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A term you may never have heard before. You have certainly heard of the term 'Victimhood' though. This is because those who want to suppress the human species don't want you to know that YOU are the creator of your personal experience. They want 'victims' who believe that they are at the mercy of outside forces doing it to them. This is a form of mental slavery.


It's to their advantage that you believe that the world and events happen TO YOU. They don't want you to get that YOUR having these events happen...for your own growth. They don't want you to be discovering the purposes and perfections for what occurs. Why, that would empower you and 'they' can't be having an empowered populace! Hell No! They would wake up and take back even more of their power and where would that leave the globalists? Up Shit creek my friend! The jig is up on them when YOU realize that you are creating your own personal reality, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

Beyond that of course we are each co-creators
in the mass reality we experience together.

While we will study many examples of the REAL human potential through history we will also look into more recent trends on the subject including Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal Children, Hybrid alien/human children, Trans-humanism, cloning, gene editing, and various sorts of human phenoms by various names including yogi's, guru's, shaman, and masters of one thing or another.


My purpose is to prepare you for the acceptance of your true abilities as a divine being. I will point the way and walk alongside you in your journey of sSelf discovery. I know your capable of not only the extraordinary, but also the miraculous for THAT is your nature.


Siddhi are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga

Quality of Life -- The Attributes of Love

 In their efforts to disempower us, the 'elites' have removed from our view the more powerful attributes of love that could help overthrow them. They have used other qualities to assuage us and keep our EMOTIONS running in the directions they want them to go so as to STEER us where ever and for what ever they want. We are as the cow being led my the 'nose ring'.


The Social Engineers keep us distracted when what we need is a conscious focus upon the various attributes of love that can liberate us from our mental and emotional enslavements.

Realizing Your Purpose in Life

Almost 40 years ago now, while participating in a Relationship course I learned how to assist people in realizing what their Purpose in Life was. By assisting in that course for a few years I got to help many people learn what their PIL was. Over the years since then, I occasionally found someone who was curious or committed to discovering their PIL and I would lead them through the processes that got us the result desired.


I did not tell them what their PIL was. We realized it together. It takes on average 2 to 4 hours. It CAN be strenuous mentally and emotionally as you will face challenges as you approach your own magnificence. Most of us have self imposed barriers to that realization. Often these are ‘unconscious’ beliefs we carry and give power to. I will help you to recognize, acknowledge and move past them.

Filling in the Puzzle that is the 'Bigger Picture'

 Occult by definition means 'hidden knowledge'. What's been denied you? What history do the 'globalists' not want you to know about? What technologies? What human potentials? What about your true heritage as a human? What future possibilities are you being steered away from?


Here I will walk beside you pointing out the pieces you may have missed and we will discuss how various pieces fit together and what they can mean. Comprehending the larger picture is a part of living here in the 3rd dimension.

The following has been taken out of public schools so as to dumb us down.
This makes it hard to 'grasp' the globalists agenda and act to thwart it.

The Trivium method: (pertains to the mind) – the elementary three.

General Grammar, Aristotelian Logic, and Classical Rhetoric comprise the first three rules-based subjects of the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences. As these disciplines are learned and practiced together, they form the overarching, symbiotic system for establishing clarity and consistency of personal thought called the Trivium.

General Grammar answers the who, what when, where. Discovering and ordering the facts of reality comprises basic, Systematic Knowledge.

Formal Logic answers the Why. Developing the faculty of reason in establishing valid (i.e. non-contradictory) relationships among facts is Systematic Understanding.

Classical Rhetoric supplies the How. Applying knowledge and understanding expressively comprises wisdom or, in other words, it is a systematically usable knowledge and understanding.

Of Service and Serving - Your beyond YOU

 Purely self centered behavior is a dead end. Temporary satisfaction is available for awhile but fulfillment and the sense of a 'whole' self will escape you. You weren't born into a world of no people. You have find the balance between Being a Taker and Being a Giver in life.


Questions like who should you serve and why will be explored. Morals and ethics can come in. Looking also at what your commitments are in life and where you will STAND on issues. Serving others has a world of benefits but it does not mean to Be a blind follower of a charismatic personality either.

A World of Enlightenment Tools

I won't stop bringing you to the next tool, resource, person, event or experience that can hone you in on achieving your stated goals for growth. Reason, Intuition, Spirit and my Spirit all lead me towards that which can do the most good for you.


Short list of Earthly Tools: Books, videos, music, storytelling, hemi'syncing your left and right brain, meditation, Yoga, bio-feedback, Deep tissue ptsd release techniques, Reiki, Cranio-sacral and a world more of options for you that I can refer you to. I can point you to the best water, the best air, the best nutritional supplements and technological devices of all sorts. Psychics of one sort or another. Rune Readings, Channeling, Typologies that help identify your characteristics and more. Ayahuasca, Peyote, Salvia, Healers, Shaman, Native Americans, Animal psychics to serve you and your animal companion. The world is full of resources for you. My job is to build you up and to that end I will search high and low if something isn't already present for me.

Personal Power is your ability to be effective in manifesting your intentions in the world. You don’t have to have money to have personal power in the world though. In fact, money can mask an actual 'lack' of personal power because, in a capitalistic society 'money' can take the place of personal power. Plenty of other people will DO your bidding in exchange for your money. You don't generate much personal power from others doing the work.


