The Worship of Aliens

There is only one God and that God is what every other 'thing' is derived from in any dimension. No single form of it expressed in ours, such as Jesus or the Buddha for instance, can accurately be said to Be, 'The God'.

Obviously, we would recognize some individuals as being further along in realizing their own godSelf than others. Their frequency, vibes, impressions upon and results made would make that obvious. Most people have not had a 'close encounter' with an enlightened person. The Power of an enlightened person can be very impressive. The mere 'presence' of some people is literally breath-taking. Charisma is only a part of it.

There are aspects of consciousness that humans possess that are very miraculous to experience indeed! I have studied super-human people of today and down through history. I have witnessed in person many times the power of a conscious human...Being. Let that last word ring in your consciousness. There is such a thing as Beingness. You will know it when you experience it. If you have not experienced it you won't believe that what I am saying is really real.

I tell you now, whether human or alien, a Being with personal power who is enlightened and committed to loves qualities particularly, can come across very easily to unsophisticated people as a God.

Those exceptional people though, they could honestly say that yes, I am the son, or daughter of god. They know that they are made of the divine, like everyone else. The unsophisticated may take that more general statement as something much more specific given what a difference this person has made to our culture or society. The point is that the understanding can be easily muddled. 

Many an astronaut, from many a world has allowed or encouraged the less sophisticated they visit to believe in them that THEY are God or gods. When asked where they came from they say 'Heaven' and 'the Stars'. They may say here...this one in the sky or...they may just simply say the stars and point to our own. Thus you get people worshiping the Sun .
The idea of making yourself a god or out to be The God and being 'worshiped', you have to admit, would be very tempting for an space faring explorer. While the more enlightened would be less likely to do so, such a stance would I believe, make it easier to keep a culture under your control and going down the path YOU set for them. Again...temptation and eventually...personal growth.
Now, I Do get that the Great God, does indeed in it's way
send us messengers, guides and examples in the form of People...Beings of human and ET origin to our and other worlds. I'm sure the aliens often think it's THEIR idea to go and cultivate different plants, animals and new Beings. I'm also sure that is not happening by 'accident' on God's Universe.

We are ALL made of the divine however, both humans and aliens, from across the Universe.

Hundreds have been documented but undoubtedly it's been thousands of Humans through history who have been able to accomplish super human feats such as 'levitation', bi-location and a multitude of other 'Siddhis' as they are known in India. These come about because of the individuals consciousness. What they have done with it. Humans, on their own and aliens too I am sure are capable of many godlike powers but it all comes from the 'developed' consciousness.

On this probable Earth, that development has largely been suppressed as it was not to the controllers liking that we become enlightened. Thank God their time is ending!