WATER is the single most amazing element on the planet and yet somehow, (not by accident), it has become the one most taken for granted.

On this page I will run down for you all sorts of amazing things about water you well may not be aware of. Again, that is not by accident. Some of what I will share ought to scare you and put you into action to right the wrongs. Some of you may become activists for water after this.

For those of you who aren't all that aware of Water being so special, I made the following video to pleasantly introduce you to some new information which I will go into further in other areas on this page.


Topics on this page:

The Privatization of Water    Water Tech   The Memory of Water   Water Wizards  The Bond Angle
Types of Water   Water Pollution   The River of Love   Water and the Lens of History   
The Lens of History    The Hexagon Geometry

TYPES of Water

For those that think that water is just water, this section will blow your mind, or it would if I wanted to get into it that much. It's astounding the claims that people including myself will make about water. On a planet of 7 Billion people I feel confident in saying that there are 'tens' of thousands of people working on the development of their ideas for and brands of water.

Water is sooo fascinating! I don't want to go into the types too in deep here. I just want you to be aware that there are all kinds of water...beyond your tap so... I will present some information here and point you to the rest.

TYPES OF WATER: Well, I think many people have heard the term 'nuclear energy' before and those same people likely then have also heard of the term 'heavy water'. This is not 'tap water'. Heavy water (deuterium oxide, H2O, D2O) is a form of water that contains a larger than normal amount of the hydrogen isotope deuterium (H or D, also known as heavy hydrogen), rather than the common hydrogen-1 isotope (H or H, also called protium) that makes up most of the hydrogen in normal water. The presence of deuterium gives the chemical different nuclear properties, and the increase of mass gives it different physical and chemical properties when compared to normal water.

In Municipal water districts across the country it's almost always, if not always, energetically 'dead' water in comparison to it's potential which you will read or hear about here on this page. At any rate, the real point I want to make is that the water molecules in your 'city' water are long. Actually too long to be easily and readily used by the body. It's hard for these to penetrate the cell membrane and bring in nutrients, and it's just as hard to take the toxins out so...There are methods and technologies to make the water molecules smaller and so I think this qualifies as a 'type' of water...that is more bio-available than your tap water.

If you want to know more about pH (acidic or alkaline) and those alkaline water producing machines and their value relative to your health, look off-site, here. or watch a video on it here.
Now, this 'micro-water' can be helpful but, it is just one criteria you will want, were to design your own brand of 'specialty water' say. Different producers of such small molecule water may call it various things but the name I'm using is basically the best description.

Gerald Pollock PhD. says that he has found the fourth state of Water. That is...beyond vapor, liquid and solid (ice). He says his is a sort of midway point between liquid and solid. His have crystal lattices. Here is his TEDx talk.

The Memory of Water

It was NOT yesterday when the news came out that water has a characteristic that had gone unnoticed.
That characteristic is that it has 'memory'. It not only picks up the minerals physically that it passes over, around and under, it picks up the frequencies of said minerals. It turns out and I will show you in this section that it also picks up and transmits' information. Further, I will show you that this is done via the hydrogen aspect of the water molecule.

Water, I tell you now, is Gods' means of communicating with us and us with it. Hydrogen makes faster than light communication possible so there is no 'lag time' when you pray for instance. All elements have a function and water is no exception. Once you learn more about it, you realize that it's really no surprise really that it gets into everything.

Here is the video I made where I talk about

Water. Memory and Self Esteem.

BELOW...The next videos you will encounter basically unfolds for you the story of the Memory of Water
becoming publicly known.

An aside about H2o, These water drop ripples can represent how we as individuals come together and influence one another. We are connected. We touch even when we enter at two different locations. The vibrations go out and in ways we cannot often see in the moment, we are influenced by the energies and intents of others.


Worthwhile Water Documentaries

From 2008: Flow, for Love of Water - 1 hr. 41 min.s
The film opens with and discusses the world water crisis. Nearly two million people die each year from water-borne diseases worldwide. The root causes of this crisis range from pesticide and chemical runoff, to simply not having access to clean water due to economic or political factors.

As of 2008, 70% of the world’s water was used for agricultural needs. With agricultural upkeep comes heavy pesticide and chemical use. As the land drains, these chemicals flow into the river systems and alter ecosystems. Atrazine and its health effects on mammals and amphibians is discussed briefly while mentioning its ban in the European Union, however, it is still used in the U.S.

The film also spends a lengthy amount of time on the topic of privatization of water infrastructure. Major businesses depicted in the film are Nestle, The Coca-Cola Company, Suez, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). While tap water has gained a great stigma over the years, the FDA cannot confirm that bottled water is any safer. Tap water passes through water treatment plants and has to abide by set regulations, however, bottled water has less stringent regulations because there is no primary monitoring agency designated for the industry. Ethical dilemmas arise from the conversation of water privatization because water is a natural and common resource that companies are capturing for free to build a large profit. This constant pumping of water has changed the natural infrastructure of land and has caused water shortages in areas near pumping facilities. In 2008, the U.N. estimated that it would require funds of $30 billion a year to provide clean, accessible, drinking water to the entire planet while in the previous year, the world spent $90 billion on bottled water.

From 2006: A World Without Water’ – 76 min.s

As less and less water is available, you have yet another problem being added and that is the problem of privatization.