Personal Power is something YOU generate yourself and it comes from the qualities of love that you are Being. It isn't a Doing. You can't generate personal power from Being immoral or a degenerate either. You generate delusion. George Soros is NOT a man with actual 'power'. He's a man with money. He wields money which equates to power but isn't, it's paper.


There are certain qualities of love that can bring you real personal power. Cultivating and having Integrity is a part of how you create personal power. You cannot create REAL personal power by lying and deceit. You also have to take responsibility for your creations. You cannot generate personal power by living the 'victimhood lifestyle'. So there you have two examples of what all we will be looking into together relative to you Being an empowered individual.

To find out who you are, you will have to explore what subjects and causes you have to stand up for...just by your own character at this time. There are those things that you just, will not let stand to go on around you, in your neighborhood, town, city, state or country. Your heroic aspect will come out, loving attributes will be expressed and you will feel the validity of your Being in those moments.


Discovering who you are and who you aren’t, as a stand going to be, is very important. You need to know and consider where your selfishness kicks in and when the altruism does. Your aligning with loves qualities and Being a stand say, against FMG or Sharia Law for instance will bring you deserved personal power being cause, YOU are bringing aid (Loves qualities) to the innocent and not condoning the actions of the aggressors. Growing in love is one of the purposes in life, here on Earth.

You want to be all that you can be for your children’s benefit. 

You want to be all that you can be, for your families benefit. 

You want to be all that you can be, for your community. 

You want to be all that you can be, for your friends. 

You want to be all that you can be, FOR YOU.


You have to want to be whole and complete unto yourself, for YOU.


There are different aspects to healing the heart. One is called appropriate self love. It’s about finding the balance between that and self obsession. We all have ‘greatness’ within us. If you can’t love your own self, you can’t love another really because you haven’t made it’s acquaintance yourself, in your own heart. I’m talking about energizing the heart to Be what it’s here to be and not put onto a shelf, unused. You have to stoke the fire. I will remind you to do so. We are all broken but the purpose is NOT to stay that way. There are many tools to help us heal. Together, we will head in that direction.
Empowerment is on its way!

You ARE action so...get on with it!

Culturally there are many restrictions on us. Some are appropriate if you want a culture but others are put in place by the social engineers of the NWO globalists and serve them in keeping ‘us’ down. You and I want liberation and so, we will assess and identify the greater possibilities for your self expression in and beyond that negative environment ‘they’ present you with.

Our aim is for you to be able to blend, on the fly, your intuitive and reasoning abilities to express yourself authentically. Now listen, there are also times when Being real will only get you shot must be thoughtful if your an undercover cop or what have you. It’s the NOT being able to express oneself that makes us get all gnarled and twisted up in side, CONTORTED to where we are no longer the beautiful joyful and valid selves but instead some low energy, wretched shadowy aspect of our former self.

What holds the WORLDS together.


The Nature of Consciousness. Telepathy, Vortex math, Sacred Geometry, Numbers, Holography, Fractals, Dimensions, Grids, Ley lines, Coordinate points, Probabilities, Harmonics, Physics and more!!

 Technological challenges in the 21st Century.


The dangers and the promises for the future. Thoughtful research followed up with structured effective actions that empower you in altering the probable undesirable outcomes of AI, Transhumanism, Cloning and so much more. We as individuals CAN make a difference but we have to get past any limiting belief we have that says “One person, CAN’T make a difference”. Eventually, we find that WE have a line (when someone has crossed it) past which even I cannot hold back from saying THIS has just gotten out of hand here and it’s got to stop. In fact you go further. You STAND UP and declare what you are going to BE in the matter, for which you seek a solution. A new line, now of action for you, is declared for yourself.


Now your cooking with fire! Now you can generate some personal power!


We have many technological challenges with us right now let alone whats coming. Weather Warfare, Vaccines and today Nano-technology is a big one. Implants and bio-metrics is another. Privacy, the BlockchaIn, Security, The surveillance state. Corporations that surveil you too for that matter. TV’s that watch you while you watch them. They are all threats to your freedoms. Are you very aware of how many threats there are? How to live with knowing about them without living from fear or ‘denial’ and thus Being irresponsible for the world you live in? You will discover which issues you most care about and why.

Example: Claude Junker, head of the European Union. Junker is the head of Germany’s richest Nazi family. His family took over or created Luxemborg. Did you know that the E.U. itself was an idea of Adolph Hitlers? True. Junker is drumming up a European Army to go against the ‘nation states’ like America under Trump who are fighting off the Luciferian globalists behind the New World Order.


There are plenty of other ‘Traitorous to humanity’ globalist families (Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Windsors), orders and secret societies involved. The Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican are another den of criminal globalists.


I show you how to NOT Be a victim of them. You will become empowered as you you STAND against them; that aspect of yourself really for there is no real separation. Without realizing it, they help you to awaken to your own magnificent, loving nature. I will show you how. Learn also how they work, how they corrupt and gain control over people, org.s and businesses so that you can avoid the pitfalls and recognize when your being played by the players!