O U R   T H I R D   E Y E

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The fact of there being a 3rd eye goes back literally thousands of years. The 'third' eye and the All Seeing Eye are related. The third eye, that is to say the Pineal gland is the intersection point where spirit meets flesh. It's the gateway. On Spirit side you can see everything thus, the All Seeing Eye. Spirit side, to us could also be said to be someone on a higher level of consciousness than us. A person from say the 5th dimensional level can have an incarnation here and live from that more awakened state, the 5th dimension and more enlightened state and comparatively to the rest of us 'see' much more.

The Pine Cone has become a symbol for the Pineal gland.

The Vatican knows it's importance.

The Sumerians knew about it.

The Egyptians knew about it.

The Hindu's knew about it.

The LOTI. A term I've coined to explain the intersection between spirit and flesh.

The Ankh was used by the Egyptians and their Et's to alter the vibration of the pineal I'm guessing to change the parameters of the abha torus around our brain and create 'artificial ascension'. I have a pic of the Pineal Staff the Egyptians used in some manner.

The Pineal his piezoelectric crystals

The Pineal has rods and cones.

The shape is that of a vortex and that is whats used to transfer intent from one dimension to another. The angle of the Hindu eye is mostly? at a 90 degree angle from the others. 90 degrees is the degree of separation between dimensions.

Pinecone/Pineal at the Vatican
The Pine Cone has become a symbol for the Pineal gland. That it tops Osirus's staff of life should tell you of it's importance and value to the Egyptians and others through the millennia.
Staff of Osiris

 10,000+ year old
All Seeing Eye and 3rd eye symbol.

More alien carvings. Don't know which alien race did the work. Klaus Dona brought this piece to the publics attention.

India -- The Hindu's

The Hindu's knew about it. They are referring to it when they include the 3rd eye on their art.

Egypt and their Aliens

Pineal Staff - Egypt
The location of the Pineal gland
The Ankh, I believe was used to alter the vibrational parameters of the Abha torus that surrounds our head. This is how they grew the brain and mind to new levels of conscious awareness. Actually growing new lobes in the brain. Elongated skulls would result I believe, likely in future generations but who knows. Maybe the aliens can make a adults fully formed skull grow more. Sounds like a headache (-:
   The 3rd eye or pineal gland is at the center of the vortex that the Ankh device would be affecting.

Artificial Ascension

Whoever these aliens were who worked produced the Egyptian culture, they also knew of the importance of the Pineal. Here is proof of that on your left. It even shows the lens of the individual as the half circle curved part.
The Ankh

In Meso-America. The Chiefs and Aliens knew of the 3rd eye