There are companies now saying why don't we bottle it, mine it, divert it, sell it, commodify it. That greed of privatization, I believe, will be much worse than climate change and everything else that has left us with the water crisis.

The world is running out of its most precious resource.
True Vision's timely film tells of the personal tragedies behind
the mounting privatization of water supplies.

More than a billion people across the globe don’t have access to safe water. Every day 3900 children die as a result of insufficient or unclean water supplies. The situation can only get worse as water gets ever more scarce.

From 2006: The Great Mystery of Water  – 48 min.s

Water (Russian: Вода), also released as The Great Mystery of Water is a television documentary  directed by Anastaysia Popova about the memory of water. The film was part of television channel Rossiya 1's project The Great Mystery of Water. In November 2006 the film won three television awards at TEFI, including for the best documentary film.

In the film, scientists from various countries (including Kurt Wüthrich, Masaru Emoto, Rustum Roy, and Konstantin Korotkov) present their work on the theme of the water. Additionally, clergy from the largest religions discuss the importance of the water in their faith. The film also presents experiences of water, including the emotions of humans interacting with the water (using kirlian photography).

From 2005 Top Secret – Water  51 min.s 

An excellent documentary covering a wide range of water related issues. I could not find anything on the internet that talks about it but take my advice. I saw it again just the other day and it's worth watching!

Water and the Lens of History

Besides the obvious veneration of it for giving life, how have cultures through the past seen water and how do we connect or not connect with any of that. Have we lost that sense of Sacredness that past cultures had with water? I think so.

Water Wizards

Austria - Viktor Schauberger

Victor Schauberger Book Title:

Implosion - The Path of Natural Energy

Description: All life has its secret in dipolarity. Without opposite poles there can be no attraction, and no repulsion. Without attraction and repulsion there can be no movement, and without the latter, no life. Light calls for darkness, because without darkness it would have no meaning. The alternation of warmth and cold, of day and night is also of greatest importance to our planet. While one side of the earth is cooling, its other side is getting warmer. These temperature differences produce a constant flux which results in a spiral rotation just as it happens with hot and cold air fronts whose meeting results in cyclones and hurricanes.
Opposites represent an integral part of nature's course which, in reality, does not describe a complete circle but a spiral. This observation, though of the greatest importance, has failed to attract the attention it deserves. All that lives (at this level of consciousness or being) moves between two opposites, between two poles -- hence Dipolarity -- spiraling upwards toward enlightenment and purification, or downwards through deterioration and degeneration toward ruin. This depends on whether the driving force is centripetal (that is, concentric -- toward the center) or centrifugal (that is, excentric -- toward the outside). The excentric or centrifugal force leads to destruction, the concentric or centripetal force leads to growth and enrichment. This is equally true of material and of spiritual matters. Although the world is animated by a single universal force, this force can be divided into two contrasting elements — the pressure component, and the suction component. In this case, Nature's dipolarity expresses itself in the form of two different types of motion. Each of these types manifests itself through certain specific phenomena and represents one of the two components of the force which animates and activates the whole universe.
The whirling Hooked Cross, the Swastika, is the symbol. Revolving counter-clockwise, centrifugal, it is negative [Hitler]. Revolving clockwise, centripetal, it is positive. [Hindu].


At the end of the war the "Brains of Europe" were divided between the Russians and the USA. They "combed" Germany, and many Nazi's went to the States. This technology based on implosion consequently disappeared and was not seen again following the Second World War and Viktor Schauberger's death. - There has therefore been a time gap of some 50 years, in the development of this Implosion technology. A "science monopoly situation" was created and upheld by American political and industrial interests. The mere fact that the USA possess and knowingly withholds this technology from being further developed as a sustainable alternative, was until recent times the most guarded secrets of the USA Government and it's Secret Services.

In 2019, the existence of implosion and the nature of diamagnetism are known to an ever greater extent, yet mainstream physics has yet to catch up. Since Schauberger's time any physical proof has been again, ‘disappeared’ so much has to be re-researched and recreated.

Today's technology, based on explosion, is 'expanding' and has 'centrifugal' movement which is the basis and primary mode of today's technology. We have put our attention on the degenerative forces in nature by using combustion, heat, friction and pressure. It is known that the efficiency however of this energy base of fossil fuels and nuclear energy, is not more than 35 percent. It exploits the natural resources and is responsible for extensive pollution and damage to the natural world. It stands to reason then that we now look the other way: to frictionless cooling and compacting of matter through the geometric coiling action of the spiral movement in a vortex. See the Randy Powell video in my 'free energy' page.

With regards to the vortex, examples such as snail shells, galaxies, antelope horns, sunflowers, pine cones and the like; these are the after images of pure creative sacred geometry working through a specific movement. They are obvious physical imprints of implosion activity. This activity is the mechanism by which the World of Energy or ‘Spirit’ connects with the physical world. In my Artificial Ascension video I call the point where our spirit comes in: thru our physical Pineal gland, 'The Lens of the Individual'.

A line of Energy that 'flows upstream'

Schauberger says that a natural watercourse allowing natural motion, builds up an energy that flows in the opposite direction of the flow of the water. It is this energy he says, that is used by the trout. In a suitably formed waterfall this energy flow can be distinguished as a channel of light within the streaming water. The trout seeks out his energy flow and is sucked upwards as if in a whirlwind.

