It's being 'pushed' by the globalists for various reasons. One is that they want you MORE under their control which you would be with computers within you. Another is they want to isolate you from your 'humanness'. This makes you weaker and removes you incrementally from your real and true sense of self.
Your true power as a human! Another is that they seek to make you think that your true power is in the additions they wish to install rather than in the miraculous biological nature you already are which you haven't accepted yet.

They can't be having independent thinking people. Why, that would upset their apple cart. A 'rogue' idea could bring the whole house of cards tumbling down. No, everyone must be kept in line. Hmmm. THAT is exactly how China is, the Democrats here too for that matter. Tow the line!!
Take away your privacy, your right to your memory. Here, we will fix your eye but you will have to allow us to download everything your new eye sees. Or, here, take this hip replacement. We're going to monitor wirelessly though how much you exercise that joint and if you don't do well enough, well that will count against you if you want any other treatments for anything else next time because we know you won't follow our procedures for success for that operation, it's going to cost you more. Stuff like that and a lot more nastier. They already can download your complete sleep records from the c-pap machines.

Apply this concept to Transhumanism and see what you get. Hint: it isn’t good.


[Even if you don’t have one in you. Those you carry on you and near you will tell on you]

Just what you needed. To give full control over to the dark side. Now, once your usefulness to them is achieved they can just turn you off. They don't have to give you some new cloned body. They don't have to leave you 'turned on' in the Matrix they built but if they can be sure that now, you really don't have freewill. Welcome to the -Matrix. Your now relegated to non-playable character (NPC) status in that you no longer matter. You are completely programmed and expendable; an automaton.

That's one scenario. Here's a creative second.

It wasn't bad enough that you downloaded your brain into a quantum disc somewhere on Arcturus 3. NOW you decide that you want to be an explorer. Wow! Well, on the one hand I can understand some of the appeal and working through an artificial body sometimes is convenient but you no longer have a body of your own. The miraculous nature of it is no longer something you can relate to. Your no longer natural as a creature anymore. You can't 'feel' all the miraculous things your human body could. You are steps removed from your real self...which had a body. Now your but a faux human.

If you were in touch with your own body's miraculous nature you would revere it and know it as at once a sacred thing and..but a temporary vessel. The cooperation and wonder of the cosmos is alive within that body that you rejected!

You never realized how much 'exploring' your consciousness and body could have really provided your with. As a consequence you pre-maturely ejaculated from your body. Silly human, THINK next time!

We used to celebrate human excellence via sports and the Olympics.
No more. No more human in the equation in any meaningful way. The realization of the fulfillment of the human body now goes over everyone's head. Now it's just about reflex speed and everyone knows that R2 B300 is the fastest right now and he/it doesn't really qualify as human any more so..."I guess I'll stay in the R2 B300 Android body"it'll say, never having known the marvel it missed out on called the human body.

The R2-B300 Quickest starts and strides

Included being cause, you WILL be obscuring your Being in Transhumanism too. Taking your mind out of figurative 'gear' and letting it b in 'neutral': in 'idle' might just become impossible. Gone will be the days when the human just kicked back and daydreamed or otherwise played with their consciousness (not thru VR) being cause, they new the value of giving the ego breaks from having to keep control over every little thought and action. Allowing the unconscious to come more to the fore is quite good for us, Transhumanism dehumanized you. As a natural human you already were a miraculous creation with eternal life and amazing and miraculous abilities. But, you did not look inside yourself. You exteriorized and lost yourself. Now you must...find yourself.


Transhumanists are saying that life in the flesh is not enough but they are saying it without identifying with it. The body is a material manifestation of our Spirits intent. Transhumanists don’t hold the body as sacred at all and need I say that they don’t hold yours either as sacred. Since they don’t identify with the body they can’t appreciate it’s magnificence, it’s true potentials as it is in it’s natural state. What we can achieve...naturally is astounding and nothing short of miraculous.

I have studied indepth the possibilities of consciousness and I can assure you these bodies are nothing short of divine capsules for consciousness and that is why we can and have over the millenia done extraordinary things. Levitate, fly (by the seat of our consciousness and Gods grace), our bodies can be magnetic, our bodies and consciousnes can work miracles with ‘Chi’. Yogi’s and other have been able to bi-locate, teleport, not breath air, not have to eat, not be affected by poisons. All this and more has been shown to be real! Over 200 ‘Christian’ mystics alone have been chronicled to of levitated or flown! Extraordinary powers exist in all Beings. We are all made of the divine! The Globalists don’t want you to know about your magnificence. It threatens their control. Wake up! They are the ones promoting the degradation of humankind. You need to stand for the value of the natural human...such as we are, alien made, Anunnaki GMO. )-: :-)

When u start fantasizing about being a transhumanist, consider the following and if you will be able to NOT be affected and driven into a smaller an smaller and smaller and more narrow psychic space so to speak, even in your transhumanist self. We are Borg! You WILL be assimilated. We will all be, the same. Non-humans.

And I haven’t even brought up the Elites ‘Eugenics’ agenda. You think that will stop when everyone gets uploaded? Hell no. That’s when they can finally turn off the switch. Now you’ve been digitally deleted. Sucker!! Dumb fuck. Maybe you will be smarter in your next life.

There will be no more being an anonomous person out in the world. THEY will always know where you are.There will be no privacy. If you grew up in the Smart Phone age you probably aren’t aquainted with it enough to value it. You’ve never had it. Free Speech? Gone. Censored at the chip level. 2nd amendment right to protect yourself from a tyrannical government? Yeah right! Your high technology makes you a danger and your paranoid belief in self protection makes you mentally unstable. You don’t have the right to own or use a gun. Your on the list! Your a shady character, thinking you can just say any ol’ some crazy person!