  • His mates got to serve their friend in need while up on the mtn. Face. They had to keep his spirits up as rescuers could not get up there till the next day so, he and they had to care for him and his pain and broken legs through the night.

  • He had to deal with the excruciating pain of two badly broken legs without a hospital nearby for many hours while he waited overnight for a new day to dawn.

  • The Rescue Crew had a new challenge to meet the next day. P&P’s for them.

  • Many people came to find out about this event and so many contemplated his situation and considered themselves in his place. What would they do? How would they be? Such questions and ponderings are no small things.

  • He only created himself falling 20 ft. not 100. That’s not by accident or happenstance. He chose that probability to actualize. Others chose differently and left this earth. He was not about that.

How this father and daughter miraculously survived being stranded at sea

Points to ponder and P&P’s:

  • Event showed them that no matter how prepared you are or how carefully you plan, Mother Nature can always throw a wrench in it. Never underestimate the sea.

  • Remember that the events that give us the most bang for our buck of participation are those that we enter unconsciously. Neither of these two would have consciously chosen to go through all this, even for the value you derive on the other side of it. No, they had to go into this unaware of what what coming. They had to go into this, unconsciously.

  • It was to be a ‘special adventure’ for the two of them and it was, just the opposite of what he’d intended. A much more impactful learning adventure than anticipated. Perfect.

  • They did get to share in positive experiences with dolphins and whales prior to the capsizing.

  • In order for him to not be rescued too quickly their spirits had to set it up so that there were guests onboard who then ended up hanging onto the rescue beacon which ended up steering rescuers further away from the father and daughter.

  • The Drama of the capsizing, of her breaking her leg, rather severely of course was no accident. She got to have to handle herself in a problematic situation. Does she have the ‘right stuff’? She did but she also looked to Dad for reassurance etc all of which is no accident.

  • Dad had to ‘handle’ his own, his daughters and the guests anxiety. He was the captain and he has had to deal with his own doubts, and responsibilities for it all. Daughter was getting worse. He grew more and more concerned over losing her. Not a light load but perfect none-the-less.

  • Rescuer said that ‘it was a stroke of luck we found them at all”. Well, no, it wasn’t luck. These spirits intended that they be rescued in just this way at just this time. Just before they could go no further. They were both suffering from hypothermia, she the worst. All perfect. Shows you what you can take and that you can SURVIVE.

  • The Resuce boat only found these two because one of them got seasick and they were heading back to shore when they happened upon the two floaters. It was not by accident how the rescuers found them. Spirit was guiding all of this. The man getting sick, the timing of when they head in and what direction they take to get there. No accidents!

  • BTW, they called it a Rogue wave that capsized their ship and it was but it was not an accident. It was perfect and just what they ordered. Without the rogue wave they would have had to sink the ship some other way to end up in the water so as to be eventually rescued. Life does not happen TO US. We are creators small c and we HAVE life happen.

  • Many a child would be fearful after such an experience in the ocean. Ruby, thanks in part I’m sure to her fathers influence does NOT fear the sea and has made plans to go out again with dad.

How a Texas Woman Survived 5 days Stranded in the Arizona Desert.

P&P’s for her, her family, friends and the greater community. Let’s examine how none of this was accidental. Sure she made mis-takes. She did not intend to run herself out of gas or get lost but greater aspects of the Self ARE at work and she has lessons to learn. SHE chose a super secluded place to go to. SHE chose to only put in a third tank of gas before going out there. SHE chose an area so secluded that of course there was no cell service.

  • Things she learned or encountered that she would not have had she been on the so-called right road: She saw what happens when you over rely on technology like Google maps.

  • That Girl Scout and ROTC experience came in handy. Survival skills.

  • She took to rationing and self discipline.

  • Saw how much her parents meant to her when it all came down to it.

  • How relieved she was to be rescued.

  • Becomes an activist. Shares her story publicly and privately to spare others the anguish and possibly save their lives.

  • Two instances of seeming rescue that did not pan out for her. Emotional panic. They did not see me. I could die out here.

  • The Ranch hand that would normally be around there where she was just happened not by accident) to be out of town. Had he been she would not have had her 5 day trevail which, she needed so as to reorder and reassess some of her life views.

  • Of course she hoped Dad n family would be out looking for her and he was but one of the perfections for him was that while desperate to find her he was looking the whole time in the wrong state. Now he has to forgive himself. Accept himself and release the guilt. He has to acknowledge that good and effort he DID put into it.