It was not only the trout, however, that he saw move in such an unusual way in these undisturbed waters. On a clear late winter night, in brilliant moonlight, he stood by a mountain pool formed within a rushing stream. The water in the pool was several meters deep, but so clear that he could easily see to the bottom. Here lay stones, some a large as a man’s head. As he stood studying these, he was surprised to see that a few of the stones were moving here and there, colliding with each other as if pulled together, only to be forced apart as if electrically charged. He explains: ‘I did not trust my generally observant eyes any more, when suddenly an almost head-size stone began to move in a circular path in the same way as a trout before leaping over a waterfall. The stone was egg-shaped.

In the next instance the stone was on the surface of the water, around which a circle of ice quickly formed. It appeared to float on the water surface, lit by the full moon. Then a second, a third, followed by other stones in sequence went through the same movements. Eventually nearly all the stones of the same egg shape were on the surface. Other stones of irregular or angular shape remained below and did not move. This movement overcomes the force of gravity.


4 degrees Celcius section also

The anomaly point is where a substance or organism is "healthiest" or "best"; for water this anomaly point is at 4 degrees Celcius. The actual pattern of movement, that is: the shape, the proportions and the curvature of it's pathway is very specific. The harmonic of the double cycloid spiral curve is based on "PHI".

PHI is the specific formative principle expressed mathematically in the ratio: 1=1:1.618, the so called "Fibonacci cycle" is natures version of Spirits Mathmatical formula: "The Golden Mean". (each number added to the next gives the following number, as in 3-5-8-13-21-34 etc. or multiplied by 1.618 = 0618-1.000-1.618-2.618-etc.). Daniel Winter (U.S.) calls this harmonic: "The only permissive path from matter to energy and back. The "Mathematical image of the condition of pure self reference"

The forward movement of every particle in water is closely associated with a specific temperature. Schauberger made a big point about "the temperature gradients", which regulate movement. When flowing water warms up (e.g. by the sun), its' tractive forces weaken. Cooling down occurs in the flow-axis, this core water mass moves fastest and thus deepens its' channel. This higher flow-velocity, relative to the peripheral flow along the embankments, creates suction which also releases pressure from these embankments. The higher the flow-velocity of the cooler core-water mass is, the higher the buoyancy.

Water is qualitatively not the same at different temperatures; Water can "go off" too. The anomaly point for water is at 4* Celsius, where water is healthiest and densest. Water always carries other substances. The sea water contains mineral salts and silicon from eroding granite mountains. This silicon is associated with the waters' levitation properties, which is why Schauberger uses siliceous emulsions in his Implosion technology. Remember, water is electrically charged too.


Update 2019: There is much more than this going on now with Viktors work

(Old) Research, education, trials and outcomes
Several groups of people are doing preliminary experimentation on liquid flow phenomena, and with Schauberger's concepts. As of this writing, the following initiatives are taken: * in Austria summer seminars are given at the "Pythagoras Keppler Schule" (or P.K.S.), the Schauberger family estate near Bad Ischl, * in Germany lectures are given and articles are published (e.g. by Ron Engert), describing the above, * in the Netherlands attempts are made to organize the planning, the funding and the co-ordination for research/ development and production together with the Australian team, * in Sweden: research on various flow phenomena of water; free flowing and in vessels, * in Germany: research in libraries and archives for articles and news reports, eye witness accounts and quotes on early facts-data and achievements (e.g. flying saucers), * in the USA: an investigation, digging up any (hidden) information has started, * in Australia: research and development has started on three proto type devices, which will demonstrate some of the principles of Implosion technology and which will then become available as products, * Contact is being maintained with the Schauberger family in Austria and with Mr. D. Feierabend in the U.S (who is in possession of one of the original devices), by Callum Coats, Australia.

Research and development of three Schauberger inventions in Australia

These form the first practical steps towards developing the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to start with the Implosion motor. These first three devices are: 1. The "Energy body" for rivers: egg shaped bodies creating longitudinal vortices in the central water flow. The longitudinal vortex creates a cooler, condenser, faster flowing central water mass which is the mechanism by which the river carves out it's own desired flow path, and which in general, trout and salmon use to migrate up the rivers for spawning. Problems and solutions: Many problems we experience with rivers and streams, e.g. flooding after some rain, are a result of human interference with the forests and the actual flow path of rivers. These problems can best be solved by helping such a river re-establish it's natural- dynamic flow pattern. These "energy bodies" are described by Schauberger to yield dramatic positive changes in the riverbed formation within a very short time span. 2. A vertical pump: imitating capillary action of water and air bubbles much like across between a tree and a ram pump. Lifting a water column higher than nine meters vertically has been impossible up to now (laws of physics-gravitation). There are places such as farms, where a significant change would be experienced if there would be a break-thru, making water available where previously that wasn't possible, in general, by pumping water straight up from a bank or cliff, out of a river. This development may be a brake through in terms of what is known about pumps and pumping water in different ways, however more importantly it demonstrates the "Comprehend and Copy Nature" principle in practical application. 3. A water purifying device which is using the so called: "Wavy plates" to achieve the centripetal movement. Some CO2 is added in the process, separating and cool-distilling the water most imbued with levitation properties and ready for human consumption (best at 4-5 * Celsius). The remainder of the water keeps being processed in this egg shaped device which has a manometer to measure the vacuum created. These are the first serious steps towards development of the implosion motor as the "wavy plates" are used. These were designed by Schauberger.

