Your Purpose In Life

Your Purpose in LIfe is about knowing why your here on this Earth. Everyone asks this question some time or other in their life. Why am I here? Is it to suffer? No, just the opposite.

Your here to recognize and give out the gifts you came here with. It's those God given talents and abilities; that particular...'blend' of special qualities that only you have.

You have a magnificence within you and I can show that to you. I won't tell you what your purpose in life is but we can discover it together in a process that is on average 3 hours long. Yes, you can discover why you are here and what you are bringing to life's table, in just ONE day.

What do I bring to this rich table of life?

We each have gifts that we bring to life. Positive things no matter what our history or reasons why we think we are nothing special, I can show you otherwise. You are special and we are ALL redeemable.

Let me show you the 'magnificence' within you. Once you know it you can either live in denial of it can embrace it. You will learn how not to be overly full of yourself but rather just full enough to honor the greatness inherent within you when you were born.

This process isn't all ponies and daisy's. It can be arduous as you encounter your belief barriers to realizing your magnificence and we push through them together. You will go through many emotions and you will find healings for yourself as you go through this process.

Parts of your life that did not make sense to you before will afterwords. You want to feel whole and complete unto yourself without having to have anyone else's approval? Then you want this experience. It's time for you to come into your own personal power as an individual. Now share that with others. Now you will have fulfillment.
I have a PIL Statement graphic GALLERY page of some of my clients PIL statements.
purpose in life statements gallery
Look at and read over the PIL graphics I made for others and while doing so, contemplate what your Purpose in Life might read as. Write me when your ready to set aside 3 hours out of your lifetime to discover what your...magnificence is basically. What gifts you came here to give us and give out.

I help people discover what their Purpose In Life is.