  • Other family members, extended family, friends, acquaintances all found out about what happened (seemingly) to her and had what thoughts and feelings and took what actions they felt they needed to about it. Send condolences, made calls, sent letters, emails, put it on social media. These people had P&P’s for hearing about this AND for those thoughts and feelings! They aren’t victims of hearing about it; of those thoughts and feelings that showed up.

Former FBI Agend Explains How To /read Facial Expressions
MICRO expressions

At some level there is always a tell about someone. Telepathically if nothing else you will receive information. I can be at ease/ I cannot be at ease with them. Something is hidden. Danger, leave this place. That kind of thing. Otherwise though we subconsciously DO read peoples micro-expressions. That is a part of our psychic senses. The physical affirms what we feel inside. We can’t hide who we are from those aspects of others that are able to detect truth or realness for example. The unconscious is constantly passing on information to us as there is too much into around us for us to consciously take in.

P&P’s then have to do with conveying who we really are even if our minds and mouths are presenting falsehoods. It’s not by accident that your true feelings can be read by others. That was part of the creators plan. It’s no accident that you can see through peoples BS. It’s no accident that this mode of investigation was developed and used. It helps the general public see though the flowery rhetoric of ciminal politicians for instance. It helps them critically think. Certainly it’s helped the police in understanding the criminal mind let alone others.

Kids Good Deed Caught On Camera

P&P’s – For the neighbor whose faith in the new generation is strengthened. He gets to later reward them. They got to do a ‘good deed’ for free. Looking after the welfare of others at their young age and having such honesty and integrity is admirable and a great reflection upon the parents. Speaking of which they get to see that what they’ve been teaching, got through to them so the parents were affirmed here. The kids got affirmed also. The neighbors would hear about this through the grapevine and the appreciation of that family with kids will be duly noted. This is the kind of story the media will often pick up so you would then have the community feeling somewhat restored by their residents being so honest and upstanding. The kids get to feel appropriately ‘proud’ of themselves for doing the right thing and Being the right kind of folk. A real self esteem booster for the kids!

My Near Death Experience Showed Me Something I Could of Never Imagined

She set for herself to experience being deathly ill, dying and coming back and creating vibrant health. That’s full circle. That gives you wisdom as you have been on both sides now. You have the experience will help so many others.

A deep personal spiritual journey.

Sometimes people need o lose their health in order to come out the other side with a high appreication of their health. These contrasts support hin finding balance. She worked on the issue of pain vs no pain. So often people are forced to do research and learn something because they get ill. Its almost as if there was a purpose behind illness eh? She experienced Unconditional love, and self acceptance. That she was valid and worthwhile and that it did not depend upon her doing anything or being some particular way. She realized there were no accidents. She learned that consciousness is separate though connected from the body. She waited for her brother to get to the hospital thus, she had reason to hang around longer. She visited with her deceased father while in her coma. He gave her good advice and part of that was to go back and live her life ‘fearlessly’.

Listen, we are creators not victims. Naturally she could not consciously choose to go down the horrible road of illness she took. Who would want to go through that? No one so… in order to learn lessons on the above mentioned subjects she had to go into this unconsciously and have it seem to happen TO HER. And it did and she was a victim of it for awhile; temporarily as it’s supposed to be but she finished up strong, literally. She moved out of victimhood and into creatorhood even though she did not use that word. She realized that everything had a purpose and that every step she had taken, every thought, emotion and action had brought her to exactly where she needed to be for all these revelations to finally come to her. Gifts awaited her back here including health and so she had reason to come back.

Remote Village has a family with members who walk on all fours

P&P (Purposes and Perfections): Alternative human potential. It is possible to walk this way it turns out. Opening new possibilities for them and us. Those people agreed to become known and interact with outsiders. A family that has both walking and non walkiners provides contrast for observers. Community outcasts. How many genes involved. Scientists get at it. Even the simplest of techmologies/ideas (a walker) has made a huge difference. They all became walkers.

The Mowgli Syndrome - Real Feral Children

The Mowgli Syndrome ALSO large listing of them here:

These children have heightened senses number one. They weren’t dulled by society.