I really enjoy listening to Callum Coats. Here is a link to his talk on the Extraordinary Nature of Water.

John Ellis and Waters 'Bond' Angle

"After any cleansing, purification, chemical treatment, filtration or even after distillation, the pollutants' harmful information - the electromagnetic frequencies/oscillations can be transferred to the human organism. They are there, measurably present in the water molecules both before and after any of the conventional treatments. So even when fresh water is chemically purified it is still physically polluted. It is not the chemical substance which affects the human organism when you drink this water, it is the undesirable frequencies."

"Water which has once been exposed to pollutants is dead. Even the most intensive and modern sewage treatment facilities cannot revive it. It is energetically dead and it contains no useful information. Biologically valuable water must contain certain useful frequencies in order for the human organism to benefit from it." John Ellis

This is one of the key factors in his work, that you can use any other purifier type you want but you won't find another water machine that deletes these invisible negative vibration/pollution aspects which are a 'real thing'.

Plato's Perfect 360° Circle Divided by Pi (3.141) = 114° Degrees!

John Ellis makes plenty of claims about his water. The thing is though, that his 13 Patents and 332 approved FDA Tests back up all those claims! You can look over his proofs on his websites. Here I will highlight some of his content so you can learn about John Ellis water here.

John Ellis’s machines make two kinds of water. One gallon of energized-distilled water aka, ‘light water’ in about 2 hours and up to 10 gallons/hour of energized tap water! [10x faster] Both waters have a 114 HBA!

In 1848 scientist Michael Faraday created a formula proving, mathematically, it was possible to alter the hydrogen bond angle of water thereby allowing oxygenated water to penetrate the membranes of the food we grow, producing more abundant crops—or the skin of human organs, producing healthier people.

The John Ellis Electron 4 and Electron 5 distillers do two things no other distillers on Earth do. No. 1, they permanently change the bond angle of the hydrogen in the water molecule from 104° degrees to 114° degrees permanently. No. 2, They measurably create great amounts of energy in the water. Don’t think of the John Ellis Electron distillers as just another home water distiller, because they aren’t. Think of them as the Paul Bunyon of home distillers. They work wonders around the home or in commercially use.

PURITY - Ordinary distillers, filters, reverse osmosis, ozonators, “ph-ionizers”, bottled water, spring water, bottled water and well water ALL cause cancer. How? The water still contains the mixture of drugs, disease markers and...the Cancer Virus. Crystal Clear has the ONLY product that can go below 0.1 ppm TDS (Total Disolved Solids), the Lab Standard for Pure Water.

SOLUBILITY – Ellis water’s high solubility means that more Oxygen is getting into your lungs and extremities. “Cancer cells can’t survive!”

PROVEN RESULTS - Water filters are useless (water passes through toxins!) and ordinary Distillers, still carry deadly Deuterium heavy water molecules because they only get heated and cool once. Ordinary filters and distillers unfortunately don’t allw enough virus and bacteria ‘destruction time’.

Patented in 13 countries, our water machines results are now on PUBLIC RECORD at the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Now you have an opportunity to try the most patented distiller in America.

The UV bulbs AND heat are able to destroy pathogens!

Discovery by an 80 YR old retired professor with 2 MIT Chemical Engineering Degrees): “I put the water on my shiny dome AM & PM. In 2-3 weeks starting with some fuzz, I now have a full head of hair!”

Recently Ellis water was found to relieve pain and that it can grow back a finger tip.

HYDROGEN BONDING ANGLE Aka, HBA - THEY said “you will have to change the properties of water to destroy the ‘markers’ for various diseases found in the blood stream!” Well, Crystal Clear did it!

Confirmed by the top scientists at the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab and Lawrence Livermore to THE WASHINGTON TIMES and scientists around the world using a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) from 104.5 degrees to precisely 113.8 degrees (rounded off to 114 degrees)!

The Discovery of the Century”, the changing the hydrogen bond angle in ordinary water from 104° to 114° (just 10 degrees) produced over 100,000 lifesaving results…EW even goes through the SKIN!

Scientists now know the ENERGY in water is measured by the Hydrogen Bond Angle; HBA. When you open up the HBA to 114°, the water molecules have additional room to hold more oxygen but this also weakens the hydrogen bonds so the OXYGEN then is made more bio-available.

PATHOGEN AND DISEASE MARKER KILLER – (markers are frequencies of the diseases. EW deletes them.) EW machines DISTILL AUTOMATICALLY… 100’s of TIMES per GALLON (not ONCE!!) and by doing this 100’s OF TIMES you also produce water with MEASURABLE ENERGY



Ordinary water causes disease. That is why bowel movements smell, from all the e-coli bacteria. The Ellis water machines re-purify the water hundreds of times per gallon using heat and UV light to destroy viruses and other pathogens that pose a threat to human health.

ENERGY - John Ellis Water WILL go through your skin when ordinary water won’t with a measurable 3000% more energy uptick!! Your IMMUNE SYSTEM needs this 3000% more ENERGY to fight disease! Read about the MIT Professor with TWO Chemical Engineering Degrees in an “Open Letter” about this discovery! It’s this ENERGY he says, that allows you to live as long as possible!

Ellis water machines distill automatically...100's of times per gallon, and this produces water with an immense measurable energy uptick.

BLOOD FLOW – Diabetes, age, hair growth and more. John Ellis Water° will go through your SKIN with oxygen when ordinary water WON’T, carrying more OXYGEN to the cells stops disease!

DDW (Deuterium Depleted Water) – Ellis water’s reduces the Deuterium in your water and this protects your DNA. Also,
Nobel Prize Winner Albert Szentgyorgy had this to say: “Hydrogen is the Fuel of Life” because, unlike ordinary DDW, by also changing Water Properties and increasing the Hydrogen Bond Angle between atoms (so it has more room to hold viruses and environmental contaminants in suspension) they can be eliminated from the bloodstream with almost immediate results.

WELL WATER RESTORATION - People have been healed by “Miracle Water” from wells since the time of Christ and they all test out with one thing in common: the HBA is slightly higher than ordinary water but it reverts back to 104 degrees which is why users obtain varying results. We maintain the HBA at 114 degrees so we know it’s our water! Add some to your bath and soak in it…you will feel great!!

A young girl added our water to 200 wells in Ohio (ONLY 10 gal on each!) and thousands of healings, like those from the ‘Healing Wells’ in Lourdes France occurred. The media though, didn’t pay attention to Crystal Clear’s water until a Washington Post reporter visited a farm in Tlacote, Mexico where there were stories of people being healed of all sorts of disease and illnesses from drinking the water from Jesus Chahin’s well. Every day, hundreds if not thousands of pilgrims lined up on the road leading to Chahin’s farm, carrying jerrycans, water jugs or crockery—anything that would hold water, for what they believed was “miracle water.”

When the Washington Post writer interviewed Jesus Chahin, the farmer told him there was no such thing as miracle water. Chahin confided that the water in his well was being purified by four of our Crystal Clear distillers.
Washington Post article 1/27/92: “Cures anything even Cancer and Aids!”


Statistics are that three out of 4 people will get cancer, and 97% of all men will develop prostate problems! The Ellis water machines prevent these dis-eases from affecting you. This machine, this energy boosts the immune system at a time when it seems that every pharmaceutical either hampers or disables it.

1. Ellis water Increases Blood Flow to the extremities measured by Doppler Ultrasound (M.D. independent Research at UCLA Medical) Typical Diabetic: “I soaked my foot in your water and it went from black to rosy pink saving my foot from last minute amputation!” John Ellis “Even ‘plain women’ who drink my water look beautiful because all the skin products out there don’t increase the blood flow to the skin” as ours does.


3. Slows the Aging Process: the greater bond angle makes it so that your body does not have to work hard at all to split the oxygen from the Hydrogen and make use of that 3000% enhancement of energy thus...you stay younger. Also, that bond angel makes it so that the nutrients from your food actually get in and the toxins come out. That helps in remaining young. Lastly, Pathogens don’t grow where this water is so there is one more source of aging that does not come into play.

4. With Food: Dole Food called us (Crystal Clear). They had a problem with mold spores in their fruits and vegetables. They experimented with and used our John Ellis’ treated water for 9 months and it killed off the mold and solved the problem. Dole also discovered that spraying their pineapple crops with our water seemed to produce jucier pineapples. This is the only product that kills all the (Cancer causing) viruses and food mold (mycotoxins found in most foods) which creates disease.

5. General Health: Ellis water actually boosts your body’s immune system at a time when so many pharmaceuticals hamper or outright disable it. The 114 bonding angle of Ellis water however, makes it ultra easy for your body to separate the oxygen from the hydrogen and thus use their energy in bodily functions.

The ultra clean Ellis water you drink has no pathogens in it. Likewise, the disease markers or frequencies that would otherwise exist in the water as templates for disease are gone.

hen you drink it or bathe in Ellis water, it also transforms your bodies water into ‘light water’ also and this prevents disease and pathogens from growing. This water has an exceptional ability to bring in nutrients and take out the toxins from our cells. Ellis water also greatly reduces the amount of deuterium (harmful to your DNA) in the water.

6. Specific Diseases: Those with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and in wheelchairs can and have recovered via drinking this water.

EBOLA: A humanitarian gift of Ellis water machines “Working both inside and outside the hospitals” in Africa resulted in the incidence of Ebola dropping like a rock!
DIABETES: Diabetics should read the Ronald Reagan story which Regulators let us use like the repeated non-invasive Blood flow Studies by G. Abraham MD at UCLA Medical School years ago: “Nothing is even close!” A typical response to our water at Crystal Clear is: “My foot turned black overnight and I was scheduled for amputation a week after receiving your machine. I drank your water like crazy and soaked my foot in your water while I watched TV until it turned rosy pink!” Then he called us crying that we saved his foot. In another typical case they saved a woman’s leg by wrapping a towel around her leg and keeping it wet so our water would go through her skin. Upon saving her leg, a man called and ordered 6 E5 machines: “Diabetes is an epidemic around here and everybody wants one!”