P&P’s: The Human (Mass) psyche makes use of such humans living as animals. There is I think a need for this variance in human behavior that is good for the human mass consciousness. Humans raised by leopards, monkeys, bears, wolves and more. How interesting a turn n twist in human consciousness this provides. Experience you just can’t get by Being the normal human. This, for the individual is highly important. See, we tend to think of this as unbidden by the spirit of said individuals but I tell you it is!

Just as a Being may come here to be gestated and grown and loved but has not intention of being born and so aborted. An individual may come here to experience animal life from a different perspective than we would. For them, they want a dramatic and highly impactful and immersive experience and so, they create having parents who abandom and mistreat them so as to steer them to where they move over to living as an animal for however long. This is not accidental. You and I choose things all the time at unconscious levels that we would not enter into if we thought about it or could know the future. These feral children entered this live at an unconscious level. They did not think rationally with their ego and conclude that this was the way to go.

P&P’s: Perfections for the communities. Accepting or rejecting these sorts of wild folk. Subjecting them to tests and lockups when they were free to roam is a hostile act they must deal with. Others wonder over how such people came to be. Some will try to help them with varying degrees of success. Some will write them off as touched by Satan or some such non-sense. Other children will have to learn to relate to them. Maybe it will be easier for them as they are not as judgmental and are closer with animals oftentimes themselves and so may relate to the ferals easier.

The results of tests and examinations and work with them on language eventually filters out to the greater population who gets then to ponder the miraculousenss of the childrens survival and the modifications of their behaviors.

The Winged Cats

Have you ever watched how very, very badly a cat will desire a bird for instance? And then the damn thing will fly off, frustrating the cats? How do Beings evolve? They do so epigenetically and otherwise just as we do. Epigenetics: The study of heritable changes in gene expression that are caused by factors such as DNA methylation rather than by a change in the sequence of base pairs in DNA itself. Epigenetics is where your living experience makes for changes in your DNA so that you ‘adapt’ to your environment. It makes it so that new attributes you could use or need DO come about. Now, in the case of the cats, they would like to fly like the birds in order to keep chasing them.

P&P’s will be for the individual cat who attains the wings. For the owner and human family of the winged cat (as that will get you some attention you may be seeking). You may get your 15 minutes of fame! Neighbors will witness it out an about and ponder over its existence. Kids may see them as Angel cats and such a cat can have a profound experience on an impressionable mind. The kid may grow up and be an author of books on the subject one of which is for kids so that they can be believers at a young age as he or she was. The town newspaper put a story and pics in about you and your winged cat. Now the whole community can ponder such a mystery. It could help some folk believe in other cryptozoological creatures like Bigfoot or Nessie.

Science may one day take such cats seriously and really study them. Geneticists may do experimentation and give a cat some wings (transgenics. Wings from another animal). Hate to think of how frightful a pissed off cat that can fly could be. Yikes! Well, anyways I think they could well be destined for wings. I think they likely got their claws similarly. They REALLY wanted a great way to catch animals, like birds and those claws work amazingly well for them. So, maybe we are just catching a glimpse of a future evolutionary development of cats… you know, prior to them walking on two legs (-;

So, the mass psyche of Felines on this planet adds a new twist to the possiblity of their line of development. Awesome.

Spontaneous Human Combustion - Personal Testimonial

UNUSUALLY, this fellow was NOT alone when he had this happen. It did not happen to him. Since there are no accidents I say it’s perfect and what they both wanted in that there would be someone there to put the fire out but still be a ‘witness’. Each time someone survives SHC, there is a chance to learn more about it. This like everything else is not an accident. One thing SHC tells us that we don’t have all the answers. Our physics can’t explain it. This is good overall for the population to ‘get’ so as we keep learning and staying open to possibility. Witnesses are a very rare phenomenon themselves as most die alone. Can you imagine seeing someone burn up from the inside out! That would look wilder than what we get in the movies with special effects! How horrific!

These two fellows did not mention whether they were drinking alcohol. It woud not surprise me. The SHC guy said they were having a GREAT time together talking about tomorrows fish derby and such. Maybe his high emotional level as with the drunks who often combust played a part. Notice he became a bit of an activist too in that he went public finally and put the word out about SHC. It’s real!!!

SHC will put the fear of God in you I think. If your a survivor. You can’t forget what happened nor how mysterious it is. In the back of your mind you may be thinking it could happen again at any moment. P&P’s, that could make you live like there is no tomorrow. Live in the moment. Live out of faith that you will be safe. Your being watcherd over by Angels. Your being protected. You become much more proactive in asking Spirit and spirits for help. P&P’s for those you encounter and who hear your story. Maybe you don’t want to tell your story because people avoid the man who might burst into flames at any moment or… one who thinks he could. He might be a bit kuku.