CANCER – John Ellis “We haven’t had even ONE case out of thousands (after following the protocol) where the cancer cells didn’t become granular and go into remission.”

Update: 2019, When a Project Manager lost the tip of his finger in a chainsaw accident at our Shohola, PA property, they asked him why he had his hand in a bucket of John Ellis Water on the way to the hospital: “My finger doesn’t hurt as long as it’s in the water!” This is how we discovered that John Ellis Water® will relieve PAIN!! Then a few weeks later when he re-turned to the hospital, the doctor was amazed to see THE TIP OF HIS FINGER HAD GROWN BACK; “If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t believe it!!” However, when the doctor was asked for a letter on the results he said: “I would be the laughing stock of the medical profession if I gave you a letter like that!”

Johann Grander - The Waterman of Tirol

Johann Grander

The Idea: Without water there would be no life.
Knowledge about the stored healing powers in water is age-old. Many myths and stories from ancient culture groups prove this.

Johann Grander already knew more than 30 years ago, how important it is to treat nature and the element of water with respect. The beginning point for his thoughts were that the state of water is all important with respect to our well-being and the preservation of the entire eco-system.

Through many years of experimenting and research, Johann Grander came to the conclusion that water has the capability to transmit information. This transfer of information from water to water is a unique physical phenomena that has been made use of for the first time in this form, by Johann Grander.

The Concept: An Increase in water
Water has an immune system.
The fundamental idea of the process by Johann Grander is based on the concept of strengthening the self-cleansing and resistance of water through improvement of the water structure and thereby creating a stable immune system in water.

From nature water has very special characteristics, which it can only develop and unfold as long as it remains truly natural and protected from burdening environmental influences.

This is virtually impossible for our tap water. On the one hand it runs fresh from the source and is valuable, however long transport routes, pressure in the pipes, cell phone, radio and broadcast waves all have a negative effect on water - it loses its liveliness and becomes weak.

The purpose of water revitalization is to restore the ‘burdened water’ with itslost characteristics’ as well as power for self-cleansing and resistance to disease pathogens. Apart from that, the water revitalization balances unnatural influences that reach us through water, food and the greater environment.

The Principle: Information transfer as a basis
The core element of GRANDER water revitali
zation is water. As "information water" is the described effective medium, the GRANDER water revitalization devices deal with water at a higher inner order, produced according to the special knowledge of Johann Grander. This information water is capable of transferring a higher order to non-revitalized water without coming in contact with it.

The special characteristics of revitalized water are transferrable to any water. The GRANDER devices are made of pure high-grade steel, which are filled with GRANDER information water and are directly installed in the water lines or they are installed in the water taps.

The devices work without electricity, without chemical additives and do not require any service or maintenance.

The information transfer is done without direct contact. This achievement that has now gone around the world and has been used by many households, at swimming pools, hotels and wellness facilities. Grander devices are also found in agriculture and gardening, industrial and trade businesses.

The Effect: Biologically valuable water quality
Original water is brought to us by natural means in a very high and biologically valuable quality. Johann Grander's goal has always been to make the characteristics of revitalized water - with all its positive effects for people, animals and plants - transferrable to every water and to allow all those who drink it and use it in their daily lives to profit from it.

Innumerable experience reports from private users, hotel owners, restaurant owners, swimming pool operators, municipalities as well as public institutions demonstrate much better in practice how the revitalized water from GRANDER really works.

In Practice: In use around the globe
The area of application for GRANDER water revitalisation reaches from private households all the way to business as well as industrial uses. The installation is done directly to the main water pipe. Alternatively there are device variations for individual connections, apartments and for mobile use.

The effects of GRANDER water revitalization devices can also be felt when the devices are in irregular use, for longer periods of non-use, for branched out pipe systems or circulations. The effects on the water last for several years. The effect has been confirmed through global users for more than 20 years; and the revitalisation effect does not diminish in any way through intensive use.

The GRANDER water devices:

  • work with natural energies

  • work without electricity

  • work without additives

  • Require NO service or maintenance

The GRANDER devices are built robustly, made of high quality high-grade steel, and thus, guarantee a long life.

Effects and Benefits of Grander Water devices

  • They reduce the consumption of chlorine in pools by 20 to 50 percent

  • They improve air quality in indoor pools and hot tubs

  • They lessen the irritation to lungs, eyes, skin and hair for swimmers

  • They diminish or eliminate algae in pools

  • They reduce the need for chemicals in laundry

  • They reduce the formation of lime scale on the inside of pipes and irrigation lines

  • They reduce or eliminate the development of biofilm in cooling systems

  • They increase feed conversion rates and reduce mortality in livestock

  • They have an overall beneficial affect on living systems

Water Devices

Aquapol is the brainchild of award-winning Austrian engineer Wilhelm Mohorn. The name Aquapol comes from ‘aqua’, the Latin word for water, and ‘pol’, which is short for polarisation. Aquapol reverses the polarity of the water molecules found in the walls and causes the damp to flow downwards, leading to dehydration



IE: Have you found any applications where the device did

not work properly?

Mohorn: The device only works on ‘rising damp’ matters and

not on about 11 other causes of moisture.

IE: Have you found much resistance to your technology, or

the fact that it uses no external energy?

Mohorn: Yes, of course. I get attacked in the media. The

most enemies behind the attacks are competitors who are

dealing with chemical injection systems which have 20-40%

efficiency (stated by a court decision in Germany).

IE: Has there been scientific acceptance of Aquapol technology?

Mohorn: If a scientist really goes into my research material

and also documentation material, about 90% accept the

working hypotheses from 1992.

IE: What do you tell the skeptical Ph.D. scientist who claims

that this is impossible?

Mohorn: I refer them to the well known zero-point energy

or quantum field, etc., which is basically known in physics

or I use quotes from the 2005 NASA News. And the rest is

working hypothesis. A big argument is of course that we

have 50,000 installations all over the world.

IE: Do you have other applications in mind for the Aquapol

technology? Mohorn: Yes, these include: reducing geopathic fields;

hydrating or dehydrating soils in agricultural areas.

IE: What has been the biggest challenge in getting Aquapol adopted?

Mohorn: After I found out that the existing electromagnet-

ic theory doesn’t fit and creates more problems instead of

solutions, in 1990 I had to fully change my work

and research direction, nearly full-time to the absolute reworking of the

hypothesis. Around 1991 or 1992 I solved all the problems

with the Aquapol device.

Grander Whole House Water Device

www.grander.com   For the full range of products click here
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John Ellis Water Technologies

The John Ellis Electron 5 Distillers – Transform the water. The machines change the ‘bond angle’, and remove pathogens including those that exist only at a vibrational level in the water. The machines remove all toxins.

Power Generator - Every home in America should be energy independent. The ‘John Ellis Effect’ technology is the most produces more hydrogen, more easily and efficiently than any other method out there and… it’s all from a unit the size of an air conditioner. On our website, watch the power required in a lab setting for demonstration purposes go from 31 amps to virtually zero while producing the SAME amount of energy, violating Faraday’s Law. Now you can heat your home and produce your own power and electricity...for just pennies a day.
Power Generator Update by Joe: It's been years now that I've been waiting for him to come out with this product. It has not and I will tell you why...I believe that is. Government and big corporations have a history of suppressing various disruptive technologies and even 'taking out' inventors who become too much of a threat...in their eyes and so, This is why we don't have this device. John has been threatened. He won't say it but I will. BTW, the believe the same thing happened with the Paul Moller 'Skycar' out of Davis Ca. USA.

Basically supposedly produces the same results as Grander devices. From their website:

Good For You
• Creates a velvety soft water texture with a slightly
  sweet taste making it easier & more pleasant to drink
• For super hydration that nourishes your cells
• Which facilitates better absorption of nutrients
• And better elimination of toxins
Comes with an in-line KDF®55 GAC Cartridge
• Reduces oxidants in the water
• Removes foul taste and odour
• Removes chlorine and heavy metals
• Removes residual deposits of herbicide, pesticide and
  pharmaceutical contaminants from the water.

They have more devices than the one I'm showing here.

World Living Water Systems Ltd

 Vortex Water Revitalizers - Here is there catalog and prices

Water and 4° Degrees Centigrade

Viktor Schauberger who discovered the 'anomaly point' for water. The anomaly point is where a substance or organism is "healthiest" or "best" at. For water this anomaly point is at 4 degrees Celsius. The actual pattern of movement, that is: the shape, the proportions and the curvature of it's pathway is very specific. The harmonic of the double cycloid spiral curve is based on "PHI".

PHI is the specific formative principle expressed mathematically in the ratio: 1=1:1.618, the so called "Fibonacci cycle" is natures version of Spirits Mathmatical formula: "The Golden Mean". (each number added to the next gives the following number, as in 3-5-8-13-21-34 etc. or multiplied by 1.618 = 0618-1.000-1.618-2.618-etc.). Daniel Winter (U.S.) calls this harmonic: "The only permissive path from matter to energy and back. The "Mathematical image of the condition of pure self reference"

The forward movement of every particle in water is closely associated with a specific temperature. Schauberger made a big point about "the temperature gradients", which regulate movement. When flowing water warms up (e.g. by the sun), its' tractive forces weaken. Cooling down occurs in the flow-axis, this core water mass moves fastest and thus deepens its' channel. This higher flow-velocity, relative to the peripheral flow along the embankments, creates suction which also releases pressure from these embankments. The higher the flow-velocity of the cooler core-water mass is, the higher the buoyancy.

Water is qualitatively not the same at different temperatures; Water can "go off" too. The anomaly point for water is at 4* Celsius, where water is healthiest and densest. Water always carries other substances. The sea water contains mineral salts and silicon from eroding granite mountains. This silicon is associated with the waters' levitation properties, which is why Schauberger uses siliceous emulsions in his Implosion technology. Remember, water is electrically charged too.

Waters Geometry - A Hexagonal Structure

Every element has a geometrical shape to it. Geometry creates form. What's so special about the Hexagon? Well, it's special not only with regards to water. Where else do we see it in nature? What is it's function? The bee's use a hexagonal structure in their hives. Seems to me that it is a very efficient design. No wasted space. Reminds me of the Icosahedron in that way.

FROM 2006: "Although the subject of Structured Water may be new to a lot of people ... There has been a great deal of scientific research done around this topic in the past 10 to 20 years.