Larry Arnold is THE top SHC researcher. His website is:

I’ve read about a hundred of these cases of the years and it is surprising how so many of these cases DO involve a person who is an alcoholic. Often the gut of a person so consumed is burning with a blue flame. Doesn’t alcohold do the same? I believe so. Maybe the alcohol content in the body does make the process that begins really fire off. Maybe the fumes of either the alcohol or of the gut or maybe it’s an acid in the gut that when ‘lit’ in however way it does with SHC made for it firing off.

I long had the feeling and the idea that the emotional state of the person can play a part too. It may have to do with intensity of emotion. Drunks can get pretty beligerent, morose and mean minded. Maybe that sourness inside explodes in a sense and helps set this shc off. Notice t.hat the heat from SHC is unusual. It can melt plastic and candles but not much else. It’s not enough to start or keep a fire going but the heat is there as noticed by a neighbor trying the door knob to the house.

This is an internal fire. Where have we discovered such a thing in the human body? The Spine and the Kundalini energy that runs up and down it. I strongly suspect this plays a part too. Also I’ve noticed that almost no one has this happen that has company there. It seems to most always be when your alone.

P&P’s for the family members to ponder over a strange death. Makes them look for answers in unusual places. Could send them on a spiritual journey. Could make for them fearing such a death also. Maybe it runs in the family. [It does not seem to] Now there were witnesses of the aftermath and you know that is going to shock them and some will share with their friends and family and fellow officers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, firemen. This is no just plain frightening story they will tell either. It’s a hellish story and will really make people ponder the mysteries of life, and death.

There are neighbors, friends, church members, colleagues, co-workers and more who will HEAR about this story and because it’s mind blowing will share it with all sorts of other folk all of whom will have their own reasons purposes and perfections for hearing about it. It’s no accident what words and topics enter your ears or what thoughts cross your mind. Same with the emotions. Each physical death serves the purposes of the self as well as others in the vicinity or far away. The purposes and perfections don’t show themselves only at the time of the event. It can go on through time for quite awhile. As you can see, one of these five non-victims was from the late fifties so even now in 2022 it affects whoever watches it or is told about it by someone who just watched it. Our death can aid others decades down the line!

Disturbing Testimony from a Former Satanist

Brought into the Satanic church at 4 years old. Raped daily, indoctrinated into the death cult she drank blood, had abortions, and watched animal, human and baby sacrifices. I wish to point out that while she got very high up she also turned out not to be a lost cause so let that be a lesson to all of us that some can come back from such commitments.

It’s not by some ‘cruel’ fate of God that she was involved in this from a young age. At an other than conscious level we choose even such horrendous living conditions as this. Such people are not novices at taking a more direct or extreme route in learning particular lessons. Here one I’d guess would be sanctity for life since she has already done it’s opposite. Now she will go onto Being a ‘light’ worker and likely a healer/therapist. She has already shown here that she DOES still have a compassionate heart as noted when talking about how they sacrifice babies each November.

This young girl, now woman is working at a high level on her particular lessons. Self Love being another. Forgiveness being another. Communication being another. How are we to discover how bad things really are under the surface of society if someone from the inside doesn’t come out or escape once in awhile and enlighten us. This is not just about her. It’s about waking us up to reality. We created someone, her to play this part and bring this to our attention so we can Be something about stamping it out. First we have to recognize that it’s there and admit it.

As a child and until about the time she left she held it that Satan was God and what others called God was non-existent. At a Binny Hinn service she saw for the first time that there was something else that was not Satan that was powerful. She was ‘prayed’ upon and it DID affect her positively. She came to understand that there really is a God that is over Satan and she has converted to Christianity. This world uses duality for a reason. It’s a means of growth. She has experienced both sides now and this has given her wisdom the sharing of which can bring hope and encouragement to others to get out too. When she chose to come forward and be interviewed about this she became an activist on the subject.

Christ went through certain tortures so that ultimately we would hear his message and Be ‘saved’. In a way this young woman did the same. Went through this personally so that we might hear her message and be saved from a life of evil basically. We had her play a role. She was willing and assented prior to birth. Heed her warning. It radiates out unto the world, affecting those that are open to learning.