The most predominant researcher has been Dr. Mu Shik Jhon of North Korea who has published nearly 300 scientific papers on the subject of Structured Water.  According to Dr. Jhon,  “All water is not created equal and it is the structure of the water within our bodies that ultimately determines health or sickness.”

Through his substantial research, Dr. Jhon developed the “Molecular Water Environment Theory” which he presented in 1986 to a group of scientists at a cancer symposium in the United States.  This theory proposes that replenishing the Hexagonal Water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process and prevent disease.  And that drinking Hexagonal Water is the only realistic way of replenishing this vital component of our bodies.

His test results using NMR Technology scientifically verified that structured water penetrates the cells of the human body much faster, and supplied nutrients and oxygen more efficiently than unstructured water.  Thus, helping with nutrient absorption and waste removal.  When hexagonal water replaced the unstructured water in the body, cell water turnover and cellular metabolism were enhanced ... positively affecting many other bodily functions.  Dr. Jhon concluded that structured water aids metabolic processes, supports the immune system and contributes to lasting vitality.

hexagonal water moleculegif

In his studies of structured water and proteins Dr. Jhon found that water surrounding normal protein (cells) was formed into hexagonal structures.  On the other hand, the water surrounding abnormal (cancer-causing) proteins had an increased number of pentagonal structures and a significantly decreased number of hexagonal structures.  Dr Jhon also found that the water surrounding normal DNA was highly hexagonally structured, which acts to stabilize the helical structure of the DNA, and forms a layer of protection against outside influences which could cause malfunctions or distortions within the DNA.

It was also discovered that structured hexagonal water has the greatest energetic capacity ... it has a greater capacity to perform work, to expel wastes, to absorb temperature changes and to protect against various energetic influences.

NOTE:  Since this article was written in 2006 there has been substantial research done on structured water.  In 2013 Prof. Gerald H. Pollack published his book "The Fourth Phase of Water" which he calls EZ Water.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in structured water.


Dr. Jhon’s research clearly demonstrates that temperature directly impacts the level of structural organization of the water. The colder the temperature the higher the percentage of hexagonally-structured water.

It is also commonly known that surface tension is temperature-dependant.  The surface tension decreases linearly with an increasing temperature, reaching zero at the boiling point. The hotter the temperature the lower the surface tension will be.

Thus we can conclude, that when the surface tension decreases the percentage of hexagonally-structured water also decreased.

And when surface tension increases the level of
hexagonal structural organization also increases.

The capillary effect is directly related to this surface tension ... And once again, let us hear the words of Dr. Mu Shik Jhon:

“The reason that water droplets form beads rather than spreading out evenly over a surface is because water molecules form relatively strong hydrogen bonds.  This creates what is known as a high degree of surface tension and allows water to rise easily in small areas (capillaries). It accounts for the enhanced ability of water to move inside plants, within the soil matrix and into the interstitial space of the body.”

Thus, it is the surface tension of the water which impacts the capillary effect or the movement of water throughout any given matrix ... and the higher the surface tension (with a greater percentage of hexagonally-structured water) the greater this movement will take place.

Why is there so much confusion about the surface tension of structured water? Perhaps it is because Hexagonally Structured Water feels soft, tastes soft, and behaves like soft water ... without changing the mineral content of the water.

Water's Geometry - A Tetrahedron structure
The view I lean towards

The River of Love

Water is the common denominator. Water is the pathway to and from God. We are mostly made up of water...for a reason(s). Our thoughts, feelings and Being is broadcast to God constantly so...the non-it can be always aware of the state of our being. This river of love flows both ways to and from God and to and from us. This flow is into and out of the Spine; our spine. Bruno Groening called what God did for us in healing, he called it the Healing Wave. He also called it the Healing ____. Both are water analogies.

The Dangers of Water Privatization

The Luciferian Globalists are out to buy up all the water resources so that they can control the populations in myriad ways one of which is 'Eugenics' via denying people water.
Who are the top Water Privatization concerns and who are the people and families and businesses behind them?

Ted Turner is a globalist who is 'against humanity'.

The Bush Family are globalists who are 'against humanity'.

Bottled Water Companies such as: Nestle,

Additives in Water


Purposeful Water Pollution Challenges


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


Flynt Michigan Water Crisis

The researchers conducted an exhaustive analysis of data on Legionnaires' cases in Genesee, Wayne and Oakland Counties from 2011 to 2016. FACHEP researchers determined that in 2014-15 there was an increase in the risk of acquiring Legionnaires' disease across the Flint water distribution system that is consistent with a systemwide proliferation of Legionella bacteria. An estimated 80 percent of Legionnaires' cases during this period are attributable to the change in water supply, according to the article in PNAS.

"During the period when their water was supplied from the Flint River, Flint residents were seven times more likely to develop Legionnaires' disease," said lead author Sammy Zahran, professor of economics at Colorado State University. "After public announcements urging residents to boil their water, there was a lower risk of developing the disease, likely because people avoided using their water."

Data indicate that the Legionnaires' outbreak at a local hospital alone could not account for the increase in Legionnaires' disease cases that occurred in Flint during the water crisis.

Nothing to Worry about, everything is fine: How Flint Poisoned it's People.


Mine Tailing Disasters

Russian water researchers

Flow - You need enough to keep it clean